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VM-kalender 2019 RX2 International Series 2019
Plats Land  
Yas Marina Abu Dhabi  
Barcelona Spanien ** #
Spa Francorchamps Belgien ** #
Silverstone England * #
Hell Norge * #
Höljes Sverige * ** #
Trois-Rivieres Kanada  
Loheac Frankrike * ** #
Riga Lettland * **
Cape Town Sydafrika #
* = EM
** = Super1600
*** = TouringCar
Officiell hemsida
Plats Land  
Barcelona Spanien  
Spa Francorchamps Belgien  
Silverstone England  
Hell Norge  
Höljes Sverige  
Loheac Frankrike  
Cape Town Sydafrika  
Officiell hemsida
RallyX Nordic 2019 Rallycross SM 2019
Supercar och Supercar Lites
1 & 2 Höljes 1&2 Sverige  
3 Nysum Danmark  
4 Bikernieki Lettland  
27-28/7 5 Finnskogbanen Norway Norge  
6 Kouvola Finland *  
7 Tierp Arena Sverige  
*Date to be confirmed following FIA World Motor Sport Council meeting on 5 December
Officiell hemsida
Supernationella, 2400, JSM 2150, RM 2150
Högstabanan Haninge MK
Västerås Västerås MK
Lycksele Lycksele MK
Kalix Kalix MK
31/8 Höljes Finnskoga MK
* - Supernationella, 2400
** - JSM 2150, RM 2150
Officiell hemsida
RallyX On ICe 2019 Supercupen Rallycross 2019
Deltävling 1 Åre  
20/3 Deltävling 2 Åre  
23/3 Deltävling 3 Åre  
Officiell hemsida
MK Team Westom    
8-9/6 Bollnäs MK    
10-11/8 Västerås MS    
7-8/9 Götene MK    
28-29/9 Strängnäs AMS    
Officiell hemsida


19-09-13 IMG gives a glimpse of the electric future as projekt E Racecar is unveiled
IMG ushered in a bold new era in motorsport with the global reveal of the all-electric racecar which will compete in the electric development series, codenamed Projekt E, in 2020.

The official unveiling of the Projekt E racecar, a collaboration between IMG and Austrian company STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development), took place at the Riga Motor Museum in Latvia.

VIP guests, World RX and Euro RX teams and drivers gathered for the event to see first-hand the car which will feature in the innovative electric series.

Projekt E will showcase electric-powered cars on the same event schedule as traditional World RX Supercars at selected European rounds of the championship in 2020.

Paul Bellamy, Senior Vice President of IMG Motorsports, and STARD’s Manfred Stohl had the honours of taking the wraps off the car. “Today we reached a tipping point in the future of production-based motorsport with the unveiling of the racecar which will feature in the electric support series in 2020, codenamed Projekt E,” Bellamy said.
“Electrification in the automotive industry is moving at a rapid pace and we are extremely proud to be first movers in the electric motorsport space for production vehicles.
“The car we revealed today is the result of months of collaboration with our technical partner, STARD. That work has centred on developing electric technologies, charging and safety systems for the Projekt E racecars.
“This collaboration is further proof of IMG’s commitment to future mobility and relevant technologies in the rugged rallycross environment.
“The car looks striking on the outside, but under the skin is what really matters. Rallycross is known for rapid launches and fast-paced, wheel-to-wheel action. The advanced technology which powers the Projekt E racecar will produce torque levels we have never seen in rallycross before.
“It’s an exciting time for the sport of rallycross. Our aim with the new-look race weekend format for 2020, with the inclusion of Projekt E, is to allow rallycross fans to enjoy the traditional internal combustion engines – and be given a flavour of the future at the same time.”

Projekt E will use STARD’s “REVelution” EV powertrain systems which will produce up to 450kW (613bhp) combined power, 1100Nm of instantaneous torque and produce a top speed of 240km/h.

The plan is to use current chassis technology such as the 2019 STARD World RX Ford Fiesta. The concept allows for the conversion of current cars or new builds to current chassis regulations using the REVelution drivetrain.

And, in a first for motorsport, Projekt E will enable the use of road car electric motors in racecars.
“We are delighted to be partnering with IMG on this innovative project which will change the technical landscape in motorsport and rallycross in particular,” Manfred Strohl, President of Stohl Group, said.

“There is a lot of activity in hybrid and electric racing at present but what sets Projekt E apart is the fact that the Projekt E race car can utilise road car electric motors.

“The performance of the racecar will be impressive when you consider that in terms of torque, the power unit is capable of 0-90% in about 32 milliseconds. The motors rotate at up to 14,000rpm. Projekt E will add a whole new, innovative dimension to rallycross in 2020.”

The aim of Projekt E is to evaluate electric racecars in a World RX environment in accordance with the roadmap for electrification of the FIA World Rallycross Championship which was has been ratified by the FIA World Motorsport Council.
19-09-13 TitansRX Rallycross Series sets an example in 2020 with the REAL-E Ecology Initiative
From 2020, the new European Rallycross series will combine real racing with real ecology

TitansRX Rallycross Series is pleased to announce the REAL-E initiative for 2020 with the goal of making TitansRX more environmentally friendly than a battery-electric racing series.

Beginning in 2020, the European Rallycross series will implement measures in three areas which will immediately and substantially improve the ecological impact:

Firstly, as in the debut season, two races per event will continue to be held, thus reducing the resource consumption of spectators, organisers and teams by 50%.

Secondly, TitansRX will use a more advanced Hoosier Rallycross tire, which boasts three times the durability with excellent racing performance, reducing both abrasion and waste by almost 70%.

Thirdly, the PanteraRX6 engines are upgraded to reduce additional CO2 and particulate emissions by 90% with a non-fossil fuel.

Ecology was always a TitansRX goal
"There's a way to do REAL-E, or honest ecology, without destroying the racing we love. I drive for example a plug-in hybrid privately because it reduces fuel consumption and emissions by 75%. These kinds of honest improvements we also want to implement in our racing series,“ explains TitansRX CEO Max Pucher, who is pleased that his long-term plans are now becoming reality.

Pucher continues: "At the beginning of the PanteraRX6 development, we also analysed battery and hybrid solutions. The pure electric version we set aside very quickly, since the batteries have an extremely bad cost to weight ratio and there are complex safety issues. In contrast, we have developed a full hybrid version and all vehicles could be upgraded at any time. However, the complex cooling worsens the overall power to weight ratio and each vehicle would cost EUR 100,000 more. This conflicts with making rallycross more affordable."

New engines, fuels and catalytic converters
Therefore, the series boss asked his partners to develop a non-fossil fuel and a corresponding engine. The new racing fuel, which was developed in collaboration with Pipo Moteurs and fuel suppliers, utilises mostly non-fossil and renewable sources. It complies with all FIA safety guidelines and is currently accepted only for the TitansRX series. The new fuel reduces fossil CO2 and particulate emissions by 90%, while providing the engines with more power and better cooling. In addition, the PanteraRX6 race cars receive new, highly efficient catalytic converters. The TitansRX REAL-E initiative thus ensures a better performance to CO2 ratio than current electric engine series. The production of short-life batteries have a high CO2 penalty, as well as thermal loss during rapid charging. Plus, the transport of the generators to the race tracks reduces the potential ecological benefits of electric drivetrains.

Final tests were successful
After the Austrian TitansRX event at the MJP Arena Fuglau, extensive test drives were completed and Pucher is satisfied with the results of the long development: "I am pleased that all our expectations have been met and we can therefore announce the initiative for 2020. We can combine combustion engine racing with honest ecology. "

Reinhold Sampl, himself a rallycross pilot at TitansRX and REAL-E initiative spokesman, is proud: "Max Pucher is a lateral thinker who pursues ecology on the basis of moral principles and not because of scientific speculation, political motivation or e-mobility sponsors."

Because ecology is about a lot more than CO2, TitansRX has also pushed for improvements in other areas. Hoosier Tire specified a Rallycross tire has a usability which is three times longer. As a result, only one set of tires is used per race, yet all pilots are enthusiastic about its driving performance and fun factor. Even after the race, the tires are still usable for training and testing before being disposed of by our recycling partners.

Ari Vatanen, TitansRX Ambassador, is also fully committed to the REAL-E initiative: "It has been very satisfying to bring my experience from WRC where manufacturers have been in technological competition to TitansRX. Electric series find it difficult to deliver either innovation or environmental benefits due to the restrictive safety regulation. At TitansRX ecology is real and more than a lip service."

For more information on TitansRX, click HERE
19-09-12 World RX title drama set to rumble on in Riga
The penultimate episode in the 10-part drama of the drivers’ battle in the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy takes centre stage at the Neste World RX of Latvia this weekend.

The three main characters are separated by just two points, so there is all to play for in the Bikernieki forest on the outskirts of the Latvian capital of Riga.

Monster Energy RX Cartel’s Andreas Bakkerud rose to the top of the standings at the previous round in Loheac, France. The Norwegian has 160 points and holds a two-point cushion over the Hansen brothers Timmy and Kevin, who are tied on 158.

The 2019 championship as proven to be one of the most closely-fought seasons ever with six different winners from the eight rounds to date. Only Timmy, with three victories, is a multiple winner this year.

The Swedish siblings had been trading the lead of the drivers’ championship standings prior to Loheac where Bakkerud ascended the summit despite a win for Timmy and third place for Kevin in the French final.
With just two rounds remaining, all three of the leading protagonists could claim the title – a point not lost on Bakkerud who has called up reinforcements in the shape of Mattias Ekstrom, the 2016 World RX champion.
“I’ve brought Mattias (Ekstrom) with me to be my personal coach to help me go faster,” he said. “Hopefully that can make a difference. The start line in Riga is very slippery which makes it very tough to hit the right rpm and make consistently good starts so we’ll focus on that.”

Bakkerud admits he will have his work cut out this weekend against the duel threat of the Hansens. “Riga has never been my strongest World RX event on the calendar, but I’ve always been a huge fan of going there,” he said.
“It’s been cool to witness the popularity of the sport growing there and also to see all their fans. This year I hope I can go faster at the racetrack itself.”

As for Timmy, Riga is a favourite venue and the Swede believes his Peugeot 208 will be suited to the layout. “I like the circuit and the car has a good record there. I hope we have a good chance this weekend,” he said.
“It's a great track for our car. Seb (Loeb) won here back in 2016 and we have always been fast here. Of course I hope to win again this weekend. I will focus on finding a good rhythm on the track to get 100 per cent out of myself all the way from Q1 to the final.”

As for the championship, Timmy is not looking beyond Riga. “The championship is very close, so it will take a great weekend to stay in the fight. That's really all I'm thinking about right now, to drive a good race in Riga.”

Kevin, meanwhile, sees the technical character of the circuit as a major challenge and is mindful of the forecast for rain this weekend. “Riga is a tight and technical track, which is quite fun and complex: you could call it our Monaco Grand Prix," he said.
"It’s important to take a very precise line and look after the tyres carefully: in other words not too much sliding with the throttle wide open. The main thing is to make sure that you’re spending more time moving forwards than moving sideways.
“What’s going to make it particularly complicated this weekend is that we’re expecting quite a lot of rain, so it’s going to be even more important than usual to keep everything clean and tidy. It’s a nice day today, so it seems quite hard to believe, but it’s fairly common in Riga to have mixed conditions, so we need to be prepared for everything."

Local hopes at World RX level rest with Team STARD’s Janis Baumanis and Reinis Nitiss, who drives one of three Hyundai i20s for GRX Taneco alongside the Niclas Gronholm and Timur Timerzyanov.

Baumanis’s consistent performances this season have propelled him to fifth in the standings on 120 points. He has appeared in five finals and reached the podium twice – third in Norway and second in Canada.

For Baumanis, who has a best finish of fifth in 2017 in Riga, adulation and expectation comes in equal measure. “After a year we are back in Riga, one of the most important – and the most stressful events on the calendar for me,” he said.

“The atmosphere is fantastic and makes it very special for me and my fans. This will be the fourth year in Riga so obviously everyone knows the track by now. I hope to do my best for the home fans. I can’t wait for Saturday morning to get going.”

Nitiss, who makes his third appearance of the year after featuring in the opening round in Abu Dhabi and finishing second in Sweden despite rolling his Hyundai i20 in Q1 on Saturday, is also looking forward to his home race.

He has fond memories of clinching the Euro RX title at this venue last year. “Home events are always more challenging – you have all your friends and fans in grandstands cheering for you, so naturally the pressure grows,” he said.

“Bikernieki is an iconic, old-school motorsport complex with so much racing history. For me the relatively new rallycross track has a special meaning – I have been involved in the making of the circuit and was one of the very first drivers to try it out even before it was fully completed.
“It is hard to describe the feelings that hit you when you see all the people in the grandstands standing up and cheering for you.
“With a limited racing programme this year, the stakes are high – but I know that together with the GRX team I have the speed. It’s proven by the fastest lap in Abu Dhabi and the podium finish in Sweden.

“To succeed in my home race, I will need to focus even more, prepare even more and be calmer than ever, not to overdo it, but to keep my head straight and aim for the best result.”

Gronholm, fourth in the standings on 135 points despite missing two rounds this year through illness, finished fourth in last year’s Riga final, his best result of the season.
“Once again, we showed great pace in Loheac, especially on Sunday when we were really up there, but the final didn’t go our way. Last year here was my best race of the year, so I think we can expect a good race for us,” the Finn said.
“There will be a lot of Finns cheering for me and our team so I want to deliver and show them what we can do.”

Another incentive for GRX is the teams’ title, according to team manager Jussi Pinomaki. “The fight for P1 in Teams’ championship is still wide open and we will focus on every detail to succeed in this race,” he said.

There is added spice to the weekend with comments by ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport’s Timo Scheider after the previous round in France. At the centre of the German’s ire was Lithuania’s Rokas Baciuska, who reached his first World RX final at Loheac.

Scheider was aggrieved by the GC Kompetition driver’s aggression in their semi-final, claiming the contact he had with the Renault Megane cost him a place in the final.
“Everything went well, until in the semi-finals once again an over-motivated stupid boy has messed up my clear entry into the final,” was the German’s view on social media.

Scheider was mighty with his launches in Loheac – recording a reaction time off the line of 0.75. He was P3 overnight after day one and P6 overall after Q4 but the contact with Baciuska in the semi-final ended his participation for the weekend.

Doubtless he will look to put that right in Riga in an upgraded Seat Ibiza which he believes is now capable of mixing it with the front-runners.

GC Kompetition’s Anton Marklund, second in Loheac, aims to keep the momentum going for the French squad.
“The Bikernieki track was where I had my first test with the GCK Megane RS RX after the race weekend last year. Hopefully we can bring the good momentum from the last races in to this round. I’m really looking forward to racing in front of the Latvian crowd,” the Swede said.

GCK team boss, Guerlain Chicherit, is seeking a strong all-round performance from the team in Latvia. “With Latvia RX the last race in Europe of the FIA World Rallycross Championship calendar, I’m really looking forward to bringing the team of five cars and drivers to the Latvian crowd and race in front of all the fans before heading to South Africa,” he said.
“It’ll be an exciting weekend of race action with some awesome fights for sure. We look to continue to up our performance from the last races and bag strong points for GCK.”

GCK Academy’s Cyril Raymond, meanwhile, is focussed on the Bikernieki circuit’s technical challenges. “Latvia RX is one of the hardest circuits in the calendar for me. The track is really picturesque especially when you are driving in the forest but very technical. Our Clio will be more efficient on this type of track,” he said.

His team-mate Guilaume De Ridder goes in search of a long overdue change of fortune as does Britain’s Oliver Bennett who has completed repairs on the Xite Racing Mini Cooper after an off in Q4 at Loheac.

Sweden’s Robin Larsson, who clinched the FIA European Rallycross Championship at Loheac, joins the World RX grid for Riga.

Larsson will be at the wheel of a JC Raceteknik Audi S1 along with fellow Audi drivers Bakkerud and Monster Energy RX Cartel team-mate Liam Doran and EKS Sport’s Krisztian Szabo.

Larsson, who competed in World RX in 2014 and 2015, said: “I've obviously raced in World RX before, but it will be a little special to make this jump when the World RX drivers are in a really tight fight in the championship.
“It will be exciting to see how we stand against the World RX guys now. I think you can raise your own level even more when you are fighting to keep up, so maybe we can close the gap more too. The goal is to at least make the semi-finals, and use this as a good event to check our pace.”

There is another outing for Matvey Furazhkin in the ES Motorsport – Labas GAS Skoda Fabia following his World RX debut at Loheac the previous round. “The weekend in Loheac was one of the best of my career. The level of racing was impressive. The car felt really competitive and working with such a professional team is very motivating,” the Russian said.
“Now we are preparing for the Riga event and the main goal for this race will be to improve results from the previous race weekend. I can’t wait to be in the car again and push the limits.”

Norway’s Pal Try makes his third start of the season in the second Team STARD Fiesta alongside Baumanis.

Also on the programme this weekend is the final round for the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Supercar and Super1600.

With Larsson having already claimed the Euro Supercar champion’s trophy, the spotlight turns to the battle for the remaining podium places.

That contest centres on TBRX’s Thomas Bryntesson in the VW Polo on 112 points and the Peugeot 208 of DA Racing’s Jean-Baptiste Dubourg, second to Larsson in the Loheac final, on 110.

The winner of the World RX of Sweden, Sebastian Eriksson will make a one-off appearance in Euro Supercar were he will race the Eklund Motorsport VW Beetle previously used by Pontus Tidemand.

Latvia’s Janis Vegeris will race a Citroen DS3 as Mats Ohman takes Larsson’s place at JC Raceteknik and Sweden’s Linus Westman joins Peter Hedstrom in a two-car entry for Hedstroms Motorsport.

Super1600 comes down to a three-way fight between Volland Racing trio Russia’s Aydar Nuriev on 139, Hungary’s Gergely Marton on 110 and Artur Egorov on 94.

Joining the Super1600 regulars is Hungary’s David Gerencser in an Alfa Romeo Mito and Estonia’s Andre Krug at the wheel of a Skoda Fabia.

World of RX Statistics from Bikernieki circuit, Latvia:
World RX event #70 (Round 9, 2019)
Circuit length: 1294m (the 2nd longest of 10)
Average speed (lap record): 96.89 km/h (the 6th fastest of 10)
Lap record: 48.081 by Johan Kristoffersson (SF 2018)
Joker lap record: 51.561 by Petter Solberg (Q4 2018)
Difference normal/joker: 3.48 (the 5th shortest of 10)
4 laps record: 3:21.877 by Timmy Hansen (Q3 2018)
6 laps record: 4:59.652 by Johan Kristoffersson (SF 2018)

Past event winners:
2018: Johan Kristoffersson
2017: Johan Kristoffersson
2016: Sebastien Loeb

World RX qualifying race wins in Riga:
7 Johan Kristoffersson
2 Timmy Hansen
1 Toomas Heikkinen, Sebastien Loeb, Timur Timerzyanov

The 2019 FIA European Rallycross Champion in Supercar Robin Larsson returns to the World RX in Riga. With five of the six Euro RX champions of the last eight seasons on the start line in Latvia, we'll have the ultimate showdown on the Bikernieki circuit.

In fact there will be a total of 18 European Championship titles on the start in Riga.

Timur Timerzyanov, Supercar 2013 and 2012, Div 1A 2010
Kevin Hansen, Supercar 2016, Junior RX 2013 and 2012
Robin Larsson, Supercar 2019 and 2014
Anton Marklund, Supercar 2017, Touringcar 2012
Reinis Nitiss, Supercar 2018, Super 1600 2013
Andreas Bakkerud, Super 1600 2012 and 2011
Krisztian Szabo, Super 1600 2017 and 2016
Rokas Baciuska, Super 1600 2018
Janis Baumanis, Super 1600 2015

Full World RX of Latvia weekend guide here: https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/event/128/bikernieki-national-sports-base
19-09-12 Title fight continues at penultimate World RX round in Latvia
Only two rounds remain in the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship calendar and, as Team HANSEN MJP heads to Latvia for the penultimate round of the season, both the drivers' and teams' championships remain within reach.

In an extraordinary twist, both Timmy and Kevin Hansen are level on points, tied for second in the championship and only two points behind current leader Andreas Bakkerud.

Thanks to both Timmy and Kevin's consistency throughout the year, Team HANSEN MJP has a strong 33-point lead in the teams' championship, giving the squad an outside chance of wrapping up a world championship trophy with one round to spare.

Both drivers arrive in Latvia one week after strong performances in the TitansRX series. Championship leader Kevin scored a pair of podium finishes, crossing the line only 0.07 seconds behind round seven winner Topi Heikkinen in a nail-biting finish and cementing a 10 point lead in the championship. There was also a win in the round eight final for Timmy, tying him for second in the championship with Heikkinen.

The track: Bikernieki National Sports BaseComing off the back of the World RX round in France two weeks ago, where Team HANSEN MJP scored its second double podium of the year, plus more strong results in TitansRX last weekend, a repeat of the team's 2016 win in Latvia is the primary aim this weekend.

Bikernieki is the only purpose-built race circuit in Latvia, making it a natural choice to host the country's round of FIA World Rallycross.

It also features the longest lap of the year in terms of time: Circuit Trois-Rivières is 75 metres longer when it comes to distance, but Bikernieki's twistier nature means the lap record is 0.3s slower here than in Canada.

The big numbers
All three Peugeots progressed to the World RX of Latvia Final last year. This year, both Team HANSEN MJP cars have reached the Final in four of the eight rounds so far.

The number of points separating Timmy and Kevin Hansen in the World RX points standings. There's nothing in it!

What to look out for
Turn one can spell trouble at any World RX circuit but at Bikernieki it's even more tricky than usual, as six cars funnel into a left-right chicane at turn one.

Turn five is one of the best places to look for an on-track overtake without the need for a joker strategy to get ahead. Timmy proved as much last year, when he overtook Kevin in the Final at this exact spot!

If it rains, as the forecast suggests it will on Sunday, the long-radius turn six right-hander is very easy to lose traction and run wide on.

Bikernieki is also the last of four tracks that features a final corner joker merge. Unlike the other three – Abu Dhabi, Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone – this one merges at the apex of a hairpin, giving drivers on the regular lap a few options if they come out alongside a driver finishing their joker. Either push the pedal to the floor and try to fling it round the outside, or be patient, cut to the inside and beat them on the run to turn one.

Ideal set-up: Bikernieki National Sports Base
Bikernieki is a purpose built circuit that mostly hosts car racing, so the asphalt sections are grippy. Surprisingly, the gravel sections are no less adhesive, as the loose stuff has a concrete base underneath.
It's much like the previous event at Lohéac: flat and fast, though with a few trickier bends than in France. The suspension can remain quite stiff despite two jumps being present on the lap.

Event Timetable
All times CET
Saturday 14th September
Free Practice 09:25
Qualifying 1 14:00
Qualifying 2 16:00
Autograph session 18:00
Sunday 15th September
Warm-up 08:45
Qualifying 3 10:00
Qualifying 4 11:55

21 Timmy Hansen
Riga is a high-grip track, and actually the high grip remains even if it rains, which seems very possible this weekend, but of course you never really know with the weather forecast. The track is mainly asphalt but strangely it actually feels like there’s more grip on the gravel than on the asphalt: the gravel contains concrete, and that helps to bind it together, which gives the grip.

“There are lots of corners in Riga, which is the main thing, and you also have two jumps, which are quite significant so you can expect a heavy landing. It’s interesting actually: the cars are so advanced now that you jump to the limit of the human body rather than the car. These days the cars can take a lot more than you can, which was never the case in the past.

“It’s a close fight for the championship but there’s no point being too strategic: I’m just going to try and win as always, taking every race one at a time.”

71 Kevin Hansen
Riga is a tight and technical track, which is quite fun and complex: you could call it our Monaco Grand Prix! It’s important to take a very precise line and look after the tyres carefully: in other words not too much sliding with the throttle wide open. The main thing is to make sure that you’re spending more time moving forwards than moving sideways!

“What’s going to make it particularly complicated this weekend is that we’re expecting quite a lot of rain, so it’s going to be even more important than usual to keep everything clean and tidy. It’s a nice day today, so it seems quite hard to believe, but it’s fairly common in Riga to have mixed conditions, so we need to be prepared for everything.

“Latvia has been on the championship calendar since 2016 and I’ve done every single one, so it’s a place I’m reasonably familiar with. I think it’s going to be an adventurous weekend, so it's hard to make any particular predictions right now.”

The Boss Susann Hansen
I’ve got a lot on my plate this weekend as for the first time we don’t have Kenneth with us: he’s off filming a reality TV show somewhere in Greece called ‘champion of champions’, where retired champions from different sports compete together to win a prize. Unfortunately this was arranged before we knew the World RX calendar, so he’s missing Riga, but we’re all sending him luck to his secret location! Operationally it doesn’t affect the team too much as our structure means that all responsibilities are shared, so we can fill in the gaps.

“This looks set to be a very unpredictable weekend, but that doesn’t change our mission: we’re here for the best result possible. When you have these changing conditions it really helps to have experience as a team and also the experience of working together in the same direction. I think that’s one of our biggest strengths, and we’ll be looking to make the most of every opportunity this weekend here in Latvia.”
19-09-11 Examensdags för Sondre
Sondre Evjen och Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS åker till Euro RX-avslutningen i Lettland med ett bestämt mål: en plats på pallen.
- Vi väntar fortfarande på säsongens höjdpunkt. Den kan komma nu, säger teamchefen Tommy Kristoffersson.

Det har inte riktigt gått som planerat hittills under säsongen, vilket kan upplevas som frustrerande eftersom det känns som att mer finns att hämta.
- Utvecklingen har gått framåt under säsongen, både när det gäller Sondres körning och bilens funktionalitet. Det finns potential, säger Kristoffersson.

Den riktiga topplaceringen har ändå uteblivit.
- Om vi kunde få allt att funka samtidigt så skulle det bli riktigt bra. Det är ingen av de andra som är mycket bättre än oss när allt stämmer, säger Sondre Evjen, och summerar sitt första rallycrossår i supercar.
- Det har varit en speciell säsong, med mycket otur. Tror ingen av oss i teamet är riktigt nöjd.

De riktigt bra resultaten har inte infunnit sig trots Evjens förarutveckling och allt arbete som Eklund Motorsport och Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS har lagt ner under gemensam flagg. Detta om något visar att det krävs tålamod och långsiktighet för att komma framåt i en tuff motorsportdisciplin.
- Men i Frankrike senast satt starterna bra. Ja, allt börjar sitta nu, säger Sondre, som därmed hoppas på en riktigt fin examen på Bikernieki-banan i Riga.
- Vi åker dit med stora förhoppningar och siktar på pallplats, lovar stallchefen Kristoffersson.

Evjen ligger inför säsongsavslutningen på nionde plats i mästerskapet, med bra chans att klättra. Bästa resultatet hittills under säsongen gjorde han på hemmabanan i norska Hell, med en fjärdeplats i kvalet och en sjätteplats i finalen.

Lite hemmakänsla blir det nog också i Riga, eftersom Evjen har många gäster på plats.
- Sponsorer, vänner och familj. Jag hoppas kunna bjuda dem på ett riktigt bra race.

Därmed blir tävlingen förstås också en signal inför kommande år.
- Hoppas det kan bli en hjälp inför nästa säsong. Sponsorer vill ju se resultat.

Den inställningen har teamchef Kristoffersson full förståelse för. Han har själv varit i samma situation många gånger under sin aktiva karriär.
- Sista tävlingen är alltid ett avstamp för nästa år och vi ska göra allt vi kan för att ge Sondre en bra avslutning på året.

Bikernieki är också en slinga som Evjen är bekant med.
- Han har varit där och åkt tidigare och känner till banan. Jag tror den ska passa honom bra, avslutar Tommy Kristoffersson.
19-09-09 Topi Heikkinen and Timmy Hansen win as title battle hots up in Austria
Topi Heikkien and Timmy Hansen won as TitansRX returned to its home venue, the MJP Arena in Austria. It was Heikkinen who emerged on top on Saturday, dominating the day and taking a convincing final victory. The Finn led from the start but faced a stiff challenge from Kevin Hansen, who made several attempts to get by for the race lead.

Hansen made a play for the race lead in the final couple of corners on the last lap of the seven lap race, making contact with Heikkinen more than once. He was unable to find a way past though, and finished just seven hundredths of a second back in what was the closest final finish in TitansRX so far.

World Rally Championship regular Hayden Paddon was third, nearly 12.7 seconds behind the leading pair.

The New Zealander, racing for the first time since the second round of the season in Essay, moved into the final podium position on the second lap of the race after making contact with Craig Breen, who dropped back as a result and finished 11.6 seconds behind his fellow rally driver.

Timmy Hansen was the last runner in the final finishing fifth. The Swede made a poor getaway at the start of the race and then was forced off track on the second lap of the race. He continued to battle with Breen for the remainder of the race, despite suffering with a left-front puncture as a result of the second lap incident.

Jerome Grosset-Janin was the remaining starter in the final, but pulled off track almost immediately at the start of the race.

TitansRX round seven final results
1. Topi Heikkinen 05:29.462
2. Kevin Hansen 05:29.532
3. Hayden Paddon 05:42.159
4. Craig Breen 05:53.774
5. Timmy Hansen 05:59.854
6. Jerome Grosset-Janin DNF

On Sunday Timmy Hansen made the most of a qualifying retirement for an otherwise dominant Kevin Hansen to top the morning running, before going on to take a convincing third win of the season in the final.

The elder Hansen escaped a first corner coming together as the rest of the field concertinaed.

In the skirmish Kevin Hansen moved up to second, getting by round seven winner Topi Heikkinen, while Jerome Grosst-Janin also took advantage to move into podium contention. Craig Breen also had a look but couldn't find a way past over the first jump. The Frenchman, however, quickly fell back as the field went into the reprofiled dirt drift section beginning after the jump.

Behind the Timmy Hansen, who had a clear advantage, Timmy Hansen and Heikkinen were squabbling over second place. On lap two Heikkinen made a bold move up the inside of the sweeping dirt turn – a move that had become something of a trademark for the Finn over the weekend – and snatched second.

From there Heikkinen began to chase down Timmy Hansen, but the race leader's younger brother remained hot on his tail.

Although Heikkinen had closed the gap up to just under 1.9 seconds by the race end he couldn't find his way to the front to become the first driver to sweep a weekend. It was a similar story for Kevin Hansen who like Heikkinen, had his day compromised by a tricky run in qualifying.

Breen finished fourth after being in the mix on the opening lap, he beat Tamara Molinaro who kept on his tail throughout the race, while his run wide on the opening lap meant that Grosset-Janin again finished down in sixth.

TitansRX round eight final results
1. Timmy Hansen 04:53.959
2. Topi Heikkinen 04:55.825
3. Kevin Hansen 04:57.460
4. Craig Breen 04:59.282
5. Tamara Molinaro 05:02.613
6. Jerome Grosset-Janin 05:05.428

TitansRX’s return to Austria, its first event in the country since the series’ pre-season test event, also marked the first full-scale event for the newly reconfigured MJP Arena.

“We really managed to create a track that fits the purpose of this series perfectly,” said TitansRX founder and CEO, and MJP Arena owner Max Pucher. “Both the first corner and the long drift section that we have afterwards were just the show of the weekend, it was amazing.”

“I’m really happy to find that everything we had planned worked out the way that we wanted,” Pucher added. “For Austrian relationships this was an excellent crowd. Unfortunately Austria doesn’t have a huge amount of spectators for rallycross at the moment but this was as good as it gets.”

Although he failed to win a main event all weekend, Kevin Hansen once again ends an event atop of the points standings, holding a slender five-point lead over Heikkinen. Timmy Hansen's win keeps him very much in the title fight; he sits third, 11 points adrift of the top spot.

Another strong weekend for Molinaro means that she moves up to fourth in the points, holding the 'best of the rest' spot, two points ahead of Grosset-Janin.

TitansRX series standings (top 15)
1. Kevin Hansen 178
2. Topi Heikkinen 173
3. Timmy Hansen 167
4. Tamara Molinaro 87
5. Jerome Grosset-Janin 85
6. Craig Breen 84
7. Ronny C'Rock 80
8. 'CsuCsu' 70
9. Andrew Jordan 67
10. Hayden Paddon 58
11. Oliver Webb 52
12. Andreas Steffen 47
13. Reini Sampl 31
14. Perry McCarthy 24
15. Nelson Piquet Jr. 22

For more information on TitansRX, click HERE

19-09-06 Projekt E Racecar to be revealed at World RX of Latvia
IMG today confirms that the racecar which will feature in the electric development series in 2020, codenamed Projekt E, will be officially unveiled on Friday, September 13 at the Neste World RX of Latvia.

As has previously been revealed, Projekt E will showcase electric-powered cars on the same event schedule as traditional World RX Supercars at selected European rounds of the championship in 2020.

The aim of Projekt E is to evaluate electric racecars in a World RX environment in accordance with the roadmap for electrification of the FIA World Rallycross Championship which was has been ratified by the FIA World Motorsport Council.

Projekt E is a collaboration between IMG and Austrian company STARD (Stohl Advanced Research and Development).

The Projekt E racecar will be unveiled at the Riga Motor Museum which adjoins the Bikernieki National Sports Base, the circuit which will host the Neste World RX of Latvia, the ninth round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy on September 14-15.

“The official reveal of the Projekt E racecar at the Neste World RX of Latvia is an important milestone in our path to introducing electrification to the FIA World Rallycross Championship,” Paul Bellamy, Senior Vice President of IMG Motorsports, said.

“Projekt E racecars will be an exciting addition to our World RX race weekend at selected events next year. The series underlines IMG’s commitment to future mobility and relevant technologies in rallycross. The automotive world is changing and we are ready to embrace that change.”

Projekt E will use STARD’s “REVelution” EV powertrain systems which will produce up to 450kW (613bhp) combined power, 1100Nm of instantaneous torque and produce a top speed of 240km/h.
19-09-04 TitansRX gears up for 'home' event in Austria
The second half of TitansRX's inaugural season kicks off in Austria this weekend with a return to the MJP Arena in Fuglau. Kevin Hansen currently leads the series by a slender 10 points ahead of brother Timmy Hansen and Topi Heikkinen, both of whom are tied on 126 points.

The trio have shared all of the six main event victories so far this season with Heikkinen winning the season opener in Essay, France and the first race at Lydden Hill; Timmy Hansen winning the second races in France and Montalegre in Portugal respectively; and Kevin Hansen going back to back in the UK and Portugal.

As well as the all-star cast of regular drivers, TitansRX will once again welcome back Oliver Webb this weekend. The sportscar ace has turned a wildcard slot at Lydden Hill into a regular role, having also competed in Montalegre last month.

Fellow Brit Abbie Eaton will also be returning for the first time since the July races in Kent, while World Rally Championship frontrunner Hayden Paddon will be returning to the fold for the first time since the second round of the season in Essay, France. Andreas Steffen is another returning driver, taking the place of Tom Coronel who has Formula 1 TV commitments in The Netherlands.

The series hosted a two-day group test event at the 1.150km track earlier this year ahead of the season (above), but Saturday and Sunday's event will mark the first time the series has returned in an official capacity since the track underwent extensive upgrades.

Among the changes have been a number of safety improvements, as well as the conversion of the east turn to a gravel drift with a subsequent jump.
"TitansRX Europe and the MJP Racing Arena are a match made in heaven for the home event of the series," said series founder and CEO Max Pucher. "Upgrading the MJP Arena to a FIA International License included the creation of a long gravel drift corner followed by a high jump. It will be perfect for the exciting overtaking action in TitansRX."

"As always TitansRX delivers a world class driver field which will battle it out in front of Austrian Rallycross fans. I can‘t wait to see it all come together."

As well as the headlining TitansRX series, there will be support action from the local Super Touring class.

Once again Rachael Downie and Tom Brooks will front the series' coverage on Eurosport.

TitansRX is a single-make, top-level rallycross series featuring 12 rounds at six legendary rallycross tracks all over Europe.

Each event features three rounds of qualifying heats, a pair of semi-finals, and a final on both the Saturday and the Sunday.

The series utilises the MJP Racing-produced Pantera RX6 supercar which provides similar performance to a traditional rallycross supercar, but for a fraction of the price.
19-09-03 Europamästaren Robin Larsson kör VM med JC Raceteknik – Mats Öhman till start i EM
I och med att Robin Larsson säkrade EM-guldet redan under helgen är det nu klart att han kommer köra VM under deltävlingen i Riga. Samtidigt kommer teamkompisen Mats Öhman göra ett inhopp i EM.
– Vi har haft bra tempo i EM hela säsongen, så det kommer bli kul att se hur farten står sig mot VM-teamen, säger teamchefen Joel Christoffersson.

För andra gången den här säsongen kommer värmländska teamet JC Raceteknik delta i FIA World Rallycross Championship. Det var under en deltävling i maj på belgiske banan Spa som teamet först gjorde ett inhopp i VM, då med Mattias Ekström och Enzo Idé bakom ratten. Den 14-15 september kommer teamet ännu en gång ställa sig på startlinjen tillsammans med VM-förarna – då med den nyblivne Europamästaren Robin Larsson.

Under helgens tävling i Frankrike stod det klart att Robin Larsson, med 34 poängs mästerskpasledning, säkrat EM-guldet i Supercar. I och med det kommer han, istället för att köra den avslutande EM-deltävlingen, ta ett steg uppåt och göra ett inhopp i rallycross-VM under tävlingen i Riga.

Mats Öhman, som kör full säsong med teamet i RallyX Nordic kommer under helgen göra ett inhopp i FIA European Rallycross Championship. Det blir andra tävlingen i år för norrbottningen på banan i Riga.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Det ska bli jättekul att kunna få köra en VM-deltävling med Robin i år. Eftersom vi säkrade EM-guldet redan i Frankrike så tog vi den här möjligheten. Det blir lite som ett pris för Robin och hela teamet. Vi har haft bra tempo i EM hela säsongen och hade dessutom bra fart under RallyX Nordic i Riga. Så det kommer bli kul att se hur farten står sig mot VM-teamen. Hur det kommer gå är såklart svårt att säga, men kan vi fightas om topp fem-tider kommer jag vara väldigt nöjd.

Sedan kommer Mats ta Robins plats under EM-deltävlingen i Riga, vilket också kommer bli roligt. Mats hade hög fart i Riga under RallyX Nordic, och efter det har vi jobbat ännu hårdare. Så vi är taggade på att komma tillbaka på den banan med honom.”

Robin Larsson:
”Det ska bli riktigt kul att kunna ta den här chansen och komma in i VM. Jag har kört en säsong i VM förut, men det blir ju lite speciellt att göra det här inhoppet mitt i säsongen när VM-förarna är inne i en riktigt tight fight i mästerskapet. Under EM-säsongen har vi gjort väldigt bra tider, men det allra sista lilla har fattats för att vara med i VM-toppen. Så det ska bli spännande att se hur vi står oss mot dem nu när vi kör i samma heat. Jag tror att man kan höja nivån ytterligare när man måste hänga med – kanske kan vi får vi avståndet att krympa? Målsättningen är att i alla fall ta oss till semifinal, och sen se det som en bra tävling att kolla farten.”

Mats Öhman:
”Det ska bli jäkligt kul att få köra i Riga. Jag har tävlat på den banan en gång tidigare i år och då funkade allt bra, så vi ser fram emot det här. Banan i Riga passar den här bilen fruktansvärt bra. Sen senaste tävlingen har vi jobbat ännu mer med inställningarna och förfinat mina reglage ytterligare för att hitta ännu mer fart på banan. Målet är absolut att köra semifinal, och sen får vi helt enkelt se. Men så länge jag är bra med i starterna tror jag att det kan bli en bra tävling. Sen är det roligt att Robin kunde vinna EM redan i helgen så han får göra det här inhoppet i VM. Med den farten han har är det helt klart i VM han hör hemma.”
19-09-02 Gundersen outshines Eriksson in drama-fuelled French final
Norwegian makes it back-to-back RX2 triumphs with Lohéac success
Championship leader forced to settle for second after intense duel
Finnish teenager Trogen replicates rostrum finish from rookie season

Epic, breathless, action-packed – take your pick. The final race of last weekend’s RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires round at Lohéac in France (30 August – 1 September) was a fast-paced thriller from lights-out to chequered flag – and it ended with Ben-Philip Gundersen’s second victory in swift succession.

Already laying claim to the move of the weekend in Q3 – leaving his braking as late as he dared into Turn One to sweep all the way around the outside of his adversaries and snatch the lead from fifth on the grid – Gundersen was on a mission in the final. This was quite possibly the most exciting and unpredictable race in the history of the official FIA World RX feeder series, with a plot line that changed from one corner to the next.

Some 75,000 enthusiastic spectators lapped up the drama as the Norwegian got the better of defending champion Oliver Eriksson over the course of an explosive last lap. The Swede held on for second from Sami-Matti Trogen, with the SET Promotion teenager replicating his rostrum result from the same event last year following a quartet of fourth-place finishes earlier this season.

Qualifying Races
Eriksson took the top spot in the intermediate classification after setting the pace in both Q1 and Q2, though the championship leader endured a rougher ride in Q3 and Q4, coming off worse in first corner squeezes on both occasions. Nonetheless, he had already done enough to remain at the summit of the standings.

Gundersen ran the Swede closest, with his Q3 heroics vaulting the Norwegian up the overall order into second place. Jesse Kallio’s Q4 success produced a similar effect as the Finn kept his title aspirations intact in third.

After sitting an impressive second overnight, Trogen ultimately slipped to fourth due to traffic in Q4, with Fraser McConnell battling back from broken suspension in Q2 to secure fifth position courtesy of a trio of top five performances.

Latvian brothers Vasiliy and Nikolay Gryazin were evenly-matched in sixth and seventh respectively – although the latter, making his RX2 debut at the weekend, would have featured higher up but for a late slide in Q4 that cost him time. William Nilsson was next in his maiden appearance for Team Färén, putting a first corner spin in Q2 behind him with top four efforts in both Q3 and Q4.

The semi-final line-up was completed by reigning EuroRX TouringCar champion Steve Volders, former X Games gold medallist Petter Nårsa – who got quicker with every run on his series bow – Anders Michalak and home hero Damien Meunier. The Frenchman lost ground in Q2 with a puncture, but delighted the partisan crowd by narrowly making the cut.

That meant Simon Olofsson, Albert Llovera – who enjoyed arguably his most competitive RX2 outing to-date, posting a top ten time in Q2 – American newcomer Lane Vacala and local specialist Yann Le Jossec missed out. The latter showed flashes of form, but an electrical issue that ruled him out of Q1 and a last lap collision in Q3 ultimately sealed his fate.

From pole position in the first of the semi-finals, Eriksson led team-mate Kallio throughout, with the top two pulling away from the chasing pack and the Finn closing right onto his title rival’s tail by the chequered flag.

In the third OMSE car, Jamaica’s McConnell saw off Nikolay Gryazin – the pair indulging in an energetic and entertaining wheel-to-wheel scrap along the way – for the remaining final spot. Volders wound up fifth, surviving a coming-together with Michalak that pitched the Swede into a spectacular roll and prompted a re-start.

In the second semi-final, Gundersen found himself needing to fend off a feisty-looking Trogen on the opening lap, and the Finn kept the pressure on as the pair sped clear of their pursuers. Vasiliy Gryazin ensured SRT would be represented in the final by taking the flag third – albeit some way back from the top two – with Nilsson just missing out in fourth after an early joker tactic left him stuck in traffic. Meunier placed fifth, while Nårsa’s challenge was scuppered by a puncture.

If ever there was a candidate for race of the season – scratch that, make it best race in RX2 history – this, surely, was it. Eriksson withstood the initial threat posed by Gundersen through the first corner, but further back there was a change for third as Trogen muscled his way past countryman Kallio and McConnell followed through – then immediately darted for the joker.

Gundersen got a run on the race leader starting lap two, only to find the door shut solidly in his face, but there was greater drama unfolding behind. Gryazin tried to relieve Kallio of fourth at the last corner and – as the pair drifted wide – the opportunistic McConnell took advantage to pass them both. The Finn and Latvian would subsequently come together again at the same place, resulting in a spin for the OMSE driver that rooted him firmly to the foot of the order.

Up at the front, meanwhile, new second-placed man Trogen was ramping up the pressure on Eriksson, with early joker Gundersen in third and on a charge. The top two waited until the last lap to play their jokers, but by then it was too late and the JC Raceteknik ace was through – just. Eriksson tried to fight back into the penultimate corner, but Gundersen held his ground and forced the championship leader wide to secure his fourth career RX2 victory and move up to third in the title standings.

The Swede had to get swiftly back on the gas to hold onto second place, with Trogen and McConnell both fancying a late sniff of the runner-up spoils and the Finn crossing the line sideways in the three-way squeeze. Less than 1.7 seconds blanketed the top four at the flag, with Gryazin and the frustrated Kallio completing the finishing order.

The result sees Eriksson carry a 21-point margin over Kallio into the 2019 RX2 season finale at Cape Town’s Killarney International Raceway on 9/10 November – as the South African circuit prepares to stage a dazzling duel for the coveted crown.

Quote, Unquote
Ben-Philip Gundersen (1st): “What a great feeling! It’s difficult to describe. We all know how fast Oliver [Eriksson] is and how rarely he makes mistakes, and my three previous wins in RX2 have all come either without him in the final or with him having problems. To defeat him head-to-head on-track at last – in a straight fight and on pure pace – is fantastic. This is my most satisfying win yet in RX2 – the hardest-earned and it’s always rewarding to beat the best. I was on the outside of the grid for all of Saturday’s qualifying races, which meant my main aim was simply coming out of the first corner still in one piece, but in Q3, I got a really good start so I knew I just had to send it. That was probably the turning-point of the weekend for me. I certainly felt the pressure from Trogen in the semi-final, and I had to push really hard in the joker to stay ahead. There wasn’t much left on the table there, but when I was following Oliver in the final, I could see he was sliding around a bit whereas I had really good traction, so I went for an early joker to try to get the undercut. It was a crazy end to the race, with a bit of contact on both sides and we leaned on each other quite a lot, but it was a really fun battle. After our difficult start to the season, it seems things are properly coming good now and I need to thank all the guys at JC Raceteknik for working so hard to give me a great car – this is a team victory above anything else.”

Oliver Eriksson (2nd): “We had the speed throughout the qualifying races, but Turn One just got the better of us in Q3 and Q4 – it’s always tight into the first corner at Lohéac, and being on the outside or mid-grid really isn’t where you want to be. That left us in traffic and it’s tough to fight back here with so few overtaking spots, but I just made sure to take no risks as I knew we still had enough in hand to end up as Top Qualifier. It was a close battle with Jesse [Kallio] in the semi-final; he was really narrowing the gap towards the end – he got faster and faster as the weekend progressed, and I had to focus on maintaining my pace so as not to give him any opportunities to attack. The final was more of a struggle, though – my car was sliding around a bit and I didn’t have quite the same feeling. Ben-Philip [Gundersen] stuck his nose up the inside a couple of times, so I really tried to get the hammer down when he jokered and it was a very tight merge after my own joker on the last lap. I never give up until the chequered flag has fallen, but he had the inside line for the last corner. It was a hard but fair battle and this time he came out on top, so congratulations to him. Looking at the bigger picture, we’ve extended the lead in the championship and whilst I obviously want to win each race, the title has to be the main focus. The fight goes on to the season finale – it’s going to be a blast!”

Sami-Matti Trogen (3rd): “Lohéac seems to suit me pretty well! I came back here this year with happy memories and in confident mood, and I had a good feeling again right from the outset. We quickly managed to settle down into a strong rhythm in free practice and kept that going into Q1 with the second-fastest time. We lost out a bit in traffic in both Q3 and Q4, but the pace was still good. It was close with Ben-Philip [Gundersen] in my semi; I felt I had an edge over him and really wanted to be on the front row for the final, but he is not an easy man to get past so we had to settle for second. The start to the final went well and I managed to get Kallio for third, and when Gundersen took the joker I pushed hard to try to put some pressure on Eriksson. It all got a bit busy on the last lap, and there were three of us side-by-side heading towards the chequered flag. I was in the middle, but I knew I just had to keep my foot planted and I crossed the finish line sideways, which surely must earn ten-out-of-ten for style?! Seriously, though, it’s great to score the second podium of my RX2 career and now I’m looking forward to a strong end to the season in South Africa.”

Andreas Eriksson, RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires CEO: “What a weekend we have had here at Lohéac! The racing was first-rate – particularly in the final, which was one of the most exciting we have ever seen in RX2. There was so much action I didn’t know where to look, and the battle between Ben-Philip Gundersen and Oliver Eriksson in particular was outstanding – two hard-chargers, neither willing to give an inch and only one space on the top step of the podium. Congratulations to Ben-Philip for his second consecutive victory, and to Sami-Matti Trogen for his first top three finish of 2019; having come close on so many occasions this year, it was somewhat overdue. The French crowd also had two local heroes to cheer on in Damien Meunier and Yann Le Jossec, both of whom put on a good show. Now, we move on to South Africa – and the final instalment of this season’s title fight.”

Final Result
1. Ben-Philip GUNDERSEN (NOR) JC Raceteknik 6 laps
2. Oliver ERIKSSON (SWE) Olsbergs MSE +0.500s
3. Sami-Matti TROGEN (FIN) SET Promotion +0.730s
4. Fraser MCCONNELL (JAM) Olsbergs MSE +1.624s
5. Vasiliy GRYAZIN (LVA) Sports Racing Technologies +3.395s
6. Jesse KALLIO (FIN) Olsbergs MSE +12.708s

Championship Standings
1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 163 points
2. Jesse Kallio (FIN) 142 points
3. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 128 points
4. Fraser McConnell (JAM) 119 points
5. Sami-Matti Trogen (FIN) 105 points
6. Vasiliy Gryazin (LVA) 91 points
7. William Nilsson (SWE) 57 points
8. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 56 points
9. Anders Michalak (SWE) 55 points
10. Steve Volders (BEL) 51 points
19-09-01 Hansen brothers take stunning comeback win and podium in France FRA World RX of France
Timmy and Kevin Hansen showed incredible fighting spirit during World RX of France at Lohéac, scoring victory and third place respectively after starting third and sixth in the Final.

Both had some difficult runs in qualifying, with faster starting cars able to jump ahead and take qualifying points away from both drivers.

But a sensational turnaround began in Q4 on Sunday afternoon, with Timmy leading the way thanks to the fastest race time and fastest single lap of the weekend on his way to being Top Qualifier. He was beaten to the first corner in his semi-final on older tyres, so lined up third for the final.

Kevin's starting position on the outside of the grid in the first three qualifiers set him back and although he managed fourth in Q3, he qualified only 10th. But it was the beginning of a rousing comeback: he went from fifth to third in his semi-final, passing Timur Timerzyanov for fourth on lap one and then leaping past Timo Scheider for a place in the Final on the last lap, coming out just ahead when the German driver took his joker.

Lohéac is a notoriously hard track to pass on but despite starting third and sixth, Timmy and Kevin were up to first and third by turn two of the Final. As leading duo Andreas Bakkerud and Niclas Grönholm both went wide at turn one, Timmy kept it clean and tidy, slipping down the inside of both for a lead he held comfortably to the end, scoring his second win at Lohéac and his third of 2019.

Kevin's performance in the Final was equally impressive. After moving to third place, he stayed out and continued to push, waiting until the last lap to take his joker. It was timed to perfection: he came out a fraction ahead of Rokas Baciuška to secure a stunning podium finish, having started from the back row in both the final and his semi-final. Between Timmy and Kevin in second place was GC Kompetition driver Anton Marklund, ensuring an all-Swedish podium.

Team HANSEN MJP almost doubled its lead in the teams' championship, its gap climbing from 17 to 33 points after the team's home round away from home in France. While Kevin lost the lead in the drivers' championship, he is now tied with Timmy for second place on 158 points, only two points off the championship lead with two rounds remaining.

Timmy Hansen
Qualifying 1 2nd
Qualifying 2 8th
Qualifying 3 6th
Qualifying 4 1st
Semi-Final 2 2nd

Kevin Hansen
Qualifying 1 10th
Qualifying 2 12th
Qualifying 3 4th
Qualifying 4 10th
Semi-Final 2 3rd

Talking Points
Who says you can't overtake at Lohéac? Kevin passed five cars in two races to turn a 10th place in qualifying into a third place finish in the Final. Incredible!

Timmy remains the only driver to win multiple World RX rounds in 2019. France was his third victory of the season.
It's the second time this year that Team HANSEN MJP has had both cars on the podium: one of only two teams to achieve the feat to date this season.

It's been close in the drivers' championship all year, but this is the first time ever that Timmy and Kevin have been tied on points in the world championship.

The big number

The new World RX of France lap record in seconds, set by Timmy Hansen in Qualifying 1. He took the record only 10 minutes after younger brother Kevin had set a new benchmark in his earlier Q1 heat!

Timmy Hansen
“This weekend has been amazing. Coming here, we have so much support from the French fans. We're getting so much love from them, they're supporting us, I can feel it going out on track.

“I also love to drive here. We can feel that the Peugeot is comfortable around these corners and I was also feeling very comfortable this weekend. I needed a perfect Q4 to be in the race and we got it just when we needed it, and got the pole, so that was very important for the weekend.

“I was all in for the final: I was going to push very hard and then Bakkerud and Grönholm opened the door for me, so I sneaked by. Those were six brilliant laps. On the last lap, I remembered that back in 2015, my dad told me to enjoy this lap, and I saw I had a big gap, so again, I took in the atmosphere, looked up at the grandstands, and I felt the feeling of leading the last lap in Lohéac. To cross the finish line first is such an amazing feeling.”

Kevin Hansen
“I have no idea how I got into the final and semi-final! I pushed really, really hard. I was so unlucky with the draw. I don't know if I'm lucky or it's random but we are here. For the semi-final, I was sure on the last lap I was not going to make it. Then I saw Baciuška overtake Scheider, and Scheider lost a lot of time, and I saw that I could make it.

“We started last in the final but had a really good launch, then it was all kinds of mess in turn one. I saw Bakkerud got pushed out wide and I just knew: that’s the guy that I have to beat. When I took the joker it was mega-close against Baciuška: I selected a higher gear at turn five than I had used all weekend, kept the throttle lit up, almost lost it, Baciuška helped me save it, and that secured the podium.

“I am a rallycrosser and I am not a perfect man in all conditions, but I get through it like a machine! I never give up. This is why we are in the fight.”

The Boss Kenneth Hansen
“It’s such an amazing feeling, the pride of winning in Lohéac. It’s the best event to win! We struggled, we had to fight for it and give it all and we were in a bad position on the grid. For Timmy to come out and do it like this is absolutely marvellous.

“We were in difficult positions this weekend and arrived here after a bad race in Canada, so to come back and achieve a result like this was fantastic. Kevin was also in a bad position after qualifying but came back from 10th and got on the podium. Having both of them finish on the podium is wonderful.”
19-09-01 Bra fart för William Nilsson när rallycrossen kördes i Lohéac
Tävlingshelgen har bjudit på blandade resultat för skåningen William Nilsson, som trots topptider i grundomgången missade finalen med en hårsmån.
– Det har varit en riktigt rolig helg för mig. Lohéac är ett speciellt arrangemang med många äkta rallycrossfans, säger 19-åringen.

Det var i franska Lohéac som sjätte deltävlingen av RX2 International Series kördes. För William Nilsson började helgen med raceincidenter i de två inledande omgångarna, medan han avslutade med en tredje och en fjärde tid. Väl i semifinalen blev han förste föraren utanför final, efter att ha fastnat i trafik under flera varv.
– Jag har gjort många topptider, men just i helgen har det varit så jäkla jämnt. Det rörde sig om tiondelar, och i många fall hundradelar, genom hela helgen. Så när det blev några onödiga fighter i startkurvan så rasade man många placeringar även om det bara rörde sig om en sekund. Men i det stora hela är jag nöjd med helgen och min körning. Jag har fightats om toppresultat och gjort det jag kunnat, samtidigt har Team Färén gjort ett bra jobb med bilen, säger Nilsson.

Banan Lohéac är känd bland rallycrossälskare och det var inför 75 000 personer i publiken som helgens tävling kördes.
– Det har varit en riktigt rolig helg för mig. Lohéac är ett speciellt arrangemang med många äkta rallycrossfans. Tävlingen inleds alltid med en stor parad genom staden, det är alltid trevligt. Tack till alla sponsorer och supportrar som engagerade sig i helgen, sånt är jättekul.

Nästa tävling för Tomelillapågen blir redan till helgen när den femte deltävlingen av V8 Thunder Cars körs på Jyllandsringen.
– Det är bara att ladda om direkt inför den. Den senaste tävlingen kom jag fyra i första racet och hade chans på pallen i det andra när min bil gick sönder. Så jag har lite blodad tand. Däremot kör vi tillsammans med det danska mästerskapet i helgen. Danskarna har snabbare bilar, så jag tror att pallen kan bli svår för alla oss svenskar. Men jag åker dit för att slåss om placeringar och ha en jäkligt skoj tävling.
19-09-01 Timmy Hansen wins in Loheac as Loheac as tittle battle takes a twist
Team Hansen MJP’s Timmy Hansen took an emphatic victory in round eight of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, the World RX of France on a weekend in which the championship battle took a new twist.

Timmy led home GC Kompeition’s Anton Marklund with younger brother Kevin Hansen third in the second of the team’s Peugeot 208s.

The overall results from the weekend meant Norway’s Andreas Bakkerud rose to the top of the drivers’ standings despite a fifth-place finish in the final.

The Monster Energy RX Cartel driver now sits on 160 points with the Hansen brothers tied on 158. Timmy’s victory was his third of a season which has produced six different event winners with eight of the 10 rounds completed.

In the final, Timmy took advantage of a gap which opened up when Bakkerud’s Audi S1 and the Hyundai i20 of GRX Taneco’s Niclas Gronholm went wide in a squabble for the lead at turn one.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Marklund, who started on the back row of the grid, engaged in battle with GC Kompetition young gun Rokas Baciuska of Lithuania.

After his joker lap, Marklund emerged in second place behind Timmy while Kevin produced a spirited drive to pip Baciuska by inches at the joker lap merge.

Timmy’s victory was a dramatic response after he missed the semi-finals in the previous round at Trois-Rivieres, Canada. The Swede also left the opening round in Abu Dhabi with a paltry points tally after heavy contact with Bakkerud in qualifying.

“This weekend has been amazing. From a championship perspective I’ve taken two big hits with nearly no championship points from two races – Abu Dhabi and Canada – so I’m very happy with the result and the position in the championship,” he said.

“Coming here to Loheac where we have so much support from the French fans is special. The Peugeot is very good around this circuit.

“I was feeling very comfortable all weekend. I needed a perfect Q4 to get the pole for the semi-final which I got, then I was all-in for the final where Andreas (Bakkerud) and Niclas (Gronholm) opened the door for me.

“It was so nice to come out in front and concentrate on my own driving. I had such a good gap that I was able to take in the incredible atmosphere.

“As for the championship, it’s exciting to be in the middle of this fight. It’s going to be an interesting end to the year. It is me, Kevin and Andreas all racing for our first world championship. Who grabs it is down to whoever is able to put it all together for the last two rounds and perform best under this pressure.”

Fellow-Swede Marklund, who was third at Silverstone in round four and first to the flag in Hell, Norway in round five, only to be deprived of the win due to a technical infringement, was delighted to reach the podium at the home race of the French GC Kompetition squad. “I know how much this race means for the team, so it’s great to be able to reward everyone with this second place,” he said.

“The Renault Megane was strong all weekend and I had some great pace in the final. Starting from the back row in the final is not easy so I was glad to be able to reach the podium eventually.”

Kevin Hansen, who led the drivers’ championship by five points over Bakkerud ahead of Loheac, had struggled in qualifying and only just scraped through to the final after a brilliant recovery drive.

“It was a really tough weekend for me. I had a lot of bad luck in the qualifying rounds and I have no idea how I got to the final to be honest,” he said.

“I was sure on the last lap of the semi-final I was not going to make it to the final. In the final I didn’t quite have the pace to keep up with the other two Swedes. I pushed really hard in the joker lap and managed to just get out ahead of Rokas (Baciuska) to finish third. I just had to fight. I am a rallycrosser, I never give up.

“It’s great that the championship fight is so tight. We have to work together as a team to get the edge on Andreas, but realistically I just have to do my own thing and hope it is enough.”

En route to fourth place in the final Baciuska became the first driver from the GC Kompetition team to win a qualifying session with the fastest time in Q2 on day one.

GC Kompetition team boss Guerlain Chicherit was delighted with the team’s overall performance – with both Marklund and Baciuska making the final. “This was the second time in a row we have put two cars in the final so the team is getting stronger.

“Rokas (Baciuska) made a very small mistake on the last lap on turn five which cost him just a few tenths and the chance to put his nose in front of Kevin (Hansen).

“We have to acknowledge that the Hansens did an amazing job on the strategy by protecting each other. This is something we still need to learn. We are not at that level yet but we are quick learners.

“For me personally the weekend was a bit frustrating. I had the speed but I had some contact in qualifying but that’s motorsport. We have two more races before the end of the season and I really want to be on the podium. I think I have the pace to do it so it is just a question of putting everything together.”

Guillame De Ridder’s run of back luck continued although he did manage to grab a consolation win in Q4. “It’s good for the mind to finish with a victory here in Loheac. Now the focus is on the next round in Riga,” the Belgian said.

Fellow GCK Academy driver Cyril Raymond finished 15th overall much to the disappointment of his countrymen.

ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport’s Timo Scheider narrowly missed the final after a stunning last-ditch effort in semi-final two placed him fourth ahead of Russia’s Timur Timerzyanov and Britain’s Liam Doran in the second Monster Energy RX Cartel Audi S1.

Finland’s Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen, showed an impressive turn of speed on his return to World RX in the GRX Taneco Hyundai i20. He finished third overall in Q1 after day one but had to settle for fourth in semi-final one. EKS Sport’s Krisztian Szabo and Team STARD’s Janis Baumanis were fifth and sixth respectively in the same semi-final.

The Pailler brothers, Fabien and Jonathan, fielding a pair of Peugeot 208s, did not advance to the semi-finals but relished being part of their home event. “We are from Brittany, we live about 200km from here so this is very much our home race and I have been here over 30 times. As always, the fans have been amazing and it is important for us to keep the Pailler name going here,” Jonathan said.

It was a torrid weekend for Britain’s Oliver Bennett. His Xite Racing Mini Cooper ended in the gravel trap after a spin in Q2 and he suffered a second DNF in Q4 after heavy contact with Chicherit and finished well down the order in the overall standings.

“It all went downhill from Q2 really where we had the initial contact and ended up in the gravel,” he said. “Then in Q4, I thought I was clear into turn one but got a shove from the left side which triggered a catalogue of events and I was a passenger from then on. Luckily, the damage looks worse than it is. Onwards to Latvia now.”

French veteran Herve Knapick in the Citroen DS3 and Matvey Furazhkin, making his World RX debut, in the ESmotorsport-LabasGAS Skoda Fabia, rounded out the order.

Meanwhile Sweden’s Robin Larsson was crowned champion in the FIA European Rallycross Championship with victory in the Supercar final ahead of Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Dubourg and Hungary’s Tamas Karai.

Larsson has an unassailable lead on 146 points with Norway’s Thomas Bryntesson second on 112 and Dubourg third on 110.
“This feels so nice that its finally settled," Larsson said.
"The European Championship season has flowed very well for me and it feels great to be able to get revenge after my season in the World Championship last year. The weekend was a little difficult in the beginning with bad starts and small mistakes on my part.

"I was a little off the pace for a while and had a hard time keeping up. But, we dug in, turned it around and made a good semi and final. It feels great to be on the top of the podium here in France.

"JC Raceteknik is a good bunch of guys who have run the car brilliantly all season, so I was able to just focus on driving and getting good results."

In Super1600, championship leader Aydar Nuriev took the honours in the final ahead of Yuri Beleskiy and Artur Egorov.
Gergely Marton, second in the drivers’ standings, was holding down second position in the final but dropped to an eventual fifth-place finish after a puncture on the final lap. Maximilian Eveno finished fourth.

The final round takes place in Lativa, alongside the World RX of Latvia in Riga on September 14-15.
19-09-01 EM-guldet i rallycross säkrat för svenska Robin Larsson och JC Raceteknik – teamet tog även dubbelseger i Lohéac
Under helgens deltävling i Lohéac blev det trippel glädje för Värmlandsbaserade teamet JC Raceteknik. Robin Larsson vann inte bara tävlingen utan säkrar också EM-titeln i Supercar med en deltävling kvar. Samtidigt vann teamets Ben-Philip Gundersen tävlingen i Supercar Lites.
– EM-guld är någonting vi i JC Raceteknik har kämpat för under flera år. Jag är så stolt över alla och deras stenhårda jobb, säger teamchef Joel Christoffersson.

Robin Larsson har gjort en stark säsong, med tre segrar och en andraplats i de inledande fyra EM-deltävlingarna. Under helgens femte deltävling i Franska Lohéac, inför 75 000 besökare, kunde Larsson ta ytterligare en seger. Med en deltävling kvar står det klart att han är årets Supercar-mästare i FIA European Rallycross Championship, vilket ger teamet JC Raceteknik sitt första EM-guld.

Samtidigt segrade Ben-Philip Gundersen i klassen Supercar Lites. Efter helgen avancerar han i mästerskapet RX2 International Series och ligger nu på tredjeplats, med fjorton poäng upp till andraplatsen och en deltävling kvar.

Under helgen gästades teamet av Älvsbyföraren Petter Nårsa. Nårsa har en framgånsrik skotercrosskarriär i ryggen med bland annat ett X Games-guld och tre VM-silver. 2019 sadlade han om till rallycross och har under året kört full säsong i RallyX Nordic. Under helgen gjorde han internationell debut tillsammans med JC Raceteknik i RX2 International Series. Han slutade där på sjätteplats i semifinalen efter en punktering.

Resultat finns här. Nästa deltävling för Euro RX blir 14-15 september i Riga, medan RX2 International Series avslutas i Kapstaden 9-10 november.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Det blev en helt fantastisk helg för oss här. Att Robin kunde säkra EM-guldet redan i helgen… Jag stod där med gåshud ända nerifrån fötterna och med tårar i ögonen. Ett EM-guld är någonting vi i JC Raceteknik har kämpat för under flera år och de flesta i teamet har varit med oss redan från starten. Så att göra det här tillsammans är stort. Jag är så stolt över alla och deras stenhårda jobb. Det är första året för oss med Robin och det har varit ett riktigt kanonsamarbete, han förtjänade det här resultatet. Sen vill jag tacka exakt alla våra sponsorer – utan dem hade det aldrig gått. Också tack till EKS och Mattias Ekström för all support.

Sen att det blev en dubbelseger för oss med Robin och Ben-Philip är något vi bara kunde drömma om att få göra igen efter Höljes. Ben-Philip gjorde en otroligt bra final och har nu klättrat i mästerskapet. Vi får inte glömma att vi har två mästerskap kvar i år: RX2 International Series och RallyX Nordic. Vi kommer fira lite nu, men redan ikväll packa lastbilen och ladda upp inför nästa deltävling.

Att få ha Petter Nårsa i teamet i helgen har varit jättekul. Vi har samarbetat lite under RallyX Nordic-säsongen, så det var extra roligt att få ta med honom hit. Han har en bra utvecklingskurva och jag ser stor potential i honom. Det är tuff konkurrens i RX2 och Lohéac är en svår bana att vara ny på, så att komma till semi första gången är vi nöjda med. Vi hoppas kunna fortsätta samarbeta med Petter även framöver.”

Robin Larsson, Supercar:
”Det här känns så skönt, äntligen är det avgjort! För mig har EM flutit på väldigt bra och det känns skönt att kunna få revansch efter min säsong i VM förra året. Helgen var lite motig i inledningen med dåliga starter och småmissar från min sida. Jag var lite illa ute där ett tag och hade svårt att tagga till. Men jag tog tag i det, vände på det och gjorde en bra semi och final. Det känns skönt att få stå överst på pallen här i Frankrike.

JC Raceteknik är ett gäng ’goa gubbar’ som skött bilen exemplariskt hela säsongen, så jag kunnat fokusera på körning och plocka bra resultat. Så tack till Joel, Mats och Ola som varit inblandad i detta, och även jobbat för att få dessa bilar. Våra Audi S1 Supercars har varit en stor nyckel i att kunna vara så här snabba. Också tack till farsan (Lars Larsson), resten av gänget och såklart alla sponsorer som gör det här möjligt. Vi ska självklart fira lite nu, men sen blir det att ladda om inför Tierp och försöka ta mästerskapsguldet även i RallyX Nordic. Efter segern i Finland är jag riktigt taggad inför den sista deltävlingen.”

Ben-Philip Gundersen, Supercar Lites:
”Det har varit väldigt jämnt hela helgen och jag tycker att vi genomförde tävlingen på ett bra sätt. De första inledande omgångarna var svåra eftersom jag startade i ett spår långt ut på yttern, men vi klarade av att behålla lugnet och samla poäng. I Q3 kom genombrottet för mig, med en snabb start och efter det gick det till en snabbaste tid. Tillsammans med mekaniker har vi haft en plan för hela helgen och gjort små ändringar på bilen som fungerat väldigt bra. I finalen tror jag att det var taktiken med däcken som gjorde mycket – jag hade bra grepp och kunde hålla ett högt tempo genom hela racet. Inget var avgjort förrän i sista svängen. Det var riktigt jämnt, och denna gången drog vi det längsta strået. Så tack till mekaniker, spottern, teamet och alla supportrar för en fantastisk helg.”

Petter Nårsa, Supercar Lites:
”Helgen har varit en riktigt häftig upplevelse, så jag är väldigt glad att det var just den här tävlingen som var min debut i RX2. Ta paraden i fredags till exempel där det var fullsmockat med folk... Här i Frankrike är rallycrossfansen verkligen fans på riktigt. Det är mäktigt. Sen var det såklart också en jättebra bana.

Självklart var det tråkigt att jag inte kunnat konkurrerat med förarna i toppen, men jag lyckades komma upp i fart allt mer under tävlingen. Efter lördagen var målet att klättra och kvalificera mig till final, och det lyckades jag med idag. Tyvärr fick jag en punka rätt tidigt i semifinalen så jag rullade mest fram på banan.

Att köra med JC Raceteknik har fungerat jättebra. Jag känner ju gruppen sen tidigare och vet att vi funkar ihop, det är ett rutinerat team med bra koll på rallycross. Sen är Ben-Philip en jättesnabb chaufför, så att kunna bolla med honom har varit lärorikt. Också: tack till alla som hjälpt mig under helgen.”
19-09-01 Evjen fick slita hårt
Sondre Evjen fick jobba i uppförsbacke vid Euro RX i Frankrike, men efter en mycket stark avslutning på kvalet blev det ändå avancemang. Med sin fjärdeplats i semifinalen blev han sedan förste förare utanför finalen.
- Tempot finns, men vi fick slita den här helgen, sammanfattar den 21-årige norrmannen.

Sondre Evjen kom till tävlingen i Lohéac med höga förhoppningar, stigande självförtroende och en Volkswagen Polo GTI RX i toppskick. Tyvärr infriades inte förväntningarna under första tävlingsdagen. Visserligen blev det en fullt acceptabel åttondeplats i Q1, men i Q2 uppstod större problem.
- Remmen till servopumpen hoppade av. Då blev det tufft att köra, berättar Evjen, som fick jobba hårt och noterade P20, vilket gjorde utgångsläget jobbigt inför söndagen.

På morgonens warm up var den unge norrmannen riktigt på hugget, men i Q3 blev det problem igen.
- Servon bröt igen och när jag kom ut från jokern blev jag dessutom påkörd i sidan och snurrade över curbsen.

Sondre tog sig i mål som 25:a. En semifinalplats såg i det läget ut att vara hopplöst långt borta, men Evjen och Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS, i samarbete med Eklund Motorsport, gav inte upp.

I Q4 tog Sondre starten i omgångens första heat och gjorde en suverän körning.
- Jag visste ju att jag behövde göra en väldigt bra tid.

En klar heatseger och tiden stod sig sedan mot alla utom Thomas Bryntesson. P2 i sista kvalomgången gjorde att Evjen klättrade ända upp till tolfte plats i sammandraget och semifinalplatsen var därmed säkrad.
- Så borde det ha fungerat hela helgen, tycker Sondre.

Från sin startposition längst bak i semifinalfältet gjorde Volkswagen-föraren ett tappert försök att nå topp tre, men efter att ha plockat ett par placeringar fick Evjen nöja sig med att bli fyra.
- Jag kom ut som femma, tog mig upp till fjärde plats efter att ha tagit jokern, men når inte längre upp. Vi skulle ha behövt stå längre fram i starten.

Teamchefen Tommy Kristoffersson kunde inte annat än att känna sympatier för sin adept.
- Tyvärr drogs vid med tekniska problem under helgen. När han fick chansen åkte han fort, men det har inte riktigt tajmat för oss hittills. Vi vet att bilen går fort när allt fungerar och ser positivt på Sondres körtekniska utveckling. Det tar vi med oss till avslutningen i Riga.

Även Evjen själv ser med tillförsikt fram mot EM-avslutningen i Lettland.
- Det är en bana där jag brukar köra bra.
19-08-31 Linus åter i teamet
- Pite-föraren Linus Westman växlar upp med Supercar efter nytt SM-guld
Just nu rullar EM-seriens näst sista deltävling för fullt i Frankrike, men Hedströms Motorsport väljer att avstå till förmån för utökade tester inför EM-finalen. Peter Hedström förstärker teamet med nyblivne Svenske Mästaren i Rallycross 2400, Linus Westman, till finalen i Riga.
Teamet fokuserar nu för fullt på att rigga för nästa års satsning. Hedström väljer att göra det med utökade tester på bland annat chassi-sidan, för att sedan köra EM-finalen om två helger.
- Vi väljer bort Loheac-tävlingen i EM och fokuserar på en del uppdateringar som ska testas igenom, mest på chassi-sidan, berättar Peter Hedström.
Till EM-finalen bemannar Peter upp med Supernationell-kungen Linus Westman från Norrländska Piteå. Linus har en mängd SM-medaljer från Rallycross och Isracing i sin samling. Han är inte helt okänd i Supercar heller, men senast han satt i Hedströms Motorsports Skoda var faktiskt fem år sedan.
- Farten finns hos Linus, det såg jag då med Skodan, nu har vi bland de starkaste maskinerna i EM att köra med och han har växt otroligt mycket som chaufför sedan dess, så det ska bli mycket spännande att se vad han kan åstadkomma i Riga, säger Peter Hedström.

29-årige Westman har genom sin karriär samlat på sig en mängd SM-medaljer, bland annat fyra SM-silver i rallycross, ett SM-guld i isracing och förra året SM-guld i Supernationell. I år sökte Piteföraren nya utmaningar och växlade till 2400-klassen för att få lite mer motstånd.
- Jag söker alltid nya utmaningar och 2400-klassen i år med så många jämna förare som kan vinna en tävling har varit spännande, säger Westman.

Flera års hårt jobbande i Rallycrossen tillsammans med bra sponsorer som ställer upp, har gjort det möjligt för Linus att efter sin SM-finalseger och ännu ett SM-guld, nu köra EM-final i Supercar.
- Det är jätteroligt att få en sån här chans att testa på Supercar igen, jag känner ingen press, men det klart man siktar på en semifinalplats, menar Westman.

Uppladdningen inför EM-finalen på Bikernieki National Sports Base i Riga, är nu igång hos Hedströms Motorsport. Två olika banor banor kommer användas för att sortera ut de senaste uppdateringarna tillsammans med Peter Hedström och Linus Westman.
- Vi kommer testa rikligt under dagarna som kommer innan vi sätter segel mot Riga, avslutar Peter Hedström.
EM-finalen i Riga körs den 14-15 september.
19-08-30 World RX title battle comes to the boil at round eight in Loheac
The title challenge in the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy comes to the boil at the high-speed circuit of Loheac for the Bretagne World RX of France this weekend, August 31-September 1.

There are just 14 points separating the top three in the drivers’ standings after one of the most closely-fought seasons in the championship’s history. From seven of the 10 races so far there have been six different event winners, no shortage of incidents and a host of surprises.

Team Hansen MJP’s Kevin Hansen (143 points) maintains a five-point gap over Monster RX Cartel’s Andreas Bakkerud (138) with Timmy Hansen third on 129.

On paper Timmy looms as the man to beat in France. He won in Loheac in 2015 and is a five-time qualifying race winner at the venue. He will look to make amends for an indifferent performance at round seven in Canada. “It’s been a while since we have won a race – the last time was Silverstone – but I think we have good chances in Loheac,” Timmy said.
“It’s a good circuit for us: the car has been developed and tested on circuits like this, and it’s like a second home being there. We spend so much time in France and the French fans really embrace us. We feel really welcomed when we go there, so I’m excited.

“I like those situations like we had in 2015, when I win the qualifying, get pole position, make a good start, get out front and drive my own race.

“It’s a new year, new challenge, so I have to be focused again and do everything I can to drive fast, make good starts and take the right decisions.”

Trailing brother Kevin by just six points entering the Canadian round, his Peugeot 208 was damaged in multi-car contact in Q4 which cost him a place in the semi-finals.

According to Kevin, Canada was an aberration which Team Hansen are keen not to repeat. “We were not the Team Hansen I am used to in Canada, which is fine and that’s why we are here: we are here to learn, improve and be better. We are up for the challenge to really compete for race wins and the championship,” he said.
“I think we became a bit lost in the lead we had in the championship and were a bit safe, so now we have learned from that and we can go back to the way we were. We are fast as hell, we work the hardest with the fewest people, and we are the best rallycross team in the world with the two best drivers.
“In Loheac we will just aim to come back to that, enjoy it and make it work like we did at the beginning of the season with the correct focus.”

The main beneficiary in Canada was Bakkerud in the Monster Energy RX Cartel Audi S1. The Norwegian took victory in Trois-Rivieres and leap-frogged Timmy in the pecking order.

Bakkerud, whose win in Canada was his first of the 2019 campaign, was the Euro RX winner in 2013 and has reached the last three World RX finals in Loheac – finishing runner-up in 2016 and 2018. He carries momentum in to Loheac but expects another tight tussle.
“I can’t wait to come back to Loheac. It’s probably the biggest event we have on the calendar if you count the people around,” he said.

“Also, we’ve seen how close the championship is, with six different winners in the first seven races. I think Loheac will be the same. There are a few French drivers who can come and mix up the World RX field and make a big part of how the championship is going to end this year.

“I’ve had ups and downs in Loheac also. My biggest up is the win in 2013, and my lowest point where probably last year when we should have won, but did a wrong joker strategy and ended second behind the ‘unbeatable’ Johan Kristoffersson.”

Niclas Gronholm, fourth in the standings on 115 points despite missing two rounds this year through illness, is part of a GRX Taneco three-card line-up for France.

Gronholm and fellow GRX regular Timur Timerzyanov are joined by Finland’s Toomas “Topi” Heikkinen in Hyundai i20s.
“France is always quite a special round in the season with so many racing fans coming out to watch the action in person. In our last outing in Canada we had great pace and the car was very competitive, so I'm confident we can do good in Loheac,” Gronholm said.

“It’s a track with a good flow, but it hasn’t really been my piece of cake for the last couple of years. I hope I have learned my lesson and can challenge for the win here.”

Timerzyanov lies sixth in the title chase on 102 points in a season highlighted by a maiden World RX win at Spa-Francorchamps in round three. “After a podium finish in Canada, I’ve gotten my spirits up and I want to succeed in the remaining races, to close the gap to the Championship leaders,” Timerzyanov said.

Heikkinen has wins in Belgium in 2014 and 2015 on his World RX record. “After a short test, the car feels really good and I have got to know the way the GRX team works,” he said.
“It is hard to predict any outcome of this one-off race, so the main goal is to take it step-by step, enjoy the racing and – if everything is running smoothly – I hope for some fun fights with the Championship regulars.”

There is also a reappearance for the French Pailler brothers Fabien and Jonathan following their previous outing at Holjes in a pair of Peugeot 208s. Fellow-Frenchman Herve Knapick campaigns his Citroen DS3.

Meanwhile, autocross star Matvey Furazhkin makes his World RX debut for ESmotorsport-LabasGAS. “After a small test session this week with the Skoda Fabia, I can’t wait for the race weekend and my first ever race in rallycross,” the Russian said. “There are lots of new things to learn in this discipline but I am ready for the challenge.”

GC Kompetition team boss Guerlain Chicherit is looking to maintain the team’s recent momentum and impress on home soil.
“We've shown massive improvements race on race and now it's time to show what GCK is capable of in front of our home crowd,” the Frenchman said.

“Loheac is a highlight of the season for me and it's always incredible to race in front of so many awesome fans – we're all determined to show them some unforgettable race action this weekend.”

Fellow Frenchman and GC Academy driver Cyril Raymond, a Euro RX winner at Loheac, believes his Renault Clio will be suited to the sweeping track layout. “I’m really excited to race at home. It will be a big challenge to be in the final but I’ll do my absolute maximum on track.

“I think the Clio has very good potential on this circuit. It's the most important weekend of my RX life,” he said.

Belgium’s Guillaume De Ridder, something of an adopted Frenchman, is also looking at Loheac as a home race. “I am really looking forward to Lohéac because it’s like a second home event for me since I have been living and working in Paris for three years now,” he said.

“I love reuniting and being supported by both Belgian and French fans in Brittany. On top of that, I love the track and it suits me quite well, looking back at our domination in RX2 there last year.

“The incredible 80,000 French spectators is also something unique which makes this event legendary and unforgettable.”

Sweden’s Anton Marklund, a consistent performer this season and Lithuania’s Rokas Baciuska, who is aiming for his first final appearance since joining the French outfit in Norway, complete the five-car GCK line-up.

Team STARD’s Janis Baumanis, second in Canada, will look to extend his run of final appearances – five out of seven to date. He is joined in the second STARD Ford Fiesta by Finland’s Jani Paasonen.

Bakkerud’s Monster RX Cartel team-mate Liam Doran, and ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport’s Timo Scheider in the Skoda Fabia will doubtless look to avoid the contact they had in their semi-final in Canada to go one better in France.

Britain’s Oliver Bennett has reached a semi-final this year and is due a change of fortune in the Xite Racing Mini Cooper after sustaining suspension damage in Q3 in the previous round. The same can be said for EKS Sport’s Krisztian Szabo who was fifth in his semi-final in Canada.

A total of 51 Supercars will feature in the Loheac weekend, with a capacity 30-car field in Euro RX Supercar.

Sweden’s Robin Larsson maintains the championship lead and has vowed to rebound after finishing second to Norway’s Thomas Bryntesson at the previous round at Estering in Germany.

In addition to the regulars a number of local French drivers will compete, including Gaetan Serazin, Emmanuel Anne, Pascal Lambec and Antoine Masse in Peugeot 208s. Stephane Deganay and David Meslier will race Citroen DS3s and Emmamuel Galivel will drive a Renault Clio.

Also on the list is Hungarian “Janko” in a Ford Focus, Ireland’s Derek Tohill and Ollie O’Donovan in Ford Fiestas and Great Britain’s double European champion Mark Flaherty in another Fiesta.

Frenchman Patrick Guillerme will field a new Hyundai developed by Sarrazin Motorsport.

The penultimate round of the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Super1600 also takes place at Loheac with a capacity field of 30 cars.

There have been three different winners over the last three rounds. Russia’s Aydar Nuriev won in Belgium, Norway’s Marius Bermingrud was victorious in Holjes while Swiss Yuri Belevskiy took a maiden win at the Estering.

France is the traditional home of Super1600 so expect strong challenges from the likes of local driver Yvonnick Jagu.

The RX2 International Series features 16 cars. There is just 14 points between leading title protagonists Oliver Eriksson and Jesse Kallio at the top of the table.

World RX Statistics from Circuit de Loheac:
World RX event No.69 (Round 8, 2019)
Circuit length: 1088 m (the 6th longest of 10)
Average speed (lap record): 108.8 km/h (the fastest of 10)
Lap record: 35.994 by Johan Kristoffersson (Q2 2018)
Joker lap record: 37.299 by Janis Baumanis (Q2 2016)
Difference normal/joker: 1.3 (the shortest of 10)
4-laps record: 2:29.952 by Sebastien Loeb (Q2 2017)
6-laps record: 3:42.253 by Mattias Ekstrom (SF 2018)

Past event winners:
2018: Johan Kristoffersson
2017: Johan Kristoffersson
2016: Johan Kristoffersson
2015: Timmy Hansen
2014: Petter Solberg

World RX qualifying race wins at Loheac:
6 Johan Kristoffersson
5 Timmy Hansen
4 Mattias Ekstrom
2 Petter Solberg and Sebastien Loeb
1 Andreas Bakkerud

Making the right joker lap decision is a key element in rallycross - not least on the fastest World RX track where the closest ever final battle was fought out in last year's edition (1.575 seconds between all six cars at the finish line).

In that race Andreas Bakkerud was as close as one can get to a win, but he was disadvantaged by a late joker call. If Bakkerud had jokered on lap 2, 3 or 4 he would probably have won the event. Instead he waited until the last lap and lost out by 0.340s to Johan Kristoffersso
19-08-29 Lohéac set to stage RX2 thriller as title battle reaches fever pitch in France
Legendary French venue Lohéac next stop in chase for the coveted crown
Home heroes Damien Meunier and Yann Le Jossec join forces at Team Färén
Current WRC 2 championship leader Nikolay Gryazin primed for rallycross bow
Former X Games gold medallist Petter Nårsa joins the fray for series debut
All of the action available to watch via Facebook livestream and TV broadcast

Fourteen points. That is all that separates leading title protagonists Oliver Eriksson and Jesse Kallio at the top of the table as the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires races into Lohéac this weekend (30 August - 1 September) – with the legendary French circuit likely to play a key role in the destiny of the coveted crown.

Eriksson looked to be unbeatable over the opening four rounds of the 2019 campaign in the official FIA World RX feeder series, but the championship leader was denied a spot in the final last time out in Sweden when his water pump belt came off in the semi-final, allowing Olsbergs MSE team-mate Kallio to significantly narrow the gap at the summit of the standings.

The Finn – who has yet to finish off the podium during the course of a hugely impressive rookie season – sent out a warning shot with victory on his RallyX Nordic debut on home soil at Kouvola last weekend, and he will be eager indeed to similarly break his RX2 duck in France. Eriksson, though, is the defending race-winner at Lohéac after taking the lead on a dramatic last lap in 2018, so this is one battle that looks set to run and run.

Maintaining the momentum
The current form man in RX2, however, is neither Eriksson nor Kallio, but rather JC Raceteknik ace Ben-Philip Gundersen, who profited from his Swedish rival’s misfortune at Höljes to snatch his third triumph from 13 starts in the fiercely-contested single-make series. Following a frustrating opening round in Barcelona, the Norwegian has been fighting back ever since, and is now just one point adrift of Fraser McConnell as he chases a top three spot in the overall classification.

Piloting the third full-time OMSE car, Jamaica’s McConnell has turned heads throughout Europe this year and has been a regular threat for the rostrum – something that has, by contrast, consistently eluded SET Promotion’s Sami-Matti Trogen, who has taken the chequered flag in fourth position four times out of five. The Finnish prodigy – the youngest driver in the field at just 17 still – can at least take heart from his runner-up finish at Lohéac last season, the best result of his RX2 career to-date.

Vasiliy Gryazin is another former podium-finisher in France after placing third in 2017, and the Latvian will be joined in the Sports Racing Technologies camp this weekend by younger brother Nikolay Gryazin, the current pace-setter in the FIA World Rally Championship’s WRC 2 class. While Lohéac will mark the 21-year-old’s rallycross debut, he arrives with a strong reputation.

“My main aim is to have some fun,” he explained, “though obviously when the helmet goes on, you always race to win! I think my biggest challenge will be getting used to having a spotter, because that is something completely new for me, but I hope we will make progress throughout the weekend.

“I know SRT will work really hard to make the transition as simple as possible for me, and hopefully we will have no major issues – aside from the inevitable battle scars! Also, I’ve really missed my brother recently as we’ve both been working a lot, so I’m looking forward to spending more time with him – both on and off the track…”

Home heroes
The lion’s share of fans’ support this weekend is likely to be reserved for Team Färén pairing Damien Meunier and Yann Le Jossec. The former – a finalist on his debut in Barcelona back in April – is returning to RX2 after missing the most recent three rounds, while the latter makes his series bow but notably outpaced Reinis Nitišs, Anton Marklund and Niclas Grönholm in Q1 when he contested France’s World Championship showpiece in the Supercar class in 2016.

“I’m excited to be back in RX2!” enthused 18-year-old Meunier, who grew up just a couple of hours away from Lohéac and will run under the Meunier Compétition banner with support from Team Färén in a joint effort.

“I genuinely feared my season was over after Spa-Francorchamps, but thanks to my amazing sponsors, we have found a way to compete at Lohéac in what is unquestionably one of the biggest motorsport events in the country. I can’t wait to get back in the car, and having another French driver in the team will be a lot of fun.”

William Nilsson – who has gone well at Lohéac in the past – bolsters the Team Färén entry as he joins the Swedish squad for the first time, while countrymen Simon Olofsson and Anders Michalak both arrive boosted by podium finishes for STS RX in RallyX Nordic four days ago. Michalak reached his maiden RX2 final in France in 2017, and is going from strength-to-strength with every outing.

Rising American racer Lane Vacala will similarly run out of the STS awning this weekend as the 22-year-old – a star karter back in his homeland – prepares to compete in Europe for the first time. Another series newcomer will be Petter Nårsa (JC Raceteknik), who won a gold medal in snowmobiling’s snocross discipline in the 2017 X Games in Aspen. The high-calibre field is completed by reigning EuroRX TouringCar champion Steve Volders and record-breaking former Olympic athlete Albert Llovera.

After the popular and traditional village parade, the Lohéac RX2 action will begin with free practice tomorrow (Friday, 30 August), followed by the opening three qualifying races on Saturday (31 August) and the remaining qualifier, two semi-finals and final on Sunday (1 September).

Fans will be able to watch all of the qualifying races live via both the FIA World RX and RX2 Series Facebook pages, with the semi-finals and all-important final featuring as part of the live World RX television broadcast.

2019 RX2 Lohéac Entry List
2 Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR JC Raceteknik SWE
6 William Nilsson SWE Team Färén SWE
12 Anders Michalak SWE Anders Michalak SWE
16 Oliver Eriksson SWE Olsbergs MSE SWE
21 Damien Meunier FRA Meunier Compétition FRA
22 Sami-Matti Trogen FIN SET Promotion FIN
31 Yann Le Jossec FRA Team Färén SWE
35 Fraser McConnell JAM Olsbergs MSE SWE
47 Jesse Kallio FIN Olsbergs MSE SWE
50 Lane Vacala USA Lane Vacala USA
52 Simon Olofsson SWE Simon Olofsson SWE
54 Petter Nårsa SWE JC Raceteknik SWE
55 Vasiliy Gryazin LVA Sports Racing Technologies LVA
66 Albert Llovera AND Albert Llovera AND
69 Nikolay Gryazin LVA Sports Racing Technologies LVA
77 Steve Volders BEL Nationale Renstal Trommelke BEL

Championship Standings
1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 136 points
2. Jesse Kallio (FIN) 122 points
3. Fraser McConnell (JAM) 100 points
4. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 99 points
5. Sami-Matti Trogen (FIN) 83 points
6. Vasiliy Gryazin (LVA) 74 points
7. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 52 points
8. Anders Michalak (SWE) 48 points
9. William Nilsson (SWE) 45 points
10. Steve Volders (BEL) 41 points

19-08-29 Hansens supercharged for World RX of France after Nitro success
Team HANSEN MJP is heading to a home away from home, as the FIA World Rallycross Championship rolls on to France for its eighth round of the season.

The Hansen family has been using PSA Group machinery since 1993 and adopted its current championship-leading car, the Peugeot 208 WRX, in 2015. That makes the annual trip to Lohéac a special one, with plenty of warmth and support from the home fans every year.

Both Kevin and Timmy Hansen are also fired up for their return to France, coming off the back of fantastic performances at Nitro Rallycross in Utah earlier this month.

World RX championship leader Kevin showed why he is top of the standings with a phenomenal win, fighting off factory-backed ARX driver Patrik Sandell for victory on the world's most challenging rallycross circuit.

There was also a brilliant recovery drive frim Timmy, who fought his way back to the podium after being shuffled to last place at the start of the Nitro final. He heads to Lohéac just 14 points behind his younger brother, with their combined efforts ensuring Team HANSEN MJP also leads the teams' championship after seven rounds.

The track: Lohéac - Bretagne
Lohéac is a proper old-school rallycross track that features the highest proportion of gravel to asphalt in the championship. It's a massive challenge for the drivers, with the two fastest corners on the circuit making up part of the loose surface section of the track.

The joker lap also takes on a different character at Lohéac compared to most venues, featuring one of the lowest delta times (the difference between the two routes) on the calendar, especially when the track is wet.

The big numbers
The population of the village of Lohéac.

The number of spectators that typically attend the World RX weekend at Lohéac.

More than this many vehicles are on display in the Manoir de l'Automobile, Michel Hommell's incredible museum adjacent to the circuit at Lohéac. It's well worth a visit.

What to look out for
Turn three is one of the two heavy braking zones on the circuit, with cars hitting the brakes for the paved right-hand hairpin. A lunge down the inside can be tempting, but a poor exit will compromise speed heading towards the longest flat-out section of the circuit, which blends into the long-radius right-hander.

There's also potential for confusion at turn three, as the joker entry is on the inside of the exit to the hairpin. And unlike most jokers in World RX, which tend to be a single slow corner, Lohéac's is a fast left-right chicane that requires full commitment. Get it spot on and you'll lose only around a second to the drivers on the regular lap.

Setup Ideal set-up: Lohéac - BRETAGNE

Lohéac might be primarily gravel, but it's not exactly slippery, which makes it much like a race circuit.
There's no real jumps on the track either, which means the suspension can be made very stiff for maximum grip.

Rallycross Rewind
2015: Timmy flies the flag for Peugeot
immy Hansen was a class apart at World RX of France four years ago, in which he was top qualifier, won his semi-final and scored victory in the final with an inch-perfect performance.

Hopes were high of a strong result after Timmy had won the previous World RX round in Norway, with Davy Jeannay contributing to a two-win streak for the Hansen team thanks to his victory in Canada one month earlier.

Timmy immediately topped the first two qualifiers which, along with his Q3 and Q4 results, were enough to make him top qualifier for the third successive round.

He was untouchable in the final, a great start cementing his lead before he pulled further ahead of Petter Solberg to take victory. It was also Peugeot's first home victory in World RX, cementing Hansen's home favourite status at Lohéac

Where to watch World RX
FIA World Rallycross has comprehensive live worldwide TV coverage on channels such as TV 10 (Sweden), Viasport 3 (Norway), LTV (Latvia) and ORF (Austria). WRX’s full TV listing can be found here.

You can also watch live coverage of all the World RX qualifiers on Team HANSEN MJP's Facebook page and, in selected countries, watch the Finals on World RX's YouTube channel..

Event Timetable
All times CEST
Saturday 31st August
Free Practice 08:30
Qualifying 1 12:50
Qualifying 2 16:30
Autograph session 18:30
Sunday 1st September
Warm-up 08:20
Qualifying 3 09:30
Qualifying 4 12:00

21 Timmy Hansen
“It’s been a while since we have won a race – the last time was Silverstone – but I think we have good chances in Loheac. It’s a good circuit for us: the car has been developed and tested on circuits like this, and it’s like a second home being there. We spend so much time in France and the French fans really embrace us. We feel really welcomed when we go there, so I’m excited.

“I like those situations like we had in 2015, when I win the qualifying, get pole position, make a good start, get out front and drive my own race.

“It’s a new year, new challenge, so I have to be focused again and do everything I can to drive fast, make good starts and take the right decisions.”

71 Kevin Hansen
“We were not the Team Hansen I am used to in Canada, which is fine and that’s why we are here: we are here to learn, improve and be better. We are up for the challenge to really compete for race wins and the championship.

“I think we became a bit lost in the lead we had in the championship and were a bit safe, so now we have learned from that and we can go back to the way we are. We are fast as hell, we work the hardest with the fewest people, and we are the best rallycross team in the world with the two best drivers!

“In Loheac we will just aim to come back to that, enjoy it and make it work like we did at the beginning of the season with the correct focus.”

The Boss Kenneth Hansen
“We run a French car and we are partly based in France, so it feels like a home race. It’s always a warm feeling when we go there. It’s a weekend where we have been able to experience something like an enjoyable home race, without the same type of pressure as that we have in Höljes. That’s always been a source of strength for us, to see all the spectators enjoying the show we put on.”
19-08-28 Starterna nyckeln för Evjen
En av rallycrossvärldens största folkfester väntar för Sondre Evjen och Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS. EM-seriens femte deltävling avgörs på Circuit Lohéac i franska Bretagne.
- Det är en fantastisk motorsportkultur med stora traditioner i Frankrike, säger en förväntansfull Sondre Evjen.

Norrmannen kommer till tävlingen med ökat självförtroende efter tävlingen på Estering i Tyskland. Visserligen tog det stopp i semifinalen, men Evjen imponerade i kvalet och visade att han har börjat bli kompis med sin Volkswagen Polo GTI RX.
- Jag är egentligen nöjd med hela tävlingen och hoppas få till det på samma sätt i Frankrike och att vi slipper tekniska problem. Teamet och bilen har ju också bra historik på den här banan.

Volkswagens dubble världsmästare Johan Kristoffersson har vunnit tre raka VM-deltävlingar i Lohéac. Kristoffersson har under säsongen funnits med som rådgivare i bakgrunden, men 21-åringen från Ål har också egen erfarenhet av banan i Bretagne.
- Jag har varit där två gånger. Det är en speciell bana, som äter däck, lite gokart-känsla, men jag tror det ska passa mig bra, säger Sondre.

Teamchefen Tommy Kristoffersson har förstås också stor kunskap om den franska banan. En inspirerande utmaning, enligt honom.
- Jag skulle vilja säga att det är den mest avancerade banan rent tekniskt.

Och det är inte bara svängar och raksträckor som utmanar.
- Det tillkommer flera duktiga fransmän som vi inte ser i EM-serien annars. Det finns en stor bredd på rallycrossen i Frankrike.

Den utökade konkurrensen är Sondre Evjen väl medveten om.
- Det är hela 30 förare anmälda så en dålig kvalomgång kan betyda missad semifinal.

Evjen fokuserar på den mentala förberedelsen och hoppas kunna göra säsongens bästa resultat. I den senaste tävlingen plockade han fjorton poäng, vilket betyder att han ligger nia totalt i EM-serien.
- Om jag kan få över 25 poäng nu skulle jag inte klaga.

Tommy Kristoffersson tror att chansen till ett toppresultat är stor. Eklund Motorsport och Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS har fått riktigt bra snurr på Polon och Evjen själv är på rätt väg.
- Det Sondre presterade i Buxtehude är det bästa han har gjort. Det syns att han har blivit mer bekväm i situationerna med en supercar.

Kristoffersson pekar på att starterna blir den avgörande detaljen.
- Det finns stor kapacitet bara han knäcker koden med starterna.

Evjen instämmer i det resonemanget.
- Utan tvivel är det så. De gånger jag har tagit starten har jag kvalat som tvåa eller trea i omgången.

Med den vetskapen beger sig Sondre Evjen till Frankrike för att jaga årets första pallplats i EM-serien.
19-08-28 Team Färén's French duo hoping to sweep up home support at Lohéac
Damien Meunier and Yann Le Jossec join forces at Team Färén
French duo to partner Sweden’s William Nilsson at Lohéac
RX2 returnee and newcomer both targeting top six on home soil

French fans will have two homegrown drivers to cheer in the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires at Lohéac this weekend (30 August – 1 September), with both returnee Damien Meunier and newcomer Yann Le Jossec set to take to the track for Team Färén.

Meunier will rejoin the RX2 grid after missing the most recent three rounds. The former French Championship Supercar class star made waves on his debut in the official FIA World RX feeder series in Barcelona in May – progressing through to the final at the first time of asking – and he is keen to replicate that performance on home soil this weekend.

“I’m excited to be back in RX2!” enthused the 18-year-old, who grew up just a couple of hours away from Lohéac and who will run under the Meunier Compétition banner with support from Team Färén in a joint effort.

“I genuinely feared my season was over after Spa-Francorchamps, but thanks to my amazing sponsors, we have found a way to compete at Lohéac in what is unquestionably one of the biggest motorsport events in the country. I can’t wait to get back in the car, and having another French driver in the team will be a lot of fun.”

Indeed, Team Färén might be a Swedish outfit but there will be a distinctly Gallic flavour to the awning this weekend, with Meunier joined by countryman Le Jossec, who will be making his RX2 bow. If Meunier lives close to Lohéac, then Le Jossec is practically a local, having been born in Rennes and being based just 10km from the track.

The 48-year-old is certainly well-acquainted with the French World RX venue, having run a driving school at the circuit since 2001, prior to which he spent six years in rallying. In 2016, he contested the World Championship event with Olsbergs MSE, impressively outpacing the likes of Reinis Nitišs, Anton Marklund and Niclas Grönholm to post the 11th-fastest time in Q1.

“My objective this weekend is to reach the final, and above all to see what RX2 is like with a possible view to entering more rounds next season,” he explained. “I don’t have much of an idea of what to expect just yet, but I’ve competed in a single-make category before in rallying and I know there are a lot of talented young drivers in the field. One thing is for sure – it’s going to be a tough fight, because you don’t win a series like this by chance!”
19-08-27 Two-pronged attack from Gryazin brothers in France
WRC 2 championship leader to make rallycross debut in RX2
Nikolay Gryazin joins brother Vasiliy in reinforced SRT line-up
Elder sibling aiming to replicate previous success at Lohéac
Vasiliy and Nikolay Gryazin are hoping it will be a case of ‘double trouble’ for their rivals at Lohéac this weekend (30 August – 1 September), as the Latvian brothers team up for the first time in the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires.

Nikolay Gryazin is a well-known name on the international rallying scene. The 21-year-old currently leads the FIA World Rally Championship’s WRC 2 title chase, and whilst this weekend will mark his rallycross debut, he leaves no doubt that he is ready to get stuck in.

“My main aim at Lohéac is to have some fun,” he explained, “though obviously when the helmet goes on, you always race to win! I think my biggest challenge will be getting used to having a spotter, because that is something completely new for me, but I hope we will make progress throughout the weekend.

“I know Sports Racing Technologies will work really hard to make the transition as simple as possible for me, and hopefully we will have no major issues – aside from the inevitable battle scars! Also, I’ve really missed my brother recently as we’ve both been working a lot, so I’m looking forward to spending more time with him – both on and off the track…”

Older brother Vasiliy has been a regular front-runner in the official FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series since its inception in 2017, reaching the final 11 times from 19 starts to-date and currently occupying sixth spot in the drivers’ standings. The 25-year-old achieved his maiden rostrum finish at Lohéac in 2017, and he has his sights set on more silverware two years on as he strives to climb the championship table.

“It’s exciting to have my brother joining me in the SRT camp this weekend,” he enthused. “We both come from rallying backgrounds, but this will be his first time competing in rallycross, so maybe I’ll have to show him the ropes a little! He’s not slow, though, so I’ll certainly need to push to keep him behind me and will have to keep a close eye in my mirrors...

“Lohéac has happy memories for me. It was where I scored my first RX2 podium two years ago and it’s just a very special event, with a huge crowd and an incredible history. Hopefully we can go well again this weekend and try to close the gap a bit to fifth place in the championship, and having two cars in the team to compare data will definitely help. I’m looking forward to the challenge.

19-08-27 Vacala eager to replicate recent American success as he joins RX2 grid
American ace to make RX2 Series debut with STS RX at Lohéac
22-year-old aiming to emulate countrymen’s success in the series
Illinois native keen to keep learning in rookie rallycross campaign
Following in the wheeltracks of countrymen Tanner Whitten, Cole Keatts, Conner Martell and Christian Brooks, rising American racer Lane Vacala is hoping to leave his mark on European rallycross fans when he joins the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires with STS RX at Lohéac this weekend (30 August – 1 September).

American drivers have a rich record in the official FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series. Between them, Whitten, Keatts and Martell achieved six podium finishes in 2017 and 2018, while Brooks stunned on his RX2 debut by placing second in the intermediate classification in Sweden last summer – and very nearly reaching the rostrum himself.

Now, it is Vacala’s turn to prove his mettle on the European scene, and the 22-year-old – a rallycross rookie this year following a formative career in karting – arrives with an impressive CV. One of the highest-ranked US karters over the past five years, he made his rallycross bow in ARX2 with Dreyer & Reinbold Racing at Trois-Rivières in Canada earlier this month – meaning he already has experience of the Supercar Lites machinery used in RX2.

“I can’t wait to make my RX2 Series debut at Lohéac,” enthused the Illinois native. “I’m happy to be joining STS RX, with the support of Buddy Rice, who has been working with me in the States.

“I’ve heard great things about the track and its fanbase, so I’m excited to experience it all first-hand. There are a lot of talented competitors in RX2 and it should be a great weekend of racing. I’m hoping to score some good results and learn as much as possible to prepare me for a full season of ARX2 next year.”

In STS RX, Vacala will join the same team with which his current DRR team-mate Brooks shone at Höljes, and following its double podium finish in RallyX Nordic at Kouvola last weekend with Simon Olofsson and Anders Michalak, the Swedish squad is unquestionably one of the ‘form’ outfits in the high-calibre field.

“We are proud to have another talented young American driver running with us and we are confident that together, Lane, Simon and Anders will form a strong line-up in France,” said STS Team Manager, Sandra Hultgren.

“We are looking forward to offering Lane an insight into European tracks and the style of racing over here to further broaden his experience, and we hope the relationship will help to forge even closer connections between STS and US-based drivers in the future.”
19-08-26 Game on in title fight as Larsson's Finnish success takes it down to the wire
Swede’s triumph reduces gap to four points in tense Supercar championship scrap
Jesse Kallio wins on series debut amid drama-fuelled Supercar Lites final
Tommi Hallman leads Finnish podium lockout to ignite RX Academy title duel

Robin Larsson’s second victory of the 2019 RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires campaign at Kouvola last weekend (24/25 August) has seen the Swede narrow the gap to the top of the championship table to just four points – setting the scene for a nail-biting season finale at Tierp next month.

Larsson arrived in Finland trailing Oliver Eriksson by nine points in the title battle, but a supreme success for the JC Raceteknik man – allied to a brace of uncharacteristic errors by his Olsbergs MSE rival – have more than halved that deficit, paving the way for a tense three-way showdown in Sweden.

The third driver still in contention – sitting a further eight points in arrears of Eriksson – is fast Finn Jere Kalliokoski, who set the pace through the qualifying stages on home soil but didn’t quite have an answer for Larsson when he needed it the most.

Supercars: The fight for the title is on
Until Q4, Robin Larsson did not greatly fancy his chances of reaching the top step of the rostrum at former World Championship venue Kouvola, but a breakthrough ahead of his last qualifying race turned the situation around – and from there on in, the Swede was unstoppable.

After catapulting himself onto pole position for the final with a dominant semi-final win – more than five seconds clear of his closest pursuer – the 27-year-old then went unchallenged with a commanding lights-to-flag victory that has reignited his championship bid.

“This feels so good!” he grinned. “We really needed this weekend, and I can’t thank the JC Raceteknik guys enough for the changes we made to find the speed we did from Q4 onwards – we really didn’t have anything for Jere [Kalliokoski] until then. It’s an unbelievable result! We had no issues throughout and gained some points on Oliver [Eriksson] – it’s going to be an interesting finale at Tierp...”

While Larsson stayed calm and collected, his two title rivals both faltered. Home favourite Kalliokoski looked like the man to beat in qualifying as he sped to the fastest time in three of the four rounds, but a difficult first lap in his semi-final relegated the Finn to the second row of the grid for the final and, ultimately, dashed his hopes of victory. Despite never letting Larsson out of his sights, Kalliokoski was obliged to settle for the runner-up spoils.

Worse still befell championship leader Eriksson, who endured a rollercoaster weekend, setting the pace in the opening qualifying session before picking up a penalty for contact at the exit of the joker lap in Q4. The Swede responded in fine fashion by winning his semi-final by a staggering 7.6 seconds, only for a poor start in the final to drop him down the order and leave him with a mountain to climb.

Eriksson regrouped to bring home a podium finish in third, but with the result denting his overall advantage at the summit of the standings, everything remains to play for in the final round of the season in four weeks’ time.

In the bumper, 30-strong field in the headlining Supercar class, the well-represented home contingent certainly put up a stellar fight. An impressive showing from the Finnish national championship contenders was highlighted by Toni Kuhanen, Juha Rytkönen and Joni-Pekka Rajala – the latter looking set to place higher before retiring with a technical issue – finishing fourth, fifth and sixth respectively ahead of a number of Nordic regulars.

Supercar Lites: Kallio wins on Nordic debut
RX2 Series front-runner Jesse Kallio won the Supercar Lites category at the first time of asking in RallyX Nordic. The Finn and championship leader Ben-Philip Gundersen were the pace-setters throughout the qualifying stages at Kouvola and each won their respective semi-final, but a slightly sluggish getaway for the Norwegian at the start of the final was all Olsbergs MSE ace Kallio required to usurp the advantage.

After bravely holding his nerve around the outside of the first corner, all manner of drama behind allowed the home hero to make good his escape – going on to sprint to a popular and unchallenged success on his series debut.

“It doesn’t get much better than this!” Kallio enthused afterwards. “It’s been a really tough battle all weekend, but we had a good semi-final and final. The first corner was really tight – I just sent it to the outside and after that I didn’t see anybody! This win is for all the Finns who came to support me.”

Gundersen’s day went from bad to worse when he was disqualified for contact as he endeavoured to fight back through the field. That should have given main rival Linus Östlund a golden opportunity to capitalise, but the Swede’s hopes were hit by a puncture that restricted him to fifth.

Simon Olofsson ultimately secured second place despite carrying damage from the first corner – the STS RX star doing an outstanding job to hold onto his position – with a virtual dead heat for third going narrowly in favour of Anders Michalak over Jimmie Walfridson. The result marked Michalak’s second consecutive podium finish in RallyX Nordic.

Sondre Evjen’s title hopes, meanwhile, were extinguished after the Norwegian failed to make the final – having already conceded ground with a spectacular double roll in Q4.

RX Academy: Hallman closes the gap
Finnish drivers locked out the rostrum in the RX Academy, with victory for Tommi Hallman practically halving the points gap to mid-season championship pace-setter Rasmus Tuominen, who took the chequered flag just over half-a-second behind his countryman. Jonne Ollikainen followed the pair home in third for his maiden podium finish of 2019.

The eagerly-anticipated RallyX Nordic season finale will take place – for the second consecutive year – at Tierp Arena in Sweden on 21/22 September, with all four title battles still to be decided and a thrilling weekend of high-octane action firmly in prospect.

Results and Championship Standings
Supercar Final Result
1. Robin LARSSON (SWE) JC Raceteknik 5 laps
2. Jere KALLIOKOSKI (FIN) Kalliokoski Motorsport +1.850s
3. Oliver ERIKSSON (SWE) Olsbergs MSE +4.435s

Supercar Lites Final Result
1. Jesse KALLIO (FIN) Olsbergs MSE 5 laps
2. Simon OLOFSSON (SWE) STS RX +5.303s
3. Anders MICHALAK (SWE) Michalak Motorsport +9.183s

RX Academy Final Result
1. Tommi HALLMAN (FIN) 5 laps
2. Rasmus TUOMINEN (FIN) +0.560s
3. Jonne OLLIKAINEN (FIN) +3.337s

Supercar - Championship Standings
1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 149 points
2. Robin Larsson (SWE) 145 points
3. Jere Kalliokoski (FIN) 137 points
4. Ulrik Linnemann (DNK) 105 points
5. Andreas Carlsson (SWE) 87 points
6. Philip Gehrman (SWE) 85 points

Supercar Lites - Championship Standings
1. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 151 points
2. Linus Östlund (SWE) 139 points
3. Sondre Evjen (NOR) 116 points
4. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 94 points
5. Thomas Holmen (NOR) 92 points
6. Jimmie Walfridson (SWE) 91 points

RX Academy - Championship Standings
1. Rasmus Tuominen (FIN) 130 points
2. Tommi Hallman (FIN) 125 points
3. Marko Muru (EST) 106 points
4. Luka Nurmi (FIN) 91 points
5. Jonne Ollikainen (FIN) 89 points
6. Joni Heikkinen (FIN) 84 points

CrossCar - Championship Standings
1. Jimmie Österberg (SWE) 115 points
2. Nils Andersson (SWE) 112 points
3. Isak Reiersen (SWE) 91 points
4. Julle Ljungdahl (SWE) 85 points
5. Isac Egonsson (SWE) 84 points
6. Timmy Enlund (SWE) 64 points
19-08-25 Seger för JC Racetekniks Robin Larsson i Kouvola
Robin Larsson tog under helgen säsongens andra seger i RallyX Nordic och han samlar på sig värdefulla mästerskapspoäng. Samtidigt kom teamet junior Alex Gustafsson tvåa i FinRX.
– Det blev en krigarhelg för oss alla från start till mål, men i finalen gjorde Robin ett kanonjobb, säger teamchef Joel Christoffersson.

Den sjätte, och näst sista, deltävlingen av rallycrossmästerskapet RallyX Nordic kördes under helgen i finska Kouvola. Robin Larsson kämpade till en början med tempot på banan, men efter ändringar i bilens inställningar ökades tempot och han slutade tvåa i grundomgången. Det gav honom bästa startspår i den andra semifinalen, där han segrade. Farten följde med honom och han vann även finalen efter en stabil körning. Supercar-kollegan Mats Öhman gjorde flera bra omgångar och körde hem två heatsegrar. Han slutade åtta i grundomgången, men efter en tight semifinal kom han på fjärdeplats och blev därmed nia i tävlingen.

Jimmie Walfridson har haft en tävling med bra resultat och snabba tider i totalen. Trots en bruten omgång slutade han på femteplats i grundomgången, därefter en andraplats i semifinalen och en fjärdeplats i finalen. Ben-Philip Gundersen inledde helgen starkt, med seger i både grundomgången och semifinalen. Väl i final passerade han mållinjen som nummer tre, men efter att ha blivit diskvalificerad för en incident på banan slutade han i stället sexa i tävlingen. Sondre Evjens tävlingshelg gick bokstavligen upp och ner – med bland annat en rullning på två varv, där han trots det lyckades komma i mål. I semifinalen gjorde en trång start att han tappade placeringar och han slutade där femma.

12-årige värmlänningen Alex Gustafsson, som kör för JC Raceteknik Juniorteam, hade en fullspäckad tävlingshelg i finska Hyvinkää där han både körde en deltävling i Norra Europeiska Zonen (NEZ) och det finska mästerskapet (FinRX). I NEZ knep han en fjärdeplats och i FinRX slutade han på andra plats i Xtreme Junior.

Nästa tävling i RallyX Nordic blir när den avslutande deltävlingen körs i Tierp 21-22 september.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Med Robin blev det en krigarhelg för oss alla från start till mål. Vi hängde inte alls med under lördagens träningar och i Q1, utan kämpade med starterna och farten på banan. Men vi jobbade hårt hela söndagen och inför Q4 provade vi helt nya inställningar som funkade väldigt bra. Det gav oss en bra känsla in i finalen, där Robin gjorde ett kanonjobb och kontrollerade racet från start till mål.

I Supercar Lites hade vi överlag en bra helg fram till semifinalen. Hade det inte varit för Jimmies DNF i Q1 och Sondres rullning i Q4 hade vi haft bilarna längre fram i startspåren. I finalen var det en del kalabalik i starten. Ben-Philip gled ut och kämpade sen för att komma tillbaka, men gjorde det lite för hårt och tappade tredjeplatsen efter en svartflagg. Jimmie drabbades av påkörningen, men kämpade ändå på bra och kom tillslut fyra. Efter helgen har vi tightat upp mästerskapet i Supercar och även i Lites ser det bra ut. Vi kommer bjuda upp till fight i Tierp och gasa på med målet att klättra.”

Robin Larsson, Supercar:
”Det är jäkligt skönt att äntligen ta segern och få lite comeback efter andraplatsen i Flisa. Vi har haft en lite motig helg och farten satt långt inne till en början. Inför Q4 tog teamet en chansning med bilens inställningar och gjorde en ny stor ändring. Det visade sig vara ett vinnande drag, och vi har också fått mycker bra information som vi kan använda oss av till tävlingar framöver. I mästerskapet har fokusen varit att plocka mästerskapspoäng på ledaren och i helgen var vi en poäng ifrån maximala poäng, och kommer nu kunna utmana om segern på riktigt. Finalen i Tierp kommer bli intressant.”

Mats Öhman, Supercar:
”Jag tycker det har varit en bra tävling. Det märks att jag börjar lära känna bilen allt mer för varje gång. De två sista kvalen gick det jättebra. Jag tog starterna och kunde då köra fritt spår. Det är sällan jag har fått göra det i år, och det är då som min körning fungerar bäst. Så jag var riktigt taggad och vann båda de heaten. Men i semifinalen orkade tyvärr inte bilen iväg i starten, så jag kom iväg som fyra och då gick det helt enkelt inte att köra upp till en andraplats. Det känns jäkligt surt för jag tycker att farten fanns för final. Men jag får ta revansch i nästa tävling. Nu blir det att åka hem igen och jobba på att utveckla bilen ytterligare. Jag kör ju den på ett helt annat sätt än de andra förarna, så det behövs mer jobb med sånt där. Och som alltid: tack alla inblandade som hjälper mig, utan dem skulle det aldrig gå.”

Ben-Philip Gundersen, Supercar Lites:
”Tempot på banan har funnits, men från början var inte starterna lika bra – det gav sig dock under helgen. Vi hade lite småproblem med bland annat hjulupphängningen och servon, men det fixade mekanikerna efter omgångarna. Bra resultat i grundomgången gav oss pole position i semifinalen, där fanns farten och jag vann. In i finalen var jag lite sen i starten och passerades av en förare på utsidan. Jag valde jokern direkt och försökte köra in placeringar. På tredje varvet öppnade det sig en liten lucka. Jag trodde att den var större än vad den var och det resulterade i en sammanstötning med min teamkompis Jimmie. Det var inte meningen utan jag var för het helt enkelt. Kraschen tog hårt för Jimmie och det känns väldigt synd. Jag fick en svartflagg, men trots det tar jag med mig bra poäng och leder mästerskapet med tolv viktiga poäng inför finalen av RallyX Nordic.”

Sondre Evjen, Supercar Lites:
”Jag har haft bra tempo hela vägen, men med otur i första sväng och några incidenter. I Q4 blev bilen svår att köra och när jag genade över curbsen lite för mycket rullade jag. Det gav mig ett tufft startspår i semifinalen. Jag kom ut ur tredje kurvan som sjätte förare, och blev liggande där i trafik utan att lyckas ta mig förbi. Trots det vill jag verkligen tacka mina mekaniker och teamet som lyckades få bilen redo för start efter rullningen – de gjorde ett väldigt bra jobb.”

Jimmie Walfridson, Supercar Lites:
”Det har övervägande varit en bra helg för mig i Kouvola. Tyvärr fick jag en DNF i första omgången som gjorde att det var svårt att få de poäng som behövdes. Farten har funnits och min taktik i semifinalen höll, där jag var tvåa ut ur första sväng och behöll placeringen i mål. I finalen hamnade jag bakom en förare som hade problem med bilen. Jag hörde inte att min spotter bad mig ta jokern, utan låg bakom honom i två varv vilket kostade tid. Men jag tog mig till final vilket var målet och jag är nöjd med helgen.”

Alex Gustafsson, Xtreme Junior:
”Den här andraplatsen känns jättebra! Under lördagen körde vi deltävlingen i NEZ, och såg det lite mer som en träning inför FinRX. Så under första omgången idag hade jag redan fått bra fart på banan. Vi hade lite problem i starterna, men jag tog ändå en heatseger och två andraplatser. Jag var tredje föraren in i finalen, men fick inte riktigt iväg crosskarten som jag ville i starten. Jag stod upp och körde, och kunde jobba mig upp till en andraplats. Eftersom vinnaren inte är anmäld till hela serien var det jag som fick maximala poäng – så nu ligger jag delad etta i FinRX. Det känns grymt och jag kommer satsa allt i den sista deltävlingen. Sen vill jag också säga stort tack till arrangören i Hyvinkään som kunde tidigarelägga finalen i Xtreme Junior. Det är min första skoldag i sjuan imorgon, och därför hann jag köra finalen innan flyget gick hem till Sverige. Det var riktigt snällt.”

19-08-25 Walfridson fyra under RallyX Nordic i finska Kouvola
Jimmie Walfridson, Torsby, var rejält revanschsugen när han tillsammans med JC Raceteknik kom till start i sjätte deltävling av RallyX Nordic som kördes i finska Kouvola i helgen. Siktet var inställt på finalkörning efter att han har haft stolpe ut och missat finalen i två tävlingar i rad.
– Min taktik i semifinalen höll, säger Jimmie.

Jimmie trivs på Kouvolabanan där han kört på den två gånger tidigare vilket resulterat i två silverpokaler i både rallycross och crosskart. Siktet var inställt på finalkörning även i år, men tyvärr var han med i en startsmäll i första omgången under lördagen.

Under söndagen kördes tre omgångar och Jimmie höll upp tempot bra. Han kammade hem två heatsegrar med en tredje tid i fjärde omgången som bästa resultat. Därmed klättrade han upp från elfte plats och slutade femma i grundomgången.

I semifinalen startade han i andra led och lyckades smita igenom klungan som andra bil och behöll positionen i mål. Därmed blev det lite stolpe in och finalkörning igen.

I finalen smällde det rejält i starten. Jimmie lyckades tråckla sig mellan bilarna och tog sig helskinnad ut på tredje plats. Tyvärr hamnade han bakom Simon Olofsson som hade fått problem med bilen.
– Jag hörde inte när spottern bad mig gå in i jokern, utan låg bakom honom i två varv, säger Jimmie.

Han tappade mycket tid på det misstaget och på näst sista varvet fick han sig en smäll så han for av banan och tappade ytterligare placeringar.

Jimmie gick i mål som femma, bara 0,8 sekunder efter Anders Michalak. Ben-Philip Gundersen uteslöts för sin tuffa körning. När även Michalak straffades med ett tidstillägg (som visade sig vara felaktigt), fick Jimmie kliva upp på pallen och ta emot bronspokalen. Tidstillägget togs sedan bort och Jimmie slutade istället fyra.
– Jag har med mig en pokal hem även den här gången. Vi får se om jag ger den till Michalak sen, säger Jimmie med ett skratt.

En turbulent inledning och ett litet kaosartat slut gav Jimmie 20 viktiga poäng. Han ligger sexa i mästerskapet och trea i SM inför finaltävlingen.
– Det har varit en övervägande bra helg. Farten har funnits och min taktik i semifinalen höll, där jag var tvåa ut ur första sväng och behöll placeringen i mål. Tyvärr fick jag en DNF i första omgången som gjorde att det var svårt att få de poäng som behövdes. Men jag tog mig till final vilket var målet och är nöjd med helgen, avslutar han

Resultat RallyX Nordic Kouvlola
1. Jesse Kallio (Fin) 29 p
2. Simon Olofsson (Swe) 23 p
3. Anders Michalak (Swe) 15 p
4. Jimmie Walfridson (Swe) 20 p
5. Linus Östlund (Swe) 20 p
6. Ben-Philip Gundersen (Nor) 22 p

RallyX Nordic efter delt 6
1 Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 150 p
2. Linus Östlund (SWE) 139 p
3. Sondre Evjen (NOR) 116 p
4. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 94 p
5. Thomas Holmen (NOR) 91 p
6. Jimmie Walfridson (SWE) 92 p

Finaltävlingen i RallyX Nordic körs på Tierps Arena 21-22 september.

Mer info med tabeller, resultat och annat smått och gott hittar du på www.walfridson.com.
Där har vi som vanligt följt tävlingen heat för heat.
19-08-22 Nilsson 'pumped' for new challenge with Team Färén in France
Swedish star joins forces with Swedish team for Lohéac
19-year-old hoping Thundercar experience pays dividends
Teenager looking forward to ‘focussing on the driving’

William Nilsson will join forces with Swedish squad Team Färén for next weekend’s penultimate round of the 2019 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires campaign at Lohéac in France (30 August – 1 September) – and the teenager says he is feeling ‘pumped’ for the challenge.

After parting ways with JC Raceteknik earlier in the season, Nilsson ran as a private entry last time out at Höljes, reaching the semi-finals on home soil – as, indeed, he has done in each event he has contested this year, with a highlight of a final appearance at Spa-Francorchamps.

Despite missing the Norwegian round, the Swede currently sits ninth in the championship standings, and he is looking to climb the table between now and the end of the campaign. Nilsson has traditionally performed well at Lohéac – placing fourth in the intermediate classification in 2017 and seventh in 2018 – and he is hopeful that the asphalt experience he has gained this year competing in Sweden’s V8 Thundercar series will pay dividends on the French track’s unique surface.

“Lohéac is a special event,” he acknowledged. “There is always a fantastic atmosphere around the circuit, with over 80,000 people in the audience, and I love the track – it suits my driving style and I’ve shown good pace there before, so I’m really pumped for the race weekend.

“I haven’t competed in rallycross since Höljes in early July, but I raced in V8 Thundercars during RX2’s summer break so I’m feeling prepared and can’t wait to drive the Supercar Lites car again.

“I ran my own car at Höljes and although it was a fun event, it was a bit too much for me to think about. It feels very good to have Team Färén behind me next weekend so I can put one hundred per cent of my focus back on the driving. I’m excited to start this collaboration with Team Färén – we’ve known each other for many years and they’re a good bunch of guys.”

Team Färén ran Dan Rooke to the 2017 championship runner-up spoils, and in Nilsson, team principal Eric Färén is confident he has another rapid young prospect on his hands.

“We are very excited to have William in our team,” he enthused. “He is clearly one of the most talented and fastest guys in the series. I feel like he hasn’t achieved the results he deserves lately, so hopefully together we can turn that around. We’re all very much looking forward to having him in the team.
19-08-22 William Nilsson till start i Frankrike – kör rallycross med Team Färén
Det är nu klart att 19-årige William Nilsson kommer till start i RX2 International Series när mästerskapet körs i Lohéac nästa helg.
– Just Lohéac är en speciell tävling så jag är taggad, säger skåningen.

Efter ett sommaruppehåll för rallycrossmästerskapet RX2 International Series är det återigen dags att starta motorerna. 31 augusti till 1 september kommer den sjätte, och näst sista, deltävlingen att köras i den franska staden Lohéac och till start kommer William Nilsson.
– Just Lohéac är en speciell tävling, dels är atmosfären runt banan jättehäftig med över 80 000 personer i publiken. Sen är det också en rallycrossbana som jag älskar. Den passar min körstil och jag har gjort bra tider där tidigare. Så jag är riktigt taggad inför tävlingen, säger Nilsson.
19-åringen gör även sin debutsäsongen i V8 Thunder Cars i år, där han under förra helgen tog sitt bästa resultat hittills i klassen. Men nu kommer han återigen sitta bakom ratten i sin Supercar Lites-bil.
– Jag har inte kört rallycross sen deltävlingen i Höljes, som var i början av juli. Men jag har hållit igång körningen under uppehållet genom att tävla i V8. Så jag känner mig förberedd och längtar verkligen tillbaka till rallycrossbilen.

Nilsson kommer under helgen tävla tillsammans med teamet Team Färén.
– Under tävlingen i Höljes kom jag till start i egen regi, och även om det blev ett roligt event så var det lite för mycket för mig att tänka på med allt. Så det känns väldigt bra att kunna ha Team Färén bakom mig i helgen samtidigt som jag kan lägga hundra procents fokus på körningen.
Teamet är Götenebaserade och drivs av den före detta rallycrossföraren Eric Färén.
– Det känns spännande att inleda det här samarbetet med Team Färén. Vi känner varandra sen många år på rallycrossbanorna och jag vet är det är ett bra gäng.
19-08-19 Sandell körde hem silvermedalj i Nitro World Games!
Actionspäckade Nitro World Games beskrivs som extremsportarnas eget OS där hela världseliten gör upp om medaljerna. Salt Lake City i Utah, USA var årets plats för tävlingen som gick av stapeln i helgen.

Östersundssonen Patrik Sandell inledde tävlingen i överlägsen stil och vann tidskvalet, från kvalet avancerade förarna till "man mot man" race, när väl dessa var klara stod Sandell som etta vilket innebar att han avancerade direkt till finalen och fick där starta i pole position.
- Vi hade en strategi när vi gick in i tävlingen och tidskvalen, jag
satsade allt på ett kort och gjorde inte en enda miss under det varvet, otroligt skönt sätt att inleda helgen på, säger Patrik väl hemma i Sverige igen.

I finalen ställdes Patrik mot de svenska bröderna Hansen, Kevin och Timmy men också meriterade Amerikanare som Travis Pastrana, Tanner Foust och Ken Block. Tävlingen avgjordes inför över 20´000 åskådare på plats och miljontals TV-tittare världen runt.
- Kevin fick till en perfekt start men jag var precis bakom honom in i första kurvan, vi race´ade hårt och skillnaden i mål var endast 0,5 sekund.

Banan i Nitro World Games är något utöver det vanliga.
- Ja, den mest extrema i hela världen med sina bankade kurvor och stora hopp med gap, vi måste flyga minst 40 meter för att nå landning, för mig är det här framtiden för sporten. Bilarna klarar av det och fansen älskar det.

Resultat Nitro World Games:
1:a Kevin Hansen, Sverige.
2:a Patrik Sandell, Sverige.
3:a Timmy Hansen, Sverige.
4:a Tanner Foust, USA.
5:a Travis Pastrana, USA.
6:a Ken Block, USA
19-08-20 Oliver Webb and Abbie Eaton return to TitansRX for Fuglau
Oliver Webb and Abbie Eaton will return to TitansRX for the next two rounds of the 2019 season at MJP Arena in Fuglau, Austria (7-8 September).

The sportscar racing duo both made their series debuts during rounds three and four at Lydden Hill. Although neither had competed in rallycross prior to the UK event, both impressed throughout the weekend and won heat races.

“I'm really thrilled to be asked back to have another go at rallycross and at what looks like an incredible track,” said Eaton. “After my debut at Lydden Hill, jumping back in the car was all I thought about for weeks after!”

“I know the MJP Arena has much more gravel than Lydden Hill so I imagine it will take a little more time to get comfortable in the car again but I'm excited to learn the technique on how to get the most out of it whilst going sideways.!

“A massive thank you to all at TitansRX for the opportunity to have what should be another fun weekend of racing,” she added.

For Webb, the races in Austria will mark his third-consecutive race weekend in TitansRX behind the wheel of the Pantera RX6. Following his wildcard appearances at Lydden Hill, Webb was drafted in as a last-minute replacement for Hayden Paddon for the races in Montalegre, Portugal following the Kiwi’s heavy crash during testing for a planned World Rally Championship comeback last month.

“I’m so excited to be back in TitansRX and to get back on track in this beast,” said Webb. “It’s fuelled my excitement for watching rallycross all over the world and a wildcard entry at Lydden seems to be turning into a regular appearance. I can’t wait!”

For more information on TitansRX, https://titansrx.eu/
19-08-19 Wide-open title fight continues into Kouvola
Local man Kalliokoski hunts Eriksson and Larsson on home soil
Gundersen still on top in Supercar Lites but Östlund on a roll post-Norway
RX Academy returns in Finland with a host of home heroes vying for glory
Semi-finals and finals to be broadcast live and worldwide via Facebook

The 2019 RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires championship gets back underway this weekend (24/25 August) for the penultimate round of the season, as the series heads to the Finnish forests of Kouvola. Battles rage throughout the Nordic categories – and with 60 points remaining up for grabs, it's all still to play for.

Supercars: Home soil advantage for Kalliokoski
Oliver Eriksson is once again the man to beat after a return to form last time out in Norway. Now, having won more than half the races, the Olsbergs MSE driver leads the championship by nine points over Latvian winner Robin Larsson, who has shown strong pace all season but endured his share of bad luck. Larsson has his eyes firmly on the prize and is looking to overhaul Eriksson in the final two rounds.

“We've had the pace all year but the luck just hasn't gone our way so far," reflected the current European Championship leader. "Apart from Latvia, of course – it was great to win there; that was almost the perfect weekend for us. Turn One in the final meant Norway didn't go to plan, but that's racing.

"Kouvola is a fun track and I'm looking forward to driving there, I'm still in the fight for the championship and we will keep pushing all the way until the end."

Then comes the local man for round six. RallyX Nordic's own 'Flying Finn' Jere Kalliokoski will be targeting a win in front of his home crowd, after narrowly missing out on several occasions to-date in 2019. Kalliokoski will be looking to capitalise on the race-winning pace he has shown all season as well as the home soil advantage.

Elsewhere, Ulrik Linnemann in the second Honda Civic remains fourth in the standings and an outside championship contender, while Andreas Carlsson and Philip Gehrman are tied on points for fifth place and battling it out for 'best of the rest'.

Supercar Lites: Östlund in the hunt
Ben-Philip Gundersen still heads the Supercar Lites field, but his points advantage has been slashed after suffering a puncture in the final of his home event. The Norwegian's misfortune left Linus Östlund to take his breakthrough Nordic win of 2019 last time out. The Swede has been consistently scoring since Gundersen stole the headlines earlier in the year, and now the Olsbergs MSE driver is perfectly poised to push for the championship.

"Norway has put us in a great position to challenge Ben-Philip (Gundersen) at the top of the table," commented Östlund. "We've been consistent all year and it's paying off now as we reach the end of the championship. I can't wait for the last two events in Finland and Sweden – we should be strong at both tracks, so I'm ready for the fight!"

JC Raceteknik's Sondre Evjen sits in third place overall after a disappointing home event for the Norwegian. Twenty-five points is currently the difference between Evjen and team-mate Gundersen.

Round one winner, Thomas Holmen, also endured a difficult home race but remains fourth in the standings ahead of Anders Michalak who revelled in the local drivers' misfortune to take a maiden podium in round five.

A guest entry this weekend will be home hero Jesse Kallio, with the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires front-runner eager to vie for victory on his Nordic debut.

RX Academy: Field of Finns return for Kouvola
The RX Academy returns in Finland after a one-round hiatus. Rasmus Tuominen is the benchmark – scoring the maximum 60 points from the most recent two Academy outings in Denmark and Latvia – while Tommi Hallman and Marko Muru are nine and ten points behind respectively, although neither driver has tasted victory since the opening rounds at Höljes in May.

The rest of the field are in hot pursuit of the top three, with Luka Nurmi, Jonne Ollikainen, Joni Heikkinen and Jimi Kalliomäki all separated by just 11 points – confirming the championship's high level of competition.

The penultimate round of the 2019 RallyX Nordic campaign will take place at the Kouvola circuit in Finland, on 24/25 August. Racing will run from 18h15-19h20 (local time) on Saturday and 10h35-17h50 on Sunday.

For those unable to get to the track, coverage of the semi-finals and finals will be livestreamed at www.facebook.com/rallyxnordic and www.rallyx.se/rallyx-tv.

Entry Lists
4 Robin Larsson SWE JC Raceteknik
11 Jere Kalliokoski FIN Kalliokoski Motorsport
16 Oliver Eriksson SWE Olsbergs MSE
17 Mats Öhman SWE JC Raceteknik
50 Svein Roger Andersen NOR Andersen Motorsport
61 Andreas Carlsson SWE Andreas Carlsson Rallycross
72 Ulrik Linnemann DNK Olsbergs MSE
77 Stene Johansen NOR Johansen Motorsport
86 Mario Hansen NOR Olsbergs MSE
88 Daniel Thorén SWE Hedströms Motorsport
95 Philip Gehrman SWE Gehrman Motorsport AB

Supercar Lites
2 Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR JC Raceteknik
11 Mats Oskarsson SWE Oskarsson Motorsport
12 Anders Michalak SWE Michalak Motorsport
18 Linus Östlund SWE Olsbergs MSE
47 Jesse Kallio FIN Olsbergs MSE
52 Simon Olofsson SWE Simon Olofsson
54 Petter Nårsa SWE Öhman Motorsport
56 Thomas Holmen NOR Thomas Holmen
69 Sondre Evjen NOR JC Raceteknik
90 Jimmie Walfridson SWE JC Raceteknik
91 Niklas Aneklev SWE Olsbergs MSE
99 Hans-Ola Frøshaug NOR JC Raceteknik

RX Academy
3 Joni Heikkinen FIN RX Academy
12 Pepe Arque ESP RX Academy
22 Rasmus Tuominen FIN RX Academy
27 Marko Muru EST RX Academy
44 Jonne Ollikainen FIN RX Academy
66 Luka Nurmi FIN RX Academy
72 Clémentine Lhoste FRA RX Academy
87 Tommi Hallman FIN RX Academy
*Scroll down for results and championship standings

19-08-19 Hansen brothers first and third at Nitro World Games!
One year on from Timmy Hansen’s win in the very first rallycross competition at the Nitro World Games in Utah, USA, it was the turn of his younger brother Kevin to claim the same triumph!

The all-American Nitro World Games rallycross circuit is like no other on the planet – and backing up Kevin’s great win was a strong podium result for Timmy, in third.

Kevin claimed the win aboard his Peugeot 208 WRX Supercar convincingly from the front row – on his debut at this highly-specialised event – keeping Patrik Sandell’s Subaru behind him throughout a thrilling final. Grazing the walls and leaping 35 metres through the air, Kevin was in a class of his own, despite the limited time available to acclimatise to rallycross’s most extreme circuit.

At the finish, the first person to congratulate him was his brother Timmy, continuing the incredible success story this year that has taken them to first and third in the FIA World Rallycross Championship so far as well – with Hansen MJP also leading the teams’ standings.

Kevin and Timmy used the same specification of car in Utah that they have on the world series, although the Nitro competition adopted slightly different regulations, and (unlike the world series) the course was mainly gravel. Most of all, the track was distinguished by its rollercoaster crests and colossal 35-metre jump, as well as by the famous selection of global stars such as Ken Block, Scott Speed and Travis Pastrana – who designed the track – taking part.

The event's slightly different format didn’t faze Kevin, who moved straight through to the final with a place on the front row thanks to being in the top two after Friday’s qualifying and heat races. Timmy soon joined him by winning the first of two challenger races on Saturday, and put on a battling display in the final to earn his podium spot.

Timmy Hansen
Qualifying 7th
Heat A 2nd
Heat B 3rd
Challenger Race A 1st
Final 3rd

Kevin Hansen
Qualifying 3rd
Heat A 7th
Heat B 1st

Talking Points
The Nitro track was further improved from last year, making it probably the most spectacular place to watch rallycross in the world. Features included a three-way crossover jump, banked corners, and several different racing lines – a massive technical and driving challenge.
A total of 10 all-star drivers took part in the competition from a variety of backgrounds, including former Subaru WRC factory driver Chris Atkinson. But the Nitro World Games wasn’t exclusively about rallycross: it also showcased a number of other extreme sports. A weekend for daredevils!
Unfortunately, American Rallycross Championship leader Scott Speed was injured during the heats on Friday. The entire Hansen team wishes Scott a speedy recovery!

The big number
Kevin's position at the end of his first day of running at the Nitro World Games, demonstrating how quickly he got to grips with the unique event and earning him his place in the final.

Timmy Hansen
“I couldn’t be happier for Kevin right now. I know what it feels like to conquer this astonishing circuit, and he put in a brilliant and commanding performance right from the start. From a family and team point of view, it makes me feel very proud.

“I’m happy with our own weekend as well, as it’s always good to stand on the podium. It wasn’t quite a perfect race for me in the end and it was always going to be tricky starting off the front row, but we did our best and ended up with a great team result.”

Kevin Hansen
“Wow! Just, wow! I almost can’t find the words to say what I’m feeling now. I expected an amazing weekend on my first outing as a driver at the Nitro World Games, but nothing like this. And it was an amazing team result, with Timmy on the podium too. From the beginning, I had a really good feeling with the car and the circuit, after some good practice sessions, and then we just took it from there.

“The final was a great fight, but I made a great start, pushed to the absolute maximum, and managed to bring it home. I need to say a massive thank you to the whole team and everyone who helped to make this incredible weekend possible. I loved every bit of it, and I’m feeling very confident now for the rest of the year going forward!”

The Boss Kenneth Hansen
“As a circuit, and a promotional tool for rallycross, this has been a fantastic weekend of competition. Both Kevin and Timmy put in some incredible performances; especially Kevin, who was almost untouchable this weekend. The way that he has stepped up to another level this year is so impressive.

“Most of all, we worked together very well as a team throughout the weekend: this is what helped us to secure such a strong result here, and I’m sure it’s something that’s going to help us in the future too.”

Next round:
World RX of France
Team Hansen MJP returns to FIA World RX duties during the last weekend of August with round eight of 10 at Loheac in France. This is one of the most popular venues on the calendar, at a historic rallycross track.

Thanks to running the Peugeot 208 WRX since the world championship's inception in 2014, the team gets plenty of support from local fans.
19-08-18 Bryntesson breaks Larsson´s win streak in Estering
Norway’s Thomas Bryntesson recorded his first FIA European Rallycross Championship victory of the season at the standalone Euro RX round four, presented by Monster Energy, at a sodden Estering in Germany.

The TBRX driver took his Volkswagen Polo across the line ahead of championship leader Robin Larsson, of Sweden, with Germany’s Rene Muennich third.

Bryntesson started from the front row in the final alongside pole-sitter Larsson and was able to dominate the race after a good launch off the line and a safe passage around the all-important turn one.

Heavy morning rain had made track surface at the famous Estering circuit treacherous. By the time of the final, the rain had eased but Bryntesson was able to master the tricky conditions nonetheless despite suffering a puncture during the final.

The Norwegian had finished second at the opening round in Great Britain, third at Hell, Norway and seventh after a bout of engine trouble in Sweden.

“I am super happy for the team because we have been working really hard. It’s the first season in Euro Supercar for the team and it’s all new so to get a win here at such a famous track like Estering feels really good,” 23-year-old Bryntesson said.

“I got a really good start and good traction out of the first corner which is really important at Estering. I just tried to spare the tyres because the track was drying up a little.

“I got a puncture just before the joker lap so I had to use the handbrake to get in to the joker but it worked out well and we got the win.

“We lost a lot of points in Holjes with the engine failure but to score some good points here is important for the championship.”

Larsson, who had an unblemished record heading to Germany after wins in all three opening rounds, had set the weekend pace through qualifying and posted a dominant semi-final win and looked set to continue the winning sequence.

However, the Swede struggled to get off the line cleanly from pole position in the final in his JC Raceteknik Audi S1 and despite hounding Bryntesson in the early stages, could not get the better of the Norwegian.

“Of course you always want to win but I don’t think we could do much more in the final. It was really slippery and (Thomas) Bryntesson is a really good driver so P2 and almost maximum points is good for me,” Larsson said.
“The start is really important here and I was on pole in the semi and the final and I couldn’t get good traction off the line. We’ll review the whole race weekend and analyse it closely and we’ll come back stronger in France.”

Muennich, the team boss of ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport squad, was delighted to secure a podium finish on home ground in his Seat Ibiza.

“It’s a great feeling to get a podium after 12 years of rallycross here in Germany,” he said. “There was a lot of support for me and the team here so it was good to give the fans something to cheer about.

“The track was difficult because the conditions were changing all the time. Really wet, then drying but very slippery in some parts. We were not sure what set-up we should use or what tyres we should use. But in the end it was the same for everyone.

“I am so pleased to finish the weekend on a good note.”

Fourth was Sweden’s Pontus Tidemand who had a mixed weekend in the Eklund Motorsport Volkswagen Beetle. He was P4 after day one but dropped to P10 after Q3 when he stalled the car at the start but still managed the win in Race 2.

In Q4, he had a spin at the exit to turn one and eventually scrambled in to the semi-finals in P10. Again, he struck trouble in semi-final two getting turned around into turn one and dropping to the back of the order. He produced yet another stunning recovery just to reach the final.

Fifth was Peter Hedstrom in the Hedstroms Motorsport VW Polo despite jumping the start and incurring a double joker lap penalty. The Swede finished just ahead of Jean-Baptiste Dubourg’s Peugeot 208.

Larsson maintains his lead of the championship on 117 points. Bryntesson’s victory took him to a clear second on 95 ahead of JB Debourg on 83 and Munnich on 70.

Tamas Karai looked set to challenge for honours in the final but had a messy semi-final which ended with his Audi A1 contacting the barriers at turn one dropping the Hungarian to last place in his semi.

Munnich’s German team-mate Mandie August reached the semi-final as did the younger of the Dubourg brothers Andrea along with Lithuania’s Paulius Pleskovas, Norway’s Sondre Evjen and Mikko Ikonen, of Finland.

Christer Dalmans, in the second of the Hedstroms Motorsport Volkswagen Polos narrowly missed the semi-finals on his Euro RX debut. “I had a great experience. This was only the third time I had driven in the wet so it was quite challenging – and fun at the same time,” he said.

Czech driver, Ales Fucik, also in a VW Polo, was progressing towards qualifying for the semi-finals but was unable to start Q4 due to a broken front differential sustained in contact with the barrier in Q3 and finished at the tail of the weekend’s standings.

Estering ended early for Portugal’s Mario Barbosa. His Citroen DS3 suffered a broken camshaft in free practice on Friday and saw no further action.

In Euro RX Super1600, Volland Racing’s Yuri Belevskiy scored his first ever European rallycross victory. He won the final in front of Hungary’s Gergely Marton and Norway’s Marius Bermingrud. Championship leader Aydar Nuriev was fourth.

“I really don’t know how to describe how great it feels to get my first win at such an historic rallycross tack as Estering,” a delighted Belevskiy said.

“This first win is very memorable both for me and the team. Before the weekend I thought I would do well just to reach the semi-finals because when I have been here before I haven’t suited this track, so this is a welcome surprise.”

Russia’s Marat Knyazev made the best start in the final and took the hole shot but was contacted in the first corner melee and lost ground, before making a mistake at turn two. Artur Egorov ran third early in the race but crashed into a barrier when taking his joker lap, putting him out of contention.

Russia’s Egor Sanin initially qualified for the final but was handed a five-second penalty for contact in this semi, which promoted Egorov into the final.

Nuriev continues to lead the points on 110, with Marton second on 88 and Egorov third with 72.

The championship for Euro Supercar and Super1600 now moves to Loheac in France for round five from August 31 to September 1.

Full results and standings here https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/result/DEU/2019

19-08-18 Ännu ett starkt resultat av Tidemand i rallycross-EM
Det har hunnit bli hela fyra starter för Pontus Tidemand i rallycross-EM under de senaste månaderna. I en Volkswagen Beetle för Eklund Motorsport har han gjort en strålande insats i mästerskapet och den gångna helgen var inget undantag - från underläge lyckades han tillslut kamma hem en fjärdeplats i helgens deltävling på Estering i Tyskland.

I maj kom erbjudandet från Per Eklund och hans team att få göra ett gästspel i säsongspremiären av rallycross-EM. Pontus nappade direkt och kände att det är bra att hålla igång både körning och tävlingsanda i väntan på nästa chans i rally, som är hans huvudfokus. Trots att Pontus inte hade satt sin fot på en rallycrossbana på fem år, gick premiären på Silverstone i Storbritannien över förväntan och månaden därefter fick inhoppet fortsättning i norska Hell. I juli fick han köra deltävlingen i Höljes där han slutade tvåa och hemmapubliken fick glädjas åt en pallplats. Nu var det Tyskland och Estering som stod på schemat och det bjöds på regn, regn och mer regn - och med det ett tufft och trixigt underlag.
- Helgen började riktigt bra med en andratid totalt i det första kvalheatet. I det andra fick vi problem med motorn och tappade tid, men låg ändå fyra över natten. På söndagen fortsatte det strula lite med motorstopp i starten i det tredje heatet och mycket trafik i första svängen i det fjärde, berättar Pontus.

Han halkade ner till tionde plats men som tur var räckte det för att han skulle kvalificera sig till semifinal och där var han redo att göra allt han kunde för att vända dagens oflyt.
- Jag startade längst bak i min semifinal men klarade att jaga ikapp. (Mikko) Ikonen jokrade före mig men jag fick tillräckligt med distans för att kunna ta mitt jokervarv och komma ut framför honom, annars hade det inte blivit någon final, säger Pontus, som till och med hade snabbast varvtid i sin semifinal.

Precis som i semin startade Pontus finalen i det bakre ledet men gjorde sitt bästa från sin position och efter en fight med Jean-Baptiste Dubourg klamrade han sig fast vid fjärdeplatsen.
- De tre framför mig fick en bra start och det gick helt enkelt inte att avancera mer, men att ta mig från tionde plats och inte vara säker på att jag ens skulle ta mig till semi, till att gå ända till final och sluta fyra, det måste jag vara väldigt nöjd med. En dålig dag blev till en riktigt bra dag, konstaterar Pontus och berömmer teamet:
- Vilket otroligt bra gäng Per och teamet är! De har gjort ett fantastiskt jobb i alla tävlingar och tillsammans har vi kunnat visa att det är sprutt i bubblan. Jag är jättetacksam att få jobba med så duktiga och drivna människor och den här helgen har både varit rolig och givande. Jag tar inte bara ett bra resultat med mig utan också grymt bra körträning på halt underlag.

Härnäst är det comeback i rally-VM som hägrar för Pontus och med tävlingstempo i kroppen laddar han vidare mot Rally Turkiet i september.

Resultat Euro RX Estering
1. Thomas Bryntesson
2. Robin Larsson
3. René Münnich
4. Pontus Tidemand
5. Peter Hedström
6. Jean-Baptiste Dubourg
19-08-18 JC Raceteknik tvåa i Estering – Larsson fortsatt mästerskapsledare i rallycross-EM
Helgens tävling i Tyskland resulterade i en andraplats för svenske Supercar-föraren Robin Larsson.
– Det känns skönt att vi kunde plocka med oss många viktiga poäng här i helgen, säger teamchef Joel Christoffersson.

Den fjärde deltävlingen av FIA European Rallycross Championship kördes under helgen på den tyska rallycrossbanan Estering. Det bjöds på varierande väderförhållanden, mycket action och en pallplats för det värmlandsbaserade teamet JC Raceteknik.

Svenljunga-föraren Robin Larsson har haft en lyckad EM-säsong och gjort ”hat trick” i de inledande tre deltävlingarna – det vill säga plockat maximala poäng i grundomgången, semifinal och final. Helgen i Tyskland inleddes, liksom tidigare tävlingar, starkt för Larssons del. Han tog den snabbaste tiden under träningarna och segrade även i grundomgången. Efter en vinst i den semifinalen kvalificerade han sig till första startspår i finalen. Han var där tvåa iväg i starten och det blev även resultatet över mållinjen. Efter helgen plockar Larsson med sig 27 viktiga EM-poäng och leder numera med 22 poängs marginal ner till andraplatsen.

Nästa tävling i kalendern blir redan till helgen när RallyX Nordic körs i finska Kouvola. I det mästerskapet leder teamets Ben-Philip Gundersen klassen Supercar Lites, följt av Sondre Evjen på tredje plats och Jimmie Walfridson på sjätte – samtidigt ligger Larsson tvåa i Supercar-klassen. För Euro RX och RX2 International Series blir nästa deltävling i Frankrike 31 augusti-1 september.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef:
”Jag tycker det har varit en bra helg för vår del. Robin har redan från start haft hög fart och var den snabbaste föraren i kvalet. Men på en sådan här bana, som blir extremt krävande på blött underlag, har starterna varit otrolig viktiga. Det har inneburit mycket jobb för ingenjörer och mekaniker, och även utmaningar för Robin. Tyvärr blev inte starterna perfekta. Att det skulle vara svårt att ta starten från ruta ett på den här banan visste vi redan innan, och det var bara för Robin att göra det bästa av situationen. Han och Thomas var väldigt jämna i finalen, och bortsett från en liten miss från Robins sida på varv två så var det ett tight race. Det känns skönt att vi kunde plocka med oss många viktiga poäng här i helgen, och vi kommer till Frankrike med målet att säkra ytterligare EM-poäng. Lohéac är en bana som passar oss, och vi ser fram emot den tävlingen.”

Robin Larsson, Supercar:
”Det känns såklart surt att jag inte kunde göra mer i finalen. Tempot har det inte varit något fel på i helgen, men jag har slitit med väldigt hala startspår. Vädret idag gjorde att jag inte kunde attackera på samma sätt som under lördagen och istället halkade de flesta av oss mest runt på banan. I finalen körde Bryntesson riktigt bra och trots att vi hade ett jämnt tempo drog han det längsta strået i starten. Allt hänger på små marginaler och det är kul för honom att de var på hans sida den här gången, med tanke på det som hände honom i Höljes. Jag och teamet gjorde det bästa vi kunde i helgen, helt enkelt.

Vi plockade nästan maximala poäng här i Tyskland och med två deltävlingar kvar leder jag mästerskapet med 22 poäng – så det här är inget att hänga upp sig på. Fram tills i helgen hade EM-säsongen gått helt perfekt, så jag tror att den här andraplatsen bara kommer göra mig ännu mer hungrig på segern nästa tävling. Nu lägger jag fokuset på RallyX Nordic och Finland. Efter att ha haft lite stolpe ut i det mästerskapet så är jag riktigt taggad och jag ska se till att vara på hugget redan under första träningen.”
19-08-18 Stopp i semin men Evjen kvalade starkt
Sondre Evjen gjorde ett mycket starkt kval i Euro RX-deltävlingen på Estering i Tyskland. En fjärdeplats betydde första startled i semifinalen, men tyvärr tog det stopp där på grund av tekniska problem.
- Vi är ändå på väg uppåt, konstaterar Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS-föraren.

21-åringen från Åls kommun i Norge debuterade på den klassiska rallycrossbanan i Buxtehude, en helg när EM-förarna stod i centrum eftersom Estering inte finns på VM-programmet. Sondre Evjen skötte sig med den äran från start i sin Volkswagen Polo GTI RX. Efter P6 och P2 i lördagens kvalomgångar låg han på andra plats inför söndagen.
- Mogen och bra körning av Sondre i kvalomgångarna, konstaterar teamchefen Tommy Kristoffersson.

Evjen fortsatte starkt även inledningsvis under söndagen där han var fyra i Q3. I en mycket blöt Q4 blev det visserligen bara P10, men norrmannen slutade ändå fyra i kvalificeringen totalt efter att ha bemästrat den beryktade förstakurvan på Estering på ett övertygande sätt.
- Det löste sig bra i första sväng alla gånger egentligen, tycker Sondre.

Med en plats längst fram i semifinalen, bredvid blivande slutsegraren Thomas Bryntesson, fanns goda förhoppningar om en finalplats. Och även om det blev trångt och rörigt i startböjen så kom Evjen ut på en position som skulle ha räckt till final, men på andra varvet tog det slut.
- När jag växlade ut ur sväng saknades det drivning. Jag kanske kunde ha kört vidare på andra växlar, men det lät så illa att jag inte ville förstöra något mer.

Evjen parkerade för dagen och fick därmed bara en poäng från semifinalen, att lägga till de tretton han plockade för fjärdeplatsen i kvalet.
- Jag försöker att inte ta det så hårt. Vi fick många kvalpoäng och jag känner att det blir lättare och lättare att hantera bilen på olika underlag, säger Sondre och fortsätter:
- Får jag till starterna bättre ska jag kunna vara med och slåss med Robin Larsson där framme.

Första besöket på Estering i Buxtehude blev sammanfattningsvis ändå ganska trevligt, trots fadäsen i semifinalen.
- Det var en kul upplevelse, en speciell bana som kräver att man är både tuff och snäll.

Evjen passade också på att hylla sina mekaniker i Eklund Motorsport och Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS.
- De har varit väldigt bra hela helgen. Full kontroll på bilen hela tiden!

Även Tommy Kristoffersson tycker det finns anledning att summera helgen på plus.
- Det är steg som ska tas hela tiden, men Sondre är på rätt väg
19-08-16 Hansen brothers go Stateside at Nitro World Games
Team HANSEN MJP heads to Utah Motorsports Campus in the United States for Nitro Rallycross – part of the 2019 Nitro World Games.
Timmy Hansen claimed victory in the inaugural Nitro Rallycross event at the same venue in 2018. If the opening 2018 event was anything to go by, the 2019 Nitro Rallycross should be a nail-biting thriller.

Now in its fourth year, Nitro World Games sees the best athletes in the world from a variety of extreme sports going head to head in events designed to test skill and raise the bar when it comes to entertainment.

Kevin Hansen joins older brother Timmy in their Peugeot 208 WRX machines to take on the best that American rallycross has to offer, on a track that features the biggest man-made jump in rallycross history.

The aim and intention of Nitro Rallycross is to ‘turn the sport of rallycross on its head’ by creating a track that gives drivers control of the race, while featuring a spectacular array of jumps and turns.

The Hansen brothers will be lining up alongside freestyle motocross legend and event founder, Travis Pastrana, as well as familiar and unfamiliar competitors such as Scott Speed, Ken Block and Tanner Foust. It’s going to be entertainment to the max.

In the words of Travis Pastrana: “Last year we proved that race cars could fly, and this year we have redesigned the track to be even crazier.”

The 2019 version of the Nitro Rallycross track retains the key characteristics of 2018, offering multiple racing lines to promote creative overtaking and strategy on a unique figure of eight layout.

It’s simultaneously the most thrilling and scariest rallycross track in the world. With huge banked turns, drivers will carry more speed into corners and have more overtaking options available to them than ever before.

The big numbers
The size in metres of the massive jump on the Nitro Rallycross circuit.

The ideal speed in km/h that a car should be travelling at in order to get over the gap jump.

Timmy Hansen's winning margin in last year's Nitro Rallycross final.

What to look out for
The first corner has been designed to be ‘super-wide’ to promote an exciting and action-packed start, which certainly didn’t fail to impress in 2018. The track features multiple line options, even on the jump-filled straight sections, so Timmy and Kevin will have plenty of chances to overtake. But they will also have to take extra care of what is going on around them, with so many line variations.

The majority of the surface is hard-packed gravel with an asphalt start-finish straight. This will mean an increased likelihood of mistakes due to a higher percentage of the surface being low grip.

Ideal set-up:
Utah Motorsports Park
Team Hansen MJP
The Nitro Rallycross circuit is quite busy with all the jumps and other obstacles, meaning dampers will be opened up significantly in order to best handle them.
Striking the right balance with differential settings will be key to this circuit, with its high-speed banked turns.
With so many jumps and time spent in the air, balanced aerodynamics will help maintain stability, especially over the huge 35-metre crossover jump.

Rallycross Rewind
2018: Timmy back on top
At the 2018 Nitro Rallycross round, Timmy claimed his first major rallycross event victory in two years after a nail-biting final that sent him sideways at the start following contact with Scott Speed at turn one.

Timmy then put on a mighty charge to reach second by the end of the opening lap, as he set his sights on leader Mattias Ekstrom. Continuously chipping away at Ekstrom’s lead, Timmy was all over the back of his compatriot but couldn’t find a way to make a move stick, so instead took his joker on lap three. It turned out to be another strategic masterstroke, as Timmy emerged in the lead by the time Ekstrom took his joker.

Timmy would hold on to take victory in the inaugural Nitro Rallycross event by over two seconds on what Timmy described as “the best rallycross track in the world.”

When and where
Where to watch Nitro Rallycross
Nitro Rallycross will be streamed live online on the Nitro World Games website as well as on its Facebook page and the Nitro Circus YouTube channel.

Event Timetable
All times CEST
Saturday August 17th
Qualifying heats 21:00
Sunday August 18th

Timmy Hansen
“This track is simply out of this world! It’s changed a lot since last year and it’s nearly all gravel, with some big jumps. But honestly, words can’t really describe what the circuit is like: it’s just something that you have to see and experience for yourself.

“Congratulations to Travis Pastrana: he’s managed to make what was already an amazing circuit even better. All the other tracks are a bit tame by comparison, but it’s not fair to compare this to anything else as this track stands on its own. We’re here with our current car, which came to Utah directly after the World RX round in Canada.

“The whole atmosphere around Nitro is incredible: there’s a real buzz to it, typical of American motorsport. You can’t really plan for this event and we’re racing to a slightly different format, so I’m not going to worry about the details – instead I’m just going to be driving as fast as possible!”

Kevin Hansen
“I’ve been here to look before but not to drive, so I’m really looking forward to it. I think it’s going to be incredible: we start the weekend with jump practice – as we have to work out how best to tackle all the jumps, which you don’t see anywhere else in the world. Of course they call it ‘practice’ but you really don’t want to get it wrong, so you need to push hard from the very start!

“Like Timmy says, the track is different to last year and I think it’s a bit shorter and faster: I reckon this will help me and the others who are competing here for only the first time. The fact that we have two cars this year is also going to help, as we should be able to learn from each other.

“One thing you notice straight away is that there’s not an obvious racing line, so there’s a lot to discover and plenty of room to improvise. Let’s see what happens!”

Kenneth Hansen
his year we’re here with two cars, so it’s a bigger job. And of course the circuit has changed a lot, with a different profile, more cambers and a lot more gravel. There are slightly different regulations compared to the other races we compete in as well.

“So there’s a lot to get used to, but that’s a really important part of the massive appeal of Nitro: it’s a chance to try something new and spectacular that really helps the promotion of the whole sport, thanks also to big stars like Ken Block and Travis Pastrana. That’s why we’re really happy to be here at this unique event.

“Technically, a big part of the challenge is to make sure that the car lands cleanly and safely after the jumps and also to get the best traction on loose gravel, but we have enough practice time. I think a lot of people are looking forward to the rallycross here now: last year it was all new, but this year, they have a good idea of what to expect!”
19-08-15 Larsson looking to extend winning run in Estering
The fourth round of the FIA European Rallycross Championship takes place at the legendary Estering circuit in Germany this weekend, August 17-18, with Sweden’s Robin Larsson looking to extend his unbeaten run in Euro RX Supercar.

The Estering, in northern Germany, has hosted international rallycross events since 1973. Located 30 miles south of Hamburg, the traditional German RX track is just 950 metres long but features a hairpin after the start-finish straight and a long, downhill run between turns one and two.

The all-gravel joker lap exits at the finish line so races are often decided by the last throw of the dice.

The event is the first standalone FIA European Rallycross Championship round since 2013. The entry list features 20 European Supercars along with a full-house of 25 cars from the Euro RX Super1600 category.

In Euro RX Supercar, JC Raceteknik’s Larsson has taken maximum points in his Audi S1 at the previous rounds in Great Britain, Norway and Sweden to head the standings on 90 points.

Larsson, the 2014 Euro RX Champion, is returning to the series after a stint in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, and is favourite for the title in 2019 with two rounds remaining, in France and Latvia, after Germany.

“The European Championship has gone well for us so far and we have benefited from having good race pace at all events,” Larsson said.

“Right now we have a reassuring lead in the championship, but we expect strong competition in Germany. Estering is a fun and tight circuit, but I have to keep pushing, keep my head down, avoid any trouble and continue to pick up some more valuable points towards the championship.”

Joint second in the 2019 standings are France’s Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (DA Racing) along with Norway’s Thomas Bryntesson (TBRX) on 66 points.

On a previous visit to Estering in 2015, JB Dubourg said the atmosphere was something to savour. “Estering is a traditional rallycross track. The atmosphere is unique because the track is like an arena and you race in the middle of the track with spectators all around you,” he recalls.

“I believe the Peugeot 208 will be well suited to the circuit as you need a car with a lot of traction because the track surface is slippery in the bumpiest sections.

As for his championship chances, he says: “I am still a way off (Robin) Larsson but I will give it 100 per cent and make the most of the opportunities that come my way. Mathematically I have a chance and I’m hungry and will fight for the title to the end.”

Younger brother Andrea Dubourg, who is tied for sixth place on 47 points, is buoyed by the fact that fellow-Frenchman Davy Jeanney won at Estering in 2015, driving the Peugeot 208 now run by DA Racing.

Andrea, who competed at Estering in Super1600 four years’ ago, is also looking forward to tackling the unique challenges of Estering. “It is definitely one of my favourite tracks with lots of sideways action on the gravel and high speed tarmac sections so it has a good mix,” he said.

“Traction is the key. I’ve watched a lot of videos from last year to analyse different drivers and their driving styles. Being realistic, I won’t be champion this year but my aim is to finish in a title podium position with my brother.”

Sweden’s Pontus Tidemand has turned heads in the Eklund Motosport VW Beetle this season with the highlight being second place in the final on home ground in Holjes, and lies fourth in the championship on 52 points.

There are three Germans among the Euro Supercar field. The ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport squad run a pair of Seat Ibizas for Rene Munnich and Mandie August while Andreas Steffen competes in a Ford Fiesta. Additional Fiestas will be run by Finland’s Mikko Ikonen, Lithuania’s Pailius Pleskovas and Norway’s Stein Egil Jenssen.

Sweden’s Hedstroms Motorsport enter two Volkswagen Polos for Peter Hedstrom and Christer Dalmans, who makes his Euro RX debut. “I feel a little nervous, with the all the big drivers in the field. I wasn’t planning to drive that much this year but it's so much fun when everything fits right and the team delivers such a good car,” he says.

“That’s why it feels extra exciting to be able to make my European debut.”

Hedstrom, meanwhile, plans to take on a driver mentor role for the team going forward and will use the Estering event to fully evaluate a recently-acquired VW Polo in race trim. “I will use the Euro RX in Germany as a test bench for the new ex-Marklund car, as we don’t have much data yet, so the whole team needs to adapt to the car, in order to get something to pass on to next year's drivers in the team,” he said.

Mario Barbosa heads to the Estering circuit in Germany, as the only Portuguese driver to compete in the FIA ?? European Rallycross Championship.

He will pilot a Citroen DS3 under the Compincar RX Team banner. “The Holjes debut was a moment to remember, as it is one of the most famous tracks in the world. The event in Estering will be similar in terms of learning, as it will be completely new to us,” he said.

“The level of the FIA ??Euro RX is very high and we have a determined but realistic stance, knowing that we have to discover the circuits and evolve with each session on the track. This is also the goal in Germany.”

In Euro RX Super1600, Russia’s Aydar Nuriev leads a trio of Volland Racing drivers in Audi A1s at the head of the standings.

Nuriev had wins in rounds one and two – in Catalunya and Belgium - and was second in Sweden to stand on 86 points.

Team-mates Hungary’s Gergely Marton and Russia’s Arthur Egorov are on 64 and 59 respectively.

Norway’s Marius Bermingrud, the winner in Sweden, poses the biggest threat to the top three in Estering. A total of 25 drivers from nine different countries, will face the starter for round four in Germany.

Find full entry lists here.

19-08-14 Nöjd Evjen siktar på pallen
Det är klassisk rallycrossmark som väntar för Sondre Evjen och hans Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS när det är dags för den fjärde EM-deltävlingen i EM. Resan går till Tyskland och Buxtehude.
- Jag har aldrig varit där förut, men det ska bli väldigt kul. Det ser ut att vara en fantastisk bana, säger Evjen.

Det har varit ett rejält uppehåll i Euro RX efter tävlingen i Höljes i början av juli.
- Klart det saknas något när man inte får köra, men det har varit bra med ett uppehåll också för att få upp en längtan, tycker Sondre.

Helt tävlingsfritt har det nu inte varit. Evjen har kört RX Lites i Riga och vunnit Norges största folkrace-tävling. Förra veckan fick han dessutom skaka av sig Supercar-ringrosten under ett rejält testpass på Westombanan i Arvika.
- Det kändes väldigt bra. Vi gör framsteg på varje test och jag blir bättre och bättre på hanteringen av bilen.

Teamchefen Tommy Kristoffersson instämmer:
- Det var definitivt det bästa vi sett av Sondre. Det märks att han blir mer och mer vän med bilen. Ett plus med vår testdag var också att vi fick köra på både blött och torrt.

Det är en del revanschsug hos teamet efter den svenska deltävlingen, där Evjen försvann redan i semifinalen.
- Alla var lite besvikna efter Höljes. Det funkade inte med starterna och utfallet blev inte vad vi hade hoppats på, säger Kristoffersson.

Just starterna är ett moment som behöver fungera extra bra på Estering, där trafikstockning väntas i den beryktade första svängen.
- Det är viktigt att ha tur med startspåren också. Just Buxtehude kan sluta hur som helst, på pallen eller utanför semifinalen. Man behöver ha lite stolpe-in, menar Tommy som själv har tävlat flera gånger på den klassiska banan.

Den tyska arrangören har till i år förlorat sin VM-status, men kan i gengäld lyfta fram EM-ekipagen som huvudklass i en förväntad publikfest.
- Det är stor tradition där nere med en trogen publik och härlig stämning runt omkring med bierstube och bratwurst.

Kristoffersson kommer inte själv att vara på plats den här gången, eftersom han har åtaganden på SM-rallyt Kolsvarundan. Men rutinerade Eklund Motorsport preparerar Evjens Polo GTI RX på bästa sätt och Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS bidrar med Ole Johan Rustad som huvudansvarig på bilen.
- En av de duktigaste mekaniker som går att få tag på, säger Sondre Evjen, som känner sig mycket trygg med besättningen som backar upp honom.

Det är med andra ord upplagt för en lyckad helg för den 22-årige norrmannen.
- Tempot har varit bra hela året. Nu gäller det för mig att inte göra några misstag. Jag vill kämpa om en pallplacering. Det finns inget annat.
19-08-13 Dalmans EM-debuterar – Marklunds snabba VW Polo testas av Hedström i Tyskland
Det är dags för deltävling nummer fyra i EM och Christer Dalmans gör där EM-debut för Hedströms Motorsport på tyska Estering. Peter Hedström gör där också ett testpass med teamets nya VW Polo från Marklunds Motorsport.
Peter var tidigare starkt kritisk till reglerna kring domslut efter deltävlingen i Höljes. Att han ändå står på startlinjen igen i EM, är ett beslut som kommit till av helt andra anledningar.
- Min ståndpunkt vad det gäller EM står fast. Anledningen att jag gör den här starten är helt och hållet beroende på teamets kommande satsning, säger Peter Hedström

Planen för framtiden är utstakad i Hedströms Motorsport, där Peter mer kommer axla en roll som förarcoach och agera som mentor för nästa års förare. Fokus på Estering blir på att lära in den nya VW Polon på alla underlag.
- Jag kommer använda EM-tävlingen som en testbänk för den nya Marklundsbilen, vi har inte fått en meter på torrt underlag ännu, så hela teamet behöver köra in sig på bilen, för att få en känsla att förmedla till nästa års förare i teamet, säger Peter Hedström.

Christer Dalmans har noterat utomordentliga resultat i den vassa Rally X Nordic-serien. Dalmans har endast kört två deltävlingar och varit i final i båda. Han känner sig nu mogen för hetluften i EM och gör i helgen, femtiofyra år ung, EM-debut i Rallycross.
- Det känns lite nervöst, med alla storförarna, jag hade menat att inte köra så mycket, men det är så kul när allt stämmer och teamet levererar en så här bra bil, därför känns extra spännande att kunna göra EM-debut, säger Christer Dalmans.

Senast i RallyX-tävlingen i Flisa, var Dalmans ett tag uppe på en andraplats i finalen och Peter känner att han har stor potential i en EM-tävling, trots att Christer själv in i det längsta varit tveksam.
- Han tvekade in i det sista, men jag lyckades övertala honom, berättar Peter Hedström.
Nu på lördag brummar det alltså igång på den korta intensiva rallycross-slingan vid Estering. Banan ligger en bit sydväst om Hamburg och innehåller bland annat den beryktat tuffa startkurvan och de bitvis snabba och rytmiska rallysträcksliknande bitarna. EM-debuterande Christer Dalmans och testchaufför Peter Hedström finns då med på startlinjen från Hedströms Motorsport.
19-08-12 Kevin and Timmy Hansen share the spoils in Montalegre
Kevin and Timmy Hansen shared the spoils as the 2019 TitansRX season reached its half-way point in Montalegre, Portugal. On Saturday, Kevin Hansen dominated to win round five, becoming the first back-to-back winner this season.

The points leader made a good start to lead polesitter Topi Heikkinen from the start, but the top qualifier kept the pressure on for much of the race.

Heikkinen kept hustling Kevin Hansen at the front, while initially also resisting pressure from Andrew Jordan behind. On lap six of seven, however, Heikkinen’s charge for the race lead came undone after he hit Hansen at the first corner.

The incident briefly sent Heikkinen airborne and allowed Jordan to pass, while Timmy Hansen would also find his way by later on in the lap, putting him out of podium contention.

Although Jordan was moved up to second, the final lap didn’t give him enough of an opportunity to mount a challenge for the race victory and he crossed the line just under eight tenths of a second behind Kevin Hansen.

Timmy Hansen finished third, just under a second behind Jordan, while Heikkinen held on to take fourth, ahead of Craig Breen.

Local wildcard driver Ivan Ares was the sixth runner in the final but his race ended on the second lap due to electrical issues.

On Sunday Timmy Hansen completed a clean sweep of the day, winning all of his heat races and topping the times in all three rounds of qualifying, before going on to take lights-to-flag victories in both his semi-final and the final.

It was Heikkinen who arguably made the best start in Sunday’s final, but a concertina into the first corner shuffled Timmy Hansen to the fore with Kevin Hansen defending from Heikkinen.

From there Timmy Hansen wasn’t troubled for the victory, and crossed the line 1.2 seconds ahead of points leader Kevin Hansen, with Heikkinen taking third and the trio split from the rest of the field.

Breen claimed fourth after an entertaining battle with girlfriend Tamara Molinaro and ‘CsuCsu’. Molinaro, racing in her third final this season passed Breen on the second lap of the race, but was later repassed by the World Rally regular a lap later.

Breen then found his way by ‘CsuCsu’ on lap four and began to pull away. Molinaro and ‘CsuCsu’ meanwhile continued to fight until the chequered flag, with the Hungarian prevailing.

Kevin Hansen now leaves Portugal with a 10-point lead over Timmy Hansen, while Heikkinen slips down to third, ahead of Ronny C’Rock.

Molinaro’s strong end to an otherwise tricky weekend rockets her up to fifth, in the midst of a tight fight with ‘CsuCsu’, Jerome Grosset-Janin, and Jordan. Breen and Webb, who haven’t competed full-time this season, round out the top 10 in points with the series now at its half-way point.

TitansRX standings after round 6 (top 15)
1. Kevin Hansen 136
2. Timmy Hansen 126
3. Topi Heikkinen 126
4. Ronny C'Rock 68
5. Tamara Molinaro 61
6. 'CsuCsu' 59
7. Andrew Jordan 57
8. Jerome Grosset-Janin 57
9. Craig Breen 48
10. Oliver Webb 42
11. Andreas Steffen 36
12. Hayden Paddon 30
13 Reini Sampl 25
14. Nelson Piquet Jr. 22
15. Ivan Ares 22

19-08-05 Top speed but no top result for Team HANSEN MJP at World RX of Canada
Team HANSEN MJP faced its most challenging FIA World Rallycross Championship round of 2019 in Canada, wich features the fastest top speed of the calendar, as its lead in both championships were reduced and one of its two cars made the Finals.

Kevin Hansen continues to lead the World RX drivers' championship but no longer has his older brother as his closest rival, with Timmy falling to third as two strong qualifying runs were outweighed by issues in the other two.

Starting from the outside lane twice on Saturday, Kevin struggled for track position at first, though a Q4 heat win put him ninth in qualifying on aggregate.

A brilliant semi-final performance by Kevin promoted him from fifth to third, making a great start and then pulling off an early joker strategy to leapfrog Niclas Grönholm.

He made a similarly bright start to the final, passing the GCK cars of Anton Marklund and Guerlain Chicherit at turn one. But a clash with Marklund damaged his car and forced him to pull up a lap from the end while running fifth, ending his chances of a stunning podium finish. He was later excluded from the final by stewards due to contact with Marklund's GCK machine.

Timmy's weekend was also stalled by contact, losing precious time on his Q2 run after hitting the tyre barrier at the exit of turn two, then being hit by other cars four times in Q4 that forced him to limp to the finish line in 15th.

Despite the tumultuous weekend Team HANSEN MJP still has a 17 point lead in the FIA World RX teams' championship, while Kevin holds a five point lead in the drivers' championship, Third-placed Timmy is now 14 points behind Kevin

World RX of Canada:
Timmy Hansen
Qualifying 1 5th
Qualifying 2 14th
Qualifying 3 4th
Qualifying 4 15th
Semi-Final 2

Kevin Hansen
Qualifying 1 10th
Qualifying 2 11th
Qualifying 3 7th
Qualifying 4 5th
Semi-Final 2 3rd
Final .

Talking Points
The lead gap in both championships narrowed at Trois-Rivières: not great news for us, but good news for the fans seeking an exciting end to the season!
Turn one at Trois-Rivières lived up to its reputation as a flashpoint for trouble, with Timmy held up there on his Q4 run and Kevin pulling off a sublime full-lock drift after being tapped into a spin at the start of Q2.
This is only the second time in 2019 that a Team HANSEN MJP driver has not finished on the podium. The other instance was round three at Spa-Francorchamps, where Timmy finished fourth in the final.

The big number
Timmy's qualifying position heading into Q4, demonstrating how close the FIA World RX championship has been this year.

Timmy Hansen
“There were two key moments: my own mistake in Q2 and being in the wrong place at the wrong time twice in Q4, which wasn't down to me. I had a great run off the start but was in the wrong place at the wrong time. That's racing, I just have to accept it. It feels a lot like Abu Dhabi. There I was taken out for reasons beyond my control and it felt like the same thing here again, with cars spinning out in front of me. Grönholm was definitely fast but we were going really fast as well and things were going well, and it was all taken away quite suddenly. It felt like a big surprise. So having to watch Bakkerud go past me in the championship, without being on the track to defend my position, was tough.”

Kevin Hansen
“It's just small things that went wrong this weekend, like in Q1 where I could have braked later. I was ahead of Grönholm for example into turn one but I braked a bit too early, because I didn't really know where to do so. I was a bit too safe and that didn't play out too well. From then on I reduced my safety margin in Q2, in which I got a penalty for due to track limits.

“Sunday really went quite well. I did the best I could in Q3 and in Q4, while I wasn't so pleased with my run, I really wanted to secure that race win to go to the semi-final. I just forgot about making sure I put together a fast run for the aggregate ranking! But I'm mega happy with the semi final. I found the real 2019 Kevin again and did an amazing run that I'm really proud of.”

Kenneth Hansen
“We learned a lot as a team this weekend. We didn't put everything together. When we came here we thought we would be very strong but we struggled a little with the speed. It wasn't really bad per se, but we also pushed a little over the limit a couple of times.

“This was one of the weekends that was not just not our weekend. We need to pick up the small details as to why that was the case. We didn't make brilliant starts, so that's something we can look at. It was an important learning weekend for the team and for the future, to make sure we put everything together for the end of the season. ”

Next round: World RX of France Lohéac
There's only three rounds to go in this year's FIA World RX season, and the next stop is something of a second home race for Team HANSEN MJP: France.

Thanks to running the Peugeot 208 WRX since the world championship's inception in 2014, the team gets plenty of support from local fans.

Timmy Hansen scored his second career win at Lohéac in 2015, so hopes are high of a return to form in France.
19-08-05 Bakkerud finally wins as tittle battle takes a dramatic twist
Andreas Bakkerud scored a stunning victory at the World RX of Canada in Trois-Rivieres to turn the drivers’ battle in the World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy on its head with three rounds remaining.

It was the Monster Energy RX Cartel driver’s first World RX victory since 2016 in Argentina. He had come close twice this year – second in Belgium and Great Britain – but on the daunting street circuit in Quebec it finally came good for the affable Norwegian.

Bakkerud acknowledged the efforts of his RX Cartel crew in finally securing a win that he thought might never come. “We have worked hard as a team and I was hoping and praying that this day would come even though with all the bad luck and near misses we have had this season, I thought it might never happen,” he said.

“We have had some challenging months in getting the team together for the first round in Abu Dhabi. We were so close in Belgium and Silverstone and we were strong until the semi-final in Sweden. Even today, I had problems in the final when I burned the clutch at the start.

“But we have just stuck at it as a team and I’m really pleased for them and all the Bakkerud Blue supporters to finally get the job done.

“It’s been nearly 950-something days since my last event win. It wasn’t a race I expected to win to be honest. Canada is not a strong circuit for me. I’m just happy that the car kept in one piece so I could bring home the first win for the RX Cartel.”

The win enabled Bakkerud to usurp Timmy Hansen who was second in the drivers’ standings heading to Canada and close to within five points of championship leader Kevin Hansen.

Kevin was fifth across the line but was later disqualified from the final after the stewards decided he was at fault in a clash with GC Kompetition’s Anton Marklund.

Kevin now leads overall on 143 points with Bakkerud second on 138 and Timmy third with 129.

As for his championship chances, Bakkerud added: “It’s so close, the races are very unpredictable. I think it will be a race to the chequered flag in Cape Town (the final round of the 2019 championship in November).

“It’s not going to be easy to win the championship. You need some results and some luck. It’s going to be tricky but you never know.”

Trailing brother Kevin by just six points entering the Canadian round, Timmy was the big loser in the championship squabble after crashing in Q2 and a chaotic race four of Q4.

His Peugeot 208 was severely damaged in multi-car contact and eventually crawled sideways across the finish line where it was retrieved by a recovery vehicle.

The incidents meant he missed the semi-finals and emerged from the World RX of Canada with only four points.

Second to Bakkerud in the final was Team STARD’s Janis Baumanis who went one better than his third place in round five in Hell, Norway.

“It’s really nice to be here between these two guys,” he said. “The team have worked really hard. This is my fifth final of the season so we are getting some rewards.”

Third was GRX Taneco’s Timur Timerzyanov, who had pipped Bakkerud for the spoils at Spa-Francorchamps in May. The Russian had earlier wrestled his Hyundai i20 to a semi-final victory despite a broken suspension.

“Actually the car felt better to drive with the broken suspension,” he joked. “In the final, third place was a present for me after Kevin (Hansen) and Anton (Marklund) crashed in to each other after the joker lap. I was lucky today but that’s racing.”

GC Kompetition team boss Guerlain Chicherit finished fourth to round out an impressive weekend. Marklund was classified fifth following the clash with Kevin Hansen which caused extensive suspension damage to his Renault Megane.

GRX Taneco’s Niclas Gronholm, who had set the early race weekend pace, and finished as top qualifier, looked set to challenge strongly for overall victory.

However, he paid the price for a costly joker strategy in semi-final one where he finished fourth and thus failed to make the final.

ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport’s Timo Scheider in the Seat Ibiza reached semi-final two but a clash with the Audi S1 of Monster RX Cartel’s Liam Doran resulted in bodywork damage and sixth place. The incident dropped Doran to fourth in the semi when it had seemed a place in the final beckoned for the Briton.

EKS Sport’s Krisztian Szabo, sporting a ‘just married’ sticker on the rear bumper of his Audi S1 in recognition of the Hungarian’s recent nuptials, celebrated with a race win in Q2 en route to fifth place in his semi-final.

Lithuania’s Rokas Baciuska, in the GC Kompetition Renault Megane, was on the back foot from Q1 after being handed a five-second time penalty for twice hitting track markers. The misdemeanours dropped him to ninth place after Q2.

He recovered to reach semi-final one where he finished fifth after clipping the tyre wall. Fellow GCK squad member Cyril Raymond, of France, was thwarted by mechanical failure in the same semi-final.

Guillame De Ridder’s run of bad fortune continued with the Belgian finishing the event in 14th place overall in his GCK Academy Renault Clio.

After a strong run to ninth in Q3, Oliver Bennett’s interest in the weekend ended in race 3 of Q4 when his Xite Racing Mini Cooper was sandwiched off the line and suffered broken right front suspension.

It was an eventful outing for Team STARD’s Jani Paasonen. The Finn’s issues began in free practice with contact with one of Trois-Rivieres’ famed concrete walls.

His Ford Fiesta then crabbed its way over the line in race three of Q2 after further contact with a tyre barrier resulting in damage to the right rear suspension. He would eventually finish in last place.

The championship now visits Loheac for the Bretagne World RX of France from August 31 to September 1.

Read full results from World of RX of Canada here.
19-08-01 World Title battle reaches tipping point in Trois-Riviere
The World RX of Canada at Trois-Rivieres, round seven of the 2019 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy this weekend looms as a tipping point in the drivers’ title battle.

The 1.37km high-speed circuit throws up all manner of challenges. And, as is customary with street layouts flanked by concrete walls, errors are heavily punished.

The Swedish Hansen brothers, Kevin and Timmy head the drivers’ standings with 131 and 125 points respectively. In third place on 109 points is Norway’s Andreas Bakkerud, still chasing that elusive first victory in 2019.

After round six in Sweden at the start of July, Kevin said he was set for a battle to the wire. “To lead the championship by just six points is nothing and with Timmy as my team-mate we will continue pushing and at the end of the season we will see who had the most luck and who didn’t,” he said.

Meanwhile, Timmy is relishing the challenge of Trois-Rivieres. “Canada is one of my favourite circuits of the year, because it's a really complete rallycross track. You have asphalt, you have gravel, you have a bit of everything. The asphalt and gravel are in two distinct sections and there's a jump between each section so you really have to switch from one mode to the next," he said.

"The asphalt section has the highest top speed of the year, and it's somewhere that you have to use all the road, getting as close to the walls as you dare, and that's where you can really make up time. So you need to be quite brave!”

So far the 2019 season has produced five different event winners - including a stunning success for Swedish wildcard Sebastian Eriksson at the Swecon World RX of Sweden. Only Timmy (Spain and Great Britain) has won twice this year.

Having recorded victory in Canada in 2016 and finished second last year, Timmy enters the weekend as favourite. He proved in Sweden, when he rebounded from as low as 16th in qualifying to reach the final, that he can put things right when it matters.

Kevin competes in the same machinery as his brother for the first time in his career and takes momentum from Sweden having finished second in the final to regain the championship lead.

As for Bakkerud, he has been a bumper-length away from victory most notably at Silverstone and Spa-Francorchamps where he was pipped by Timmy Hansen and Timur Timerzyanov respectively.

Bakkerud was second to Timmy Hansen in Canada in 2016 and a finalist in 2015 where he finished fifth. The Monster Energy RX Cartel driver was disadvantaged by the changeable weather in Sweden and his Audi S1 was brought to a halt by a broken driveshaft in his semi-final. “I’m hoping to put the bad luck of Sweden behind me,” he said. “Canada is always a challenge so I’m looking forward to it.”

Niclas Gronholm, the winner in Hell, Norway, is currently fourth in the chase on 96 points despite missing the rounds in Belgium and Great Britain through illness.

The GRX Taneco driver believes his Hyundai i20 will be up for the job in Trois-Rivieres. “I’m really looking forward to the race in Canada – I think we have a good car for the track,” the Finn said.

“I like racing at Trois-Rivieres even though it is very tricky in some places and since this is a street circuit, there is no room for errors. It’s been a long break from racing now, my ‘batteries’ are fully charged and motivation is high.”

GRX Taneco team-mate Timur Timerzyanov, the winner of round three in Belgium, is also looking forward to spreading the World RX gospel. “Rallycross for North America is still a relatively new thing and I am glad that we can show Canadians how exciting it is,” the Russian said.

“There is always plenty of action and great racing at Trois-Rivieres, with sudden weather changes possibly mixing up the field even more.”

The consistency of Team STARD’s Janis Baumanis has brought rewards with the Latvian holding down fifth place overall (89 points) after appearing in four of the six finals to date. The highlight was third place in Norway.

Bakkerud’s Monster RX Cartel team-mate Liam Doran has rued missed opportunities this year. He has made the podium once (in Abu Dhabi) from four finals. The Briton lies seventh with 76 points, two behind Timerzyanov, and is seeking redemption this time out.

“I’ve struggled a bit at the more traditional rallycross tracks – Norway and Sweden – and I’m looking forward to Canada which is a different style of track. Hopefully it will bring a change of fortune,” he said.

ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport’s Timo Scheider, a semi-finalist in Canada two years’ ago, believes Trois-Rivieres will mostly be all about horsepower. “Canada is an engine track. It has the longest and quickest straight on the calendar,” he said.

“But you also need good aero and mechanical grip for the dirt section which is quite rough. I think the Seat will be suited to the track and we have a small upgrade for Canada so I’m optimistic.”

The five-car GC Kompetition squad are also likely to feature strongly, according to team boss Guerlain Chicherit. “In Holjes we showed competitive pace and found some consistency. Canada is an exciting track for both the Meganes and the Clios and a really fun event to be at,” he said.

EKS Sport’s Krisztian Szabo and Xite Racing’s Oliver Bennett are also looking to overcome the disappointment of finishing down the order in Holjes due to mishaps and mechanical failures.

Joining the World RX weekend at Trois-Rivieres will be the fourth round of Americas Rallycross, and a double-header weekend for the ARX2 support class. More information about ARX can be found here.

Full World RX Canada entry list here.
World RX Statistics from Circuit Trois-Rivieres:

World RX event #68 (Round 7 2019)
Circuit length: 1370m (the longest of 10)
Average speed (lap record): 105.0 km/h (3rd fastest of 10)
Lap record: 46.959 by Petter Solberg (2018)
Joker lap record: 49.727 by Petter Solberg (2016)
Difference normal/joker: 2.77 (4th longest of 10)
4 laps record: 3:20.947 by Petter Solberg (2016)
6 laps record: 4:57.692 by Petter Solberg (2016)

Past event winners:
2018: Johan Kristoffersson
2017: Johan Kristoffersson
2016: Timmy Hansen
2015: Davy Jeanney
2014: Petter Solberg

Petter Solberg is the sole track record-holder at Circuit Trois-Rivieres; the fastest ever World RX driver at a single lap, a single joker lap, a four laps qualifying race and a six laps finale race.
Solberg is the only driver to have achieved all records at not only one but two circuits. He's also the sole record holder at Lydden Hill.
At the new circuit layout in Barcelona the Hansen brothers have all track records - Kevin the single lap record and Timmy the three others.
19-08-01 Team HANSEN MJP aims for third Canada win
Team HANSEN MJP returns to a happy hunting ground in Canada for round seven of the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Consecutive wins at Trois-Rivières in 2015 and 2016 mean that team has good past form at the temporary city circuit venue. But there's also strong form in the present, with both Kevin and Timmy Hansen performing superlatively in last weekend's Titans RX round at Lydden Hill.

Kevin, who currently tops the FIA World RX standings by six points from his older brother Timmy, comes to Canada off the back of his first Titans RX win at Lydden, making him championship leader in both World RX and Titans RX.

Timmy is equally on form: he scored two second places at Lydden Hill to move into third in the Titans RX series, and was also a World RX of Canada winner in 2016.

Both Timmy and Kevin will now jump back into their Peugeot 208 WRX machines this week, with plenty of positive momentum behind the team and its drivers ahead of the special challenge of Trois-Rivières.
Track The track:
Silverstone, 2018 World RX of Great Britain

Trois-Rivières is unique on the FIA World RX calendar as the only street circuit. World RX now headlines the long-running Grand Prix du Trois-Rivières, previously topped by iconic American championships like Can-Am and Trans-Am.

These days the circuit is 40% gravel when rallycross rolls into town, featuring a notoriously slippy joker section midway through the lap. It's also the fastest circuit of the year with the longest straight on the calendar.

The big numbers
The number of podiums scored by Team Peugeot Hansen at Trois-Rivières between 2014 and 2018, including two victories in 2015 and 2016.

The approximate distance in kilometres between Team HANSEN MJP's base in Götene and the Trois-Rivières circuit, the second-longest travel distance of the season.

Team HANSEN MJP's points lead in the FIA World RX teams' championship heading to Trois-Rivières.
What to look out for

Over a quarter of the entire lap distance is made up of the start-finish straight, meaning that the exit onto it from the final double-apex right hander is make-or-break. Get too sideways on exit and you'll lose too much speed down the straight.

Though gravel isn't exactly known as a high-grip surface, the turn five/joker section at Trois-Rivières is still slippery by normal standards. Getting the right line on outside joker route is hard, but the regular inside lane can be even harder to master.

But the most ominous aspect to Trois-Rivières is the concrete barriers that line the circuit. Run slightly wide and it's likely to be game over.

There's also an annual World RX parade to Trois-Rivières's downtown district on the Friday before the action begins, with Team HANSEN MJP planning to bring both its cars.

There's no chance to open up the gear ratios for the long home straight - only two sets of ratios can be homologated per year in World RX.
Reducing downforce levels for top speed on the straight might be tempting, but for many of the medium to high speed turns it will cause too great much of a loss in grip.
There's only one fairly small jump on the track and the asphalt sections are like a race circuit, so the dampers and anti-roll bars can be made stiffer for better grip.

Rallycross Rewind
2016: Timmy turns knockout into victory
Timmy Hansen on the podium, 2016 World RX of Canada Timmy Hansen, 2016 World RX of Canada
Photos: @World / Red Bull Content Pool

In motorsport, there are few better feelings than going from last on the grid to victory. It's even better when you weren't even supposed to be racing in the first place.

Timmy Hansen managed that exact feat during the 2016 World RX of Canada, starting sixth, only the back row of the grid, in a final he hadn't even qualified for. Yet going on to win.

It had been a tough weekend for Timmy up to that point; barely scraping into the semi-finals with 10th in qualifying and then finishing fourth in his semi-final (which became third due to a disqualification for Timur Timerzyanov).

A great launch from Timmy put him ahead of fellow back-row starter Anton Marklund before turn one, then he used a sneaky cutback to pass Petter Solberg for fourth on the run to turn two.

It only took until the second turn of lap two for Timmy to pick up second, after taking third on lap one thanks to Johan Kristofferson's joker, then taking advantage of a mistake by Topi Heikkinen to sqeeze past on the inside for the runner-up spot.

Then came the typical Timmy push: he caught Andreas Bakkerud, jokered on lap four, then remained ahead once Bakkerud took his own joker.

It was trademark Timmy determination, using his head and his heart to turn what had started as a tough weekend into his fifth World RX career victory.

FIA World Rallycross has a variety of ways to keep up to date thanks to comprehensive live worldwide TV coverage on channels such as TV 10 (Sweden), Viasport 3 (Norway), LTV (Latvia) and ORF (Austria). WRX’s full TV listing can be found here.

You can also watch live coverage of all the World RX qualifiers on Team HANSEN MJP's Facebook page and, in selected countries, watch the Finals on World RX's YouTube channel.

Event Timetable
All times CEST
Saturday August 3rd
Free Practice 15:15
Qualifying 1 18:00
Qualifying 2 21:00
Autograph session 23:30
Sunday August 4th
Warm-up 14:40
Qualifying 3 16:00
Qualifying 4 18:15
Final 21:00

Timmy Hansen
“Canada is one of my favourite circuits of the year, because it's a really complete rallycross track. You have asphalt, you have gravel, you have a bit of everything. The asphalt and gravel are in two distinct sections and there's a jump between each section so you really have to switch from one mode to the next. The asphalt section has the highest top speed of the year, and it's somewhere that you have to use all the road, getting as close to the walls as you dare, and that's where you can really make up time. So you need to be quite brave!”

Kevin Hansen
“I'm really looking forward to Canada. It's a really cool track and every year we go there, it seems to be getting better and better. It's been a really busy weekend – we were at Lydden Hill for Titans RX and had a really great result there, so I'm very pleased about that. It's a nice atmosphere with our travel to Canada, because we have rented a house this year, which keeps the costs down but also means we stay together. The atmosphere in the team is great, and the fact that we can spend more time together means we have lots of great discussions and can think longer about how to improve the car.”

Boss Kenneth
“We go to Canada with the objective of trying to put a bit more speed in the car. In Sweden we were a little bit disappointed with the pace, so we have one or two ideas that we can maybe use in Canada to go a little bit faster.

“Timmy and Kevin know what to do: we're not worried about them racing each other. The important thing is that they have respect for each other. Even if they have contact, the main thing is that they have respect, so I have every faith in them to drive according to what is needed.

“We know we've got our work cut out: we've had some good results as a team and with the drivers, but it's far from an easy year. Our rivals are very strong, as always.”
19-07-31 Touring Car superstar Tom Coronel to race in TitansRX
International touring car fan favourite Tom Coronel is the latest high-profile star to join TitansRX for its inaugural season.

The Dutchman, a six-time winner in the World Touring Car Championship, will compete in select events on this year's schedule, starting with rounds five and six in Montalegre, Portugal next month.

"This is top level racing, I'm excited," said Coronel, who is also set to race in Hungary and Germany later this season. "I like to be in a race car every weekend, so if I can challenge myself in a new discipline in motorsport after 30 years, that’s nice. This is what makes me excited to do it."

Coronel is a veteran of over 1,000 professional races across multiple categories, including sports cars and single-seaters as well as touring cars. He's a two-time WTCC Independents' Champion, the 2006 ETCC Independents' Champion, 1999 Formula Nippon Champion, and also has 10 Le Mans 24 Hours starts to his name, taking a best class position of fifth in 2009.

While his outings in the 2019 TitansRX season will be Coronel's first in rallycross, he is no stranger to loose-surface competition. Coronel has been competing in the gruelling Dakar rally alongside his twin brother Tim for the last decade.

"I see it as a combination of the rally, which of course I’ve done with Dakar, and racing. It’s sand, gravel, mud and asphalt," he said. "Let’s first get the experience because I haven't done any testing, so I think I need some mileage as well."

TitansRX founder and CEO Max Pucher was thrilled to confirm another versatile superstar to the series roster for its first visit to Portugal.

"Tom Coronel is another racing icon who and will bring his broad experience to TitansRX racing," said Pucher. "He has done it all and can adjust to any car in the shortest of times. His knowledge of how to race in a dense field of fast drivers should allow him to stand his ground."
19-07-30 Hedströms nya vapen! - Marklunds snabba VW Polo från ifjol nu i teamet
Det nära samarbetet mellan Marklunds Motorsport och Hedströms Motorsport gör nu att teamet tar ytterligare ett kliv uppåt. Den nyare VW Polon med många uppdateringar blir teamets framtida vapen. Nu väntar tre intensiva veckor för Hedströms Motorsport, då tre tävlingar ska avverkas!

Den nya VW Polon i teamet är här. Anton Marklunds fjolårskärra som tog honom till EM-silver och även topp fem-tider i VM-klassen vid flera tillfällen, den har nu ny hemort. Torsbybaserade Hedströms Motorsport har via sin tighta relation med Marklunds, nu kunnat få loss både bil och de allra senaste utvecklingsbitarna.
- Vi har inte bara tagit över bilen, utan hela konceptet med alla förbättringar, som vi nu ska uppdatera våra andra Polos med, berättar Peter Hedström.
Peter står fast i sitt beslut att avsluta EM-satsningen på grund av de allt för ojämna domsluten som varit i serien under senare tid. Det enda som möjligtvis kan locka honom tillbaka på arenan, blir i såna fall någon test-tävling i nyförvärvet.
- Samtidigt som jag inte vill tävla mer under dessa premisser, så är jag spänd på vad bilen kan leverera, inte minst för att kunna utveckla teamet i framtiden.

Hedström ser sig själv i framtiden som teamets sportchef och förarcoach, i den rollen vill han givetvis utveckla materialet så att teamets förare får det allra bästa som står att erbjuda.
- Vi har en handfull förare som är intresserade av att köra våra bilar nästa år, tanken är att ha två bilar till start i EM, men inget är klart ännu, fortsätter Hedström.
Nu väntar tre hektiska helger för Hedströms Motorsport, redan nu är halva styrkan på väg mot Italien och det Italienska Mästerskapet. En ung tjeckisk förare, Dan Skocdopole, kör en av teamets bilar under en deltävling denna helg. Dan har endast erfarenhet från Karting och lite Super 1600, innan han genomförde ett lyckat test i Höljes under gårdagen.
- Han kommer gå långt, bara efter några varv såg det bra ut, menar Peter Hedström.
Helgen därpå dags för Norska Mästerskapet på Grenland Motorsportsenter, innan teamet sedan styr mot Tyskland och EM på anrika Estering.
- Det blir en intensiv och spännande sensommar, jag får återkomma till vilka förarna blir i Norge, avslutar Peter lite hemlighetsfullt.

19-07-30 Former WRC driver Armindo Araujo joins TitansRX for Montalegre
Five-time time Portuguese rally champion Armindo Araújo will star in TitansRX’s first-ever visit to Portugal next month. Araújo, who is also a double Production World Rally champion, will compete in both rounds five and six at Montalegre.

“It is an honor to be invited to participate in the TitansRX races in Montalegre,” said Araújo. “It will be a completely new experience for me as I have never raced in rallycross or in direct competition with other drivers on the same track.”

“I've seen videos of the first two events and it seems a spectacular championship, with great drivers and powerful cars, equal for everyone,” he added. “I know that rallycross in Montalegre tends to have a fantastic atmosphere, so I am looking forward to it.”

Araújo joins a TitansRX field filled with rally driving talent. Returning for Montalegre will be WRC regulars Craig Breen and Hayden Paddon, while Tamara Molinaro has been a regular feature in the finals this season.

Also joining the field for Montalegre will be Spanish rally star Ivan Ares. Ares was the 2017 Spanish champion and is also a two-time FIA European Rally Trophy champion.

“The Galician Motorsport Federation has trusted me to race in Montalegre and I am looking forward to matching the bet,” said Ares. “I'm used to these kind of gravel and tarmac circuits, but the TitansRX squad has a lot of big names and fast-paced rallycross drivers like the Hansen brothers.I am very curious to see how I adapt to the car and see what we can do in Montalegre.”
19-07-29 Eriksson returns to winning ways in Norway
Eriksson wins in fine fashion to extend advantage in title chase
Östlund seals first win of season as home hero Gundersen runs into trouble
Österberg’s dominant display yields CrossCar championship lead

Oliver Eriksson reasserted his authority in round five of the 2019 RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires campaign at Finnskogbanen in Norway last weekend (27/28 July), while local ace Ben-Philip Gundersen looked to be on-course for a popular home victory in the Supercar Lites class until a late puncture handed the initiative to Linus Östlund.

The RallyX Nordic action resumed in the Norwegian forest just a week after the chequered flag had fallen in Latvia. Coined by many as a real drivers’ track, the fast-and-flowing circuit attracted drivers and fans in their droves as local heroes including Gundersen and Thomas Holmen looked to put on a great show in front of their supporters.

Close racing was very much a hallmark of the event, as the stars of the show turned up the heat on a weekend where off-track temperatures soared to 31°C.

Supercars: Title rivals share the podium once again
Oliver Eriksson emerged as the eventual winner after tight battles throughout the weekend at the top of the Supercar class. The Olsbergs MSE driver dominated the timesheets along with Robin Larsson and Jere Kalliokoski, as they have done for much of the season, with each taking their turn at the top of the pile in the qualifying stages. Eriksson ultimately claimed a semi-final win and swiftly followed it up with victory in the final, his third of the 2019 Nordic season.

“I've won more than half of the races now, which feels incredibly good,” enthused the Swede. “It was tough out there, you know; at Turn One, Robin tried to go round the outside of me but I was never going to let that go. I was a bit tough but I had the inside line and could go from there. I made some small mistakes; obviously I was a bit nervous to not hit my marks, but it was enough in the end and I'm so happy!

“I have no idea what was going on behind me, but my spotter told me ‘keep it tight, keep it clean, just do your thing’ and it worked out. First over the finish line and good championship points. There are two events left so a long way still to drive, but we're ahead so that’s good and I really enjoyed the weekend.”

Latvian winner Larsson produced another eye-catching showing, setting the pace in two of the four qualifying rounds, winning his semi-final and claiming the overall runner-up spot, although the JC Raceteknik man’s day was somewhat hampered by a problem with the throttle in Q3 that forced him to retire.

Strong drives in the remaining races put him in a great position to challenge for the lead into Turn One in the final, but the move failed to come off and dropped the Swede to fourth. He recovered to pass Kalliokoski on the last lap to seal the runner-up spoils.

RallyX Nordic’s own ‘Flying Finn’ racked up yet another podium finish to add to his growing tally in 2019. After seizing the early advantage by going fastest in Q1, Ford Fiesta driver Kalliokoski was never far from the top of the charts but ultimately had to settle for third place in Norway. He will be keen to turn the tables on his rivals on home soil next time out at Kouvola Circuit.

Further down the field, Crister Dalmans impressed with a strong effort to finish fourth in the final, followed by Ulrik Linnemann. The highest-placed Norwegian in the headlining category was Fredrik Magnussen, who wound up sixth overall.

Supercar Lites: Östlund snatches first win of 2019
Linus Östlund remained calm and collected throughout the weekend, quietly gathering points in the build-up to the finals before besting his rivals and mastering the car, circuit and sweltering conditions to take his first Nordic victory of 2019 after pole-sitter Ben-Philip Gundersen picked up a puncture.

“This is unbelievable, it’s amazing!” the Swede smiled. “He (Gundersen) got a puncture so I got a bit lucky, but I kept cool and made it to the goal – I am so happy! This is wonderful news for the championship, and I’d like to thank all of my supporters, Olsbergs MSE and everyone who has helped me.”

Östlund was joined on the podium by Mats Oskarsson and Anders Michalak, both drivers taking their first top three finish of the season, with Michalak holding off a late attack from the charging Petter Nårsa.

Whilst the top three shone, the local favourite was out of luck. Gundersen looked set to dominate the weekend after going quickest in the first three rounds of qualifying, but punctures in Q4 and the final dashed his hopes of home glory.

CrossCar: Victory and points lead for Österberg
Jimmie Österberg was the man on-form in the ever-competitive CrossCar category, the young Swede taking the championship lead courtesy of a commanding victory ahead of Carcontrol’s Isac Egonsson and JC Raceteknik Juniorteam’s Isak Reiersen.

Local man Markus Gimle Enger narrowly missed out on the podium in fourth overall. Former championship leader Nils Andersson, meanwhile, was unable to capitalise on his early weekend pace, the Swede hitting trouble in the final and only taking the chequered flag sixth.

Kouvola Circuit in Finland will host the penultimate round of the RallyX Nordic campaign, and there will be plenty of local drivers wanting to put on a good show for the enthusiastic Finnish fans. Round six of the 2019 championship takes place on 24/25 August.

Results and Championship Standings
Supercar Final Result
1. Oliver ERIKSSON (SWE) Olsbergs MSE 5 laps
2. Robin LARSSON (SWE) JC Raceteknik +1.373s
3. Jere KALLIOKOSKI (FIN) Kalliokoski Motorsport +2.922s

Supercar Lites Final Result
1. Linus ÖSTLUND (SWE) Olsbergs MSE 5 laps
2. Mats OSKARSSON (SWE) Oskarsson Motorsport +3.099s
3. Anders MICHALAK (SWE) Michalak Motorsport +7.071s

CrossCar Final Result
1. Jimmie ÖSTERBERG (SWE) Österberg Motorsport 5 laps
2. Isac EGONSSON (SWE) Carcontrol +3.074s
3. Isak REIERSEN (SWE) JC Raceteknik Juniorteam +4.654s

Supercar - Championship Standings
1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 125 points
2. Robin Larsson (SWE) 116 points
3. Jere Kalliokoski (FIN) 110 points
4. Ulrik Linnemann (DNK) 90 points
5. Andreas Carlsson (SWE) 69 points
6. Philip Gehrman (SWE) 69 points

Supercar Lites - Championship Standings
1. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 129 points
2. Linus Östlund (SWE) 119 points
3. Sondre Evjen (NOR) 104 points
4. Thomas Holmen (NOR) 92 points
5. Anders Michalak (SWE) 72 points
6. Jimmie Walfridson (SWE) 71 points

RX Academy - Championship Standings
1. Rasmus Tuominen (FIN) 104 points
2. Tommi Hallman (FIN) 95 points
3. Marko Muru (EST) 94 points
4. Luka Nurmi (FIN) 74 points
5. Jonne Ollikainen (FIN) 66 points
6. Joni Heikkinen (FIN) 63 points

CrossCar - Championship Standings
1. Jimmie Österberg (SWE) 115 points
2. Nils Andersson (SWE) 112 points
3. Isak Reiersen (SWE) 91 points
4. Julle Ljungdahl (SWE) 85 points
5. Isac Egonsson (SWE) 84 points
6. Timmy Enlund (SWE) 64 points
19-07-28 Topi Heikkinen and Kevin Hansen share the spoils at Lydden Hill
Topi Heikkinen and Kevin Hansen were the stars of the show as TitansRX headed to Lydden Hill for its first event in the UK.
Rounds three and four of the 2019 season took place in mixed conditions at the "home of rallycross", with torrential rain covering the circuit on Saturday, and a hint of sun arriving by the round four final on Sunday.

Heikkinen, who went into the weekend atop of the points, comfortably led home Timmy Hansen and brother Kevin in the wet, leading by 2.4 seconds at the checkered flag.

Behind the three rallycross regulars was Oliver Webb, who was making his series debut. The sportscar specialist challenged Kevin Hansen for the final podium spot but eventually settled for fourth, ahead of wildcard driver Dan Rooke and Tamara Molinaro.

After dominating qualifying Nelson Piquet was forced to miss the final after crashing out of the lead during his semi-final race. Contact for Abbie Eaton in the same race stopped her from advancing as well, and in an incident similar to Piquet's, Ronny C'Rock also crashed out.

In the second semi-final Andrew Jordan failed to make the grid due to engine problems, with his place being filled by Andreas Steffen, while Jerome Grosset-Janin also struggled with engine issues throughout the race which prevented him from going further.

TitansRX round three final results
1. Topi Heikkinen 03:51.888
2. Timmy Hansen 03:54.312
3. Kevin Hansen 03:55.411
4. Oliver Webb 03:55.830
5. Dan Rooke 04:01.440
6. Tamara Molinaro 04:23.431

On Sunday it was Kevin Hansen’s turn to dominate. The Swede led the final from start to finish, crossing the line 5.3 seconds ahead of Timmy Hansen.

The elder Hansen brother had to fend off a challenge from Heikkinen throughout the race, with the pair coming together on the final lap. The contact allowed Jordan to sneak through and snatch third from Heikkinen in the final moments of the race.

Ronny C’Rock finished in fifth, with Molinaro taking sixth in her second consecutive final appearance.

Among the drivers that missed out on the final, Rooke and Webb suffered mechanical issues in their semi-final, where both looked set to qualify. Perry McCarthy was in a position to capitalise on his fellow debutantes misfortune until a power steering failure left him struggling for pace.

In the second semi-final Steffen had to battle back from a slow start, while a spin for ‘CsuCsu’ in the first corner on the opening lap knocked him out of contention almost immediately.

TitansRX round four final results
1. Kevin Hansen 04:59.077
2. Timmy Hansen 05:04.402
3. Andrew Jordan 05:04.642
4. Topi Heikkinen 05:04.965
5. Ronny C'Rock 05:05.415
6. Tamara Molinaro 05:11.479

Series standings after round four
1. Kevin Hansen 89
2. Topi Heikkinen 88
3. Timmy Hansen 81
4. Ronny C’Rock 52
5. Jerome Grosset-Janin 45
6. Tamara Molinaro 44
7. Andreas Steffen 36
8. ‘CsuCsu’ 31
9. Hayden Paddon 30
10. Oliver Webb 26
11. Andrew Jordan 23
12. Nelson Piquet Jr. 22
13. Dan Rooke 21
14. Reini Sampl 20
15. Craig Breen 14
16. Perry McCarthy 13
17. Antoine Masse 10
17. Abbie Eaton 7
19-07-28 Två JC Raceteknik-förare på pallen i Flisa – Larsson och Reiersen avancerar i mästerskapet RallyX Nordic
Det blev en andraplats för Robin Larsson i Supercar när rallycrossens nordiska serie nådde Norge. Samtidigt lyckades 15-årige Isak Reiersen ta tredjeplatsen i Crosscar, trots rullning. Hemmahoppet Ben-Philip Gundersen överlägsen – fram tills det tuffa avslutet i finalen.

Under helgen kördes för första gången RallyX Nordic på Finnskogbanen i Flisa, Norge. Lite annorlunda mot tidigare tävlingar den här säsongen var att banan endast är drygt 800 meter lång, vilket gjorde starterna viktigare än någonsin. För teamet JC Raceteknik bjöd helgen på mixade resultat.

Redan från start var Supercar-föraren Robin Larsson med i toppen och ledde efter två omgångar. Men i tredje omgången gjorde tekniska problem att han tvingades bryta och han tappade viktiga placeringar. En seger i fjärde omgången gjorde att han slutade tvåa i grundomgången, och efter en seger i semifinalen kvalificerade han sig till andra startspåret i finalen. Efter en bred första kurva tappade Larsson flera placeringar, men han lyckades köra upp sig till en andraplats i tävlingen och efter helgen klättrar han till andraplats i mästerskapet. Mats Öhman har visat högt tempo på banan hela helgen och slutade på en total fjärdeplats i grundomgången. Han startade sida vid sida med Larsson i semifinalen och det såg ut som att han skulle knipa den sista finalplatsen. Men efter en miss i jokerspåret tappade han värdefull tid och blev förste förare utanför final. Han slutade istället på sjundeplats i tävlingen.

Värmlänningen Isak Reiersen, som representerar JC Raceteknik Juniorteam, har haft en tuff säsong – men under helgen tog han sin andra pallplats i RallyX Nordic. Han inledde med tider i toppen och var bra med i grundomgången, men i fjärde omgången såg det ut som att tävlingen skulle vara över för 15-åringen. Han rullade och crosskarten skadades rejält. Men tack vare ett stort engagemang bland flera mekaniker och privatpersoner lyckades de få ihop bilen till semifinal, där han slutade tvåa. Väl i final gasade han hem en tredjeplats och Reiersen avancerar till en tredjeplats i mästerskapstabellen.

För hemmaföraren Ben-Philip Gundersen började helgen på bästa sätt. Efter segrar på båda träningarna, vinst i tre av fyra omgångar samt en vinst i semifinalen såg han ut att gå mot en seger i final. Men på andra varvet ödelade en punktering hans framfart och norrmannen fick nöja sig med en femteplats. För teamkompisen Sondre Evjen bjöd helgen på mixade resultat. Till en början kämpade han med flytet, men tempot ökades konstant på banan och han knep den sista finalplatsen efter en fight över mållinjen i semifinalen. Men liksom Gundersen råkade han ut för en punktering i finalen, och slutade på en sjätteplats. För Jimmie Walfridson var det en bra tävling, där han bland annat tog en andratid i fjärde omgången och slutade femma i grundomgången. Men en startsmäll i semifinalen gjorde att han snurrade av banan och istället slutade sjua i tävlingen. I mästerskapstabellen för Supercar Lites är Gundersen kvar i ledning, medan Evjen tappar till tredjeplats och Walfridson är fortsatt sexa.

Nästa deltävling för Supercar och Supercar Lites blir 24-25 augusti i finska Kouvola. För Crosscar körs det nästa gång under den avslutande deltävlingen i Tierp 21-22 september.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Allt som allt är vi nöjda med två pallplatser. Robin ledde fram till Q2 när ett gasspjäll gick sönder i Q3 och han bröt. Han vann Q4 med över två sekunder och segrade enkelt i semifinalen, men tyvärr fick han andra startspår i finalen och på den här banan måste du i princip ta starterna för att kunna vinna. Mats gör framsteg varje helg och har hittat ännu mer fart i bilen. Att få ha både honom och Robin i första led i semifinalen var kul. Tyvärr gjorde Mats ett misstag i jokern som kostade finalplatsen, men annars är teamet jättenöjda med hans helg.

Ben-Philip har varit överlägset snabbast under helgen, så det var synd att han fick den där punkteringen i finalen. Sondre har också haft fart men fick även han punktering. Men det är motorsport, och sånt händer. Även om Jimmie har haft bra fart har det där lilla sista fattats. Han gjorde ett väldigt bra jobb i Q4, men missade tyvärr finalen efter en startsmäll i semin.

Isak har presterat i helgen, trots att han inte riktigt haft farten som han brukar ha så krigar han på. Efter rullningen i Q4 gjorde teamet ett bra jobb med att få ihop crosskarten till semin, och med tanke på det är vi absolut glada över tredjeplatsen.”

Robin Larsson, Supercar:
”Liksom många andra gånger i den här serien hade vi otur och det blev stolpe ut för oss, det känns självklart tråkigt. Efter att gasspjället gick sönder och vi bröt i Q3 var det svårt att knyta ihop säcken och vi fick starta från andra plats i finalen. Jag försökte köra om på yttern, men gled istället ut och tappade placeringar. Så jag räddade några poäng när jag körde upp mig till andraplatsen, även om det varit skönare med vinst. Det var första tävlingen för mig på Finnskogbanan, så under lördagen var körningen lite kantigt. Sen att farten fanns idag är det ingen tvekan om, men jag måste bli ännu mer startsnabb så vi slipper kriga eller ’jokra’ för att plocka placeringar. Men nu blickar vi fram emot deltävlingen i Finland, allt som gäller är att plocka maximala poäng för att kunna utmana i mästerskapet. Det är 60 poäng vi kör om och jag tänker inte sluta kriga på.”

Mats Öhman, Supercar:
”Jag är inte nöjd med helgen faktiskt, det finns så mycket mer att ge. Jag har gjort för många misstag och är inte konsekvent i körningen. Att det är en bra bil vi har är det inget snack om, men det krävs ju speciella inställningar för mig. Ju mer tid jag får i bilen desto mer saker börjar vi hitta som kan förbättras. Vi skulle bland annat behöva jobba för att förbättra handbromsen, och jag har idéer på hur vi ska bygga om den till Finland. Systemet för starterna har vi jobbat mycket med för att det ska bli bättre, och de är jag faktiskt jäkligt nöjd med numera. Att starten var dålig i semifinalen däremot får jag skylla mig själv, för där satt jag ju och sov. Som alltid vill jag tacka teamet, mekaniker och alla andra för tävlingen här i Flisa.”

Isak Reiersen, Crosscar:
”Det känns skönt att kunna avsluta på pallen efter en tävling som gått väldigt mycket upp och ner. Jag hade inte riktigt den farten som fanns i Riga, men vi gjorde konstant ändringar i inställningarna och förbättrade tempot genom tävlingen. Sen i omgång fyra gick det ju som det gick. Jag hade högre fart än föraren framför och försökte köra om på yttern, men våra hjul hakade ihop och då blir det som en katapult med de här bilarna. Jag rullade och hamnade i ett räcke, som gjorde att crosskarten tog mycket stryk. Efter det var det tight om tid att få allt redo till semifinalen och det var hur mycket folk som helst här och skruvare. Inte bara vårt Juniorteam utan JC Racetekniks mekaniker som annars jobbar med Supercar-bilarna skyndade sig för att hjälpa till och även privatpersoner. Utan dem hade vi lika gärna kunnat åka hem, det hade aldrig gått. Jag är verkligen så tacksam över att så många valde att kämpa, vi tog det här resultatet tack vare teamwork. Efter helgen klättrar jag upp till en tredjeplats i mästerskapet igen. Det är tight i tabellen och allt kan hända under finalen i Tierp.”

Ben-Philip Gundersen, Supercar Lites:
”Själva helgen var väldigt bra fram till finalen. Även om vi haft lite problem på vägen med bland annat servostyrningen och växelproblem har vi hela tiden kunnat komma tillbaka och visat att vi är snabbast på banan. Så det var väldigt tråkigt med punkteringen i finalen, jag tycker inte att vi förtjänade det efter den här helgen – men så är det ibland i rallycross. Jag leder fortfarande mästerskapet, och hoppas kunna utöka ledningen ännu mer under tävlingen i Kouvola. Allt som allt har det varit en trevlig tävling här på hemmaplan. Jag har haft flera sponsorer, vänner och familj på plats, så tack till alla som kom hit. Också stort tack till min klubb som gjorde ett bra arrangemang här på banan.”

Sondre Evjen, Supercar Lites:
”Helgen började väldigt dåligt under träningar och Q1. Jag hittade inte flytet helt enkelt. Men sen gick jag runt banan en gång på kvällen och tog i ännu hårdare dagen efter. På söndagen satte jag snabbaste tiden under warm-up:en och efter det var tempot riktigt bra. Men tyvärr hade jag dåliga startspår på yttern varje omgång, och på en bana där de som tar starten nästan alltid får en tid inom topp tre blir det svårt. Det har blivit en del startsmällar under helgen, men grabbarna har gjort ett bra jobb med att fixa bilen efter varje heat. I semifinalen var det fighter om den sista finalplatsen. Bilen var trasig bak, men jag kom trea med bara några hundradelar till föraren bakom. Men väl där i final fick jag punka på andra varvet, och då blev tävlingen ödelagt för min del. I mästerskapet är det i princip kört att kunna ta segern, så jag kommer fortsätta köra för bra resultat i varje tävling istället.”

Jimmie Walfridson, Supercar Lites:
”Farten har funnits även i helgen och jag har satt snabba varvtider när jag haft fritt spår. Men tyvärr har jag inte riktigt fått till det där lilla extra som har behövts. Startspåren har varit väldigt avgörande och jag har inte fått till några klockrena starter från andra och tredje spår. I fjärde omgången fick jag stå i första spår, då kunde jag köra mitt race, vinna heatet och bli tvåa i omgången. I semifinalen hade jag väldigt bra startspår och var bra med i starten. Tyvärr fick jag först en smäll i sidan så att jag inte hade någonstans att ta vägen, sen fick jag en tryckare bakifrån. Jag for av banan och det var inte långt ifrån att jag rullade. Där tog min finaljakt slut. Men det är sånt som händer – en ren raceincident. Jag vill också passa på att tacka ett gäng av mina sponsorer från Glasurit som varit på plats och stöttat mig i helgen. Det var lite synd bara att det inte räckte längre för min del.”
19-07-24 Titanic title fight reaches fever pitch at Finnskogbanen
Norway’s forests await Nordic competitors to kick-start second half of season
Three-way title fight heating up in headlining Supercar class
Local heroes Gundersen and Holmen set for wheel-to-wheel Supercar Lites duel
Semi-finals and finals to be broadcast live and worldwide via Facebook

The dust has barely settled on a pulsating scrap in Riga three days ago, but RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires competitors are already gearing up for this weekend’s fast-approaching Finnskogbanen showdown in Norway (27/28 July) – the latest instalment in a gripping championship battle.

Three-way title tussle
Robin Larsson’s Latvian victory blew the Supercar class title race wide open, with only five points now blanketing the top three contenders in the chase for the coveted crown. Olsbergs MSE’s Oliver Eriksson still leads the way courtesy of his two early-season triumphs, but with a reduced margin of just three points over ultra-consistent ‘Flying Finn’ Jere Kalliokoski, the championship’s ‘quiet man’ continuing to go from strength-to-strength with every round.

And then, of course, there is Larsson, whose Latvian result finally confirmed the pace and potential the Swede has shown all season. The JC Raceteknik man is in a rich vein of form off the back of his Nordic and EuroRX successes, and another win this weekend could just catapult him to the top of the table.

“Riga was the first time in RallyX Nordic this year that things properly went our way,” reflected the former FIA World Rallycross Championship event winner, EuroRX Champion and current European Championship leader. “It proved what we are capable of, and now we need to carry that momentum forward to Norway. Finnskogbanen is a real old-school, classic rallycross track – all about speed, commitment and balls-out bravery – and I can’t wait to see how we shape up!”

In the second OMSE Honda Civic, Ulrik Linnemann has been repeatedly beset by ill-fortune in 2019 but when he has had a clean run, the Dane has proved to be almost a match for team-mate Eriksson, while Philip Gehrman is another who has snuck ‘under the radar’ but is a consistent threat for podium places.

Amongst the high-calibre, 13-strong Supercar field will be four locals, with Fredrik Magnussen, Stene Johansen, Mario Hansen and Svein Roger Andersen all eager to channel home advantage and put on a spectacular show for the partisan crowd.

Spotlight on Supercar Lites
On the subject of locals, they don’t get much more local than Supercar Lites title-chasers Ben-Philip Gundersen (Kjellmyra) and Thomas Holmen (Flisa), both of whom grew up barely a stone’s throw away from Finnskogbanen.

Gundersen arrives fresh off the back of victories in the most recent two rounds at Nysum and Bikernieki, and holding a 14-point advantage over countryman and JC Raceteknik stablemate Sondre Evjen in the drivers’ standings. Höljes winner Holmen is similarly in touch in fourth position, and he and Gundersen are sure to benefit from the lion’s share of support.

“Finnskogbanen is literally 20 minutes down the road from me, so I really will be competing ‘at home’ this weekend,” acknowledged Holmen. “We’ve been a bit out of luck since winning the first round of the season, but hopefully we can get back on-track and really give the local fans something to cheer about.

“There’s a lot of passion for rallycross in this part of the country and it’s a fantastic track both to drive and spectate at, so I’m looking forward to seeing a big crowd and I hope everybody is ready for some awesome racing!”

OMSE’s Linus Östlund is the sole non-Norwegian interloper in the top four – just a single point behind Evjen – and the Swede has enjoyed a strong campaign to-date, with three rostrum finishes from four starts. Lars Erik Haug and Hans-Ola Frøshaug complete the homegrown contingent.

Swedish Showdown
The racing in the supporting CrossCar category has been action-packed since the beginning of the season, and heading to Finnskogbanen, it is a sextet of speedy Swedes at the top of the order – but Norwegian interest will be focussed firmly on the five homegrown drivers, who make up a third of the entry list.

Tony Sormbroen (Flisa), Terje Bredesen (Gjesåsen) and Nikolai Haldammen (Kongsvinger) are the most ‘local’ of the locals, and will be aiming to put their specialist knowledge to good use to shake up the Swedish hegemony in the fiercely competitive single-make series.

The racing will run from 16h00-16h50 (local time) on Saturday and 11h00-16h50 on Sunday. Weekend tickets are available to purchase on-site during the event, priced at 300 NOK.

For those unable to get to the track, every RallyX Nordic event in 2019 will be livestreamed at www.facebook.com/rallyxnordic and www.rallyx.se/rallyx-tv, with live coverage of the semi-finals and finals also set to be broadcast on Viasat in Norway and throughout the Baltic regions on TV6 Latvia.

Entry Lists
4 Robin Larsson SWE JC Raceteknik
9 Christer Dalmans SWE Hedströms Motorsport
11 Jere Kalliokoski FIN Kalliokoski Motorsport
12 Fredrik Magnussen NOR Fredrik Magnussen
16 Oliver Eriksson SWE Olsbergs MSE
17 Mats Öhman SWE JC Raceteknik
50 Svein Roger Andersen NOR Andersen Motorsport
61 Andreas Carlsson SWE Andreas Carlsson Rallycross
72 Ulrik Linnemann DNK Olsbergs MSE
77 Stene Johansen NOR Johansen Motorsport
86 Mario Hansen NOR Olsbergs MSE
88 Daniel Thorén SWE Hedströms Motorsport
95 Philip Gehrman SWE Gehrman Motorsport AB

Supercar Lites
2 Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR JC Raceteknik
11 Mats Oskarsson SWE Oskarsson Motorsport
12 Anders Michalak SWE Michalak Motorsport
18 Linus Östlund SWE Olsbergs MSE
33 Lars Erik Haug NOR Haug Rallycross Team
52 Simon Olofsson SWE Simon Olofsson
54 Petter Nårsa SWE Öhman Motorsport
56 Thomas Holmen NOR Thomas Holmen
69 Sondre Evjen NOR JC Raceteknik
90 Jimmie Walfridson SWE JC Raceteknik
91 Niklas Aneklev SWE Olsbergs MSE
99 Hans-Ola Frøshaug NOR JC Raceteknik

6 Martin Enlund SWE Enlunds Motorsport
8 Jonas Ericsson SWE SSD Swespeed
11 Jimmie Österberg SWE Österberg Motorsport
14 Nils Andersson SWE NA Motorsport
20 Julius Ljungdahl SWE Yellow Squad by Hansen
21 Lars Söderström SWE SSD Swespeed
31 Jan Emil Wilsberg NOR Jan Emil Wilsberg
43 Tony Sormbroen NOR Tony Sormbroen
50 Terje Bredesen NOR Terje Bredesen
67 Isac Egonsson SWE Carcontrol
85 Petter Hane SWE Petter Hane
170 Isak Reiersen SWE JC Raceteknik Junior Team
175 Timmy Enlund SWE Enlunds Motorsport
181 Markus Gimle Enger NOR Markus Gimle Enger
888 Nikolai Haldammen NOR Nikolai Haldammen
19-07-24 Dan Rooke will return to international rallycross competition for TitansRX at Lydden Hill
Dan Rooke is the final high-profile name to join the TitansRX field for the series first visit to Lydden Hill, completing a star-studded 15-car field. The 22-year-old is rallycross royalty in Britain, having won the 2016 national supercar championship and becoming the youngest ever winner of the category. Following his national success, Rooke spent a year competing in the RX2 series, where he finished runner-up.
"It feels mega to be back out on track. It feels like forever since I was competing in international rallycross so I am just so excited for the weekend," said Rooke. "Titans RX is a great concept, I love the idea of a single make series and going to all the classic RX tracks will make for some great racing all year."

Rooke, who has focused on broadcasting and coaching commitments alongside sporadic on-track appearances in the last couple of years, is the fifth British driver to join the field alongside Andrew Jordan and rallycross debutantes Perry McCarthy, Abbie Eaton, and Oliver Webb.
"The driver line up in the series certainly makes it interesting, having so many top level drivers from different disciplines on track at the same time means that different drivers will excel in different areas," he said. "It’s going to be a tough weekend racing against these standards of drivers."

Rooke is certain to be a big draw at Lydden Hill, the track where rallycross began, and he is looking forward to experiencing the iconic circuit in TitansRX's single-make Pantera RX6 supercar.
"It’s really special to be back at Lydden, I have so many great memories from this track in the British championship and in RX2," he said. "It’s certainly a track I know well and I can’t wait to be behind the wheel of the Pantera RX6 around there."

TitansRX founder and CEO Max Pucher was thrilled with the late addition of Rooke to the roster ahead of the series' maiden UK event.
"TitansRX Europe at Lydden Hill is rightly turning into a fabulous British racing festival with Dan Rooke as the final addition to the lineup," he said. "Dan is a British Rallycross regular but will also go into free practice the first time in a Pantera. On Sunday he and the other wildcards will be adjusted to the cars and track and give the full time drivers a run for the points."
19-07-22 Sportscar ace Oliver Webb added to TitansRX field for Lydden Hill
Sportscar driver Oliver Webb will make his rallycross debut as a wildcard entry in the third and fourth rounds of the 2019 TitansRX season at Lydden Hill.

The 28-year-old Brit joins fellow circuit racers Perry McCarthy and Abbie Eaton in a star-studded wildcard bill for the series’ first visit to the UK.

“I’m delighted to be joining TitansRX with what is a completely new skill set for me,” said Webb. “Rallycross is something I’ve never done!”

“Spending my whole life on tarmac with zero experience on anything else, and being a single seater and prototype driver, this will be a huge learning weekend and just a chance to gain some experience.”

Webb is perhaps best known as a sports car racer, having spent much of his career in the top LMP1 tier of the FIA World Endurance Championship. He won the European Le Mans series with Signatech Alpine in 2014. In the same year he also claimed a class podium at Le Mans – and took an overall victory in the 24 Hours of Dubai in 2015.

Prior to his sportscar career Webb found success on the single seater ladder, racing in both Europe and the United States. He finished third in the 2009 British Formula Renault and 2010 British Formula 3 seasons, was a pole position starter and podium finisher in Indy Lights plus a regular points scorer in Formula Renault 3.5

"Lydden Hill hosts the second event of the TitansRX 2019 series and it will trump the success of Essay-Ducs," explained TitansRX founder and CEO, Max Pucher. "As promised, we bring the very best of racing stars together in this series and British racing star Oliver Webb has wiped his calendar to participate in TitansRX Europe rounds three and four at the home of Rallycross, Lydden Hill."

Pucher concluded: "I am very happy to have five British drivers testing their offroad skill against the RX stars. I expect a bigger spectacle than Lydden Hill has seen in a long time. Don‘t miss it!"

19-07-22 Larsson in the championship hunt after 'perfect' Latvia round
Robin Larsson takes his first win of 2019 Nordic campaign ahead of title rivals Jere Kalliokoski and Oliver Eriksson
JC Raceteknik's Ben-Philip Gundersen extends his advantage in Supercar Lites
Three Latvian drivers across three classes stand on Riga podium

RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires got back underway last weekend (20/21 July) at the historic Bikernieki track in Riga, Latvia. After a long break, the drivers were keen to resume racing, none more so than eventual winner, Robin Larsson who revelled in his first victory of the 2019 season.

The hair-raising Bikernieki circuit is sensational to drive, but also extremely unforgiving in nature. Much of the track limits are defined by barriers meaning any mistake, no matter how small, will not go unpunished. Additionally, the track features a unique double jump section with the joker and main lap running alongside one another to create breathtaking last corner battles.

Latvian drivers were well-represented in Riga, with a home crowd favourite making an appearance in three of the four classes in the shape of Vasiliy Gryazin in Supercar Lites, Roberts Vitols in the RX Academy and Ronalds Baldins in CrossCar. Several drivers also ended up on their roofs over the course of the day, with Turn Two becoming notoriously tricky to negotiate as Simon Olofsson and Stene Johansen found out - both turned on their heads.

Supercars: Luck finally with Larsson in Latvia
Robin Larsson sealed his first 2019 Nordic win after a dominant display in the preliminary races - the only front-runner to enjoy an uninterrupted run through the qualifying stages. A close battle with Philip Gehrman in Q1 and a dice with Oliver Eriksson in the first semi-final were the only blips on Larsson's radar on his way to a glorious victory in the Latvian sunshine. The JC Raceteknik driver's championship challenge received a boost, seeing him close to within five points of the lead.
"It's nice to finally have a good weekend in RallyX Nordic," enthused the Swede. "It was the perfect weekend aside from Q1. We had the pace all weekend and the car worked perfectly in the final.
"We've struggled so far this season in Nordic, but we're going to keep hunting and the fight is on for the championship."

Fast Finn Jere Kalliokoski slipped under the radar for much of the qualification stages, but his results nonetheless set him up nicely for a semi-final win and second overall in the final. Consistency is key for Kalliokoski, both last weekend and in the championship as three podiums have helped him climb to second place in the standings.

Championship leader Eriksson's weekend was not as straightforward as it had been in Denmark. The Olsbergs MSE driver hit trouble in Q1, making contact with team-mate Ulrik Linnemann at the first corner and then stalling on the start-line in Q2. Eriksson produced an excellent recovery effort to finish second in his semi-final after a close battle with Larsson, ultimately missing out on the runner-up spot in the final by just six tenths-of-a-second.

Linnemann suffered another difficult weekend after the contact with Eriksson in Q1 and a time penalty for hitting a track marker in Q2 put him at a disadvantage for the finals - fourth overall was the end result for the Dane.

Supercar Lites: Gundersen dominates again
JC Raceteknik's Ben-Philip Gundersen was the architect of another dominant display following on from his victory in Denmark. The Norwegian had things under control right from the off on Sunday, going fastest in every session on the way to the top step of the rostrum.

"What a wonderful weekend," Gundersen commented. "I didn't expect this after practice so I'm very, very happy. I had to push all the time for the win; I knew the other guys were fast so had to keep going, but I had a great feeling in the car."

Linus Östlund claimed the runner-up spot in the final after a consistent run in the qualifying stages catapulted the Swede up the order.
Local man Vasiliy Gryazin was the only driver other than Gundersen to top the timesheets - in Q1 - but even he didn't have an answer once the championship leader settled into his stride. Third was the eventual result for the Sports Racing Technologies star, who was thrilled to finish on the podium in front of his home crowd.

RX Academy: Back-to-back for Tuominen
Rasmus Tuominen mirrored his form from the previous round at Nysum by going fastest in all-bar one session. The Finn didn't have it all his own way, however, as local favourite Roberts Vitols was never too far behind and chased him all the way to the final flag. Luka Nurmi also had a strong showing in Riga and eventually stood on the third step of the podium.

CrossCar: Local lad on the top step
The last of the three Latvian drivers in the field featured in the CrossCar category and gave the crowd the biggest reason to celebrate, as Ronalds Baldins took an immensely popular victory on home soil ahead of championship leader Nils Andersson who, in turn, was followed home by Timmy Enlund. Isak Riersen looked set to dominate the category before electrical issues forced him out at the semi-final stage.

Next up, the lights go green in Norway just one week after the chequered flag fell in Latvia, as Finnskogbanen signals part two of a fantastic RallyX Nordic double-header. Round five of the 2019 championship will take place on 27/28 July.

Results and Championship Standings
Supercar Final Result
1. Robin LARSSON (SWE) JC Raceteknik 6 laps
2. Jere KALLIOKOSKI (FIN) Kalliokoski Motorsport +2.538s
3. Oliver ERIKSSON (SWE) Olsbergs MSE +3.156s

Supercar Lites Final Result
1. Ben-Philip GUNDERSEN (NOR) JC Raceteknik 6 laps
2. Linus ÖSTLUND (SWE) Olsbergs MSE +1.748s
3. Vasiliy GRYAZIN (LAT) Sports Racing Technologies +5.451s

RX Academy Final Result
1. Rasmus TUOMINEN (FIN) 6 laps
2. Roberts VITOLS (LAT) +1.461s
3. Luka NURMI (FIN) +6.330s

CrossCar Final Result
1. Ronalds BALDINS (LAT) Dumperi.Lv 6 laps
2. Nils ANDERSSON (SWE) NA Motorsport +1.849s
3. Timmy ENLUND (SWE) Enlunds Motorsport +4.087s

Supercar - Championship Standings
1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 95 points
2. Jere Kalliokoski (FIN) 92 points
3. Robin Larsson (SWE) 90 points
4. Ulrik Linnemann (DNK) 69 points
5. Philip Gehrman (SWE) 63 points
6. Peter Hedström (SWE) 57 points

Supercar Lites - Championship Standings
1. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 105 points
2. Sondre Evjen (NOR) 91 points
3. Linus Östlund (SWE) 90 points
4. Thomas Holmen (NOR) 79 points
5. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 60 points
6. Jimmie Walfridson (SWE) 58 points

RX Academy - Championship Standings
1. Rasmus Tuominen (FIN) 104 points
2. Tommi Hallman (FIN) 95 points
3. Marko Muru (EST) 94 points
4. Luka Nurmi (FIN) 74 points
5. Jonne Ollikainen (FIN) 66 points
6. Joni Heikkinen (FIN) 63 points

CrossCar - Championship Standings
1. Nils Andersson (SWE) 99 points
2. Jimmie Österberg (SWE) 85 points
3. Julle Ljungdahl (SWE) 72 points
4. Isak Reiersen (SWE) 69 points
5. Isac Egonsson (SWE) 58 points
6. Timmy Enlund (SWE) 51 points
19-07-21 Ny dubbelseger för JC Raceteknik när Robin Larsson och Ben-Philip Gundersen vann i Riga
Fyra av sex JC Raceteknik-förare kvalificerade sig till final under helgens deltävling. Där knep Robin Larsson sin första RallyX Nordic-seger, medan Ben-Philip Gundersen satte sin andra raka vinst i mästerskapet.
– När vi tog en dubbelseger i Höljes trodde vi att det var för bra för att vara sant, så att kunna göra det igen känns verkligen skönt, säger teamchefen Joel Christoffersson.

För första gången någonsin kördes RallyX Nordic på den Lettiska banan Bikernieku Trase och JC Raceteknik tog under helgen sin andra raka dubbelseger. Teamet kom till start med sex förare i tre olika klasser och tävlingen har gett bra resultat i mästerskapstabellen i både Supercar och Supercar Lites.

Robin Larsson som vunnit samtliga deltävlingar i FIA European Rallycross Championship, har haft en tuff inledning i RallyX Nordic. Men i helgen vann han grundomgång, semifinal och final, vilket gör att han plockar med sig maximala poäng. Samtidigt knappar han in på toppen i mästerskapet, och har nu endast fem poäng upp till ledaren och två poäng till andraplatsen. Även Supercar-kollegan Mats Öhman kvalificerade sig till final efter en helg med högt tempo och snabba starter, men efter ett missat jokerspår slutade han sexa i tävlingen.

I Supercar Lites blev det en andra raka seger för Ben-Philip Gundersen. Normannen hade ett högt tempo redan från start och segrade liksom Larsson genom hela tävlingen. Efter helgen utökar han ledningen i mästerskapet ytterligare och har nu fjorton poäng ner till Sondre Evjen på andraplatsen. Evjen, som även han kvalificerade sig till final i Riga, presterade tider inom topp tre hela helgen. Men i finalen fastnade han i trafik och slutade därefter på fjärde plats i tävlingen. Supercar Lites-kollegan Jimmie Walfridson har visat bra fart på banan och slutade på en femteplats i grundomgången. Men i semifinalen fastnade även han i trafik och blev förste föraren utanför final. Efter helgen ligger han kvar på en sjätteplats i mästerskapet.

Isak Reiersen, som kör för JC Raceteknik Juniorteam, briljerade under inledningen av tävlingen. Han segrade i tre av de fyra omgångarna, och trots att han tvingades bryta ett av heaten vann han grundomgången. Det gav värmlänningen bästa startspår i första semifinalen, där han fick en kanonstart. Under sista varvet ledde han med över 2,5 sekund, men bara några hundra meter innan mål dog crosskarten och han tvingades bryta. Han missade finalen och ligger efter helgen fyra i mästerskapet.

I finska Joensuu kördes den tredje deltävlingen av FinRX och till start kom JC Raceteknik Juniorteam-föraren Alex Gustafsson. 12-årige värmlänningen visade ett högt tempo och satte snabba varvtider, men kämpade samtidigt med problem där crosskarten hade för bra grepp i starterna. Han slutade trea, tvåa och trea i omgångarna och kvalificerade sig som sjätte förare in i final. Väl där körde han upp sig till en fjärdeplats i tävlingen.

Nästa deltävling av RallyX Nordic körs på norska Finnskogsbanen 27-28 juli.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Det här känns fantastiskt. När vi tog en dubbelseger i Höljes trodde vi att det var för bra för att vara sant, så att kunna göra det igen känns verkligen skönt. För Supercar-förarna blev det ett briljant resultat. Vi visade väldigt bra fart och bortsett från kraschen i Q1 har vi varit snabbast på banan. Hittills i år har vi fått kämpa en del i RallyX Nordic, så det känns skönt att äntligen få ta en seger. Vi har jobbat ikapp många poäng i mästerskapet, så om vi bara kan fortsätta såhär kommer det bli ett spännande avslut på säsongen. I helgen har alla jobbat hårt med Mats bil för att verkligen anpassa den efter honom, och här lyckades det bra. Vi trodde till en början att det skulle bli en svår tävling för honom eftersom banan inte riktigt passar hans körstil, men han gjorde ett väldigt bra race i semifinalen och var värd sin plats i finalen.

Under ett test i torsdags kämpade vi lite med farten i Lites-bilarna, men vi jobbade hårt för att hitta perfekta inställningar och då hittade äveb Ben-Philip den rätta farten för hela helgen. Han var snabbast och finalen var enkel för hans del – ett bra resultat som gör gott för mästerskapet. Även Sondre hade en väldigt bra helg och högt tempo. Däremot tappade han en placering i semifinalen och fick starta från andra led i finalen, det gjorde att han fastnade i trafik. Sånt är synd, men överlag är vi nöjda och tar med oss farten han hade till nästa helg. Även Jimmie förlorade mycket efter den första kurvan i semifinalen, och trots att han hade högt tempo gjorde trafik att det inte räckte till final.

Robin Larsson, Supercar:
”Det känns skönt att äntligen få ta en vinst i RallyX Nordic i år. Vi hade en raceincident i första kurvan i Q1, men trots fem sekunders tidstillägg så kom vi ändå fyra i den omgången – det visar att vi hade ett högt tempo. Även om starterna inte var perfekta så hade vi kapaciteten att kunna göra omkörningar. Att vara snabbast utan att behöva köra över sin förmåga, det är en skön känsla och vi tog ikapp många poäng i mästerskapet. Jag har kört på banan förut, men det här är första gången jag tävlar här med en bil som verkligen passar mig. Det syntes i resultatet. Nästa vecka kör vi på en väldigt annorlunda bana i Flisa, den är kortare så starterna kommer vara ännu viktigare. Det kommer bli många tighta fighter, men nu är vi med i kampen om mästerskapet på riktigt.”

Mats Öhman, Supercar:
”Jag har ju en annorlunda körstil och speciella inställningar i bilen. Men det märks att jag börjar få en bra känsla i Audin och vi lär oss allt mer hur vi ska anpassa den efter mig. Det är kul. Jag har fortfarande en bit upp till de allra snabbaste, men vi jobbar oss framåt ett steg i taget. Starterna har blivit mycket bättre om man jämför med i Höljes, men vi har inte gjort några jättestora förändringar sedan dess. Så det handlar om att jag blivit mer van startsystemet – tydligen kan man lära gamla hundar att sitta. I helgen är det heat jag är mest nöjd med semifinalen, där gick det perfekt och jag kom tvåa. I finalen däremot var däcken varma och fästet gjorde att jag nästan blev stående när starten gick. Men överlag är jag positiv till helgen. Jag vill passa på att tacka teamet för deras jobb under tävlingen, sen vill jag också tacka Anders Norberg som hjälpt mig i många år – allt sånt betyder mycket.”

Ben-Philip Gundersen, Supercar Lites:
”Vilken fantastisk seger! Jag hade faktiskt inte trott det här själv innan idag, för detta är Gryazins hemmabana och ingen var i närheten av hans tempo under någon av träningarna. Men vi analyserade körningen och banan, jobbade mycket med bilens inställningar och till slut hittade vi en inställning som fungerade bra för mig. Då hittade även jag tempot och från och med andra omgången var jag den snabbaste föraren. Hela teamet, min spotter och mina mekaniker har gjort ett otroligt bra jobb i kulisserna under helgen – alla var värda den här segern. Också stort tack till alla supporters som kom hela vägen hemifrån för att stötta mig den här helgen från start till mål.”

Sondre Evjen, Supercar Lites:
”Vi hade ett högt tempo under alla omgångarna och saknade bara de allra sista tiondelarna upp till Ben-Philip. I semifinalen kämpade vi lite med bilen och jag kunde inte få ihop det för att vinna. I finalen var det en tuff start. Jag fick ett dålig spår, kom ut som nummer fyra och gick direkt in i jokerspåret. Efter det hamnade jag bakom en långsammare förare och när jag väl lyckades passera hade vi förlorat pallchanserna. Jag tycker att vi förtjänade en pallplats i helgen, men ibland blir det såhär istället. Det var en tuff bana och för första gången i år har förarnas tider verkligen varit varierande och skilt sig från varandra. Det känns bra att åka härifrån och veta att vi hade tempot och jag ser fram emot nästa deltävling som körs i Norge. Det blir första gången jag kör på banan, men förhoppningsvis kan vi utmana Ben-Philip ordentligt där.”

Jimmie Walfridson, Supercar Lites:
”Självklart är jag inte nöjd med att missa finalen, men samtidigt tar vi med oss mycket positivt från Riga. Det här var en en ny bana där jag snabbt kom in i körningen och vi hittade tidigt rätt inställningar för den. Tempot har funnits genom hela helgen och jag är nöjd med mina starter, det är bara det sista lilla som saknas. Tyvärr gjorde ett dåligt val av jokerspåret i semifinalen att jag hamnade bakom en långsammare förare som jag inte tog mig förbi. Det känns såklart surt och jag missar viktiga mästerskapspoäng, men jag ska ta med mig farten och komma igen i Flisa nästa helg.”

Isak Reiersen, Crosscar:
”Till en början var det en väldigt bra helg och redan från första omgången hade jag ett högt tempo. Vi har också kommit en lång väg med inställningarna i crosskarten och utvecklats mycket under helgen. Jag vann grundomgången och i semifinalen ledde jag direkt från start. När vi går in på sista varvet har jag 2,5 sekund ner till en av mästerskapets toppförare bakom mig. Men efter landningen på det stora hoppet lossnar en kontakt från ECU-boxen. Jag känner hur motorn dör och ser att displayen blir svart. Jag försöker göra allt som går för att få igång den igen, men ingenting fungerar. Där och då känner jag bara en enorm besvikelse. Jag vet verkligen att farten fanns för en seger, men idag fick jag inte chansen att köra om det i final. Såklart tar det på motivationen, men vi väljer istället att ta med oss mycket positivt härifrån och kommer tillbaka med ett lika högt tempo nästa gång.”

Alex Gustafsson, Xtreme Junior:
”Det här var en viktig tävling för mig eftersom jag hade kunnat gå upp i ledningen i mästerskapet. Istället har det strulat och crosskarten dog i starterna hela helgen, så det känns lite deppigt. Men man kan inte ge upp för det! Så det var bara att göra det bästa av situationen och köra på för fullt. Det är ett jämnt startfält, så jag har verkligen fått kämpa för bra placeringar. Vi tar med oss många positiva saker härifrån, bland annat att vi förbättrat körning på blött underlag under fredagens träningar och att jag har gjort bra varvtider. Jag var sexa in i finalen och efter att crosskarten dog i starten försökte jag gasa på och köra smart, det räckte till en fjärdeplats den här gången.”
19-07-18 Abbie Eaton to make her rallycross debut with TitansRX at Lydden Hill
Britain's Abbie Eaton, GT racing ace and The Grand Tour test driver, will compete at the upcoming Lydden Hill rounds of the 2019 TitansRX season.

Eaton will be a wildcard driver at the 'home of rallycross', making what will be her rallycross debut after spending much of her career in sportscar and touring car racing.

"Rallycross is something I’ve always wanted to do," Eaton said. "My Dad actually started off in rallycross and he loved it so it’s something that I’ve had on my bucket list for a while - to jump in with TitansRX should be pretty cool! Just to get stuck in on what is a proper rallycross circuit, an old-school one, is going to be something really special."

Eaton joins the TitansRX field following its two successful opening rounds in Essay, France, where the field of wide-ranging drivers proved to be close on pace in the single-make Pantera RX6 racing car. Indeed, Eaton is keeping an open mind about what she can achieve in her first mixed-surface event.

"To be quite honest I’ve got no expectations or anything because I’ve not even sat in the car, I’ve never even done anything purposefully on gravel, so to me it’s just an experience thing," she said. "If I can go out in the car each time and go quicker and quicker, that’s all I’m trying to do and if we can get some pointers off the drivers in it that’s always going to help."

TitansRX founder and CEO Max Pucher was thrilled to have secured the signing of Eaton for what promises to be one of the best events of the season.

"Lydden Hill will be magic as always and not only because it is the classic rallycross track, but because of the grand driver lineup to which we are just adding Abbie Eaton," he said, "I am so glad that she was able to clear her tight schedule for us and will be giving both TitansRX and rallycross a go with no experience with it whatsoever. That is true sportsmanship and motorsport spirit as we all love it."

Although Eaton is so far only set to do the two rounds at Lydden Hill this year, she has left the door open to competing in future rounds, should her home event go well.

"If it goes well and it’s enjoyable then I definitely want to jump in and get properly stuck in," she insisted. "I’m always looking for new challenges to push myself and what I can learn and gain new skills so if I get on with it and it is a lot of fun and they’re willing to have me then I’d be more than happy to do a full season."

Eaton won't be the only Brit on the grid at Lydden Hill, with fellow racer-turned TV test driver Perry McCarthy also making his rallycross debut at the event.

19-07-15 Riga debut for RallyX Nordic as series lands in Latvia
Eriksson leads the way in Supercars, with Gundersen ready to defend Supercar Lites advantage
Top three battle for supremacy in RX Academy, with Andersson at the head of the CrossCar field
Home heroes Gryazin (Supercar Lites), Vitols (RX Academy) and Baldins (CrossCar) gunning for glory
Semi-finals and finals to be broadcast live on series’ Facebook page

RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires will visit the Bikernieki circuit just outside Riga for the first time this weekend (20/21 July), with thrilling title fights brewing across the board as round four races into view.

The Latvian FIA World Rallycross Championship venue features tight, technical sections with guardrails and concrete blocks surrounding competitors as well as a spectacular jump to round out the lap.

The action has been suitably fierce in the first three rounds of the season, with a maximum margin of nine points separating the key championship contenders across the four categories. The RX Academy currently boasts the closest title battle, with its top three drivers separated by just four points.

Oliver Eriksson is the man to beat in the headlining Supercar class. The Olsbergs MSE driver has won two out of three rounds and looks to be on ominous form leading both the Nordic and RX2 championships. Eriksson hasn’t had it all his own way, though. The Swede is being chased hard by countryman Robin Larsson and the increasingly impressive Jere Kalliokoski, who have attained two podiums each.

JC Raceteknik's Larsson commented: “We have enjoyed a great run in Euro RX with three wins in a row, but we have just been very unlucky in Nordic this year. The pace has been there at every event but we have had reliability problems, contact with other drivers and penalties that have stopped us from maximising our potential.

“I have a good amount of experience at the Bikernieki track and finished second here in 2017 in Euro RX, so I feel like we are in a good place to fight for the win. I’m looking forward to the challenge and it should be another great battle with Oliver and the rest of the Supercar guys.”

Nordic Supercar regulars Ulrik Linnemann and Philip Gehrman are hot off the back of their first World RX appearances at Höljes’ ‘Magic Weekend’ just over a week ago, while Daniel Thorén is set to return from injury this weekend. Mario Hansen makes his RallyX Nordic debut and Ricardo Bortkevitš will have the support of the home crowd, the Estonian hailing from near the Latvian border.

Meanwhile, in Supercar Lites, JC Raceteknik team-mates Ben-Philip Gundersen and Sondre Evjen lead the way on 75 and 68 points respectively, with a victory apiece to-date. Linus Östlund has shown impressive consistency in 2019, and it is paying off. The Swede currently sits third in the standings ahead of round one winner Thomas Holmen.

The RX Academy table makes for interesting reading, with Marko Muru, Tommi Hallman and Rasmus Tuominen occupying the top three spots just four points apart. Each of the young hopefuls has taken to the highest step of the rostrum, making it too close to call in the title race.

In the CrossCar category, finally, two drivers have streaked clear of the rest. Having won the first two rounds, Nils Andersson enjoys a nine-point advantage over second-placed man Jimmie Österberg who, in turn, has a buffer of nearly 20 points to the rest of the pack.

There will be no shortage of home favourites for the crowd to cheer on, with three out of the four grids featuring a Latvian driver. Supercar Lites welcomes back RX2 ace Vasiliy Gryazin, who rejoins the fray for his home event. Gryazin made a spectacular comeback after a serious road accident halted his rallying career in 2015 and has gone on to score three podiums in RX2 as well as finishing eighth in last year's Nordic Supercar Lites standings. He will be joined by compatriots Roberts Vitols in the RX Academy and Ronalds Baldins in CrossCar. The local specialists will all be hoping to impress in front of the partisan crowd.

The racing will run from 16h00-18h00 (local time) on Saturday and 11h00-18h00 on Sunday. Weekend tickets are available to purchase on-site during the event. Adult entry tickets cost €25, while children aged 7-16 get in for €15. Under 7s will be admitted free, with disabled ticket-holders and pensioners receiving a 10% discount.

For those unable to get to the track, every RallyX Nordic event in 2019 will be livestreamed at www.facebook.com/rallyxnordic and www.rallyx.se/rallyx-tv, with live coverage of the semi-finals and finals also set to be broadcast on Viasat in Norway and throughout the Baltic regions on TV6 Latvia.

Entry Lists
3 Ari Perkiömäki FIN Perkiömäki Motorsport
4 Robin Larsson SWE JC Raceteknik
10 Mikko Ikonen FIN Betomik Racing
11 Jere Kalliokoski FIN Kalliokoski Motorsport
16 Oliver Eriksson SWE Olsbergs MSE
17 Mats Öhman SWE JC Raceteknik
61 Andreas Carlsson SWE Andreas Carlsson Rallycross
72 Ulrik Linnemann DNK Olsbergs MSE
77 Stene Johansen NOR Johansen Motorsport
86 Mario Hansen NOR Olsbergs MSE
88 Daniel Thorén SWE Hedströms Motorsport
95 Philip Gehrman SWE Gehrman Motorsport
99 Ricardo Bortkevitš EST Lepp Motorsport

Supercar Lites
2 Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR JC Raceteknik
11 Mats Oskarsson SWE Oskarsson Motorsport
12 Anders Michalak SWE Michalak Motorsport
18 Linus Östlund SWE Olsbergs MSE
33 Lars Erik Haug NOR Haug Rallycross Team
52 Simon Olofsson SWE Simon Olofsson
54 Petter Nårsa SWE Öhman Motorsport
55 Vasiliy Gryazin LVA Sports Racing Technologies
56 Thomas Holmen NOR Thomas Holmen
69 Sondre Evjen NOR JC Raceteknik
90 Jimmie Walfridson SWE JC Raceteknik
91 Niklas Aneklev SWE Olsbergs MSE
99 Hans-Ola Frøshaug NOR JC Raceteknik

RX Academy
3 Joni Heikkinen FIN RX Academy
22 Rasmus Tuominen FIN RX Academy
26 Roberts Vitols LVA RX Academy
27 Marko Muru EST RX Academy
44 Jonne Ollikainen FIN RX Academy
66 Luka Nurmi FIN RX Academy
72 Clémentine Lhoste FRA RX Academy
87 Tommi Hallman FIN RX Academy

6 Martin Enlund SWE Enlunds Motorsport
8 Jonas Ericsson SWE SSD Swespeed
11 Jimmie Österberg SWE Österberg Motorsport
14 Nils Andersson SWE NA Motorsport
20 Julius Ljungdahl SWE Yellow Squad by Hansen
21 Lars Söderström SWE SSD Swespeed
67 Isac Egonsson SWE Carcontrol
81 Ronalds Baldins LVA Dumperi.Lv
85 Petter Hane SWE Petter Hane
170 Isak Reiersen SWE JC Raceteknik Junior Team
175 Timmy Enlund SWE Enlunds Motorsport
19-07-09 Youngest ever FIA ERC rally winner Oliver Solberg starts at Shell Helix Rally Estonia
17-year-old Oliver Solberg is believed to be the youngest FIA championship rally winner
Solberg and Johnston leaders of both Estonian and Latvian Chamionships
13 R5 cars at Shell Helix Rally Estonia

Oliver Solberg and Aaron Johnston are one of the podium favorites of the R5 class at Shell Helix Rally Estonia. They will drive Volkswagen Polo GTI R5. With the same car they won Rally Liepaja in the end of May which was a round of FIA European Rally Championship. This means that seventeen-year-old Solberg is the youngest FIA ERC rally winner. At Shell Helix Rally Estonia he starts for the second time, last year they finished second in R2 class.

Oliver, the son of the 2003 WRC World Champion Petter Solberg, switched this year from two-wheel drive car to R5 car. With Volkswagen Polo GTI R5 he participates with Aaron Johnston in the Latvian Championship and besides that with the Subaru in the United States North American Cup. In Estonia and Latvia they are current championship leaders, in USA second after three rounds. At Shell Helix Rally Estonia he competes with the drivers from WRC series like Teemu Suninen and Takamoto Katsuta with all-new Ford Fiesta R5 and Eerik Pietarinen and Nikolay Gryazin with Škoda Fabia R5 cars.

Oliver Solberg:
“I am really looking forward to Rally Estonia, I did the event last year and I like it a lot. It will be so exciting to have this great competition with for example Teemu Sunninen. It will be great learning experience and I can’t wait to be behind the steering wheel again.”

Urmo Aava, Shell Helix Rally Estonia director:
“Oliver Solberg is the driver to follow. The fact that his team has chosen the Baltic states to start his rally career is a very strong message to other young drivers. I’ve been following his career and it is quite impressive what he has achieved. Looking forward to see him competing at Shell Helix Rally Estonia.”

For spectators and rally fans who are coming to Estonia but haven’t found or booked their accommodation yet, we suggest to go to Shell Helix Rally Estonia official webpage and find different options for accommodation in a very wide price range.

19-07-09 Sebastian Eriksson proves Fiesta's prowess to win rallycross' 'Magic Weekend'
Olsbergs MSE ace on top of the world on home soil at Höljes
‘Quiet man’ of rallycross banishes half-a-decade of hurt
Ford Fiesta Supercar leaves rivals eating its dust in Sweden
Team boss hails Nordic ‘dry run’ as one of the keys to success

In rallycross, Höljes’ ‘Magic Weekend’ is the indisputable jewel in the crown on the World Championship calendar, and yesterday (7 July), Sebastian Eriksson cast a spell over his rivals with a bewitching performance to storm to a hugely popular maiden victory behind the wheel of Olsbergs MSE’s upgraded Ford Fiesta Supercar.

Absent from the FIA World Rallycross Championship since the end of last season, OMSE returned to the grid for the biggest weekend of the year, with no fewer than 25 flame-spitting 600bhp Supercars taking to the track at the legendary Swedish circuit.

With namesakes Sebastian and Kevin Eriksson on the driving strength, the team was a leading protagonist from the outset and at the end of the opening day of competition, the evenly-matched duo were separated by just a single point in the intermediate classification, Kevin sitting fourth in the standings and Sebastian close behind in seventh.

Showcasing their individual driving styles along the way – Sebastian fast and flamboyant, Kevin slightly more measured but no less quick – the team-mates treated the 48,000-strong Höljes faithful to an awe-inspiring display of consummate car control and irrepressible fighting spirit.

Another rapid run in Q3 kept the pair firmly in contention, before Sebastian blitzed the field in Q4, topping the timesheets by more than one-and-a-half seconds – the biggest winning margin of the qualifying stages – to underscore the progress made with the Fiesta in recent months and secure pole position for the second semi-final. Kevin was held back by having to serve a double joker lap for a jump-start – the legacy of a minor glitch with the launch button.

Sebastian subsequently engaged in a thrilling, cat-and-mouse duel with Niclas Grönholm in the semi-final, with a last lap puncture for the Finn ultimately resolving the battle in the OMSE ace’s favour. After starting from the back row of the grid in the other semi-final following his Q4 dramas, Kevin pushed hard but would miss out on a spot in the final by less than a second.

Sebastian leapt away from the line when the lights went out in the final and thereafter produced a commanding performance to control proceedings all the way to the chequered flag, withstanding a last corner attack from Kevin Hansen to triumph on home soil. In so doing, the 26-year-old erased half-a-decade of hurt, having come close to winning at Höljes on his World RX debut back in 2014 only for mechanical issues to intervene almost within sight of the finish line.

This time round, there was to be no denying the Swede, and in just his fourth World Championship start, the ‘quiet man’ of rallycross’ success was widely welcomed by the paddock – and proof that OMSE’s Ford Fiesta is now more than a match for any of its Supercar class rivals.

Sebastian Eriksson (1st):
“That was fun! We’ve proved the progress the team has made with the Fiesta since last year, and what greater platform could there be than the World Championship round at Höljes – the biggest event on the international rallycross calendar. This is the one that everybody wants to win, so to come here as a team and beat the world’s best after half-a-year away, at a circuit that I consider to be the unofficial home of the sport feels very special indeed.

“Right from free practice, we showed we had the speed to fight at the front but until Q4, it’s fair to say the results didn’t really reflect the pace we had in the car. I got stuck in traffic and made a few silly mistakes in Q1 and Q2, but I gave myself a good talking to overnight and we returned stronger on Sunday. Everything came together at last in Q4, and whilst we got a little bit lucky with Niclas’ puncture in the semi-final after leaving our joker too late, we learned from that for the final and that paid off.

“I knew Kevin [Hansen] would try something into the last corner – I was waiting for that – but equally, I knew he would be fair and would not push me off, and crossing the finish line first was such an amazing feeling. And you know what’s best of all? There is definitely still more to come...”

Kevin Eriksson (11th):
“I don’t think people really understand just how hard we’ve all been working behind-the-scenes at OMSE – every single member of the team has been busting a gut to develop this car, and this result proves we have properly done our homework. This is very much a team victory and I’m super happy for everybody involved.

“The Fiesta felt great all weekend – so much fun to drive. Q4 was definitely the turning-point for me; there had been very little between Sebastian and myself up until then – we were actually level on points heading into that race – but whilst he posted the fastest time, my double joker left me down in 19th. I had been battling a problem with the launch button all day, and it just caught me out. When you start at the back in the semi-final, you really need some luck and although I was obviously disappointed not to be able to join Seb in the final, I gave it everything I had.

“It’s no secret that last year was tough on us. The chassis was the best I’d ever driven in rallycross so we knew the car was inherently quick, but we had some issues with the engine and have pushed hard to improve on that side. We’re not completely satisfied yet and there remains work to do, but we’ve already proved we can win and when we find that last missing bit, I think this Fiesta will be pretty hard to beat.”

Andreas Eriksson, Team Principal, Olsbergs MSE:
“For us, Höljes was first and foremost a marketing exercise – we wanted to show that we have a fast car, and to win was merely the icing on the cake. The ultimate goal is to make the Fiesta the car that leading rallycross teams and drivers want to run – and value increases in-line with results.

“We took advantage of the RallyX Nordic event earlier in the season to prepare for the World Championship round, and that approach evidently paid off – you can test as much as you like, but the only way to simulate racing is to actually go racing. Both Sebastian and Kevin sent out a calling card when they reached the top step of the podium in Nordic, and now Sebastian has done so again on the biggest stage of all, so very many congratulations to him – he fully earned this and deserves to savour his success.
“I’m obviously very happy, but at the same time, we now need to go back home and make the car even quicker because there are still clearly areas for improvement. People are saying they’re surprised we’ve come back and won straightaway, but I’m not surprised, because I know we have excellent drivers here at OMSE and that if we give them a good car, they will get the job done. This victory is the result of a tremendous team effort, and I think it’s safe to say we proved a point at Höljes...”
19-07-09 Gundersen grabs Höljes glory as Östlund shines on home soil
Ben-Philip Gundersen digs deep for emotional RX2 victory in Sweden
Norwegian quick to praise JC Raceteknik after ‘Magic Weekend’ success
Local hero Linus Östlund storms to second place on seasonal debut

Ben-Philip Gundersen finally ended Oliver Eriksson’s winning run in the 2019 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires, as the JC Raceteknik ace fought his way to a tremendously popular and hard-earned victory during rallycross’ ‘Magic Weekend’ at Höljes (5-7 July).

In front of just shy of 50,000 spectators at the legendary Swedish circuit and in a bumper, 21-strong field, Gundersen battled back from a troubled opening day with an ultra-committed semi-final performance followed by a lights-to-flag triumph in the final – the third success of the Norwegian’s RX2 career.

Local hero Linus Östlund was one of the stars of the show as he recovered from 16th place after Q2 to unleash Eriksson-beating pace in the second semi-final – indeed, it was only a slightly hesitant start in the final that kept him off the top step of the podium. Title protagonist Jesse Kallio took the chequered flag third to keep his unbroken run of rostrum finishes in his rookie campaign firmly intact.

Qualifying Races
Höljes served up a rollercoaster ride for the RX2 competitors throughout the qualifying stages, delivering drama aplenty – and Olsbergs MSE duo Eriksson and Kallio both experienced their fair share of ups and downs. Eriksson defied his outside grid slot in Q1 to steal the early initiative, before going quickest of the drivers faced with a fully wet track in a mixed-condition Q2, incurring a double penalty in Q3 and bouncing back to win Q4.

Kallio’s weekend got off to a much less successful start, with first corner contact in Q1 leaving him with a puncture that sent the Finn into a spin. That bad luck made way for good fortune in Q2, however, as his early starting position meant the 20-year-old was one of only three drivers to enjoy a completely dry run before the heavens opened. The second-best time in each of the remaining two qualifiers left the pair separated by just a single point in the intermediate classification in Eriksson’s favour – setting the stage for two scintillating semi-finals.

Vasiliy Gryazin was fast and consistent on his way to third for Sports Racing Technologies, with OMSE’s Fraser McConnell overcoming a Turn One collision in Q2 that left him nursing a broken rear wheel to race back up the order to fourth.

Östlund (Olsbergs MSE) was delayed by a spinning rival in Q1 and struggled with damage on the sodden track in Q2, but stormed back into contention in Q3 and Q4 to vault from 16th up to fifth. That placed him just ahead of Gundersen – who received a five-second penalty for contact in Q3 – hugely impressive series newcomer Martin Enlund in seventh and Mats Oskarsson, who produced a strong performance on his seasonal RX2 bow.

The semi-final line-up was completed by SET Promotion’s Sami-Matti Trogen, former Höljes podium-finisher William Nilsson – running as a private entrant for the first time – Jimmie Walfridson, whose weekend began in similar fashion to Kallio’s in Q1 and Simon Olofsson. The latter could count himself lucky to make the cut after picking up a puncture in Q4, but the Swede did pull off some of the most crowd-pleasing overtaking moves through the qualifying stages.

Amongst the nine drivers not to progress, the biggest hard-luck story could be told by Marcus Höglund. Running out of the Team Färén stable, the Swede broke his suspension in a first corner incident in Q1, received a 30-second penalty for missing the joker lap in Q2, soared to the fastest time of the weekend in Q3 and was leading the last race in Q4 and well on course to secure a top four spot in the standings when steering failure pitched him off the road and ended his spirited fightback.

Another driver in the wars was Petter Leirhol. Sitting third overall after Q2, the Norwegian found himself tipped into a spectacular barrel-roll in Q3. Following a superb overnight repair job by his mechanics, the Norwegian was back on-track in Q4 and looked set to salvage a semi-final spot until driveshaft issues dashed his dream.

Eriksson led away from Gryazin, Walfridson and Trogen in the first semi-final, but all eyes were on local specialist Östlund, who was the only driver to opt for an early joker. With the home crowd firmly behind him, the Swede got the hammer down, reeling in the battle for second and closing the gap to Eriksson with a brilliant display.

Then, drama struck as the leader suddenly slowed on lap four when his water pump belt came off, dropping him to the back of the pack and automatically elevating his Olsbergs MSE team-mate to the top spot. From there, the impressive Östlund continued untroubled to the chequered flag, with Trogen crossing the line second and Gryazin narrowly edging Enlund for third. After being forced into a spin at the first corner, the teenage prodigy was the fastest man on the track in an eye-catching recovery effort that capped a stellar maiden weekend in the official FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series.

In the second semi-final, Kallio had to get his elbows out at the start to fend off Gundersen, with McConnell and Olofsson settling into third and fourth a little way behind. An earlier joker for Gundersen proved to be a masterstroke, as in clear air, the Norwegian left absolutely nothing on the table, wringing the neck of his Supercar Lites car to make the difference and emerge ahead when Kallio jokered on the last lap.

McConnell kept a watching brief in third, with Oskarsson staving off Olofsson’s advances for fourth and Nilsson rounding out the result.

As Östlund hesitated slightly off the line, Gundersen needed no second invitation to sweep into the lead, with the pole-sitter tucking in just behind and the pair soon breaking away from the chasing pack, headed by Trogen and Gryazin.

Östlund kept the pressure on throughout, but Gundersen was able to control the pace and ultimately, they were so evenly-matched that there was no change in the order, the pair flashing past the flag separated by barely half-a-second. Kallio’s early joker tactic yielded third place for the Finn, with compatriot Trogen holding off a hard-charging McConnell to add to his growing collection of fourth-place finishes this season. Gryazin wound up sixth.

Despite missing the final for the first time since Belgium 2018 and for only the second time in his RX2 career, Eriksson continues to lead the way into the summer break, albeit with a reduced 14-point margin over Kallio. The campaign will fire back into life at iconic French circuit Lohéac on 31 August / 1 September.

Quote, Unquote
Ben-Philip Gundersen (1st): “Finally! When I went to sleep last night sitting in ninth place, I didn’t dare dream of standing on the top step of the podium today. I’m very proud of the whole team – they gave me a great car as ever – but this isn’t just the result of the work we’ve put in this weekend. This is the result of all the non-stop effort behind-the-scenes since the beginning of the season, which didn’t start off very well for us in Barcelona. Since then, we’ve dug deep and gone from strength-to-strength with every round. I gave it everything I had in the semi-final because Jesse has been quick all year so I knew he wouldn’t be easy to beat, and in the final, I focussed a lot on the start because there was so little between Linus and I that if he had got into the lead, it would have been tough to get past him. Fortunately, I was able to put in consistent lap times and crossing the finish line was an amazing feeling. Höljes is the event that everybody wants to win – the biggest weekend on the international rallycross calendar – and it’s also effectively my home round as I live only an hour across the border. Having won here before in TouringCar, to do so again is incredible – and to get to share it with so many friends and family is the icing on the cake.”

Linus Östlund (2nd): “What a rollercoaster ride – to go from 16th after Q2 to almost winning the final is amazing! Q1 was a messy race and we received some contact at the rear in Q2 that made the car difficult to control, but it’s amazing how quickly things can turn around in rallycross. I was really nervous ahead of Q3 because I knew the pressure was on and that another bad result could have meant the end of the weekend for us, and even after climbing the order slightly, I was still worried we wouldn’t make it. I had a plan for the start of the semi-final which worked out well, and after Oliver picked up his problem, I could effectively just wait for the guys ahead to joker. Given all the issues we’d encountered earlier, I couldn’t help but cry after that race because I was just so relieved. The final all came down to the start – Ben-Philip got it right and I got it wrong – but I can’t be unhappy with second place. It’s been an unbelievable weekend with a lot of guests and supporters here – and I think we managed to send them away with smiles on their faces.”

Jesse Kallio (3rd): “I’m happy – sort of! Five podiums in a row is definitely something to be proud of, but I desperately want that win now! Our weekend got off to a pretty disastrous start with only the 19th-fastest time in Q1, but then we got lucky in Q2 and by the end of the first day, we were at the top of the standings! I’m naturally disappointed not to win after that, but it will come. I have to remember that it was my first time racing here and Ben-Philip and Linus both drove really well, so congratulations to them. We just needed a bit more pace in the semi-final and final to be able to take the fight to them, but still, we have closed the gap to Oliver in the championship, so let’s see if we can reduce it even more in France next time. I have to say, Höljes is already one of my favourite tracks on the calendar, and it’s been a crazy weekend with an amazing atmosphere. We’ll just have to come back next year and make sure we get that win!”

Andreas Eriksson, RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires CEO: “Wow, rallycross’ ‘Magic Weekend’ certainly delivered again! We’ve had twists, turns, spins, rolls, sun, rain and pretty much everything else in-between – and most of all, the fans have enjoyed some spectacular entertainment from our stars of the future, with close and exciting racing and some almost unbelievable storylines. Huge congratulations to Ben-Philip on his hard-fought victory, and Linus’ second place is proof that you should never give up because in rallycross, anything is possible – it’s never over until it’s over. The two of them thoroughly deserve their success, while Jesse’s third place continues his superb start to his first season in RX2 and confirms his status as one of the sport’s fastest-rising stars. Talking of rising stars, I must say a word for Martin Enlund, whose outstanding performance demonstrated what is achievable for talented young drivers on a level playing field on the international stage. Now, we turn our attentions to another classic rallycross track – Lohéac – and the resumption of the title fight.”

Final Result
1. Ben-Philip GUNDERSEN (NOR) JC Raceteknik 6 laps
2. Linus ÖSTLUND (SWE) Olsbergs MSE +0.671s
3. Jesse KALLIO (FIN) Olsbergs MSE +2.046s
4. Sami-Matti TROGEN (FIN) SET Promotion +3.789s
5. Fraser MCCONNELL (JAM) Olsbergs MSE +5.025s
6. Vasiliy GRYAZIN (LVA) Sports Racing Technologies +9.084s

Championship Standings
1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 136 points
2. Jesse Kallio (FIN) 122 points
3. Fraser McConnell (JAM) 100 points
4. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 99 points
5. Sami-Matti Trogen (FIN) 83 points
6. Vasiliy Gryazin (LVA) 74 points
7. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 52 points
8. Anders Michalak (SWE) 48 points
9. William Nilsson (SWE) 45 points
10. Steve Volders (BEL) 41 points
19-07-09 Wildcard Eriksson takes stunning win in Höljes
Swedish wildcard Sebastian Eriksson won a pulsating final of the Swecon World RX of Sweden, the sixth round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy.

A weekend crowd of over 48,000 turned out at Holjes Motorstadion for the Magic Weekend, a highlight of the world rallycross calendar.

Although heavy rain in the early part of the day made track conditions challenging for the qualifying rounds, the leaden skies gave way to brilliant sunshine and a dry track for Sunday’s afternoon’s final.

Eriksson, who combines engineering and mechanic duties for the Olsberg MSE Team, was making only his fourth appearance at World RX level. In a previous round at Holjes in 2014, he led the final only to be thwarted by mechanical failure with the finish line in sight.

Today he atoned. The 26-year-old Swede Eriksson started the final from pole in his Ford Fiesta having won his Q4 race to set the fastest time in the final round of qualifying races. The victory lifted him to P2 overall and secured pole position for the second semi-final which he also won.

Eriksson, who lives an hour away from Holjes in the forests of Varmland, had previously competed in a Nordic RX event as preparation for this weekend but to take a convincing victory in a step up in class to world level against the best drivers in the sport was an astonishing achievement.

“It’s so special to win here,” he said. “This is the race every rallycross driver wants to win so to come here and be able to win it is just amazing.

“It’s over a year and a half since I have been in a Supercar so it’s been a long time coming. Holjes is very special. The atmosphere around the track is like no other venue I’ve been to, and the race track itself is the best rallycross track there is.”

Eriksson, whose Fiesta was slowed towards the end by overheating, was hunted down by Team Hansen MJP’s Kevin Hansen on the final lap but held his nerve to take the chequered flag.

“I was leading the final, I started losing power and I could sense the pressure but I just tried to keep it tight and not leave the door open for Kevin,” he said. “I knew Kevin was going to push me hard all the way to the line but I managed to keep it tight.

“The team has done a fantastic job with the car. I didn’t think we would be this competitive but from Q1 the pace was good. After this win, it’s looking good for the future. As for doing other races this year, we will have a meeting next week to plan what we do.”

Despite a last-corner lunge, Kevin Hansen had to settle for second in the final. In doing so, he took over the lead of the drivers’ championship from his brother Timmy who trailed off in last place after a puncture in the sister Peugeot 208.

Kevin now leads the standings on 131 points – six ahead of his elder brother.

The brothers took sibling rivalry to new levels of competitive spirit in their semi-final with Kevin emerging the winner after trading bodywork blows on several occasions.

“The whole weekend has been pretty crazy to be honest. Having changeable weather in the qualifying stages made things difficult,” Kevin said.

“I had a good battle with Timmy in the semi-final and managed to come out on top which was important for the front row start for the final.

“In the final I pushed Sebastian really hard. On the final lap I was on his bumper and looking for somewhere to overtake as I thought he had a puncture because he had slowed a bit.

“In the last corner I thought ‘OK, this is it’. I stuck my nose up the inside in the middle but realised I couldn’t make it, so I backed down. Anyway, P2 at home feels amazing in the end with some good points for the championship. It was a really cool event and great weekend.”

In third place was Reinis Nitiss who staged a remarkable comeback after rolling his Hyundai i20 in Q1 on Saturday.

The GRX Set team worked wonders to get their man out for Q2 where he took a race win and fastest time. A third place in the semi-final secured his passage to the final.

It was the Latvian’s first drive in World RX since competing in the opening round in Abu Dhabi. The World RX part-timer struggled to contain his emotions afterwards.

“After rolling the car in qualifying, the first roll in my life, on the most famous rallycross track, I jumped out of the car and thought ‘maybe I need to stop with this sport’,” he admitted.

“But all the mechanics and everyone in the team did an amazing job and people around me helped me get my self-confidence back for Q2. I won in Q2 and got back in the game.

“We were so far down but we bounced back. And that’s why we go racing; for the emotions we get. To imagine being on the podium after the trouble in Q1, I just didn’t believe it was possible. This is the Magic Weekend in Holjes. Maybe magic happened for us.

As for competing in future rounds of World RX, Nitiss said: “There is my home race in Latvia later this year which I really want to be at. I will do everything I can to be there.”

His GRX team-mate Niclas Gronholm, the winner last time out in Hell, Norway, brought his Hyundai i20 across the line fourth but was relegated to fifth after incurring a five second penalty for track limit infringements.

Kevin Abbring, in only his second World RX event in the ESmotorsport – Labas GAS Skoda Fabia, thus inherited fourth place.

Andreas Bakkerud, third in the standings on 109, conceded ground to the Hansens when his Monster RX Cartel Audi S1 suffered a broken driveshaft while leading his semi-final. “It could have been a great final, the car felt good and we had the pace,” the Norwegian said. “It would nice to finally give all of our partners and supporters a win, but it wasn’t to be.”

Monster RX Cartel team-mate Liam Doran endured a torrid weekend – much of which he admitted was of his own making. “Overall I made too many mistakes. To compete at a level like this especially here where there are 25 cars entered, you can’t afford to make a mistake because it costs dearly,” he said.

“I was trying to react to the mistakes I was making and trying to find the time back but you can’t find it, everyone is so fast. I had a bit of bad luck with a puncture in Q1, I made a mistake in spinning off the track in Q2 and then in Q3, I was too greedy in the first corner and got pushed off.

“It’s just not gone my way at all. This is the first semi-final I haven’t qualified for which is not good for the championship. It’s such a big event as well so it’s not a great feeling but we have to move on and look to get some better luck next time.”

Holjes yielded positive results for Team STARD. Latvia’s Baumanis maintained his consistency by reaching the semi-final as did Finland’s Jere Kalliokoski on his first appearance of the season.

GRX’s Timur Timerzyanov and ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport’s Timo Scheider were disqualified from Q4 for track limits infringements and failed to make the semi-finals.

In a reference to his disqualification for touching the track limits pole, Timerzyanov, who had wins in Q1 and Q4 and looked to be heading to the semi-finals, commented: “With the track wet and slippery it makes driving unpredictable and there are going to be mistakes. I understand that if you hit a tyre barrier then that is a penalty but touching the track marker poles doesn’t give you much of an advantage.

“It’s a shame because I had good pace in Q1 and Q4 but with no points from the disqualification I had no chance to reach the semis. The speed in the car was good but when the track conditions are changing like they were today, wet and dry, you have to have some luck.”

Scheider also rued his costly disqualification on a difficult weekend overall. “It has been my worst weekend so far. I got spun around in Q1 ended up P16, then I recovered in Q2 to finish P6 overall which was a good recovery to Q3 where I took the lead but spun by myself. Then I got the disqualification from the race win in Q4,” the German said.

“Nevertheless, it was a bad weekend. We were competitive in the wet and good in the dry conditions. If I recalculate the weekend, we could have been top eight and chasing a spot in the semis for sure and possibly the final.”

Sebastien Eriksson’s Olbergs MSE team-mate Kevin Eriksson, who won the 2016 World RX of Germany event, reached the semi-finals while Ulrik Linneman, the first driver to race a Honda Civic Coupe Supercar in World RX, also caught the attention of the stewards. The Dane was disqualified from Q3 when the data logger on his car was found not to be connected.

Best of the GC Kompetition squad was newcomer Rokas Baciuska who ended the event eighth overall just ahead of Sweden’s Anton Marklund, who was looking to make amends for losing his final victory in Norway due to a post-race scrutineering issue with the Renault Megane RS.

Guillaume De Ridder, who has endured a spate of misfortune over the past three events, had another difficult weekend. The Belgian reached the semi-final in Spain but the GCK Academy driver has finished well down the order thereafter.

In the quest for a change of fortune, he even applied a four-leaf clover sticker to the inside of his Renault Clio RS. At Holjes, his luck was well and truly out and he ended the weekend 20th overall – a victim of clutch problems.

GCK Academy’s Cyril Raymond rolled his Renault Clio RS on landing after the jump in Q4 but did manage a win in Q1.
GC Kompetition team boss Guerlain Chicherit was handed a five second penalty in Q1 for unsportsmanlike behaviour and failed to reach the semi-finals.

Hungarian rookie Krisztian Szabo, in the EKS Sport Audi S1, missed the semi-finals for the second consecutive event while Oliver Bennett damaged a sub frame on the Xite Racing Mini Cooper and had to have parts flown in from the UK to make it into day two where he was hampered by further mechanical trouble.

The Pailler brothers Jonathan and Fabien, representing Pailler Competition, France’s most successful rallycross outfit, had mixed results on their debut in Holjes in a pair of Peugeot 208s, raced by Timmy Hansen and Sebastien Loeb in the World RX of 2016.

Jonathan climbed as high as 13th place, first reserve for the semi-finals, after steady results in the earlier rounds. He was rewarded with four world championship points. However, Fabien’s fate was sealed with a 30-second penalty for missing the joker lap in race four of Q3 and dropped to 16th overall.

As for the other newcomers for Holjes, Sweden’s Philip Gehrman Volkswagen Polo reached as high as 11th in Q4 but he and Norway’s Kjetil Larsen also in a Polo for Hedstroms Motorsport left the event without a point to show for their efforts.

Sebastian Eriksson became the fifth different winner in sixth rounds of a highly-competitive 2019 World RX season.
Kevin Hansen claimed victory in round one in Abu Dhabi and there have been wins for Timerzyanov in Belgium and Gronholm in Norway. Timmy Hansen is the only dual winner – in Spain and Great Britain.

The championship now visits Grand Prix De Trois-Rivieres in Canada for round seven on August 3-4.

Victory in the final of the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Supercar went to Sweden's Robin Larsson, his third consecutive win.

Second was fellow-Swede Pontus Tidemand with Frenchman Jean-Baptiste Dubourg third.

Larsson's victory extends his lead at the top of the drivers' standings to 24 points over Dubourg.

In Euro RX Super1600, Norway's Marius Bermingrud took the honours from championship leader Aydar Nuriev with Switzerland's Yuri Belevskiy taking the final step on the podium.

Full results from Swecon World RX of Sweden here https://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/results
19-07-09 Ingen final för William Nilsson under rallycrossen i Höljes
Höljes bjöd på fart, fest och utmanande väderförhållanden – men trots det fick inte Tomelillasonen en Magic Weekend.
– Höljes är verkligen så coolt. Man blir lika chockad över stämningen och allt folk varje gång man kommer hit. Tyvärr var det inte min helg, säger 19-åringen.

Under helgen nådde VM-serien i rallycross Sverige. Det var i den lilla värmländska byn som The Magic Weekend tog plats och hela 48 350 glada motorsportfans fanns i publiken. En av de 21 förarna i RX2 International Series var skånske William Nilsson.
– Höljes är verkligen så coolt. Man blir lika chockad över stämningen och allt folk varje gång man kommer hit, trots att man varit här förut, säger Nilsson.

Tyvärr blev tävlingen inte det han hoppats på resultatmässigt. Han kvalificerade sig till semifinal, men väl där gjorde en startsmäll att hjulupphängningen vänster bak på bilen gick sönder. Han gick i mål som sjätte förare och slutade på en total tiondeplats i tävlingen.
– I helgen har jag haft både medgång och motgång, men tyvärr mer av det sistnämnda. Kort sagt: farten fanns helt enkelt inte och jag vet inte vad det beror på. Sen hade vi lite missflyt med vädret där vissa förare fick köra på torrt underlag och andra under regn, men fler än jag drabbades ju av det. That’s rallycross. Höljes är en bana som jag älskar, så det känns frustrerande att inte lyckas bättre den här gången.

Under helgen kom skåningen till start i egen regi, vilket har inneburit mycket förberedelser och jobb för både Nilsson och familjen.
– Jag är tacksam över mina sponsorer, mekaniker, vänner, familj och alla andra som hjälpt mig att få ihop allt det här på så kort tid. De har gjort ett bra jobb och jag uppskattar verkligen allt stöd jag får.

Nästa tävlingshelg blir i V8 Thunder Cars 13-14 juli i Falkenberg.

19-07-09 Kevin Hansen scores home World RX podium in Sweden
Team HANSEN MJP strengthened its lead in both the FIA World Rallycross Championship drivers' and teams' classifications, with Kevin Hansen scoring a second place and both cars making the Final.

A challenging start to the weekend on Saturday left Kevin and Timmy Hansen P9 and P16 after Qualifying 2 respectively: Timmy had picked up a puncture in Q1 that left him P21, while Kevin faced the worst track conditions of all five heats in Q2 and lost time.

But a brilliant comeback in Q3 and Q4 put them both back into the fight, lining up second and third for Semi Final 1 on Sunday. Timmy went for the lap one joker strategy, while Kevin then took the lead a couple of laps in, ending up in a door-to-door duel as Kevin exited from his joker lap.

There were no orders from team boss and 14-time European RX champion Kenneth, with both free to race for position. A great fight ensued, with Kevin keeping the inside line for the Velodrome to take the lead back after losing it momentarily, leading his brother home in second.

The final was a mix of joy and sadness, as a potential double podium disappeared. A great overtaking move into the joker on lap one put Timmy third, which became second when Kevin took his joker. But a puncture on lap three ended his hopes, finishing sixth.

A determined Kevin locked his sights on compatriot Sebastian Eriksson after his joker, closing in during the final laps. A last corner move nearly worked, deftly trying to squeeze down the inside, though not quite enough to take the win.

Kevin has now retaken the lead of the FIA World RX drivers' championship, six points ahead of his brother Timmy. Team HANSEN MJP's lead in the teams' championship is now up to 43 points, with four championship rounds remaining.
SWE World RX of Sweden:

There was no home victory for Team HANSEN MJP but it was still a great weekend all around, with points gained on key rivals in both championships.
Höljes lived up to its reputation as one of the best rallycross tracks in the world, providing breathtaking action for the fans from start to finish.
Timmy and Kevin, who are still 1-2 in the title race, were competing head-to-head for position more than once this weekend. Both showed their class, racing hard but fair in their semi-final battle.

The big number
The number of spectators that came to Höljes for the 'Magic Weekend' of World RX action, a new record.

21 Timmy Hansen
“It was a good day today, recovering to fifth position from 16th in qualifying. We saved a lot of points with a good result.

“The Finals were completely dry, which is how I prefer Höljes. The Semi Final was brilliant – it was a very interesting race and battle all the way through with Kevin. We came out side by side after the joker; the racing was very fair and we were still fighting very hard on the track, but in the right way. I did everything I could to overtake him but still gave him space. That’s how we race and this time he won the battle and the Semi Final, which was great for Kevin.

“The final was a good race. I made a nice pass on Grönholm into the joker on the opening lap, which put me in a good position to chase Eriksson for the lead. I was close but I tried too hard, pushed too much and went over the limit and got a puncture. I wanted to win too much, but that’s me, I need to try! If I’m in a position to win I will always try and give it everything. This time it didn’t pay off but it will another time.”

71 Kevin Hansen
“It was really a tough afternoon. The whole weekend has been completely crazy! Having such different weather during the weekend makes it hard, but we managed to stay in the front, and that was really important for the Semi Final. When I came out of the joker, I saw someone on the inside. I almost spun and didn't notice it was Timmy until I came back the right way! It was a big shock but we managed it well.

“In the final, when I took my joker and saw Timmy ahead, I thought we would work together to catch the leader but unfortunately he had a puncture, so I had to get past him quickly. It worked and I managed to catch Eriksson, thinking that he had a puncture. So I though he'd run wide at the final corner and I'd stick my nose up on the inside, but he didn't have a puncture after all! So I had to back out.

“Second place at home feels amazing and in the end and we scored a lot of points for the championship, both for me and the team. It was a really cool event and a good weekend.”

The Boss Kenneth Hansen
“I’m the spotter for Timmy, with Graham Rodemark as Kevin’s spotter, so we get the best out of both of them and try to beat each other. That’s how we have done things and will continue that way. It looked hard, and of course we can have trouble sometimes like getting a puncture, but we don’t want to give up racing and have them queuing up; we want to fight and that’s our spirit.

“We want to push Timmy and Kevin, so during the final I tried to push Timmy to catch Eriksson and we were on the way there. Then unfortunately he was a little tight in one place and broke the wheel rim and got a puncture. We could have played the cards safe and just stayed in position to secure second place but that’s not how we are. We want to fight to the end, we want to give the maximum and sometimes you lose but it’s worth it; I said that to Timmy. We gave it our all. Kevin did the same and in the end he was catching Eriksson and was right on his bumper. That was a thrilling fight and it also shows that both drivers gave everything to try to win.”

CAN Next round:
Round seven of the FIA World RX tour takes place in Canada, at the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières. It's a unique challenge as the only street circuit on the 2019 calendar, which also features the longest straight of the season. The track's long history is as a circuit racing venue but when rallycross comes to town, it becomes 40% gravel, where the wide start/finish straight narrows down and features a few twists, plus the joker. Team HANSEN MJP won this event in 2015 and 2016, so hopes are high for a repeat in 2019!
19-07-09 Dubbelseger i Höljes för JC Racetekniks Larsson och Gundersen
Det blev succé för JC Raceteknik när rallycrossen kördes på svensk mark. Teamets Robin Larsson segrade i Supercar-EM medan Ben-Philip Gundersen vann i klassen Supercar Lites. Även teamets junior Isak Reiersen slutade på pallen i Crosscar Star Challenge.
– Det var nästan så att det kom en tår efter finalen faktiskt, jag är otroligt stolt över hela teamet, säger teamchef Joel Christoffersson.

Det var inför 48 350 åskådare som årets rallycross i Höljes kördes. För det värmlandsbaserade teamet JC Raceteknik resulterade helgen i inget mindre än två segrar och en tredjeplats.

För Robin Larsson har årets säsong i FIA European Rallycross Championship gått på bästa möjliga sätt. Liksom tidigare tävlingar segrade han i grundomgången, semifinal och final, vilket resulterar i maximala poäng i mästerskapet. För Mats Öhman var det första tävlingen på svensk mark i Audi-bilen. Han visade högt tempo på banan, men problem i starterna gjorde att han inte kvalificerade sig till semifinal.

I RX2 International Series fick Ben-Philip Gundersen äntligen kliva högst upp på pallen. Säsongen har haft en tuffare inledning för norrmannen, och trots motgångar även i Höljes lyckades han knyta ihop säcken med seger i både semifinalen och final. Det gör att han klättrar till fjärdeplats i mästerskapet. För teamkompisen Jimmie Walfridson, som endast kör några deltävlingar i RX2 Series, gjorde en bruten omgång att han tappade viktiga placeringar. Trots det tog han sig till semifinal, där han slutade på femte plats.

Helgen inleddes med Crosscar Star Challenge, en tävling i Xtreme där gamla stjärnor som Marcus Grönholm, Kenneth Hansen, Stig-Olov Walfridson och Sverre Isachsen mötte rutinerade crosskartförare. Till start kom även JC Raceteknik Juniorteams Isak Reiersen, 15 år. Trots dubbla jokervarv i ena heatet och en 360-snurr i den andra tog han en fjärde och en tredje placering i omgångarna. Han slutade tvåa i semifinalen och väl i final korsade han mållinjen på tredje plats.

Nästa tävling för teamet blir när RallyX Nordic körs i Riga 20-21 juni.

Joel Christoffersson:
”Det blev en Magic Weekend för JC Raceteknik. Det är alltid kul att vinna tävlingar, men så här på hemmaplan är det ännu större. Det var nästan så att det kom en tår faktiskt, jag är otroligt stolt över hela teamet. Vi har slitit mycket i Höljes tidigare år, så det känns extra skönt att äntligen få en fullträff här. Robin gjorde en kanonhelg och har haft bra fart rakt igenom, så segern blev pricken över i:et. I RX2 känns det riktigt skönt att äntligen få ta den där segern hela teamet kämpat för. Att Ben-Philip lyckades vända gårdagens niondeplats till en vinst idag är fantastiskt.

Mats har gjort en bra helg och visade i Q1 att farten finns på banan. Men tyvärr har vi problem med starterna, det är någonting som vi måste lösa inför Riga. Jimmie har slitit med feber i helgen och var inte riktigt i sin vanliga form, men trots det har han gjort en bra prestation. Nu laddar vi upp inför nästa tävling.”

Robin Larsson, Supercar:
”En tredje seger känns riktigt gött, framför allt att vinna i Höljes. Här laddar jag alltid extra mycket och man vill bjuda publiken på show. Vi hade ett gäng på runt 215 personer här och hade dessutom en helt egen Larsson-läktare i målkurvan, men även i resten av publiken har det varit många gula tröjor och mycket jubel. Det är häftigt att uppleva.

Jag har haft en felfri helg och teamet har gjort ett kanonjobb med bilen. Det enda lilla nervösa ögonblicket var igår när regnet kom eftersom jag inte kört så mycket på vått underlag, men där tog jag en andra tid så det funkade bra. Bortsett från det tog jag snabbaste tiderna i alla omgångarna. Tyvärr kom inte Thomas Bryntesson till start i semifinalen, det var tråkigt för jag hade velat göra upp på riktigt i finalen. Efter helgen utökar vi ledningen i mästerskapet, och även om jag kan ta det lite lugnare nu kommer jag sikta på segrar.”

Ben-Philip Gundersen, Supercar Lites:
”Höljes är som alla säger en speciell tävling, man vill vinna här. Något jag fått känna av i helgen är att man verkligen aldrig ska ge upp. Tävlingen gick upp och ner för mig, vi hade otur med vädret och efter ett straff i Q3 låg jag på niondeplats totalt över natten. Då kände jag att blir det en plats i finalen får jag vara nöjd. Så att få vinna känns helt obeskrivligt för både mig och teamet. Även om det är många poäng upp till mästerskapsledningen plockar vi poäng och jobbar oss uppåt mot pallen. Tack till alla som gjort helgen ännu bättre och som stöttat mig. Också tack till teamet och mekanikerna som gjorde ett väldigt bra jobb med allt och att justera bilen utefter vädret.”

Mats Öhman, Supercar:
”Höljes är bästa tävlingen på hela året, det är något man alltid ser fram emot. Så att få ta en heatseger är alltid kul, speciellt med all publik. Bilen var suverän hela helgen och jag har farten, men just nu är starterna katastrof. Ingen Supercar-bil är enkel att starta, men jag har många hjälpmedel och det blir för mycket moment att hålla koll på och som tar tid. Så nu gäller det att förenkla startsystemet. Vi har jobbat på en bättre lösning, så nu ska vi hem och testa det i bilen. Förhoppningsvis hinner det bli klart inför nästa tävling. I helgen var det första gången jag körde på regn och vi har lärt oss mycket om bilen och inställningar på vått underlag. Mekanikerna har gjort ett kanonjobb hela tävlingen och hela teamet skötte det väldigt proffsigt som alltid.”

Jimmie Walfridson, Supercar Lites:
”Höljes har varit okej för min del. Jag har haft både stolpe in och stolpe ut, men får vara nöjd med semifinalen. Målet var att komma till final och jag hade goda chanser att nå dit, men blev lite hindrad i semifinalen. Trots det tar jag med mig mycket positivt härifrån. Vi har hittat lite nya inställningar på bilen och testat andra tankesätt som jag tror passar mig, dessutom är ju all körning man får i bilen bra. Sen är ju hemmatävlingen i Höljes alltid skoj. Jag har varit här mycket under uppväxten och sett min far och alla gamla stjärnor tävla, så att köra själv nu är häftigt. Nästa tävling för mig blir RallyX Nordic i Riga, det är en ny bana och jag ser fram emot den tävlingen.”

Isak, Crosscar Star Challenge:
”Att få tävla under just The Magic Weekend, med all publik och atmosfären, har varit väldigt speciellt. Sedan gjorde motståndet det bara ännu häftigare. Jag har växt upp på banan i Höljes och sett mina stora idoler tävla här. Nu fick jag chansen att möta dem och även vara snabbare – det var häftigt. Tävlingsmässigt får jag vara nöjd med tredjeplatsen, även om jag under hela dagen kände att jag hade mer att ge. I Q1 tog jag en fjärdetid trots dubbla jokervarv, och i Q2 snurrade jag efter en actionfylld start men tog då också en tredjetid. Semin slutade med en andraplats, och sen i finalen var det återigen tufft. De som startade med mig är det snabbaste gänget som tävlar i Xtreme, plus Marcus Grönholm, så det var kul att få avsluta på pallen. Jag är glad att jag fick chansen att köra här och hoppas att vi kan få se ett liknande arrangemang framöver.”
19-07-09 Hedström bortdömd efter semin - Tufft efterhandsdomslut placerade Peter utanför finalen
Hedströms Motorsport kan blicka tillbaka på en fin helg på hemmaplan, med Peter krigande i toppen av EM-serien. Med Daniel Thorén som kört snabbare än någonsin i det tuffa EM-fältet och Kjetil Larsen som fick avsluta med heatseger i VM. Tyvärr lade ett sent domslut efter semifinalen sordin på avslutningen.

Hedström levererade snabba starter och imponerande fart på banan, under båda dagarna av årets magiska helg i Höljes. Inför publiken på hela 48 350 personer bjöd Peter på hela tre heatsegrar. Han var dessutom oslagbart snabbast av alla i EM-fältet under kvalomgång två.
- Jag har alltid varit startsnabb och starter på blött underlag är inget undantag, säger Peter Hedström.

Efter Q2 var Peter tvåa totalt, men i tredje kvalet blev det tvärnit efter ännu en kanonstart. Trasig bromsslang, överhettade bromsar och exploderad bromsskiva som slog tvärnit på bilen. Hedström skakade av sig krånglet i Q3 och gick ut i fjärde kvalet och levererade tredje heatseger. Tiden räckte bara till elfte tid på den upptorkande banan och Peter tog sig till semifinal som kvalnia.
- Jag gjorde så gott det gick men det var för halkigt helt enkelt.

Semifinalstarten blev tuff och tät, Peter tog rygg på René Münnich, låg precis i baken när den tyske föraren tvärnitade.
- Jag tushade i han, ingen märkvärdig smäll, det är sånt som kan hända när man åker fullt in i en vinkelsväng och den framför låser upp bromsarna, menar Hedström.
Domarna tyckte dock inte lika, utan satte fem sekunders tidstillägg på Peter. Domslutet kom sent, strax innan finalen skulle rulla ner på startplattan.

I stället för finalkörning och alla möjligheter till topplacering, för sin tredjeplats i semin, blev Peter nedplockad till femteplats i semin och en total elfteplats.
- Det känns riktigt surt att bli bortdömd på det här viset, menar Peter.

Daniel Thorén gjorde en fin helg sitt livs tredje EM-deltävling och noterade en nittonde plats, efter att ha varit uppe på sextonde plats en stund under tävlingen.
- Jag tappade ner till tjugonde plats efter en trasig hjulupphängning i Q2, men jobbade sen upp mig igen, berättar Daniel.
Daniel visade sedan bra fart i de två avslutande kvalen.
- Det kändes fantastiskt skönt, bilkörningen stämde bra och den känslan tar jag med till nästa RallyX i Norge.
Kjetil Larsen gjorde ett tufft inhopp i VM efter ett års köruppehåll. Han avslutade sin tävling på briljant sätt med heatseger och slutar på artonde plats i den hårda VM-konkurrensen.

19-07-09 Ännu en folkfest i Höljes
För Sondre Evjen slutade rallycrosshelgen i Höljes med en fjärdeplats i semifinalen. Den svenska EM- och VM-tävlingen bjöd som vanligt på bästa tänkbara underhållning och även om det inte blev nytt publikrekord så bekräftade 48 350 åskådare folkfesten i norra Värmland.

- Som vanligt en fantastisk stämning och ett helproffsigt arrangemang. Chaufförerna bjöd också på tuffa dueller och fin körning här på världens kanske bästa bana, summerar Tommy Kristoffersson, teamchef i Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS.
Fjolårets tävling, där Volkswagens Johan Kristoffersson för andra gången segrade i VM-klassen, lockade 51 600 åskådare. Till den nivån nådde inte riktigt årets evenemang.
- Det finns orsaker till det. Vädret var betydligt kallare i år och det regnade en del, samtidigt som det saknades några stora förarprofiler, men det är ändå en väldigt trogen publik här, säger Kristoffersson.

Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS kom till Höljes med förhoppningar om en finalplats i Euro RX för teamets unge förare, norrmannen Sondre Evjen. Förberedelserna pekade i en positiv riktning, men Evjen kunde inte riktigt leverera på den önskade nivån.
- Teamet har gjort ett väldigt bra jobb. Bilen var bättre än någonsin. Det är bara mig det har hängt på, för många misstag, ett grovt fel i varje kvalheat, säger en självkritisk Sondre Evjen.

Evjen noterade sin bästa kvalplacering i Q1, där han placerade sig sjua, trots problem med startproceduren.
En piruett ställde till det i Q2, där norrmannen kvalade som 21:a.
- Den snurren gjorde en del med självförtroendet, analyserar Evjen, som fortsatte med en åttondeplats i Q3 och därefter 14:e i sista kvalomgången.

Sondre slutade elva totalt i kvalificeringen och plockade därmed hem sex poäng i mästerskapstabellen. Dags för semifinal från det bakre startledet i första heatet.
- Jag blandade bra körning med ett par misstag där också. Lite för mycket vilja, men jag hade i alla fall näst bästa varvtid av alla i semifinalerna.

Evjen gick i mål som femma, men flyttades upp till fjärde efter att Peter Hedström fått ett straff.
- Det var en stentuff semifinal, men jag hade gett mig själv ett svårt utgångsläge efter missarna i kvalet.

Ändå var Evjen förste man utanför finalen och stod redo som reserv, dock utan att få chansen. En besvikelse både för honom och teamet.
- Sondre behöver träning för att få den trygghet som gör att han bestämmer över bilen hela tiden, analyserar Tommy Kristoffersson, som i övrigt var nöjd med teamet.
- Eklund Motorsport och våra egna mekaniker har gjort ett jättebra jobb. Bilen är så bra som man kan få en privatbil, säger Kristofferson om teamets Polo GTI RX.
- Nu är det mig det hänger på. Jag vill förstås ha mer körträning, men självklart hjälper det också att vara 100 procent förberedd mentalt, säger en revanschsugen Sondre Evjen och blickar framåt mot nästa EM-tävling i Buxtehude, Tyskland, 17-18 augusti.
19-07-09 Tidemand knep imponerande andraplats i Höljes
Pontus Tidemands tredje inhopp i rallycross-EM började något problematiskt, men genom en imponerande stark insats under söndagen kammade Pontus tillslut hem en pallplats, den första i år. - Var det någonstans jag ville lyckas så var det här, kommenterar en nöjd värmlänning sin insats.

Att få delta i Sveriges två största motorevenemang, Rally Sweden och Höljes RX, under ett och samma år är få förunnat. Men i år fick rallyesset Pontus Tidemand chansen i båda och anlände till Höljes, som mer eller mindre är hemmaplan för honom, med målet att göra sin bästa prestation hittills i rallycross-EM.

Helgen fick dock en motig start under lördagen. I det första kvalheatet strulade motorn i starten, i det andra heatet gjorde han en liten miss och fick tidstillägg och i det tredje fastnade han i trafiken och kunde inte avancera.
- Jag kände ändå att det fanns mer att göra och det peppade mig, berättar Pontus. Trots några små problem på vägen trivdes jag väldigt bra med bilen, den gick bra och med lite flyt på min sida visste jag att vi kunde få till en bra avslutning på helgen. Det var bara att ladda om och ta nya tag.

Det var precis vad han gjorde på söndagen. Från tionde plats i totalen och med ett kvalheat kvar hittade han en ny växel och satte en tredje snabbaste tid. Han klättrade till åttonde plats och var därmed klar för den andra semifinalen. Väl där fanns det inget att förlora och han fick ut mesta möjliga ur Eklund Motorsports Volkswagen Beetle när han var snabbast i sin semifinal och kvalificerade sig för främre raden i finalen.
- Idag var det fullt ös. Var det någonstans jag ville lyckas så var det här på hemmaplan inför hemmapubliken så det känns otroligt bra, särskilt med tanke på gårdagen. Teamet är ett riktigt kanongäng och de har gjort ett fantastiskt jobb hela vägen och nu visade vi vilka snabba varvtider bubblan faktiskt kan åstadkomma. Jag är jättenöjd med vår prestation och att komma tvåa bakom Robin Larsson som är en fenomenal rallycrossförare, det är inte så pjåkigt, skrattar Pontus när han summerar den svenska deltävlingen.

Resultat Euro RX Höljes
1. Robin Larsson
2. Pontus Tidemand
3. Jean-Baptiste Dubourg
4. Tamás Kárai
5. René Münnich
6. Paulius Pleskovas
19-07-09 Hedström med i toppen
- Thorén fann fart i Q3 efter kvick start.

Teamet har levererat på topp under första dagen och Peter blixtrade till med snabbaste tid i andra kvalet. Daniel fann fart i Q3 och nu laddar de om inför morgondagens drabbning.

Dag ett av årets magiska helg i Höljes är till ända och Peter Hedström är med i toppen av EM. Femtetid i första kvalomgången följdes upp av Peter med en rejäl urladdning i andra kvalet. Han tog ledningen efter en perfekt start och släppte sedan aldrig, trots att EM-ledande Robin Larsson bitvis var hack i häl.
- Starter på blött underlag är något av min specialitet, jag kom iväg bra och sen körde jag mitt eget race, säger Peter Hedström.
Peter noterade bästa tid i Q2 och gick där upp på en total andraplats.
I tredje kvalomgången blev det hårda tag i startkurvan. Peter var först in i startkurvan men valde att ta alternativspåret direkt. En allt för hård landning i hoppet ödelade sedan heatet för Peter.
- En bromsslang till bakbromsarna nöps av på första varvet och jag fick fortsätta med bara frambromsar.
Värmen i bromsarna fram steg och till slut exploderade en bromsskiva mot slutet av heatet och det blev tvärstopp.
Trots stoppet i tredje omgången går Peter till nattvila som sexa i Euro RX.

Efter en lite nervig start har Daniel Thorén ökat under hela dagen. Efter en sextonde tid i första omgången avlöstes av en strulig andra kvalomgång på blött. Men sedan satte Daniel trettonde tid i Q3. Thorén fick till en riktigt bra start och tog rygg på Sondre Evjen i sitt heat.
- Med facit i hand gick jag ut lite för lugnt och det var mycket nerver i första kvalet, sedan blev det kubbning i andra och ingen bra tid, så det kändes skönt att allt gick efter plan i tredje, säger Daniel Thorén.

I det hårda VM-fältet satte Kjetil Larsen i teamets tredje VW Polo en fjortonde och en artonde tid under de två omgångarna som WRX kört idag.
I morgon söndag varvar EM-fältet igång med sin fjärde kvalomgång i morgon vid elvatiden.

19-07-02 Tidemand vill utmana i Höljes
Med ett SM-silver från förra veckans rallysprint i bagaget, är Pontus Tidemand på väg mot sitt tredje inhopp i rallycross-EM och laddar för fullt inför "The Magic Weekend" i värmländska Höljes. Med lite mer kraft under huven sedan den norska deltävlingen hoppas han kunna bjuda hemmafansen på en show och få till ännu ett bra resultat.

Även om det är full fokus på att få till nästa start i rally-VM, är det mycket värt att hålla igång tävlingstagget och när Per Eklund gav Pontus chansen till ett gästspel i rallycross-EM var han snabbt på bollen. En fin prestation i säsongspremiären på Silverstone i Storbritannien där Pontus slutade sexa, ledde till en fortsättning i norska Hell och även där gjorde Pontus en kanoninsats utefter förutsättningarna trots att det inte räckte till final. Han ligger femma i mästerskapet och nu blir det alltså en tredje chans - och det inte i vilken tävling som helst, utan en av Pontus absoluta favoriter.
- Rally Sweden och rallycrossen i Höljes, det är mäktiga tävlingar, de bästa och häftigaste motorarrangemangen Sverige har och jag är jätteglad att jag får göra båda under ett och samma år, säger Pontus. Jag har inte kört i Höljes sedan jag gjorde hela World RX-serien 2014 så jag ser verkligen fram emot att komma tillbaka. Det är hemmaplan för mig och stämningen här går inte att jämföra med något annat, hela norra Värmland kokar och det är omöjligt att inte ryckas med och tagga igång lite extra.

Pontus hoppas också att den här gången kunna bräcka sina två tidigare resultat. Han trivs bra i Eklund Motorsports Volkswagen Beetle och vet hur han ska göra det mesta av materialet och inför "The Magic Weekend" har han dessutom fått lite hjälp på traven.
- Per har trimmat bubblan lite sedan Norge, berättar Pontus. Den har fått en ny turbo och jag hoppas att det ska göra att vi får ut mer av den. Teamet har gjort ett strålande jobb med bilen i de föregående tävlingarna och satsar ännu högre nu. Det är en rolig bana i Höljes och man kan attackera bra. Stämmer allt kan vi tveklöst ge storfräsarna i klassen en ordentlig match.

Höljes RX är ett unikt tillskott i rallycrossmästerskapen med de festglada camparna på "Happy Street" och kringarrangemang för besökare i alla åldrar och det gör tävlingen till en av de populäraste i serien. Förra året sattes ännu ett publikrekord när 51 600 åskådare besökte Höljesbanan.
19-07-01 Jonas Kruse, expert SVT Sport, inför World RX Sweden: ”Hansen Brothers” kommer att sätta färg på tävlingen
Nedräkningen inför rallycrossen i Höljes har börjat. På lördag och söndag smäller det med World RX Sweden, den mest emotsedda deltävlingen i VM-serien från förarnas och publikens sida. Det är prestige att vinna slaget i Höljes!

Den värmländske motorsportprofilen och SVT Sports bilsportexpert Jonas Kruse är på plats för att nyhetsrapportera åt SVT Sport från Höljes. Han ser fram mot intressant tävling där mycket kan hända. Han spår att unga svenska förare kommer att vara med i toppstriden.
– Naturligtvis saknas två givna publikfavoriter, fjolårets VW-duo med regerande världsmästaren Johan Kristoffersson och alltid populäre Petter Solberg, men fajten mellan bröderna Hansen kommer mer än väl väga upp deras frånvaro och att sätta färg på tillställningen i Höljes. Kanske kan vi få en ny Per och Stig-konstellation i Team Hansen MJP, inleder Jonas Kruse och fortsätter:
– Kampen mellan Saab-teamets Per Eklund och Stig Blomqvist var en följetong i svensk och internationell rally- och rallycross i mer än ett decennium, nu är Hansen Brothers, Timmy och Kevin, snart där också. Det gillar publiken och kan bli tufft för pappa Kenneth och mamma Susanne! Speciellt i Höljes är ju bataljerna mellan Olle Arnesson och Martin Schanche smått historisk inte minst när det ledde till handgemäng efteråt. Men det var då det, nu är det bröderna Hansen.

Jonas Kruse bedömer att både Timmy och Kevin har kapacitet och rätt förutsättningar i Hansens Peugeot-team att bli världsmästare.
– Vi ska inte förvånas över om det smäller i kiosken redan i första svängen mellan dem, säger han.

Kruse lyfter även ett varningens finger för ännu en ung svensk förhandsfavorit. Det är Anton Marklund, som under några timmar var segrare i den allra senaste VM-deltävlingen i norska Hell. Men en efterkontroll av GC Kompetetions Renault visade på en teknisk avvikelse mot reglementet. Marklund, europamästare 2017, fråntogs segern av tävlingsjuryn.
– Anton har åkt mycket bil under senare år, valt att stå över VM i fjol för att satsa på EM. Nu är han åter i VM och i en potent bil. Vi kommer förmodligen att se honom i A-final även denna gång, och där kan han överraska precis som han gjorde i Norge, avslutar Jonas Kruse.

19-06-28 Bumper crop of future superstars ready to bring the Magic to Höljes
Rallycross’ ‘Magic Weekend’ awaits biggest grid of RX2 season so far in Sweden
Championship leader Oliver Eriksson seeking to avenge last year’s disappointment
All of the action available to watch via Facebook livestream and TV broadcast
Over the past two-and-a-half years, the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires has firmly established itself as the breeding ground for the FIA World Rallycross Championship stars of the future, and a bumper crop of 23 budding Timmy Hansens and Andreas Bakkeruds are set to thrill fans at Höljes’ fast-approaching ‘Magic Weekend’ (6/7 July).

Local hero Oliver Eriksson leads the field into Sweden, having extended his advantage at the top of the title table last time out in Norway with a fourth consecutive victory in 2019. The defending champion holds a 21-point margin over his nearest rival and is unquestionably the man to beat – and having narrowly missed out on a rostrum finish on home soil last year, he is feeling particularly fired-up for a champagne celebration.

“Höljes is just an awesome event,” the 20-year-old enthused. “It attracts a huge number of spectators, and the Swedish summer vibe is in full swing. The track itself obviously needs no introduction – it’s one of the true, old-school classic rallycross circuits and something of a mecca in the sport.

“Last season, a malfunctioning gear lever kept us off the podium, but hopefully we’ll have better luck next weekend and I promise I’ll be giving it full gas to try to keep this current winning run going!”

Closing in on the top step
Ominous as that may sound, Eriksson’s competitors can at least take comfort from his difficulties at Höljes 12 months ago. What’s more, his closest pursuers – his own Olsbergs MSE team-mates Jesse Kallio and Fraser McConnell – have both shown they have the pace to vie for victory this year in their rookie campaign in the official World RX feeder series.

Kallio has reached the rostrum in every round to-date – coming within a whisker of triumphing at Spa-Francorchamps – while McConnell’s swashbuckling driving style and scintillating raw speed have already earned the Jamaican a legion of admirers.

‘Best-of-the-rest’ Ben-Philip Gundersen is continuing to climb back up the order following a troubled start to the season in Spain. The Norwegian ran Eriksson particularly close in Hell and is not afraid of going wheel-to-wheel with anybody. He will be partnered under the JC Raceteknik umbrella next weekend by Sweden’s Jimmie Walfridson, who impressed on his series debut on home turf last summer.

Sami-Matti Trogen has been a consistent threat for SET Promotion, and the Finnish teenager will be rejoined at Höljes by countryman Jami Kalliomäki, returning to RX2 for the first time since the end of 2018.

Vasiliy Gryazin has already proved his podium credentials this year with Sports Racing Technologies, while Anders Michalak is going from strength-to-strength in his third season in the series. Along with reigning EuroRX TouringCar champion Steve Volders and record-breaking former Olympic athlete Albert Llovera, the Swede is leading the charge for RX2’s ‘older generation’.

Local knowledge
William Nilsson returns to the fray after missing the most recent round, and he will be bidding to replicate his top three finish at the ‘Magic Weekend’ from 2017, while Linus Östlund will be sure to receive the lion’s share of fans’ support as he makes his seasonal RX2 bow with Olsbergs MSE. The 19-year-old from Långav near Sysslebäck practically grew up testing and racing at Höljes, so if anybody understands the key to a quick lap time around the track, it is him.

“It’s fair to say I probably know Höljes better than most,” acknowledged Östlund, “but in a series as competitive and fiercely-fought as RX2, you need more than just local knowledge if you want to succeed. I reached the rostrum there in RallyX Nordic earlier this year, which is hopefully a promising sign, and after missing out on the RX2 semi-finals by just one position last summer, that has to be my primary goal this time – at the very least...”

Simon Olofsson and Marcus Höglund are both similarly swift Swedes well capable of pushing for the podium, and compatriot Mats Oskarsson will be aiming to convert the flashes of speed he has shown thus far in 2019 in RallyX Nordic into a strong result on his first RX2 appearance since this time last year.

Martin Enlund will make his series debut next weekend, with the entry list completed by a quartet of rapid Norwegians – Petter Leirhol, Morten Asklund, Stein Frederic Akre and Lars Erik Haug – and a brace of highly-rated French hotshots. Damien Meunier is set to rejoin the grid for the first time since Spa, as Yann Le Jossec prepares to test his mettle against the crème de la crème of upcoming rallycross talent.

The Höljes RX2 action will begin with free practice on Friday (5 July), the opening three qualifying races on Saturday (6 July) and the remaining qualifier, two semi-finals and final on Sunday (7 July). Fans will be able to watch all of the qualifying races live via the FIA World RX and RX2 Series Facebook pages, with the semi-finals and all-important final featuring as part of the live World RX television broadcast.

Make no mistake – with 23 competitors all putting it on the line for just six final places, it’s going to be epic!

2019 RX2 Höljes Entry List
2 Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR JC Raceteknik SWE
6 William Nilsson SWE William Nilsson SWE
11 Morten Asklund NOR Morten Asklund NOR
12 Anders Michalak SWE Anders Michalak SWE
16 Oliver Eriksson SWE Olsbergs MSE SWE
18 Linus Östlund SWE Olsbergs MSE SWE
21 Damien Meunier FRA Damien Meunier FRA
22 Sami-Matti Trogen FIN SET Promotion FIN
27 Petter Leirhol NOR Petter Leirhol NOR
33 Lars Erik Haug NOR Lars Erik Haug NOR
35 Fraser McConnell JAM Olsbergs MSE SWE
47 Jesse Kallio FIN Olsbergs MSE SWE
52 Simon Olofsson SWE Simon Olofsson SWE
55 Vasiliy Gryazin LVA Sports Racing Technologies LVA
60 Martin Enlund SWE Martin Enlund SWE
65 Jami Kalliomäki FIN SET Promotion FIN
66 Albert Llovera AND Albert Llovera AND
77 Steve Volders BEL Nationale Renstal Trommelke BEL
90 Jimmie Walfridson SWE Team Helmia SWE
98 Stein Frederic Akre NOR Stein Frederic Akre NOR
99 Marcus Höglund SWE Marcus Höglund SWE
100 Yann Le Jossec FRA Yann Le Jossec FRA
111 Mats Oskarsson SWE Mats Oskarsson SWE

Championship Standings
1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 119 points
2. Jesse Kallio (FIN) 98 points
3. Fraser McConnell (JAM) 81 points
4. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 74 points
5. Sami-Matti Trogen (FIN) 67 points
6. Vasiliy Gryazin (LVA) 55 points
7. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 45 points
8. Anders Michalak (SWE) 44 points
9. Steve Volders (BEL) 41 points
10. William Nilsson (SWE) 37 points
19-06-28 Tierp outlines on and off-track improvements for 2019 finale
Swedish venue hard at work to stage sensational RallyX Nordic finale
Circuit and paddock revisions to benefit competitors and fans alike
Big screen, beer tent and live music to enhance spectator experience

Tierp Arena has revealed the on and off-track improvements it has planned for the 2019 RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires season finale (21/22 September), as the Swedish circuit aims to build upon its debut in the championship last year.

The enhancements have been devised to make the experience more enjoyable for competitors and spectators alike.

On-track, the lap has been extended to include six more corners – three before the existing jumps and three before the final straight and finish line. Several sections will also benefit from newly-laid asphalt and a new layer of natural gravel 15-20cm in depth.

The Velodrome banked gravel corner will be bordered on the outside by a concrete wall, while the entry to the joker will be widened to minimise time loss. The two jumps towards the end of the lap will also become one – which will add to the spectacle by sending cars flying higher than ever before. The new layout will be tested and optimised in the coming weeks, with ongoing discussions to stage more action on the Saturday.

Off-track, teams will benefit from a relocated and better laid-out paddock, while access will be facilitated by a new ticketing system that will mirror that used at other events, with dogs permitted in the paddock but not grandstand. Spectators in the Section A grandstand will also be able to follow all the action on a big new, 40m2 screen.

The entertainment will continue even after the racing stops, too. A beer tent and live music will keep the party going on the Saturday evening, while camping will be closer to the paddock than before. In addition to the existing campsite, there will be a new pits campsite for those who wish to experience the high-octane feeling day and night, with both sites set to enjoy better electricity connection.

“All of the changes are based on the lessons we learned last year,” revealed Tierp Arena CEO, Urban Axelsson. “We listened carefully to the feedback we received from teams, drivers and fans, and this is the result. A tremendous amount of hard work has already gone into improving the venue for competitors and spectators, with plenty more still to come between now and September to ensure we are ready to stage the best season finale RallyX Nordic has ever seen.”

“We are very pleased to see the effort that everybody at Tierp Arena has gone to with these improvements both on and off-track,” added RallyX Nordic COO, Ian Davies. “As a venue, it was clear to see last year that there was enormous potential, with just a few rough edges to refine and these changes look set to ensure that the 2019 event is bigger, better and even more exciting. We are all very much looking forward to returning in September.”

19-06-26 Kalliomäki to return to RX2 for 'Magic Weekend'
Flying Finn’ set to rejoin the grid for Swedish spectacular
19-year-old describes Höljes as his favourite event
SET Promotion ace contested full RX2 campaign in 2018

Jami Kalliomäki will return to the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires at Höljes next month (6/7 July), with the Finnish teenager aiming to be quick out-of-the-blocks at an event that he describes as his favourite in the championship.

Kalliomäki contested a full RX2 campaign last year, showing flashes of raw speed on several occasions – indeed, even briefly leading the final on his debut at Mettet – on his way to eighth in the overall standings. He similarly proved his prowess at Höljes, speeding to the fourth-fastest time in Q2 out of the record-breaking 29 competitors.

Since then, the 19-year-old has focussed predominantly on crosskart competition, but next weekend, he will climb back into the cockpit of a Supercar Lites car for the first time in more than half-a-year with Finnish outfit SET Promotion – and he is looking forward to swiftly blowing away the cobwebs.

“I’m really excited to be getting back into RX2 after this long break,” Kalliomäki enthused. “Last season, Höljes was my favourite round. I just had problems with punctures, but hopefully we can be fast there straightaway this time.

“I have been driving a lot this year in crosskart, winning all three rounds of the Finnish Championship so far and one round of the NEZ (North European Zone) in Riga. Sami-Matti [Trogen] has already shown that the team has good speed this season in RX2, so I hope I can get back into the driving style of the Lites car quickly at Höljes.”
19-06-24 Stjärnorna återvänder!
Under Swecon World Rallycross of Sweden, kommer bl.a de tidigare mästarna i rallycross-Kenneth Hansen och Stecka Walfridsson göra comback - denna gång i Crosscar. Tävlingen genomförs i sin helhet på fredag med start kl 15.30. Intresset att får köra har varit stort bland de forna mästarna. Förutom Kenneth och Stecka kommer ni att få se Rallyvärldsmästaren Marcus Grönholm. Han vann dessutom rallycross-deltävlingen i Höljes 2008 och kommer att göra allt för att ta hem segern på den ikoniska banan även denna gång. Vi kommer även att få se norrmannen Sverre Isachsen som tävlat i Amerika de senaste åren.

Detta är en fantastisk start på the Magic Weekend och vi kan utlova en tävling där samtliga förare gör allt för att vinna.

Förutom de stora stjärnorna kommer vi att få se lokala Crosscar förare, se startlista nedan.

Startlista "Crosscar Star Challenge"
Marcus Grönholm. Världsmästare I rally
Kenneth Hansen. Europeisk mästare I Rallycross
Sverre Isachsen. Europeisk mästare I Rallycross
Stig-Olov "Stecka" Walfridson. Vinnare i Höljes 2009
Henning Solberg, Tävlande I rally-VM
Graham Rodemark. Brittisk mästare i rallycross

Arne Rådström. Värmländsk rallyförare som fick detta i 50-årspresent
Isac Egonsson. Hemmaförare i crosscart
Nils Andersson RallyX Nordic guld
Jimmie Österberg RallyX Nordic brons
Isak Reiersen Svensk mästare I Crosscart
Julius Ljungdahl Vinnare av RallyX on Ice
19-06-17 Defending champ beats home hero to glory in Hell
Championship leader Eriksson gives his rivals Hell in Norway
Local favourite Gundersen sends home fans away smiling
‘Flying Finn’ Kallio upholds spotless podium record in 2019

Oliver Eriksson continued to set the pace in the 2019 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires as it made its annual visit to Hell in Norway this weekend (15/16 June), with the championship leader narrowly defeating home hero Ben-Philip Gundersen to seal a fourth consecutive triumph.

By his own high standards, Eriksson made a slow start in Hell – ‘only’ placing second in the first qualifying round – but from that stage on, the defending title-holder was never headed, winning every remaining qualifier, his semi-final and the final. The Swede might have been feeling somewhat under the weather today, but it failed to slow him down and the result means he has dropped just a single point from four events this year – an ominous statistic indeed.

Second-placed Gundersen sent the partisan crowd away happy by securing his best result of what has been a topsy-turvy season to-date, while Jesse Kallio maintained his unbroken run of podium finishes in the official FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series in third, back at the scene of his victory in EuroRX’s Super1600 class last year.

Qualifying Races
Eriksson dominated the qualifying stages in Hell, taking three fastest times out of four to top the intermediate standings. The man that pipped him to P1 in Q1 was local favourite Gundersen, who got his weekend off to the perfect start around a track that has not always been kind to him, but thereafter the JC Raceteknik man had to give best to his Olsbergs MSE rival.

On his Hell debut, Fraser McConnell was impressively never outside the top four throughout the qualifiers, shadowing Eriksson to the chequered flag in Q4 as he rapidly got to grips with the demanding Lånkebanen circuit. The Jamaican placed third overall ahead of fellow OMSE ace Kallio, who couldn’t quite find the ultimate pace to challenge his two team-mates.

Marcus Höglund was a fast and feisty fifth on his seasonal RX2 bow with Team Färén, followed by JC Raceteknik’s Jimmie Walfridson, the Swede returning to action after missing the previous round at Silverstone. SET Promotion teenager Sami-Matti Trogen battled back from a troubled start to vault up to seventh with a rapid run in Q4, with Steve Volders in eighth – the reigning EuroRX TouringCar champion increasingly finding his feet in RX2 – and Simon Olofsson surviving a few ragged moments on his way to ninth.

Norway’s Morten Asklund had to overcome a degree of adversity to secure his own place in the semi-finals, while countryman Petter Leirhol and Sweden’s Anders Michalak – who collided at the start of Q4, leaving the former nursing a damaged car and putting the latter out on the spot – both similarly made the cut.

On his most competitive weekend to-date in the series, Albert Llovera narrowly fell short, as did Vasiliy Gryazin, the Sports Racing Technologies star twice finding himself pitched out of contention at the first corner – once into a spin, and once into a spectacular roll.

Eriksson led the first of the two semi-finals from lights-to-flag, with McConnell’s early joker paying off as the Jamaican slotted into second – but behind, all eyes were on the duel for third between Höglund and Trogen. The Finn’s efforts to get past culminated in contact into the downhill left-hander after the joker, sending bodywork flying. While Höglund held on to clinch the remaining final slot, Trogen was subsequently disqualified, promoting Olofsson to fourth and Asklund to fifth.

The second semi-final was a calmer affair, as Gundersen controlled the pace throughout, with Kallio copying team-mate McConnell’s early joker tactic to secure second and Volders reaching the final for the first time in his fledgling RX2 career at a track where he had previously finished on the podium in TouringCar. Walfridson, Michalak and Leirhol completed the finishers a little further back.

Eriksson converted pole position into the lead when the lights changed as Gundersen tucked into second, with Kallio darting for the joker. A late decision by McConnell to follow suit, however, cost the Jamaican time – and with it, arguably, a shot at the podium.

There was brief drama when Eriksson tapped the wall towards the end of the opening lap, but the Swede escaped without damage and thereafter went on to pull away from his pursuers, ultimately taking the chequered flag just over two seconds clear of Gundersen, who himself had seven tenths in-hand over Kallio. Höglund gave Team Färén its best result of the season to-date in fourth, ahead of Volders and the frustrated McConnell.

Following a three-week break, the RX2 campaign will resume at Höljes on 6/7 July, with a bumper grid anticipated for the ‘Magic Weekend’ at the iconic Swedish circuit.

Quote, Unquote
Oliver Eriksson (1st): “Four from four – I can’t complain about that! It’s been a tough weekend – the competition was really tight with a lot of drivers showing strong pace and I wasn’t feeling on top form today, but when you’re in the car, the adrenaline takes over and you just get on with the job. Ben-Philip certainly didn’t give me much room to breathe and he obviously had the home crowd behind him, but thankfully I was able to repel his attacks. I had a minor scare early on in the final, but as soon as I got to the next corner I could feel the car was ok, so I was able to press on. It’s been a great start to the season, but we all know how quickly things can turn around in rallycross so we just need to go with the flow. Next up is my home event at Höljes, which I’m really looking forward to as I’m sure I’ll have a lot of family and friends coming along to support me – so let’s see if we can keep this momentum going there!”

Ben-Philip Gundersen (2nd): “I’m definitely happy with second place. Right from free practice, we had strong speed and the car felt good, and I immediately felt much more comfortable here than I ever had before. I haven’t always got on that well with this track in the past, but we made the perfect start in Q1. There’s definitely extra motivation when you compete on home soil, and the fans really got behind me, which was great to see – I want to thank them for all their support over the weekend. After such an up-and-down start to the season and losing so many potential points, we can’t afford to leave anything on the table now – we have to push flat-out every time. With that in mind, it was great to be back on the podium again and get the chance to spray some champagne, and we’ve moved up a couple of spots in the championship too. All-in-all, it’s been a very good weekend.”

Jesse Kallio (3rd): “I love this place; it’s one of my favourite tracks in the world – real old-school and a proper rallycross circuit with all the elevation change, and it generates a lot of sideways slides, which the fans always appreciate. I came here with good memories from last year, and in Q1, I think I was driving like I was still in a two wheel-drive car. I seemed to find myself repeatedly in the wrong place at the wrong time and stuck in traffic in the qualifying races, and it wasn’t until the final that I actually got some clean air at last. I expected Gundersen to take the joker at the start and was surprised when he didn’t – that opened up a gap for me, and then I pushed as hard as I could to see if I could catch Ben-Philip. Ultimately, we couldn’t quite make it but on what was unquestionably my toughest weekend yet in RX2, I can’t be unhappy with third place and another podium finish.”

Andreas Eriksson, RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires CEO: “’Hell is like Heaven when you love rallycross’ is what they say around here, and that was certainly the case this weekend, with some brilliant – not to mention dramatic – racing from our RX2 drivers. Hell is one of the world’s classic rallycross tracks and a true test of not only skill behind the wheel but also tactical intelligence, with the timing of the joker playing a real role in the end result. Congratulations to our three podium-finishers – to Oliver for maintaining his perfect record this year, to Ben-Philip for bouncing back so quickly from his Silverstone disappointment and to Jesse for continuing to underline his credentials as one of the sport’s fastest-rising stars. Now we all look forward to the ‘mecca’ of rallycross – Höljes – and the famous ‘Magic Weekend’.”

Final Result
1. Oliver ERIKSSON (SWE) Olsbergs MSE 6 laps
2. Ben-Philip GUNDERSEN (NOR) JC Raceteknik +2.168s
3. Jesse KALLIO (FIN) Olsbergs MSE +2.870s
4. Marcus HÖGLUND (SWE) Marcus Höglund +4.326s
5. Steve VOLDERS (BEL) Nationale Renstal Trommelke +5.824s
6. Fraser MCCONNELL (JAM) Olsbergs MSE +6.113s

Championship Standings
1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 119 points
2. Jesse Kallio (FIN) 98 points
3. Fraser McConnell (JAM) 81 points
4. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 74 points
5. Sami-Matti Trogen (FIN) 67 points
6. Vasiliy Gryazin (LVA) 55 points
7. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 45 points
8. Anders Michalak (SWE) 44 points
9. Steve Volders (BEL) 41 points
10. William Nilsson (SWE) 37 points
19-06-17 Kevin Hansen storms from the back to grab podium finish in Hell
Kevin Hansen went from the back row of the World RX of Norway Final to score a thrilling podium finish in Hell, going toe-to-toe with his championship rivals.

Team HANSEN MJP leaves Hell still leading both championships, with Timmy Hansen a single point ahead of Kevin in the drivers' championship, while both drivers contribute to an 18 point advantage in the teams' championship.

A tricky start on Saturday, where both Timmy and Kevin were repeatedly stuck in traffic, was turned around on Sunday morning with a 1-2 finish in Qualifying 3. Another strong run from both in Qualifying 4 put them on the first and second row of the grid respectively for Semi Final 2.

But there was a plot twist: a sudden downpour turned what had been a dry and sunny weekend into a wet weather Semi Final. With low grip on the front row, Timmy bogged down and dropped to last, mounting a heroic comeback and almost grabbing third place.

Timmy was beaten to that position by Kevin, whose late joker lap paid off and put him just in front of his older brother. A brilliant start from the back row in the Final put Kevin up to second place at the start, which briefly became first by passing Kevin Abbring for the lead.

Kevin dropped only one place when taking his joker lap and secured a very hard-fought second place, after a defensive masterclass over eventual winner Niclas Grönholm. He fell behind only due to a one second penalty for Kevin's pass on Grönholm during the first lap in an otherwise faultless performance.

Timmy Hansen
Qualifying 1 4th
Qualifying 2 6th
Qualifying 3 1st
Qualifying 4 2nd
Semi-Final 2 4th

Kevin Hansen, Hell
Kevin Hansen
Qualifying 1 10th
Qualifying 2 7th
Qualifying 3 2nd
Qualifying 4 4th
Semi-Final 2 3rd

Talking Points
Both drivers' pace was great in the dry after an improvement in set-up late on Saturday. But that effort went out the window in the Semi Finals when it started raining heavily!
Hell lived up to its reputation. After the rain came down, the middle and back rows of the grid provided the best launch, while the front row was almost the worst place to start.
After picking up a position in Abu Dhabi due to another driver's penalty, Kevin would be demoted a place in a similar manner. It's all square now!

The big number 3
The number of qualifying sessions this weekend where Timmy Hansen set the fastest lap, including the outright fastest lap of the weekend.

Timmy Hansen
“Though the Semi Final didn’t go our way, we scored some good points this weekend. We had a strong qualifying and that built a good foundation in terms of points. We kept ourselves in a good position before the rain came.

“The rain before the Finals was a big shock and turned everything upside down. We went through the entire season without wet conditions and suddenly it was fully wet. That meant we had to guess a few things and so we didn’t choose the right settings for the launch. I had a poor start and tried everything I could to get past, but couldn’t find a gap.

“Having Niclas back for this weekend was good to see, even if he beat us this time! It was nice to have a really good challenge through the weekend. If it had stayed dry we could have had a real battle on our hands. It was just not my turn today. I did my best, but today was not my day.”

Kevin Hansen
“The first day was tricky. The speed was there but we had to start from the outside, which is really tricky in Hell. For the second day we adopted some of Timmy’s set-up, made some changes, and that seemed to make a difference.

“Looking at what happened when the rain came, starting from the second row for the Semi Final was a lot better than the first, so I was very happy to start there! We pulled off some amazing launches in the wet.

“I had to drive carefully in the Final as there was wiper fluid spraying everywhere inside the car! That also meant I couldn’t clear mud from the windscreen too. But we managed to cope with that well. Gronholm behind me pushed so hard but we kept our cool, did our thing and kept the grip all the way. With a good joker lap we managed to finish P2 but then got a penalty and were P3 instead. It’s not nice when you get a penalty but in the end I think it was a fair decision.”

Kenneth Hansen
“It was a bit of a mixed weekend for us. Saturday wasn't ideal with a few mistakes from us as a team and some problems for the drivers out on the track. Sunday went much better but in the end, it wasn't the result we wanted.

“Looking at the positives, we did learn a lot. We expected to have a little more speed here but we've learned a lot and there are some things we'll do differently for the future, especially the next round at Höljes, our home event.”

SWE Next round:
World RX of Sweden

It's an exciting time of year for Team HANSEN MJP, as the team heads to its home round of the championship at Höljes. Team principal Kenneth Hansen is the most successful driver of all time here, taking five Division 1 European RX wins behind the wheel. Kevin also scored a Euro RX win here in 2016, but the team is still seeking an elusive first win in World RX after the nearest of misses in 2015. Hopefully 2019 will be our year!
19-06-17 Jämn prestation och bra utveckling för Tidemand i Hell
I sista stund blev det klart att Pontus Tidemand fick följa upp sitt lyckade gästinhopp i rallycross-EM med ytterligare en start. Denna gången stod norska Hell på agendan och efter en jämn och fin prestation blev det motortrubbel som stod i vägen för att nå final.

EM-premiären för några veckor sedan gav både teamet och Pontus själv mersmak. Teamchefen Per Eklund skickade in anmälan om Pontus deltagande i även nästa deltävling och det blev snabba ryck att ta sig upp till Hell i Nordnorge nu i veckoslutet.

Också denna gång gjorde Pontus ett strålande jobb bakom ratten på VW-Beetlen och låg femma när de fyra kvalheaten var avklarade.
- Jag har varit otroligt nöjd med grejerna, berättar Pontus. Det är fantastisk stämning i teamet och alla gör ett kanonjobb. Vi har gjort många framsteg sen Silverstone och satte fjärde eller femte tid konsekvent genom kvalen och efter förutsättningarna var det riktigt bra.

Pontus gick alltså in i semifinalen på femte plats, men en inte helt problemfri start satte käppar i hjulen för vidare avancemang och han slutade fyra i sin semifinal.
- Det blev en dålig start. Motorn gick ner i källaren och dog och redan där grusades chanserna för final. Lite snopet måste jag erkänna eftersom allt hade gått så bra och vi verkligen trodde på en finalplats. Men det är sånt som händer i rallycross när det går så snabbt och starten ofta betyder allt. Lagom till finalen byttes solskenet ut mot spöregn också och det tror jag kan ha varit till vår fördel. Det känns som det hade kunnat passa både bilen och mig så det var synd.

Efter två rallycrosstävlingar i rad är det nu dags för Pontus att ladda om för att kliva in i rallybil igen. Den 28 juni väntar SM-sprinten i Malmö och han deltar då med sin egen SKODA Fabia som driftas av Pontus Tidemand Racing.
19-06-17 Gronholm claims maiden victory as the heavens open in
Finland’s Niclas Gronholm finally claimed a maiden victory in a pulsating final – and dramatic aftermath – to the Team Verksted World RX of Norway.

The fifth round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, taking place in the aptly-named Hell, certainly lived up to its billing.

A torrential downpour just prior to the start of the semi-finals made track conditions treacherous with rivers of water forming on the surface and teams switching to full wet weather tyres.

Grip levels were a guessing game, particularly off the start line and through the tarmac sections of the 1019 metres of old school rallycross track.

Strong winds added to the occasion. By the time of the final, the rain had eased slightly but conditions remained hellish for the drivers.

At the finish to the final, the top three over the line read ... Anton Marklund, Kevin Hansen and Gronholm. However, the turn of events thereafter caused a major reshuffle of the pack.

GRX Taneco’s Gronholm was promoted to the victory after a post-race scrutineering check found that Marklund’s GC Kompetition Renault Megane RS was not in compliance with the technical regulations. The Swede was disqualified from the event as a result.

Earlier, Gronholm had displaced Kevin Hansen after the Team Hansen MJP driver received a one-second penalty for unsportsmanlike behaviour. Gronholm, himself, received a reprimand for a similar offence in the final.

Gronholm, who missed the Belgian and British rounds with illness, returned with a vengeance by talking the top qualifier position after Q4.

The Finn was disadvantaged by starting on the front row in the final where the track surface carries more rubber – hence less grip in the wet.

“It feels nice to have a win but this is not really how we expected it to happen,” he said.

“We had a really poor launch from the front row in the semi and the final,” he conceded. “I tried to push Kevin (Hansen) all the way in the final. I think his rear bumper is quite bruised.

“The car felt good, we definitely had the pace to win but the wheel spin off the line hurt us.”

There was also déjà vu of sorts in the night air in Norway. At the opening round in Abu Dhabi, Kevin was awarded the win after Gronholm was on the wrong end of a stewards’ decision having taking the chequered flag ahead of his Swedish rival.

The positions were reversed as a result. As for Norway, Kevin felt the decision was fair. “It could have been a lot worse, so I think they (the stewards) did a fair job and I just have to accept it,” he said.

Kevin had earlier pipped his brother Timmy for a final spot in their semi-final as their Peugeot 208s merged after the joker lap.

“This is the most crazy rallycross racing I’ve ever experienced,” Kevin said. “Racing in these conditions with a flood of water on the circuit is really difficult.

“I raced side by side with Timmy at the end of the semi-final but it was fair. He gave me some tips for the final which helped.

“Overall we did a great job in the wet. We made good changes to the car and I had an amazing spotter in the final to coach me all the way through because it was difficult to see at times. I feel like I can speak about this final forever as so many things happened.

“We grabbed some good team points and we are still one-two in the championship which is what we wanted when we came here,” he added.

Latvia’s Janis Baumanis recovered from damaged suspension in the Team STARD Ford Fiesta in Q1 to advance to the final where he inherited third – his first World RX podium.

In fourth, on a stunning World RX debut, was Dutchman Kevin Abbring at the wheel of the ESmotorsport – Labas GAS Skodia Fabia.

Liam Doran, having taken the lead in the final, appeared to be heading for his first World RX win when a mechanical issue slowed his Monster Energy RX Cartel Audi S1. He ultimately took fifth place from the final.

The Briton had reached the semi-finals as the beneficiary of the disqualification of Rokas Baciuska, making his debut in the GCK Academy Renault Megane RS RX.

The Lithuanian was deemed to have touched the launch control button during the lap of a Q3 race after a review of data by the stewards.

Doran was mighty in the soggy semi-final two and looked set for a repeat in the final before the gremlins intervened.

His team-mate and home town favourite Andreas Bakkerud failed to reach the final to the massive dismay of a strong contingent of local fans.

While disappointed for himself, the home supporters and local organisers, the Norwegian also felt for Doran. “While I am sorry for my fans and the whole of Norway, I am also very sorry for Liam. I honestly thought, as most people did, that Liam would give the RX Cartel our first win today but it wasn’t to be,” he said.

Gronholm’s GRX Taneco team-mate Timur Timerzyanov had put his Hyundai i20 in third place after Q3 but could only manage fourth in his semi-final.

ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport’s Timo Scheider was second quickest overall after day one. However, his race weekend ended with the Seat Ibiza on a recovery truck with rear suspension damage after a tangle with Baumanis in their semi-final.

GCK team boss Guerlain Chicherit, despite being on the back foot after a double joker penalty for a jump start in Q1, produced a stunning win in Q3 to reach the semi-finals.

He made a lightning start from P6 to head the pack in to turn one but was ultimately the victim of some barging and finished fifth.

Fellow GCK Academy team members Cyril Raymond of France was fifth in his semi-final while Belgium’s Guillaume De Ridder missed the cut. Hungarian rookie Krisztian Szabo, in the EKS Sport Audi S1, failed to reach the semi-finals for the first time this year.

Oliver Bennett was unable to follow up on reaching his first World RX semi-final at the previous round at Silverstone. The Briton struggled to find an optimum set-up for the undulations and surface changes of the Hell circuit in the Xite Racing Mini Cooper.

“Things didn’t go to plan this weekend. We came here with a lot of confidence from the previous rounds but we found the track really tricky with set-up,” he said.

“It’s a challenging track, the tarmac is fast and grippy but also bumpy and the loose is like rally-spec loose, so it was really hard for us to find a compromise on set-up. But we are still learning and on to the next race.”

The sixth round of the championship, the Swecon World RX of Sweden, takes place on July 6-7.

19-06-17 Stort kliv framåt för Evjen
Sondre Evjen tog sig till final och slutade sexa vid EM-rallycrossen i norska Hell. Det fanns dessutom läge för mer. Ett trasigt styrstag satte stopp för jakten på prispallen.
- Absolut godkänt, men man vill ju gärna ha mer när man ändå är där, säger den unge norrmannen.

Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS kom till Hell med en rejäl portion revanschlust i packningen. Euro RX-premiären på Silverstone innehöll många problem, men till den här gången hade man gjort hemläxan tillsammans med Eklund Motorsport, som har huvudansvaret för teamets Volkswagen Polo GTI RX.
- Jämfört med Silverstone har vi tagit ett jättekliv framåt. Jag tycker vi kan vara nöjda, även om man alltid vill ha mer när man är mitt i matchen, sammanfattar teamchefen Tommy Kristoffersson.

Sondre Evjen höll en hög och bra klass hela helgen, inledde med en andraplats i Q1, fortsatte sedan med resultatraden 4-5-7 och slutade därmed fyra, vilket innebar en plats i främsta ledet i semifinalen.
- Sondre är snabb, vaken och vill framåt, berömmer Kristoffersson. Får vi bara lite tid att träna starter också, så kommer att det bli riktigt bra.

Just starterna var den viktiga detalj där Evjen tappade mest gentemot de bästa.
- Annars hade vi kunnat fightas ännu högre upp, säger Sondre.

I semifinalen kom han ändå iväg på ett bra sätt och tog sig elegant till final som tvåa i racet, med mersmak.
- Jag blev lite hindrad av en som var i vägen för mig, så det hade kunnat bli ännu bättre.

I den blöta finalen blev det sedan trångt och problematiskt för Evjen. En okej start, men planen att gå direkt in i jokern grusades och det blev istället en smäll med Thomas Bryntesson.
- Jag gör ett litet fel och blir hårt straffad.
- Sondre blev lite bred i en sväng och kolliderade sedan med Bryntesson, vilket knäckte ett styrstag. Inget att säga om, en olycklig race incident, menar Tommy Kristoffersson, valde att ta med sig allt det positiva från helgen i Hell.

Sondre Evjen kunde bara instämma i det resonemanget.
- Bilen och teamet har fungerat bra. Resten tar vi igen i Höljes, lovar Evjen, som plockade totalt nitton poäng under helgen och hoppade upp till åttonde plats i sammandraget.

Euro RX Supercar Hell
1. Robin Larsson
2. Jean Baptiste Dubourg
3. Thomas Bryntesson
6. Sondre Evjen

Euro RX totalt
1. Robin Larsson, 60 p
2. Thomas Bryntesson, 51 p
3. Jean Baptiste Dubourg 47 p
8. Sondre Evjen 23 p
19-06-17 Seger för JC Racetekniks Robin Larsson i Hell – Gundersen tvåa i RX2
Det blev dubbelt JC Raceteknik på pallen under helgens rallycrosstävling i Norge. Medan Robin Larsson tog sin andra raka seger i Supercar-EM fick även Ben-Philip Gundersen fira på pallen med en andraplats i Supercar Lites.
– Det blev en riktigt bra tävling för hela teamet och vi plockar viktiga mästerskapspoäng, säger teamchef Joel Christoffersson.

Under helgen nådde rallycrossen Norge och den välkände Lånkebanen i Hell. För teamet JC Raceteknik blev det en lyckad tävlingshelg i både FIA European Rallycross Championship och RX2 International Series.

För Robin Larsson blev det återigen en fullträff. Han inledde helgen med en snabbast tid under träningen och fortsatte prestera topptider, segrade i grundomgången och även i semifinalen. Väl i final var han tvåa iväg i starten, men lyckades snabbt avancera och behöll ledningen över mållinjen. Det blev Svenljungabons andra raka seger i Euro RX, han plockar maximala mästerskapspoäng och utökar ledningen ytterligare.

Även teamets RX2-förare visade ett bra tempo under helgen. Norrmannen Ben-Philip Gundersen knep flera tider i toppen och slutade på en andraplats i grundomgången efter stabil körning. I semifinalen blev det en seger och han startade från främre led i finalen. Han var tvåa iväg i starten, och det blev även resultatet. För Värmländske teamkollegan Jimmie Walfridson var det första gången någonsin i Hell. Trots det hittade han snabbt flytet på banan och tog bland annat en heatseger. Han var trea in i semifinalen och tog rygg på Gundersen, men blev efter en tight semifinal förste föraren utanför final.

Nästa deltävling för både Euro RX och RX2 International Series blir i Höljes 5-7 juli. Resultatlistor från Hell finns här.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Det blev en riktigt bra tävling för hela teamet med två pallplatser. För Robin var det en kanonhelg rakt igenom. Farten har funnits hela säsongen, men han har också visat en väldigt smart körning genom hela helgen. När regnet började ösa ner inför finalen blev det lite stressigt för oss alla, men Robin behöll ändå lugnet och gjorde imponerande tider, snabbare än hela VM till och med. Att utöka mästerskapsledningen gör att vi tar med oss en bra känsla till EM i Höljes.

I RX2 har vi höjt tempot ytterligare ett steg. Vi närmar oss bilarna i toppen och har visat att vi kan utmana där. Ben-Philip har varit suverän i Hell. Han visade sig riktigt snabb och klättrar i mästerskapet. Jimmie har utvecklats mycket i år och visat att han är med i toppen. Han har haft en stabil körning i helgen och var trea in i semin, men där fanns inte farten helt tyvärr. Både Ben-Philip och Jimmie gillar banan i Höljes, så det här blev en bra uppladdning inför The Magic Weekend.”

Robin Larsson, Supercar:
”Det här känns riktigt skönt. Det har varit en stabil helg för mig, som gick enligt planen hela tiden. Däremot blev det lite onödigt spännande när regnet kom… Jag vet att jag har farten på torrt underlag, men har inte kört bilen på vått underlag tidigare. Så det blev lite nervös stämning. Men tydligen fungerade det också bra. Vi har tagit full pott i mästerskapet och med tanke på att det är få deltävlingar är varje poäng viktig. Bilen har fungerat klockrent, så nu jobbar vi vidare på att lära känna den ännu mer. Nästa tävling blir Höljes, och att komma till min favoritbana med två raka segrar i ryggen känns skönt.”

Ben-Philip Gundersen, Supercar Lites:
”Jag är nöjd med pallplatsen, och det var extra roligt att få ta det här resultatet inför den norska publiken. Även om det blev en andraplats känns det som seger. Oliver har varit i en helt egen klass den här säsongen, och eftersom jag aldrig fått till ett bra resultat på den här banan så trodde jag inte det skulle bli såhär bra. Att ha det höga tempot och en clean körning redan från start gav en bra känsla under tävlingen. Teamet har gjort ett bra jobb med allt och vi klättrar sakta men säkert uppåt i mästerskapet. Nästa tävling blir Höljes, där har jag gjort bra resultat tidigare i år och det är en bana som passar mig. Så nu gäller det bara att fortsätta plocka poäng.”

Jimmie Walfridson, Supercar Lites:
”Det här var första gången jag körde i Hell, så det blev en ny frän bana att få lära känna. Både bilen och min körning har fungerat bra och jag är verkligen nöjd med helheten i helgen. Det var otur bara att missa finalen och vara första reserv, men jag har samlat på mig mycket erfarenheter i helgen. Gött att ha fått köra upp farten till RallyX Nordic-säsongen. Men nästa tävling för mig blir Höljes, och det är något extra att få köra inför den publiken. Jag ser verkligen fram emot det.”
19-06-13 Bakkerud in seventh heaven heading to Hell
The fifth round of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy visits Hell for the Team Verksted World RX of Norway this weekend with home hopes resting heavily on the broad shoulders of Andreas Bakkerud.

Apart from being a headline-writers’ dream destination, Hell, or Lånkebanen to be precise, is also a classic rallycross circuit consisting of 63 percent asphalt and 37 percent gravel over 1,019 metres of sweeping terrain.

It is also the scene of World RX’s first ever clean sweep for Bakkerud in 2016 – the Norwegian winning all his four qualifying sessions, the semi-final and final. His last World RX final win came at the back end of the season in Rosario, Argentina the same year.

After an event-ending crash with Timmy Hansen in the opening round of 2019 in Abu Dhabi, Bakkerud was third in Barcelona, and second in Spa-Francorchamps and Silverstone.

In Belgium, Bakkerud had “one little finger on the trophy” and at the World RX of Great Britain in round four, Bakkerud appeared to be heading for his first win of 2019 but had victory snatched from his grasp by the tactical nous of eventual winner Timmy Hansen. A temperamental handbrake in the semi-finals and final did not help Bakkerud's cause either.

“Silverstone was four podiums in a row for the Monster RX Cartel, we had both cars in the final at Silverstone but just didn’t get the job done. I almost had it [the win] in my pocket. All I can do is keep on pushing and hopefully the win is nearby,” he said.

“We go to Norway with high expectations. As long as my name is on the entry list, I am there to win.” Doubtless he hopes that win will arrive on home soil.

Bakkerud’s Monster RX Cartel team-mate Liam Doran has also recorded World RX qualifying race wins at Hell – two of them in 2014 – but has yet to reach the final.

The Briton’s form this year has been patchy. He started out with a third-place finish in Abu Dhabi, missed the semi-finals in Barcelona and was sixth in the final in both Belgium and Great Britain after promising much in the preceding qualifying and semi-final rounds. He’s seeking an upturn in fortunes at Hell, a circuit he likes.

“I am looking forward to racing in Hell. It is probably my favourite track in the championship even though my last time racing there [2016] ended with a big crash rolling down the start straight. I have done quite well here in the past and it is one of the few tracks left on the calendar that I have a lot of experience at so definitely looking to get a good result,” Doran said.

“It’s always a great event with awesome atmosphere, especially having Andreas as my team-mate.”

Hansen MJP’s Timmy Hansen, the current world championship leader, is also a former event winner in Hell in 2015 and was second to Bakkerud in 2016.

Brother Kevin will look to put the disappointment of Great Britain behind him. The younger Hansen crashed out of the semi-final in his Peugeot 208 after contact with a barrier in the joker section.

The mistake relegated him to last place in the semi-final and he surrendered the championship lead as a result. Timmy now sits on 88 points, four ahead of his sibling with Bakkerud third on 77.

GRX Taneco’s Niclas Gronholm will reappear in Norway having sat out the Belgian and British rounds with illness.

The Finn’s absence has seen him slip to 10th in the standings having been second overall after a second place in Abu Dhabi (a stewards’ ruling denying him victory in the final) and a fourth place in Barcelona.

“It’s nice to finally be able to race again. It's been a long recovery where everything that can go wrong, went wrong. Setback after setback. It will be very challenging to come back after a six-week illness, so my expectations are not that high, but I will give my maximum and we'll see where it takes me,” Gronholm said.

Timur Timerzyanov, in the sister GRX Taneco Hyundai i20, had an indifferent British round following the high of a maiden World RX win in Spa-Francorchamps.

“For me Hell is the highlight of the World RX season. It’s a proper rallycross track with elevation changes, challenging gravel and tons of spectators. The action is always great there. After a not so successful event in Silverstone, I’m keen to make my way back to the top this weekend,” the Russian said.

Norway also sees the return to World RX of Rokas Baciuska. The Latvian joins the GCK Academy ranks having competed for ESmotorsport-Labas Gas in the opening two rounds. He missed the British and Belgian events while the ink was drying on the contract with GCK.

Baciuska will run a third Renault Megane RS RX alongside Frenchman Cyril Raymond and Belgium’s Guillaume De Ridder. “I’m really excited that I’m able to continue my progression in World Rallycross and that I’ve found such an incredible team to be part of,” Baciuska said.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time with the guys at GCK and I’m super impressed with the way they work, the performance and promise of the car and I cannot wait to race alongside the GC Kompetition and GCK Academy drivers in Norway.”

Sweden’s Anton Marklund will look to build on his third-place finish at Silverstone on a track which is likely to suit his Renault Megane RS RX and that of French GC Kompetition team boss Guerlain Chicherit. “If we keep on doing the starts like we did in the semi-final and final, we should be quick in Norway,” Marklund said.

“The track has fast sweeping corners and hard braking and it should suit our car’s long wheelbase. I’m going there with a lot of self-confidence and I think we can do a good job there.”

Baciuska’s replacement in the Skoda Fabia at ESmotosport is Dutchman Kevin Abbring. The former rally driver, who has been on testing duty with the team, is promoted to a race seat.

Latvia’s Janis Baumanis, whose strong performances in 2019 has him holding down fourth place in the overall standings, will partner Finland’s Jani Paasonen in the Team STARD Ford Fiestas.

Oliver Bennett reached the semi-final for the first time in 2019 at Silverstone, his first full season as a permanent World RX entrant. It is evidence that modifications to the front suspension of the Xite Racing Mini Cooper since Barcelona are bringing rewards.

“From our increase in performance round by round and our first semi-final at Silverstone, I’m super excited for Hell,” Bennett said.

“The loose and mixed quarry surface and big elevations suit my driving style a lot and reminds me of the great feeling I had at Spa with similar conditions where the Mini is very strong. Our starts are insane which is important at Hell. I have my eyes on the next semi-final. Let’s see.”

After difficult weekends in Barcelona and Spa-Francorchamps, Timo Scheider made the final at Silverstone in the ALL-INKL.COM Muennich Motorsport team Seat Ibiza where he narrowly missed his first podium of the season.

The German was fourth just ahead of the EKS Sport Audi S1 of Hungarian Krisztian Szabo who continues to impress in his rookie year.

A total of 39 Supercars will race in Norway, with the second round of the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Supercar also taking place in Hell.

On top of the regular Euro RX Supercar competitors, Belgium’s Enzo Ide will make his second rallycross Supercar start in a JC Raceteknik-run Audi S1, the car he used in the Spa World RX of Belgium. Round four of the RX2 International Series is also on the schedule in Norway.

Circuit length: 1010m
Average speed (lap record): 96.4 km/h (8th fastest of 12)
Lap record: 37.731 by Timur Timerzyanov (2016)
Joker lap record: 41.664 by Johan Kristoffersson (2018)
Difference normal/joker: 3.933 (11th longest of 12)
4 lap record: 2:38.902 by Andreas Bakkerud (2016)
6 lap record: 3:54.906 by Johan Kristoffersson (2018)

Past event winners:
2018: Johan Kristoffersson
2017: Johan Kristoffersson
2016: Andreas Bakkerud
2015: Timmy Hansen
2014: Reinis Nitiss

World RX qualifying race wins at Lånkebanen:
5 Johan Kristoffersson and Andreas Bakkerud
4 Petter Solberg
2 Timmy Hansen and Reinis Nitiss
1 Mattias Ekström and Timur Timerzyanov

The Team Verksted World RX of Norway is the 66th ever World RX event in the 6th season of the championship …
And yes, it’s in HELL. No.666 #NumberOfTheBeast
19-06-13 Hansen hoping for repeat of 2015 success in Norway
Team HANSEN MJP's FIA World Rallycross Championship campaign contintues in Norway this weekend, with hopes of a repeat of the team's 1-2 finish at Hell in 2015 to further strengthen its championship position.

Brothers Timmy and Kevin Hansen are currently first and second in the drivers' championship, while the team extended its lead in the teams' championship last time out at Silverstone.

Timmy became the first double winner of 2019 with a clever undercut joker strategy in the World RX of Great Britain Final, while Kevin is determined to make amends for a mistake that cost him second place in his Semi Final.

Hell was the site of a breakthrough weekend on the world stage for the team in 2015, taking its first 1-2 result here. Having pulled off the same feat already this year in Spain, Team HANSEN MJP is aiming to repeat the same result on familiar territory.

After four rounds at Formula 1 circuits adapted for World RX, Hell is a step back into old school rallycross. No artificial jumps, no tyre stacks; it's a track built with RX in mind.

At Hell, the straights aren't even particularly straight; it's an open, flowing track where the corners are linked together in an almost seamless fashion. The joker at the start of the lap aside, all the turns are wide in their radius, encouraging the drivers to push just that little bit harder on both entry and exit.

The big numbers
The points margin Team HANSEN MJP holds in the World RX Teams' Championship after the first four rounds of the season.

The percentage of rounds this year in which a Team HANSEN MJP driver has scored the maxmium points available: Timmy in Catalunya and Silverstone, Kevin in Abu Dhabi.

How many hours it takes for Team HANSEN MJP to travel from its Swedish base in Götene to Hell – the shortest commute of the season so far!
What to look out for

Entry to the joker lap is a potential flashpoint for trouble. Just like Montalegre in Portugal, the racing line for entry is very similar as for taking the first corner normally but with much later braking. Drivers have to be careful not to trip up over each other!

That joker is also a strategy headache. Drivers starting further down the grid and on the outside are often tempted to go straight in on the first lap. But too many drivers taking this option at the same time can cause a traffic jam and compromise what is a high risk but potentially high reward strategy.

Best of all, every corner is a genuine overtaking opportunity. With fast sections leading to open and wide corners, there's plenty of space to make a move.

Ideal set-up:

Maximising traction is the number one priority around Hell. The set-up window is quite narrow here, so if a driver isn't confident in the amount of traction the car is giving them, they risk being quite far off the pace.
Aside from the crest over the start-finish line where cars catch a little air, there's no real jumps around Hell, which means no need to compromise on suspension. It's all about the fine tuning.

Event Timetable
All times CEST
Saturday, June 15th
Free Practice 09:00
Qualifying 1 12:00
Qualifying 2 15:10
Autograph session 17:00
Sunday, June 16th
Warm-up 08:35
Qualifying 3 09:40
Qualifying 4 11:40
Final 15:00

Timmy Hansen

m looking forward to the weekend; we’ve got a few updates to the Öhlins dampers that Kevin tested in free practice at Silverstone, and this will be a good place to introduce them, as Hell is a bumpy track with a lot of traction needed. I feel that I’m on a roll now but I need to focus and get myself back into the zone. It’s a close fight with Kevin and I think we were both worried that it might affect our relation, but we’ve talked about it a lot and we’re probably even closer: just as well as we’re travelling around together this year!”


“The atmosphere in Norway is always brilliant: Timmy and I took a long road trip to get there in our camper van – a journey of about 850 kilometres – and we had a lot of fun, just anticipating the weekend to come. Looking ahead to the race, it’s always got good memories for me: I was the quickest driver in our team there last year, which was very encouraging. I’m second in the drivers’ championship now after Silverstone, so my goal is to get back on top.”

The Boss Kenneth
“It's a pleasure for us to go back to a traditional rallycross track. It's one where we've had a lot of success in the past, especially in 2015! Our drivers are first and second in the championship, which is a perfect situation. Between myself and Susann as team managers, we try to get the most out of both of them so that they maximise their own performance. But the drivers themselves are involved in the team management this year too, so they see the bigger picture. They race each other but they don't take excessive risks. It's important to remember that our rivals aren't standing still: we respect them greatly and we expect really fierce competition this weekend from many of them. We can't afford to relax, we have to give it everything we can.”

19-06-12 William Nilsson blickar framåt – fokuserar på Höljes
William Nilsson har under flera år tävlat i RX2 International Series, men nu avslutas samarbetet med teamet JC Raceteknik. Skåningen kommer inte till start i Hell, utan väljer istället att lägga fokusen på deltävlingen i Höljes samt sin framtid inom rallycrossen.
– Jag och JC Raceteknik har haft många fina år tillsammans. Höjdpunkten var 2017 då vi tog guld i både SM och RallyX Nordic. Det har verkligen varit en rolig tid tillsammans med Joel, de andra förarna, mekaniker och resten av teamet. Men jag känner att det är dags för ett nytt kapitel, säger Nilsson.
Han fortsätter:
– Just nu är säsongen lite oviss. Exakt vad som händer efter Höljes får vi helt enkelt se, men jag kommer helt klart att fortsätta med rallycross.

Under säsongen har Nilsson även tävlat i V8 Thunder Cars för teamet Memphis Racing, detta kommer han fortsätta med resten av året.
– Det här är mitt första år i en V8-bil och jag tycker verkligen det är skitkul. Under den senaste tävlingen tog jag ett stort steg framåt och det kändes som att jag började hitta mer rätt i bilen. Så det ska bli spännande att se hur det går under nästa tävling i Falkenberg.
19-06-12 The Road to Hell – RX2 bound full-throttle for Norway
Norway hosts halfway point of red-hot title battle in World RX feeder series
Home hero Ben-Philip Gundersen aiming to give his rivals Hell
All of the action available to watch via Facebook livestream and TV broadcast

Competitors in the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires are gearing up to go Hell for leather in Norway this weekend (15/16 June), as they continue to chase the coveted crown in the fiercely-contested FIA World Rallycross Championship support series.

RX2 has been the official feeder category to World RX since 2017, with inaugural champion Cyril Raymond and last year’s runner-up Guillaume De Ridder both proving the success of the formula by graduating to the pinnacle of the sport this season with the GCK Academy.

The 2019 campaign has already seen three thrilling instalments in Spain, Belgium and the UK, with Norway staging round four this weekend. The 15-strong field is led by defending title-holder Oliver Eriksson (Olsbergs MSE), who has gone unbeaten thus far this season and holds a 13-point advantage at the summit of the drivers’ standings arriving in Hell.

The young Swede’s closest rival is his own team-mate – and ultra-impressive RX2 rookie – Jesse Kallio (Finland), who came within a whisker of taking his first victory in the series at Spa-Francorchamps last month. The third OMSE car is piloted by another rapid newcomer. Fraser McConnell is the first Jamaican driver in RX2 history, and immediately made his mark in the Barcelona curtain-raiser with a sensational round-the-outside overtake for second place that brought the crowd to their feet.

Fourth in the table is SET Promotion’s Sami-Matti Trogen – the youngest driver on the grid at only 17. Having finished just shy of the rostrum at each event so far in 2019, the Finnish teenager will be keen to climb the podium in Hell.

Vasiliy Gryazin (Sports Racing Technologies) took the chequered flag third last time out at Silverstone and is building momentum as he targets his breakthrough triumph in the series, but Ben-Philip Gundersen (JC Raceteknik) was conversely out of luck in Britain, finding himself squeezed into the barriers at the start of the final. The Norwegian has endured a rollercoaster ride over the opening three rounds, but his raw speed is certainly not in doubt.

Home hero
“I’m really looking forward to my home round,” the 24-year-old enthused. “Hell is a proper, old-school rallycross track and the World Championship always draws the crowds in Norway, so hopefully that support will help to spur me on to a great result this weekend.

“We had a rough start to the season in Barcelona, but we’ve been fighting back ever since. We’re still lacking that last little bit to truly take the fight to the Olsbergs boys and Hell hasn’t traditionally been my strongest circuit on the calendar – I haven’t always felt that comfortable here – but hopefully that will be different this year and I promise you I’ll be giving it everything I’ve got!”

Gundersen’s JC Raceteknik stablemate William Nilsson is almost back to full fitness following an accident in the season-opener that left him feeling battered and bruised. The Swedish teenager was unfortunate to miss out on the final at Silverstone, while countryman Anders Michalak progressed through to the last six on British soil for the second consecutive year and is increasingly taking the fight to his younger adversaries.

Fellow Swede Simon Olofsson is invariably a crowd-pleaser with his trademark sideways style, and Jimmie Walfridson returns to the fray for JC Raceteknik after skipping the most recent round – but fired-up by a top three finish in RallyX Nordic in Denmark.

The field is completed by reigning EuroRX TouringCar champion Steve Volders, record-breaking former Olympian Albert Llovera – paralysed from the waist down by a serious skiing accident in 1985 – and guest entries Marcus Höglund, Petter Leirhol and Morten Asklund. Höglund has competed in Hell in each of the past two seasons – reaching the semi-final stage in 2017 – while Norwegians Leirhol and Asklund are sure to enjoy enthusiastic support on home turf.

The Hell RX2 action will begin with free practice and the opening two qualifying races on Saturday (15 June), followed by the remaining two qualifiers, two semi-finals and the final on Sunday (16 June). Fans will be able to watch all of the qualifying races live via the FIA World RX and RX2 Series Facebook pages, with the semi-finals and all-important final featuring as part of the live World RX television broadcast.

2019 RX2 Hell Entry List
2 Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR JC Raceteknik SWE
6 William Nilsson SWE JC Raceteknik SWE
11 Morten Asklund NOR Morten Asklund NOR
12 Anders Michalak SWE Anders Michalak SWE
16 Oliver Eriksson SWE Olsbergs MSE SWE
22 Sami-Matti Trogen FIN SET Promotion FIN
27 Petter Leirhol NOR Petter Leirhol NOR
35 Fraser McConnell JAM Olsbergs MSE SWE
47 Jesse Kallio FIN Olsbergs MSE SWE
52 Simon Olofsson SWE Simon Olofsson SWE
55 Vasiliy Gryazin LVA Sports Racing Technologies LVA
66 Albert Llovera AND Albert Llovera AND
77 Steve Volders BEL Nationale Renstal Trommelke BEL
90 Jimmie Walfridson SWE JC Raceteknik SWE
99 Marcus Höglund SWE Marcus Höglund SWE

Championship Standings
1. Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 89 points
2. Jesse Kallio (FIN) 76 points
3. Fraser McConnell (JAM) 61 points
4. Sami-Matti Trogen (FIN) 57 points
5. Vasiliy Gryazin (LVA) 51 points
6. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 48 points
7. William Nilsson (SWE) 37 points
8. Anders Michalak (SWE) 37 points
9. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 34 points
10. Steve Volders (BEL) 26 points
19-06-12 Evjen trivs på hemmabanan
Sondre Evjen gör kommande helg sin fjärde start på rallycrossbanan i Hell, öster om Trondheim, och norrmannen längtar till sin hemmatävling i EM-serien.
- Det är en fantastiskt kul bana av den gamla typen, med höjdskillnader och mycket grus. Häftigt att för första gången få köra en supercar där, säger Evjen.

Premiären på Silverstone i England blev inte alls vad Sondre Evjen och hans team, Volkswagen Dealerteam BAUHAUS, hade hoppats på. En mindre brand och därpå följande tekniska problem förstörde helgen. Den unge norrmannen hann i alla fall visa att han behärskar den potenta Polo GTI RX som han har till sitt förfogande.
- Hoppas allt fungerar som det ska och att vi får köra en helg utan problem. Då ska vi verkligen ge de andra en fight och kämpa om en plats på pallen.

Team-chefen Tommy Kristoffersson kan intyga att det har jobbats intensivt sedan helgen på Silverstone. Eklund Motorsport, som har huvudansvaret för bilen, men också personal från Kristoffersson Motorsport har lagt många jobbtimmar för att eliminera problemen som ställde till det i England.
- Vi är rejält revanschsugna efter debaclet där och har haft absolut full gas i vårt arbete sedan dess. Det pratas ofta inom motorsport om att man jobbar dygnet runt, men i det här fallet är det verkligen en realitet, säger Kristoffersson.

Även om alla tävlingar har lika många EM-poäng att kämpa om så finns det vissa helger man känner extra mycket för att vara på topp. Det här är en av dem.
- Av flera olika anledningar, tycker Tommy. Det är för det första en mycket välarrangerad tävling med en hängiven arrangörsstab. För det andra är det mycket stort intresse och storpublik att vänta. Jag räknar Norge, tillsammans med Sverige och Frankrike, som ett av de stora rallycrossländerna. Och för det tredje är det ju hemmatävling för Sondre.

Evjen kommer från Åls kommun, en bra bit från Tröndelag, men hemmabana är det likväl.
- Jag har visserligen kortare väg till Höljes, men det är ändå stort för mig att få representera Norge i vår egen EM-runda.

Tommy Kristoffersson väljer att lägga sin personliga närvaro i just Hell, men teamet har minst sagt fullt upp kommande helg, med Ole Christian Veiby i VM-rally på Sardinien och Johan Kristoffersson i Nyköping för SM-rally.
- Det ska fungera, tack vare väldigt kompetenta medarbetare, säger Tommy.
19-06-11 Hvaal och Hedström till Hell
- Alexander Hvaal hoppar in i Norges Euro RX.
Rallycross-EM rattar sig vidare mot Norska Hell. Med Daniel Thorén på sjukbänken efter den hårda smällen på Silverstone, blir det Alexander Hvaal som tar hans plats i Norge.

Hedströms Motorsport är mitt uppe i de sista förberedelserna inför avfärd norrut. Målet är Hell, en bit utanför Trondheim och årets andra deltävling i Rallycross-EM. Det blir en hemmaförare som gör comeback i teamet för en ”one-off” tävling. Alexander Hvaal tävlade med Hedströms under hela säsongen 2017 och just i Hell gick det riktigt bra den gången.
- Vi tog oss båda till final, jag satte snabbaste varvid i semin, minns Peter Hedström
I finalen tog till slut Alex bronspengen och Peter skuggade honom i mål som fyra.

Till Hvaals comeback laddas det i VW Polon med nypreppad motor och de allra senaste uppdateringarna från motortrimmaren Trollspeed. Allt för att Hvaal ska få bästa förutsättningar att nå finalen i sin hemmatävling även detta år. Alex fick chansen då Daniel Thorén fortfarande har revben att läka efter smällen i England på Silverstone.
- Det är verkligen kul att ha Alex tillbaka i teamet, han tvekade inte alls när jag ringde och frågade, fortsätter Hedström.

Peter själv gillar verkligen den snabba med ändå tekniskt krävande banan, där Peter länge höll banrekordet som han satte 2013 i Skoda Fabian. Banan i Hell mäter 1019 meter och har förhållandet 63% asfalt mot 37% grus.
- Det är ett litet mini-Höljes, kuperat upp och ner, den har det mesta utom ett riktigt hopp, jag känner mig som hemma i Hell, säger Peter Hedström.
Med ett Höljes i miniatyr får teamet även en fin uppvärmning inför årets magiska helg om fyra veckor i just Höljes. Där kommer bilen som Alex kör i Hell, däremot att köras av en annan förare och ett trebilsteam från Hedströms Motorsport är att vänta på hemmaplan. Vilken förare det blir, det avslöjar vi däremot inte än.

Hell Euro RX 2019 - Tidplan träning, kval och finaler:
Lördag 15/6
09:00 Träning
11:20 Q1
14:30 Q2 och Q3

Söndag 16/6
08:15 Warm-up
11:00 Q4
13:30 Semifinaler
15:00 Finalpasset
15:50 Prisutdelning
19-06-09 Info inför Swecon World RX of Sweden 5-7 juli 2019
Det drar ihop sig för den årliga motorfesten i Höljes. Dagligen så rullar det husvagnar uppöver Klarälvdalen som har sitt bestämda mål - att få bästa platsen på The Magic Weekend. Några ser det som en festival med nöje, musik och mycket glädje. De allra flesta är dock riktiga motorentusiaster. Jag mötte så sent som igår en man som inte varit på en tävling sedan Schanche och Arnesson hade sina bataljer. I år skulle han upp och se det han hört talas om så många år. Det är nog en viss förändring som skett sedan han var här senast.

Gasa eller bromsa?
Inför årets tävling då de stora fabriksstallen lämnade VM fick vi oss först en tankeställare - hur mycket skulle vi satsa i år? Kommer publiken? Ganska snart insåg vi att vi är nog en av få arrangörer som kan sova skönt om nätterna. Vi har vår trogna stab av publik som redan i december, när vi släppte de första läktarbiljetterna kastade sig in och köpte sin biljett till helgen de bara inte ville missa. Dessutom har vi nu sett flera förare som är potentiella vinnare, vilket gör VM-serien otroligt spännande.

Vi bestämde oss tidigt för att inte bromsa oss igenom årets tävling. Vi har så mycket bra att leverera och teamen som kör är bara en del i ett stort evenemang. Många i vår publik ser det som en festivalhelg så därför utbudet på underhållningen en viktig post där vi kommer bibehålla en hög nivå. Sedan måste vi självklart åtgärda de punkter som vi fått till oss från FIA. Det innebär att vi kör på som vanlig och siktar mot nya rekord.

Full fart framåt
Tävlingsåret 2018 blev vi återigen bästa arrangör - och vi kommer fortsätta att kämpa för att behålla bucklan. Vi vet att vi har publikens stöd, de kommer inte lämna oss så länge som vi levererar en bra produkt. Funktionärer fortsätter ställa upp för de älskar det vi gör tillsammans. Så nu har vi 5 riktigt spännande år framför oss men elbilar på väg in och allt som händer runt det. Med eller utan fabriksteam så ska vi se till att rallycrossen i Höljes fortsätter.

På torsdag har vi i nuläget inga planerade aktiviteter förutom scenshow på kvällen-mer information ser ni längre ner. Många förare kommer att finnas på plats, så torsdag är en perfekt dag att gå runt i depån och prata med dem i en relativt avslappnad miljö, innan tävlingsnerverna sätter in. På fredag eftermiddag startar träningen och sedan är tävlingshelgen igång. De klasser vi kommer att få se är VM och EM för Supercar, EM för Super1600 samt RX2.

Nyheter och pågående projekt
För ett par veckor sedan hade vi en banbesiktning vilket medförde vissa åtgärdspunkter. Dessutom vill vi förbättra andra saker. Nedan ser ni något av det vi arbetar med inför tävlingen.

* Startplattan asfalteras om och vi bygger om till 5 startspår för att anpassa den bättre till internationella tävlingar.

* En av våra läktare byggs ut med ytterligare platser.

* Vi asfalterar en 400m2 stor dansbana. Detta kommer att spara mycket tid för de som arrangerar dansen när de slipper lägga ut lösa skivor till dansgolv.

* Vi sätter upp två större bildskärmar (81 resp 50m2). De som sitter vid Happy street läktaren kommer ha riktigt bra platser.

* Kontantfri entré med rabatt om man förköper sin biljett.

* För säkerheten sätter vi upp nya räcken, nya staket, bättre banmarkeringar, förbättring av curbs mm.

* Med hjälp av Torsby kommun ska barnen få lite föräldrafritt då det ges tillfälle till barnpassning. Prinsessan (Sandra Dahlberg) kommer att underhålla barnen från scenområdet och de kommer även ha lite aktiviteter. Vi får se vad de hittar på.

* Svenska Bilsportförbundet kommer också att hjälpa till att underhålla barnen med hjälp av en trampbilsbana, där många kamper nog kommer att utspelas under helgen.

* Vi bygger ut med fler campingplatser på VIP-området då efterfrågan fortsätter att öka.

* Tillgång till fiber har varit ett bekymmer, då vi håller till i ett glesbygdsområde. Fram till för någon vecka sedan så såg det ljust ut - att vi äntligen skulle få fiber. Nu tar vi det säkra före det osäkra och investerar i ett temporärt trådlöst internet.

* Vi bygger ut Fanzone för att få plats med fler aktörer.

Rörande underhållningen så kommer vi kunna erbjuda följande:
Torsdag - Moderna Tider uppträder på scenen. På fredag ser vi Idolvinnaren Sebastian som uppträder, sedan blir det dans till Lasse Stefanz.
Lördagsunderhållningen står Rydell och Quick för när de kör sin scenshow. Dessutom har vi musik i serveringstältet från torsdag eftermiddag.

Boende finns dels runt banan men vill ni söka lugnet efter dagen så kan ni kontakta Branäs Fritidscenter www.branas.se / 054-132600 eller Långberget www.langberget.se /0564-260 50.

Välkomna till Höljes
19-06-04 Supercupen lockar rallycrosseliten till Bollnäs
Med svenska eliten på plats blir det rallycross för hela slanten på Eriknäsbo motorstadion kommande veckoslut.
Och mitt i hetluften återfinns två hemmaåkare - Viktor Andersson och Mattias Ohlsson - som båda två siktar på seger i klassen Crosskart Extreme.

Årets andra deltävling i nystartade Supercupen i rallycross avgörs i regi av Bollnäs MK. Tre heta kvalomgångar på lördag följs av en fjärde omgång - samt finalpass - dagen därpå.
Crosskart Extreme är den nya poppisklassen inom svensk bilsport. De små bilarna, försedda med 750 cc motorcykelmotorer, är mycket snabba och ljudet är "det rätta".
- Klassen har vuxit snabbt i popularitet de senaste säsongerna. Det är tuffa kamper om pallplatserna i varje tävling, berättar Mattias Ohlsson.
Som har siktet högt ställt på sin hemmabana.
- Jag siktar ALLTID på seger. Och visst finns det goda förutsättningar att lyckas i den målsättningen, menar Mattias bestämt.

Men konkurrensen är minst sagt stenhård. Hela 36 hugade spekulanter är anmälda, där ingen bjuder på något gratis. Inte minst gäller detta klubbkollegan Viktor Andersson - den regerande svenska mästaren.
- Om det är någon jag vill ha efter mig i resultatlistan så är det Mattias. Vi är visserligen bästa kompisar men också båda vinnarskallar, förklarar Viktor.
Det var också Viktor som lyckades bäst av de båda när Supercupen hade premiär på Westombanan i Arvika för en månad sedan. Växbokillen knep då en fjärdeplats i A-finalen, efter Aleksander Wiik från Norge, Nils Andersson, Arvika, samt ännu en norrman, Jan Emil Wilsberg.
- Blev inblandad i en startsmäll i finalen och hamnade på efterkälken. Men jag hade snabbaste varvtider av alla efter det. Nu kör jag för seger, fortsätter Viktor.

Men det finns faktiskt flera hemmahopp. Till exempel SMK Söderhamns Joel Olsson, som till i år tagit klivet över från folkrace - där han under en längre tid tillhört de snabbaste i landet. Simon Englund, Bollnäs MK, är ett annat intressant namn, liksom blott 15-årige värmlänningen Isak Reiersen, segrare i den nordiska seriens deltävling i Danmark den gångna helgen.

Eller varför inte Jonny Andersson? pappa till Viktor Andersson.
- Farsan vet man aldrig vart man har. Han kan mycket väl blanda sig i tätstriden, skrattar Viktor.
Supernationella 2400-klassen mönstrar 26 deltagare och är om möjligt ett lika stort geting-bo som Crosskart Extreme. Till knapp favorit får 2018 års svenska mästare Rasmus Olsson, Karlskrona, räknas i sin snabba BMW. Räkna heller inte bort västmanlänningen Niclas Härdevik-Norström (guldmedaljör 2017) eller Finnskogas Per Berglund.

I breddklassen 2150 cc är Porscheföraren Björn "Putte" Alvarsson, Vadstena, alltid snabb. På agendan står även tre ytterligare klasser - Supernationella, Junior 2150 samt Historiska. I den sistnämnda håller publiken tummarna för legenden Göran "Zamora" Lind, fyllda 74, men still going strong!
- Startfältet innehåller en bra bit över hundra deltagare, varav många håller yppersta klass. Allt är klappat och klart för en härlig rallycrossfest i två dagar! avslutar tävlingsledaren Ann-Mari Bergström.

19-06-03 Oliver Eriksson extends points lead with Nysum masterclass
Oliver Eriksson, Robin Larsson and Jere Kalliokoski the class of the field
Heartbreak for Danish fans as home favourite, Ulrik Linnemann crashes out
Ben Philip Gundersen moves to the top of the table in Supercar Lites

RallyX Nordic presented by Cooper Tires delivered another exciting instalment of its 2019 campaign at Denmark’s Nysumbanen last weekend (1/2 June), as championship leader Oliver Eriksson continued his winning ways.

Nysum’s blend of fast, flowing corners, figure-of-eight layout and bridge/jump combination makes it one of the most popular tracks on the calendar for fans and drivers alike, and this year, it delivered crowd-pleasing action throughout, from the headlining Supercar class to the Supercar Lites, RX Academy and CrossCar support series.

Supercars: Eriksson maintains his momentum
Oliver Eriksson picked up from where he had left off at Höljes in the Supercar category, making it two wins out of three races and extending his advantage in the title standings over the chasing pack. The young Swede piloted his Olsbergs MSE Honda Civic from pole position to a commanding victory in the final, despite failing to set the fastest time in any of the qualifying rounds.

“I had a great launch and whilst I saw [Jere] Kalliokoski was challenging me on the outside, he braked early so I kept control and took my line on the inside,” the 20-year-old commented. “From there, I just tried to drive a clean race and not get over-excited – and in the end, it worked out.

“The start of the season is going incredibly well, so let’s hope that continues. I’ve pulled a bit of a gap in the championship but it’s still early days – we haven’t even reached halfway yet, so we’re going to keep pushing for wins!”

Robin Larsson – the initial pace-setter – pressurised Eriksson all the way to the chequered flag but struggled to properly challenge and ultimately had to settle for the runner-up spot, a great result considering he had been excluded for overtaking under yellow flags in the second qualifier.

Kalliokoski took the final step on the podium with another consistently quick run in his Ford Fiesta. The Finn showed impressive pace throughout to line up on the front row of the grid for the all-important final, but Larsson snuck up the inside heading towards Turn Two on the first lap, relegating Kalliokoski to third.

After dramatically crashing out of practice, and his car then catching alight, Philip Gehrman miraculously recovered to place a respectable fourth overall. Peter Hedström and Andreas Carlsson were classified fifth and sixth respectively, although neither driver made it to the finish line.

Danish native Ulrik Linnemann certainly had the support of the crowd at Nysum, but his efforts to repeat his win from last year were curtailed when contact with Hedström in the early stages of the first semi-final unfortunately forced him to retire.

Support Series: Changing of the Guard
The Supercar Lites category saw a changing of the guard, as Ben-Philip Gundersen recovered from a puncture in Q4 to take the win ahead of Linus Östlund – and with it, the championship lead. The Swede similarly regrouped from retirement in Saturday’s first qualifier to make it through to the final – and ultimately, onto the podium. Jimmie Walfridsson completed the rostrum in third, ahead of Anders Michalak, Simon Olofsson and Sondre Evjen.

"Its been a really good weekend. We had some ups and downs, but in the end we were fastest, so I'm really, really happy with that" commented Ben Philip Gundersen.

After his success in the opening rounds at Höljes, Thomas Holmen posted some good results in qualifying but was hampered by alternator and power steering problems in Q2. The Norwegian teenager failed to make it to the final after narrowly missing the cut with a fourth place in his semi-final. Countryman Evjen was another championship front-runner to struggle, finishing seven seconds off the pace in the final.

Rasmus Tuominen was the dominant force in the RX Academy at Nysum, the Finn winning every race he started. Tommi Hallman gave chase for most of the day but eventually had to settle for the runner-up spoils, with Höljes winner Marko Muru completing the podium.

An elated Isak Reiersen celebrated CrossCar victory after a tight battle with Jimmie Österberg and Søren Jelsbak. Nils Andersson – the man to beat two weeks ago in Sweden – could only manage fourth place in Denmark.

The next stop on the RallyX Nordic calendar will be Riga’s Bikernieki National Sports Base in Latvia on 20/21 July, for round four of the championship.
19-06-02 Fyra JC Raceteknik-förare på pallen i Nysum
Det blev succé för JC Raceteknik i helgen, där både Gundersen och Reiersen segrade samt Larsson och Walfridson kom tvåa respektive trea. Samtidigt tog en av teamets juniorer en andraplats i det finska mästerskapet.
– Det har varit en suverän helg på många sätt och vi är glada över pallplatserna, säger teamchef Joel Christoffersson.

Den tredje deltävlingen av RallyX Nordic kördes under helgen i danska Nysum, och för JC Raceteknik räckte det till fyra pallplatser i tre olika klasser. Teamet klättrar också upp i mästerskapsledning.

I Supercar Lites slutade helgen på bästa möjliga sätt för Ben-Philip Gundersen. Efter både omgångssegrar och en bruten omgång vann han både grundomgången, semifinal och final. Han plockar därmed maximala poäng vilket gör att han tar över ledningen i mästerskapet. Jimmie Walfridson, som haft en tuff inledning på säsongen, gjorde en bra tävling och slutade på en tredjeplats. Han avancerar även fyra placeringar i mästerskapet, från tionde till sjätte plats. Sondre Evjen hade en tuffare tävling och trots bitvis högt tempo hittade han aldrig rätt flyt på banan. Han slutade sexa i finalen och ligger kvar på en total andraplats i RallyX Nordic.

I Supercar visade Robin Larsson bra jämnhet och tog snabbaste tiderna i båda träningarna samt tre av omgångarna. Men en svartflagg i den andra omgången blev en kostsam historia och han slutade i och med de trea i grundomgången. Trots det körde han upp sig till andraplats i semifinalen och slutade även tvåa i tävlingen trots dubbelpunktering i final. Efter helgen ligger han fortsatt trea i mästerskapet. För teamkompisen Mats Öhman var det första tävlingen i den nya Audi S1-bilen. Det bjöds på blandade resultat och två brutna omgångar för norrbottningen, som slutade på nionde plats.

Även för de båda förarna i JC Raceteknik Juniorteam har det varit en lyckad helg. 15-årige Isak Reiersen hade en del tekniska problem under helgen, men lyckades trots det fightas bland topptiderna. I semifinalen “satt det som en smäck” och han tog en seger. Farten hängde med till finalen där han segrade, och han klättrar därmed upp till en tredjeplats i RallyX Nordic-tabellen. I finska Virrat kördes den andra deltävlingen i FinRX och för 12-årige Alex Gustafsson var det hans andra tävling i crossklartklassen Xtreme Junior. Han imponerade stort, tog två heatsegrar och segrade i grundomgången. I finalen gasade han hem en andraplats och klättrar därmed upp i till andraplats i mästerskapet, med en poäng upp till ledaren.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef:
”Jag är otroligt glad för Supercar Lites-gänget. Det har varit en suverän helg där vi var etta, trea och fyra in i finalen. Både Ben-Philip och Jimmie fick till en kanonfinal. Ben-Philip har visat högt tempo hela säsongen, medan Jimmie haft en lite tyngre inledning. Så det känns skönt att få det här resultatet. Sondre har haft bra fart i helgen, men i finalen hade vi inte rätt tempo. Vi vet att han kommer komma tillbaka starkt i Riga.

I Supercar var det skönt att kunna komma till start med båda bilarna. Robin har gjort ett väldigt bra jobb, men svartflaggen i andra omgången drabbade oss hela helgen. I semifinalen körde han upp sig från fyra till tvåa, och vi gjorde några justeringar på bilen till finalen för att försöka höja tempot ytterligare. Tyvärr blev det en punktering för oss i finalen, men Robin lyckades ändå ta andraplatsen. För Mats del har vi tagit tävlingen lite som ett test. Farten har inte riktigt varit där vi velat ha den, men vi kommer testa ännu hårdare inför Riga för att kunna ge mer.

Det var verkligen skönt för Isak att få ta den här vinsten. Han har haft en extremt tuff inledning av säsongen med drivaxelproblem, men visar att när allt fungerar är han i toppen. Att Alex fick ta en andraplats under FinRX i helgen är också jättekul. Vi har fått följa hans utveckling i många år nu, och han har verkligen hittat rätt i den nya karten. Både den här helgen och förra tävlingen har han visat högt tempo, så det kommer bli ett spännande mästerskap.”

Robin Larsson, Supercar:
”Trots andraplatsen är jag lite besviken. Det här var min första tävling på banan och jag var snabbast genom hela tävlingen, bortsett från andra omgången där jag fick en svartflagg. Det känns som att den grejen satte prägeln på hela helgen och det är riktigt surt att inte kunna bjuda upp Oliver till dans i finalen. Jag kom ut som tvåa genom första sväng, och även om ingen kom ikapp mig bakifrån fick jag inte riktigt upp farten som jag ville. Exakt vad det beror på vet jag inte, delvis dammet som gjorde det svårt att hålla rätt linjer men också att jag hade dubbelpunkteringen. Bilen har fungerat bra genom helgen, så nu är det bara att ladda om inför nästa tävling.”

Ben-Philip Gundersen, Supercar Lites:
”Att leda mästerskapet är vi mycket nöjda med. Helgen har egentlig varit bra, men det har också varit en helg där vi behövt kämpa väldigt hårt. Så den här segern smakade mycket gott. Tempot har varit högt från start, samtidigt som de andra också kör fort. Vi har jobbat endel med inställningarna, och mekanikerna har gjort ett riktigt bra jobb med bilen den här helgen. I semifinalen hade jag en bra känsla och ledde från start till mål, samma sak gjorde vi i finalen. Det är en skön känsla. Också stort grattis till hela JC Raceteknik för alla de andra bra resultaten i teamet, det blev en fin helg för oss alla.”

Jimmie Walfridson, Supercar Lites:
”Det var verkligen kul i helgen! Äntligen hittade jag flytet och haft marginalerna lite mer på min sida. Det mesta har stämt, även om jag inte alltid fått bästa startspår. Men jag har haft ett jämnt tempo, försökt använda insidan av huvudet och inte ställa till med så mycket dumheter. Det känns skönt att både fått tagit en omgångsseger och en pallplats, nu har vi visat att vi är att räkna med resten av säsongen.”

Sondre Evjen, Supercar Lites:
”Jag har haft okej fart genom hela helgen, däremot har jag kämpat mycket med att hitta flytet och jämnheten i körningen. I början slet jag lite med starterna, men de blev bättre allt eftersom. I semifinalen fick jag till en väldigt bra start, men kom in med för hög fart i den första kurvan och snurrar nästan. Trots det klarade jag av att hålla andraplatsen in i mål. I finalen fick jag inte till flytet alls utan kom ut dåligt i starten och blev liggande i dammet bakom de andra förarna. Det känns trist, men vi tar nya tag till Riga.”

Isak Reiersen, Xtreme:
”Det är första året för mig i Xtreme, jag är fortfarande ung och det är ett tufft startfält med många rutinerade förare. Trots det lyckades jag ta den här segern – det här känns så skönt. Vi har kämpat med tekniska problem under början av säsongen, och även den här helgen hade vi problem med drivknuten. Under helgen la vi ner allt vi hade och mekaniker gjorde ett otroligt jobb att få karten redo. Jag har alltid vetat att farten finns så fort allting fungerar, men nu har vi också fått visa det. I både semifinalen och finalen hade vi hittat rätt i kartens setup, och då kunde jag köra i mitt tempo utan att ta några risker. Så tack till alla sponsorer, mina mekaniker, min spotter, alla som stöttar mig och hela JC Raceteknik – det är alla de personerna som gör det här möjligt.”

Alex Gustafsson, Xtreme Junior:
”Det här känns såklart riktigt gött. Redan från träningen har det varit en bra helg och jag har haft bra fart. I första omgången gick det perfekt och jag tog en heatseger. I andra omgången ville jag kanske lite för mycket och överladdade lite, men det blev ändå en andraplats. Tredje omgången var magisk! Jag startade längst bak, var tvåa ut ur starten och vann tillslut. I finalen fick jag inte till en perfekt start, och det blev trångt i första sväng. Jag kämpade för att ta några luckor, men det var bra motstånd och jag kom tvåa. Vi har jobbat rejält hårt i helgen och haft väldigt kul. Det är också första gången tar pool position och ligger tvåa i ett mästerskap, så det känns fantastiskt. Tack hela teamet för all hjälp och grattis Raoul till segern”
19-06-02 Årets första pallplats för Walfridson kom under RallyX Nordic i Danmark
Jimmie Walfridson, 29 år, har haft en minst sagt motig inledning av rallycross-säsongen. I de två första deltävlingarna som kördes i Höljes för två veckor sedan slutade han tolva respektive åtta I helgen kördes den tredje deltävlingen av mästerskapet RallyX Nordic på Nysumbanen i Danmark. Att säga att han kom till start rejält revanschsugen är ingen överdrift.
- Äntligen hittade jag flytet och har haft marginalerna på min sida, säger han.

På Nysumbanen har Jimmie kört några gånger tidigare, bland annat med crosskart.
- Det här är en rolig bana som jag gillar - både snabb och teknisk, sa han redan innan tävlingsstart.

Jimmie höll upp tempot och var med och slogs i toppen direkt under de fria träningarna. Därefter fortsatte han i det höga tempot, vilket resulterade i två fjärdeplatser i de första omgångarna och en sjundeplats i tredje omgången. I fjärde och sista omgången kammade han även hem årets första fullpoängare.
- Så otroligt skönt, säger han.

I finalen var han bra med i starten från andra led, även om det blev lite trångt och bökigt. Han var tredje bil ut ur första kurva och hade en tät fight om andraplatsen med Linus Östlund. Jimmie fick backa tillbaka och slutade trea - vilket gav honom årets första pallplats. Dessutom klättrar han upp från tionde till sjätteplats i mästerskapstabellen.
- Det var verkligen kul i helgen! Det mesta har stämt, även om jag inte alltid fått bästa startspår. Men jag har haft ett jämnt tempo, försökt köra med insidan av huvudet och inte ställa till med så mycket dumheter, avslutar han med ett skratt.

Teamkompisen i JC Raceteknik vann tävlingen i Supercar Lites, före Finnskoga MK´s Linus Östlund.

Nästa tävling för Jimmies del blir 15-16 juni då RX2 International series körs i Norska Hell. Han startar där för att hålla igång under RallyX Nordicsäsongen.

RallyX Nordic Nysum
1. Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 30 p
2. Linus Östlund (SWE) 26 p
3. Jimmie Walfridson (SWE) 23 p
4. Anders Michalak (SWE) 19 p
5. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 17 p
6. Sondre Evjen (NOR) 19 p
7. Petter Nårsa (SWE) 13 p
8. Thomas Holmen (NOR) 12 p
9 Niklas Aneklev (SWE) 9 p
10. Mats Oskarsson (SWE) 9 p
11. Hans-Ola Frøshaug (NOR) 8 p
12. Nathalie Petersson (SWE) 6 p

RallyX Nordic efter deltävling 3
1 Ben-Philip Gundersen (NOR) 75 p
2. Sondre Evjen (NOR) 68 p
3. Linus Östlund (SWE) 66 p
4. Thomas Holmen (NOR) 62 p
5. Simon Olofsson (SWE) 56 p
6. Jimmie Walfridson (SWE) 43 p
6. Anders Michalak (SWE) 43 p
8. Petter Nårsa (SWE) 32 p
9. Mats Oskarsson (SWE) 32 p
9. Marcus Höglund (SWE) 32 p

Mer info hittar du på www.walfridson.com där vi följt tävlingen heat för heat.



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