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VM-kalender 2018 RX2 International Series 2018
Plats Land  
Barcelona Spanien */ **
Montalegre Portugal **
Mettet Belgien */***
Silverstone England #
Hell Norge **/***
Höljes Sverige */***
Trois-Rivieres Kanada #
Loheac Frankrike */**
Riga Lettland */**
Cota USA
Estering Tyskland **
Cape Town Sydafrika  
* = EM
** = Super1600
*** = TouringCar
Mettet Belgien
Silverstone England
Hell Norge
Höljes Sverige
Trois-Rivières, Canada
Lohéac Frankrike
Cape Town Sydafrika
Officiell hemsida
Officiell hemsida  
RallyX Nordic 2018 RallyX On ICE 2018
Supercar och Supercar Lites
Höljes Sverige * SM
Arvika Sverige SM
Grenland Norge  
12/8 Nysum Danmark  
25-26/8 Kouvola Finland *  
Tierp Sverige * SM
*Events including the RX Academy
Officiell hemsida
Östersund Sverige
Höljes Sverige
Ål Norge
Gol Norge
Officiell hemsida
Rallycross SM 2018  
Supernationella, 2400, JSM 2150, RM 2150
Höljes Finnskoga MK *
Strängnäs Strängnäs AMS
Westombanan MK Team Westom
Lycksele Lycksele MK
1/9 Final Kalix Kalix MK
* - Supernationella, 2400
** - JSM 2150, RM 2150
Officiell hemsida


18-04-30 Startlista och tidschema SM i Höljes 5-6 maj
Startlista och tidsschema SM i Höljes 5-6 maj
I helgen drar sommarsäsongen igång av rallycross-SM i Höljes.

På lördag körs supernationella klassen och på söndag RallyX Nordic. Även RX Academy körs i helgen och de kör båda dagarna.

Här är tidsschema för Rallycrossen i Höljes

Träning SM Supernationell

09:30 Träning SM Supernationell & 2400
11:00 Heat 1 SM Supernationell & 2400
12:00 Lunch 30 min
12:30 Heat 2 & 3 SM Supernationell & 2400
Finaler SM Supernationell & 2400
16:00 Prisutdelning SM
16:30 Träning RallyX Nordic
18:00 Q1 RX Academy & Xtreme

Söndag 6 maj
(RallyX Nordic)
08.15 Warm-up
09.00 Q1, Q2
12.00 Lundhuppehåll
12.30 Q3
15.00 Prisutdelning


Mer info på http://www.finnskogamk.se/
18-04-30 Kriostoffersson wins in the snow at the bompiso World RX of Portugal
Defending champion defies challenging conditions to claim 11th career win in Montalegre. Sebastien Loeb and Petter Solberg complete podium as snow plays its part in Portugal. GC Kompetition and Guerlain Chicherit reach maiden World RX final

Johan Kristoffersson extended his lead in the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy after taking his second straight win of the season in the Bompiso World RX of Portugal. Sebastien Loeb finished second for Team Peugeot Total with Petter Solberg placing third for PSRX Volkswagen Sweden in the final, which was run in a blizzard at the end of a weekend of mixed weather.

Kristoffersson led the final into turn one and, with the benefit of clear vision, drove confidently away from his rivals as the battle for places raged behind him. Backing up his round one win in Catalunya-Barcelona, Kristoffersson is now nine points in clear in the lead of the Championship.

"I felt like I had great pace all weekend and from the semi-final my PSRX Volkswagen Sweden Polo R worked very well," commented Kristoffersson, who won his first World RX final in Portugal three years ago. "It was snowing in the final and it was very, very slippery but I had a great launch and was able to get into the first corner in the lead. From there I just kept pushing as hard as I could for five laps so I could take the Joker on the last lap."

Loeb consolidated Team Peugeot Total’s strong performance over the course of the weekend with his run to second place in the final. The Frenchman and team-mate Timmy Hansen won two qualifying races and a semi-final between them. Loeb took the Joker in lap one and climbed to second place as the race progressed.

"I had a really good start and went for the Joker straightaway," said Loeb, who won the Monster Energy Super Charge Award for the quickest reaction off the line. "It’s been a great weekend for Peugeot and I am very pleased to be on the podium again. I had a really good feeling in the car from the start and felt confident in all conditions."

Solberg joined Loeb in taking his Joker early before chasing his rival all the way to the chequered flag for his first podium of the season. The two-time World RX Champion acknowledged the wild weather was a test of his considerable experience.

"We have had just about every type of condition," he said. "I competed in rallying for many years and I know how to drive in the snow, on gravel, wet mud and asphalt. But until I came to Montalegre, until I came to World RX of Portugal, I have never driven in all of those conditions in one day. It was unbelievable to be racing in a snow storm, but quite cool as well!"

Andreas Bakkerud was Top Qualifier and went on to place fourth in the final driving the EKS Audi Sport S1. The Norwegian claimed dominant wins in both Q3 and Q4 to leapfrog overnight leader Loeb in the Intermediate Classification but just missed the podium in the hotly contested final.

Making a career-first appearance in a World RX final, Guerlain Chicherit completed his landmark weekend with a run to fifth. A breakthrough result for the GC Kompetition team, Chicherit produced a superb performance in semi-final one to guarantee his route to the final as the Prodrive-engineered Renault Megane RS proved competitive in the Frenchman’s hands.

Timmy Hansen started on the front row alongside Kristoffersson after winning semi-final two, but a mid-race spin coming out of the final corner scuppered the Swede’s hopes of a podium and dropped him to sixth place.

Last year’s World RX of Portugal winner Mattias Ekstrom didn't progress beyond the semi-finals. The 2016 World RX Champion was in the thick of the action at the start of the race but was denied a place in the final by the in-form Chicherit.

GRX Taneco's Niclas Gronholm and Timur Timerzyanov both advanced into the semi-finals again, together with Olsbergs MSE’s Kevin Eriksson, Team STARD’s Janis Baumanis and Peugeot racer Kevin Hansen.

In the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Super1600, Artis Baumanis claimed his second consecutive victory in the Volland Racing Skoda Fabia. A lowly 12th place overnight, the Latvian driver fought back to make his way to the final where he’d get the better of Espen Isaksaetre (Norway) in his Peugeot 208 and Ondrej Smetana (Czech Republic) driving his Ford Fiesta. With two of the six Super1600 rounds completed, Baumanis tops the championship standings, five points ahead of team-mate Rokas Baciuska.

Paul Bellamy, World RX Managing Director for IMG, commented: "Montalegre never fails to disappoint when it comes to enthralling racing, and this weekend’s World RX of Portugal has been absolutely no exception. Though the unseasonably cold and snowy weather certainly presented its own challenges as it changed quickly from session-to-session, the racing remained high quality throughout. Congratulations to Johan Kristoffersson and PSRX Volkswagen Sweden for their second win of the season – you can definitely say it was hard-earned on a day like this! Finally, thank you to the Montalegre organisers and the Portuguese ASN for putting on the event in very testing conditions – 25,000 fans have enjoyed fantastic racing in a spectacular location.”

The 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy will continue with World RX of Belgium at Mettet in two weeks’ time (12-13 May).

World RX
#6 Baumanis: Five-second penalty for pushing in SF2
#96 Eriksson: Five-second penalty for track limits whilst overtaking in SF2
#71 K Hansen: Reprimand for pushing in SF1
#36 Chicherit: Five-second penalty for pushing in Q3

#16 Susta: Disqualified for pushing after exit of Joker Lap in SF2
#10 Ligur: Reprimand pushing in SF2
#74 Kallio: Five-second penalty for pushing Q4
#18 Szijj Jolly: Five-second penalty for pushing in Q4
#57 Wyszynski: Five-second penalty for pushing in Q3
#77 Teixeira: Disqualified for contact with another competitor in Q1
#96 Suchy: Disqualified from the event for use of the wrong tyres

Full Championship standings can be found at the following link: www.fiaworldrallycross.com/standings
18-04-29 Johan Kristoffersson vinner igen trots portugisisk snöstorm
Just när vi trodde vi sett allt i FIA World Rallycross Championship kom julen till Portugals deltävling i rallycrossmästerskapet. Och PSRX Volkswagen Swedens team gladde sig åt den bästa presenten av alla.

Johan Kristoffersson tog sin andra seger på två starter och drygar ut ledningen i toppen av förarmästerskapet. Petter Solberg, ägare till teamet, vände en dramatisk semifinal och tog tredjeplatsen i finalen i vad som blev ett vinterland.

Alla väntade sig väderomslag i den här andra omgången i årets säsong av World RX. Men ingenting hade förberett de tävlande för den snöstorm som svepte in på söndagen. De tåliga portugisiska fansen drog upp kragarna högre och mössorna lägre, men stannade på plats och lät Johan och Petter bjuda på dem en av de mest spännande, fräcka och modiga köruppvisningarna hittills.

Rond två i mästerskapet gick definitivt inte som på räls, men slutade på samma sätt som för två veckor sedan i Barcelona. De två Volkswagen Motorsport Polo R Supercars var helt enkelt magnifika. Och nästintill oslagbara.

Förarna Q1 Q3 Q3 Q4 SF F
Johan Kristoffersson 3 6 2 4 1 1
Petter Solberg 10 4 3 2 3 3

Johan Kristoffersson SWE #1
- Vad kan man säga? Idag hände allt!

- I Q3 och Q4 gick ingenting riktigt perfekt för oss, men med det galna vädret och så små tidsskillnader i toppen visste vi att allt var möjligt. Från andra startledet i semifinalerna var min plan att följa ledaren på men efter att Andreas Bakkerud sladda brett tog jag chansen och var mycket glad över att vinna heatet.

- Men sedan började snön verkligen falla och jag undrade vad som skulle hända i finalen - men till slut blev det perfekt för oss. Bilen var perfekt och jag skulle inte kunna vara nöjdare. Visst, kampen i toppen blir allt tätare så att vinna två gånger på två starter – och att ha Petter på pallen också – det är den perfekta starten på säsongen för mig och för hela PSRX Volkswagen Sweden-teamet

Petter Solberg NOR #11
- Hela helgen har varit riktigt tuff ända från första heatet. Vi har haft i stort sett alla slags förhållanden. Du vet jag har kört rally i många år och jag kan köra på snö, på torrt grus, på lera och asfalt – det gjorde jag länge i World Rally Championship. Men inte förrän jag kom till Montalegre, inte förrän jag kom till Portugals RX har jag kört under alla dessa förhållanden på en och samma dag. Det var otroligt att rejsa i snöstorm. Men ganska cool på samma gång…

- Det vi måste fokusera på nu är de små detaljerna på bilen. Ja, det är fantastiskt att leda mästerskapen och att ta båda bilarna till pallplats – och grattis såklart till min teamkompis Johan Kristoffersson till hans andra seger för säsongen – men vi måste vara beredda på att de andra bilarna närmar sig. Vi såg Peugeot här, Sébastien Loeb är stark och de killarna kommer bara att bli starkare.

- Vi måste vara ännu starkare.
- Men du vet, vilket fantastiskt race finalen blev. Det var otroligt och verkligen skönt att glömma stoppet i starten i semifinalen. Jag körde utav helvete i det heatet, jag var säker på att inte klara topp tre, men jag gjorde det. Det vi har gjort här är att köra smart och ta poäng. Det är det viktigaste.

Pernilla Solberg (teamledare för PSRX Volkswagen Sweden)
- Jag måste bara säga det… vilken bisarr weekend! Jag tror att det är rätt att säga att det inte varit perfekt för oss – men vi gjorde det perfekt. Förhållandena har varit helt galna och killarna har tidvis kämpat för att hitta farten i bilen, de sista tiondelarna av en sekund har fattats ibland.

- När vi kom till semifinal var det bra att vi hade en bil i vardera heatet och det hjälper alltid till. Jag måste säga att Johan gjorde det mest fantastiska jobbet i sin semifinal, han förtjänade verkligen den platsen i finalen. Men sedan fick Petter motorstopp på startlinjen och jag tänkte: ”Åh, ok, vi får vara glada ändå – vi har Johan i finalen” Men sedan på något sätt, genom en briljant körning kom Petter tillbaka och tog sig också till finalen.

- Jag var så lycklig över att ha dem båda i finalen men att sedan se dem på podiet, det var fantastiskt. Men allt var litet surrealistiskt, att se där bilarna tävla i snön.

- Jag tror, när man inte förväntar sig så mycket av tävlingen blir det ännu mer speciellt med dubbla pallplatser. Vilken helt galen, men som jag sade, fullständigt briljant weekend!

Helgfakta om Volkswagen R
På 1 050 meters höjd över havet i Montalegre förlorar vi cirka 10 - 12 % av maxeffekten, vilket motsvarar effekten i 1,0 liters standard-Polo.

1 Johan Kristoffersson 4m16,859s
2 Sébastien Loeb 4m19,112s
3 Petter Solberg 4m20.797s
4 Andreas Bakkerud 4m23,501s
5 Guerlain Chicherit 4m26,425s
6 Timmy Hansen 4m38,103s

Ställningen i förarmästerskapet:
1 Kristoffersson 53 poäng
2 Bakkerud 44 poäng
3 Solberg 43 poäng
4 Loeb 39 poäng
5 Ekström 36 poäng
5 Timmy Hansen 36 poäng

Ställningen i team-mästerskapet:
1 PSRX Volkswagen Sweden 96 poäng
2 EKS Audi Sport 80 poäng
2 Team Peugeot Total 75 poäng

Nästa omgång i FIA World Rallycross Championship går den 11 – 13 maj i Mettet i Belgien.

18-04-29 Rallycross: roller coaster ride for EKS Audi Sport
Sun, rain and even snow in the end: totally crazy April weather in round two of the FIA World Rallycross Championship (World RX) and a roller coaster ride for EKS Audi Sport. After positions one and three in qualifying, expectations of the two Audi campaigners, Andreas Bakkerud and Mattias Ekström, in Portugal had been higher than positions four and seven.
Andreas Bakkerud is an extremely fast learner. Still in fifth position after day one at Montalegre, the new driver at EKS Audi Sport made a really strong showing on Sunday. On his favorite track in the mountains of Northern Portugal, the Norwegian won Q3 and Q4, so securing overall victory in qualifying ahead of Sébastien Loeb in a Peugeot. His teammate, Mattias Ekström, completed the strong qualifying performance of the Audi S1 EKS RX quattro cars in position three.

Then the first setback in the semi-finals: After having been bumped by Peugeot driver Kevin Hansen in turn one, Ekström, in fourth position, missed the final – for the first time since Canada in early August 2017. Bakkerud lost a position due to the tussle as well but, in second place, made it into the final anyhow.

But then Bakkerud, in his 51st run in the World Rallycross Championship, experienced a premiere: snow! “I’ve never driven a supercar on snow before,” said the Norwegian. “The conditions were extremely difficult. In the end, I only finished fourth. But the joy about my first qualifying victory in the Audi S1 EKS RX quattro outweighs any disappointment.” With his strong performance the Audi driver advanced to second place in the World Championship.

“Today again showed how close victory and defeat are together in rallycross,” said Ekström, who was half a second short of making it into the final. “Following the qualifying heats, things looked promising but then, after turn one of our semi-finals, really bad. Due to the impact from behind I simply lost too much time even though I tried everything afterwards. The end was disappointing. But we again showed that we have a fast car.”

2018 World RX – round 2, Montalegre – results of final

1 Johan Kristoffersson (S) Volkswagen 4m 16.859s
2 Sébastien Loeb (F) Peugeot + 2.253s
3 Petter Solberg (N) Volkswagen + 3.938s
4 Andreas Bakkerud (N) Audi + 6.642s
5 Guerlain Chicherit (F) Renault + 9.566s
6 Timmy Hansen (S) Peugeot + 21.244s

2018 FIA World RX drivers’ standings (after 2 of 12 rounds)
1 Johan Kristoffersson (S) Volkswagen 53 points
2 Andreas Bakkerud (N) Audi 44 points
3 Petter Solberg (N) Volkswagen 43 points
4 Sébastien Loeb (F) Peugeot 39 points
5 Timmy Hansen (S) Peugeot 36 points
6 Mattias Ekström (S) Audi 36 points

2018 FIA World RX teams’ standings (after 2 of 12 rounds)
1 PSRX Volkswagen Sweden 96 points
2 EKS Audi Sport 80 points
3 Team Peugeot Total 75 points
18-04-27 Martell keen to take on 'best in the business' in RX2
American eager to test his mettle against crème de la crème
Newcomer joins off back of impressive RallyX on Ice campaign
Team Färén ace tipped to ‘fight for wins’ in rookie season

Conner Martell is preparing to embark upon his biggest challenge to-date over the forthcoming months, as the rising American rallycross star gets set to measure up against rivals he describes as ‘the best in the business’ in the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires.

Martell has spent the past couple of seasons contesting GRC Lites in his US homeland, impressively tallying five victories, nine podium finishes and 18 qualifying race wins to establish himself as a consistent front-runner.

He maintained that eye-catching form in RallyX on Ice earlier this year with Swedish squad Team Färén, supported by the US-based Vermont SportsCar organisation. Once again immediately on the pace, he duelled wheel-to-wheel with more experienced adversaries from the outset and turned heads by making it into the final on his debut at Östersund in Sweden.

The 21-year-old Vermont native saved his best until last with an excellent second-place finish at Gol in Norway – earning him seventh spot in the overall points table.

Now, Martell is looking to carry that burgeoning momentum into RX2 – whose 2018 campaign will rev into life at Mettet in Belgium in a fortnight’s time – but he admits he is under no illusions about the size of the task that lies ahead.

“I’m really excited to join the other talented drivers in RX2 and to race against them year-long,” he enthused. “Team Färén has provided me with a great car and I’ve done a lot of preparation throughout the off-season, competing in RallyX on Ice and my first US stage rally.

“RallyX on Ice was a great experience and gave me the extra seat time I needed to get more comfortable in the car and boost my confidence. The RX2 field is filled with quick drivers, and I can’t wait to go side-by-side with the best in the business.”

“We’re very happy to have Conner in our team this year,” added Team Principal Eric Färén. “He has a lot of experience from GRC Lites and was a front-runner there. Our only plan is to continue fighting for wins in RX2. Together with Nathan [Heathcote – team-mate], we have a very strong team of two young, talented drivers. We can’t wait to get started in Belgium.”
18-04-26 All-out assault for Evjen as he revs up for 'important' season
RX2 returnee aiming for regular rostrums this year
JC Raceteknik ace one of the stars of RallyX on Ice
Young Norwegian ‘serious’ about success in 2018

Sondre Evjen has described 2018 as an ‘important’ year for his burgeoning rallycross career, as the JC Raceteknik ace sets his sights on regular podium finishes in the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires – and a concerted title tilt.

Evjen saved his best ‘til last in 2017, as he sped to the rostrum with a second-place finish in RX2’s South African season finale to cement eighth spot in the overall standings – just a handful of points shy of the top five.

That position was secured through strong results across the board, with the young Norwegian taking the chequered flag fifth at Lydden Hill and progressing through to the semi-final at Mettet, Hell, Trois-Rivières and Lohéac. He placed fourth in the Intermediate Classification on home turf, and missed out on the final by less than four tenths-of-a-second in Canada.

Evjen subsequently starred in RallyX on Ice earlier this year, with an impressive turn-of-speed yielding a brace of podiums as he challenged consistently at the sharp end. The 20-year-old believes that same consistency will be the key to success in what is shaping up to be an ultra-competitive and unpredictable RX2 campaign.

“2018 is a very important year for me,” he acknowledged. “We’ve put a lot of effort into this season and worked extremely hard all winter in preparation, and even if we didn’t win outright, I think the results we achieved and the pace we showed in RallyX on Ice show just how seriously we are taking it.

“RX2 is my main focus in 2018, and after scoring my first top three finish in South Africa at the end of last year, I want to be up there in every round this season. I’ve had a lot of seat time over the last few months and feel ready to get out there and push for podiums. If we can do that on a consistent basis, hopefully it will put us in a good position to challenge for the title.”

“Every year he has been with us, Sondre has developed more and more,” added JC Raceteknik Team Principal, Joel Christoffersson. “I think this year he has a genuine chance of fighting for the title. He has good experience of the car and the tracks, and over the last few years he has experienced some hard times too, which have only made him stronger. We just can’t wait to get the season started now!”
18-04-26 PSRX Volkswagen Sweden till Portugal efter seger i första omgången
Portugals World RX. Det är en plats och ett race som har passat PSRX Volkswagen Sweden väl genom åren. Petter Solberg och Johan Kristoffersson har bara missat en final på fyra år på banan i Montalegre.

Montalegre ligger i norra Portugal bland böljande kullar och berg som överblickar den spanska gränsen. Men med en höjd över havet på nära 1 000 m kan vädret variera från varm vårsol till skyfall och temperaturer nära noll grader.

Det har knappt funnits tid att hämta andan efter säsongsöppningen i World Rallycross Championship i Barcelona 14/15 april. Men Volkswagen Motorsport har använt tiden väl till att gå igenom siffrorna och analysera data som samlats från de segrande Polo R Supercars på Catalunya-banan.

Första omgången var utan tvekan händelserik men segern gick slutligen till Johan Kristoffersson och därmed en ledning i både förarmästerskapet och team-mästerskapet och ett framgångsrikt försvar av båda titlarna.
Det avgörande var att Barcelona visade att Volkswagen och PSRX varit på rätt väg med det arbete de lagt ned under vintern. Bilen har övervintrat väl. Och Petter och Johan? Om något ser de ut att ha blivit ännu snabbare under vintern.

Berätta mer Pernilla…
- Det är alltid trevligt att inleda en tävlingshelg med båda förarna i ledning i mästerskapet. Knepet är att vara i samma position när vi lämnar banan på söndag kväll, säger teamledaren i PSRX Volkswagen Sweden, Pernilla Solberg.

- Som alltid är vi fokuserade på förarnas strategi den här helgen. Vi vet att vädret kan växla mycket snabbt i Montalegre, så vi har ägnat mycket tid åt att planera för alla eventualiteter, för att göra en plan för däcksvalet om regnet kommer eller om det blir varmare än väntat.

- Teamet är verkligen på gång efter starten vi fick i Barcelona. Det är alltid detsamma efter vinteruppehållet och man har gjort en rad tester, ingen vet egentligen var teamet står i förhållande till konkurrenterna. Men första omgången visade att vi ligger rätt bra till. Det som imponerat på mig sedan dess är hur alla – trots den korta tiden mellan första omgången och Portugal – försökt förbättra allt, det gäller såväl för Volkswagen Motorsport i Hannover som för PSRX-familjen i Torsby.

- Våra konkurrenter är så nära, tävlingen så tajt att vi måste fortsätta att jaga tiondels sekunder eller hundradels sekunder. När säsongen går mot sitt slut adderas de och det är det som gör skillnaden.

Petter, du gillar den här platsen, eller hur?
- Jag älskar den här banan, säger Petter Solberg, teamägare/förare och trefaldig världsmästare.

- Jag har vunnit här två gånger och jag var nära förra året när jag fick punktering. I år skulle jag verkligen vilja komma tillbaka och avsluta det jobbet.

- Det är en riktig rallycrossbana med några mycket trevliga kurvor med varierande väggrepp. Barcelona är en trevlig bana men det är fantastiskt att ta med bilarna hit till en plats som Montalegre där vi dessutom har höjdskillnader. Det är ett ställe där man verkligen kan satsa allt.

- Det som hände i Barcelona var inte så kul (krock i första kurvan där Mattias Ekström blev utesluten), men det är historia nu. Vi glömmer det och går vidare till nästa race. Och nu är det spännande för PSRX Volkswagen Sweden, vi har gjort några små uppgraderingar på bilen – inget större men allt räknas, det är fintrimning.

- Jag skulle inte säga att årets Polo R Supercar nödvändigtvis är snabbare än i fjol, men vad vi har fått från Volkswagen Motorsport är en bil har bättre prestanda över ett bredare register. Man behöver inte ha den absolut perfekt inställd för att få känsla, väggrepp och känna förtroende för den. Att veta att man snabbt kommer att kunna reagera på förändringar i väder eller körförhållanden är en stor hjälp, säger Petter Solberg

Första omgången avklarad och första segern Johan…
- Jag har litet blandade minnen från den här tävlingen, säger Johan Kristoffersson, försvarande världsmästare i rallycross.
- Det var här jag tog min första seger någonsin i World Rallycross Championship (2015 för Volkswagen Sweden), så det är speciellt för mig.

- Förra året var Petter och jag med riktigt bra i heaten, men det räckte inte till söndag eftermiddag. Jag tog min första pallplats för PSRX Volkswagen Sweden med en tredje plats, men vi var litet frustrerade när vi åkte härifrån. Det ska bli kul att komma tillbaka till banan och göra ett bättre resultat än förra året. Jag tror att vi har en god potential i Portugal.

- Barcelona var en bra helg som blev fantastisk för mig. Jag måste medge att jag inte var så stark i de första heaten, jag kämpade med bilen för att bli bekväm med den under de riktigt blöta förhållandena. Vi hade gjort några förändringar på vår Polo R Supercar och att försöka få känslan för den när det knappt finns något väggrepp och absolut inget konsekvent grepp är så svårt. Jag jobbade med teamet och teknikerna och på lördagen såg det bra ut – och ännu bättre när solen kom ut på söndagen.
18-04-26 Champ leads World RX to Portugal and Montalegre´s high altitude Channenge
The 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy resumes this weekend with the Bompiso World RX of Portugal, located in picturesque Montalegre for round two of the season (April 28-29).

PSRX Volkswagen Sweden's Johan Kristoffersson arrives in Portugal with an early advantage in the overall standings after winning an action-packed and dramatic season opener at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Returning to the scene of his maiden World RX win in 2015, the defending champion is keen to maintain a winning run that has seen him triumph in eight of the last ten events.

“I am really happy to open my 2018 campaign with a victory but I am now fully focused on round two in Portugal,” the Swede commented. “The competition is stronger than ever so I am sure my rivals are coming to Montalegre even more determined to get on top of the podium. Nevertheless, both myself and PSRX Volkswagen Sweden will be ready for the challenge and you can be sure I’ll continue squeezing as much performance from my VW Polo R as possible this weekend.”

Situated in northern Portugal close to the border with Spain, the iconic Montalegre rallycross venue is a popular stop for the series with its regular sell-out crowds and demanding layout against the backdrop of the hilly Vila Real region.

Furthermore, the venue’s location 1,030m above sea level makes it the highest event on the World RX calendar and presents its own unique challenges for the cars, which must be more finely tuned to cope with the greater altitude.

Last year's event saw Mattias Ekstrom claim victory ahead of Sebastien Loeb (Team Peugeot Total) and Kristoffersson. It is a result EKS Audi Sport driver Ekstrom will be keen to emulate this weekend after being disqualified from the final last time out in Catalunya-Barcelona.

The 18-strong Supercar entry list includes two-time World RX of Portugal winner Petter Solberg, who sits three points behind team-mate Kristoffersson in the title table after being classified TQ (Top Qualifier) in Catalunya-Barcelona, Andreas Bakkerud (EKS Audi Sport), who will look to build on his podium result in the season opener and Timmy Hansen. The Team Peugeot Total driver scored a top four result in Montalegre last season and will be keen to bounce back after his Spanish challenge was undone by techncial issues while leading the first semi-final.

Elsewhere, GRX Taneco head to Portugal with renewed optimism after Niclas Gronholm took its new Hyundai i20 to fourth place in round one, while GC Kompetition will seek another step forward with its Prodrive-developed Renault Megane RS following an impressive points-scoring debut.

Similarly, Olsbergs MSE is targeting strong results with Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson, the latter a podium-finisher in Montalagre in 2016.

In addition to 15 permanent World RX drivers, three round-by-round entries will compete in Portugal, including Oliver Bennett in the Team XITE MINI Cooper S plus local racers Joaquim Santos in the Bompiso Racing Team Ford Focus and Mario Barbosa in a Citroen DS3.

The FIA European Rallycross Championship for Super1600 continues in Portugal with round two of its six-event season. Artis Baumanis leads the standings after taking maximum points in Catalunya-Barcelona, the Latvian heading up a capacity entry of 25 in Montalegre that also includes Portugal's own Helder Ribeiro and Mario Teixeira.

World RX Managing Director for IMG, Paul Bellamy commented: “It is always a pleasure to return to Montalegre for the World RX of Portugal. The venue is a mainstay of the international rallycross calendar and continues to attract sell-out crowds, who return year-after-year to enjoy the fantastic racing this challenging, high-altitude layout regularly produces. Better still, we come to Portugal on the back of a thrilling season opener in Catalunya-Barcelona, which proved to be as close and exciting across the board as we expected. It is a trend that we have no doubt will continue this weekend and well into the season.”

From a Cooper Tires point of view
Paul Coates, General Manager - Motorsport, Cooper Tire Europe, said: “This is a challenging venue not just for the drivers, but also for the tyres. The track starts with a long straight where the tyres take the full brunt of the acceleration. This is followed by a tight hairpin with the tyre now subjected to heavy braking, with each driver determined to get around the corner first. This is where the construction of the tyre really gets to work. A few more lefts and rights and we are into the sandy gravel part of the track, where the tyres need to work hard to provide the driver with controllable and predictable levels of traction to get round the long tightening right hander.”

Event timetable for 2018 World RX of Portugal:
Friday 27 April
1600: Pre-event press conference: Petter Solberg, Niclas Gronholm, Robin Larsson, Timmy Hansen

Saturday 28 April
1020: Practice - all categories
1220: Stunt show
1330: Q1: Super1600, World RX
1430: Monster Energy Rig Riot
1500: Q2: Super1600, World RX
1630: Autograph session: Paddock, Cooper Tires dome

Sunday 29 April
1020: Q3: World RX
1055: Q3: Super1600
1130: Stunt show
1200: Q4: World RX
1235: Q4: Super1600
1315: Autograph session: Paddock, Cooper Tires dome
1340: Monster Energy Rig Riot
1410: Semi-Finals: Super1600
1500: Semi-Finals: World RX
Final: Super1600
Final: World RX
1550: Podium
1610: World RX press conference
18-04-25 Keatts keen to maintain recent momentum in RX2
American teenager to continue learning curve in RX2
Olsbergs MSE ace buoyed by recent RallyX on Ice results
Idaho native hails ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity

Cole Keatts is aiming to build upon his burgeoning recent form when he joins the grid in the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires in 2018, describing his new challenge as a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity.

Keatts made his car racing debut in GRC Lites in 2016, spending two seasons learning his craft in the US-based series and exhibiting steady and consistent progress. The American teenager enhanced his experience with a one-off appearance in RX2 for Olsbergs MSE at Trois-Rivières last summer, making it into the semi-finals on his debut.

The Idaho native remained with the Swedish outfit for RallyX on Ice earlier this year, underscoring his improvement with a superb fifth-place finish amongst the 22 high-calibre contenders in the series finale at Gol in Norway.

Now, Keatts’ attentions are fully turned towards the fast-approaching RX2 curtain-raiser in Belgium. Being new to all bar one of the circuits on the calendar, he knows he will need to learn quickly – but his focussed and mature approach looks set to serve him well.

“I’m super-excited to go racing in RX2!” enthused the 16-year-old, who will turn 17 two days before the Mettet season-opener. “My debut in Canada last year was a really positive experience. Even in just that short time, I was able to gain an appreciation of the ultra-high level at which these drivers operate, so I’m well aware that I’ll need to perform absolutely at the top of my game and that I have a lot to learn and take in still.

“That said, I’m with an excellent team in Olsbergs. Andreas [Eriksson – Team Principal] has given me a once-in-a-lifetime chance to travel overseas and I can’t thank him and the whole OMSE crew enough.

“RallyX on Ice was an amazing opportunity to log more seat time at European tracks. If we can maintain the rate of progression that we showed in the snow, we should be able to come out fighting at Mettet next month and pushing for semi-finals if not indeed finals right from the start. Bring it on!”
18-04-25 Record-breaking Olympian to join RX2 grid
Albert Llovera to contest 2018 campaign with PCR Sport
Former Olympic athlete continues ‘second career’ in RX2
51-year-old Andorra native fired-up for ‘top-tier’ challenge

Former Olympian Albert Llovera will make his full-time entry into rallycross this season as he joins the 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires, running under the PCR Sport banner.

The Andorran made history as the youngest athlete ever to compete in the Winter Olympics in 1984 at the age of just 17, and his star was firmly in the ascendancy when a serious accident in the European Ski Cup a year later left him paralysed from the waist down.

In search of a new passion to supersede his love for skiing, Llovera turned his attentions to motorsport. Using specially-adapted hand controls, his ‘second career’ to-date has seen him tackle the FIA World Rally Championship as well as the renowned challenge offered up by the Dakar Rally.

Encouraged by a trio of toe-in-the-water outings in Norway, Sweden and Spain in RX2’s predecessor RX Lites in 2016 – tallying a best finish of ninth in Barcelona – the 51-year-old has now earmarked the official FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series as the go-to formula in his bid to quench his thirst for high-calibre competition.

“When I tried my hand in the series at the end of 2016, I absolutely loved it – it was great fun,” enthused Llovera. “I’m originally from the world of skiing and made appearances at the Winter Olympic Games, the World Championships and in European contests so top-level competition is not new to me.

“My accident meant I’d have to change direction and I chose to enter motorsport. Since then, I’ve participated in multiple disciplines and across all surfaces – asphalt, dirt and ice – so what better sport to commit to than rallycross and RX2? I can’t wait to get going – it’s top-tier motor racing and just a fantastic competition to be involved in.”

The 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires will take in seven rounds across three continents in support of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, visiting Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.
18-04-24 Rallycross: EKS Audi Sport heads to the mountain heights of Portugal
It is one of the toughest race tracks in the FIA World Rallycross Championship (World RX): this weekend (28/29 April) the circuit in the mountains of Montalegre (Portugal) awaits the EKS Audi Sport team and the Audi S1 EKS RX quattro.
The circuit, located 1,000 meters above sea level and close to the Spanish border, has a unique character – with fast corners on tarmac, a long straight and a tight and twisty gravel section featuring high curbs. “To find the best set-up compromise for this is a real challenge every time,” says Audi factory driver Mattias Ekström. In 2016 he managed this successfully even though he missed the final due to being involved in somebody else’s start line accident. “Last year, we were not the fastest in Montalegre but as team still took the win in the end. I love this track and the Portuguese spectators, who are mega enthusiastic about motorsport and rallycross.”

The classic rallycross circuit attracts tens of thousands of fans every year to the remote mountain region. They turn the event into a real festival. Ekström’s new team mate Andreas Bakkerud is also a big fan of Montalegre. “It is one of my absolute favorite tracks. I’ve always felt completely at home on it,” says the Norwegian. “The track has a fantastic layout. When you really get going there’s nothing better.”

At the season opener in Barcelona, Bakkerud claimed a podium finish in his first outing for EKS Audi Sport in the World Rally Championship. “I’m slowly getting accustomed to the Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. Hopefully I’ll be even faster in Montalegre,” he says. For Mattias Ekström there is anyway only one goal: “We want to fight for victory again.”

After the first of twelve World Championship rounds, Bakkerud and Ekström lie in third and fourth in the Drivers’ World Championship behind the two Volkswagen drivers Johan Kristoffersson and Petter Solberg. In the team classification, EKS Audi Sport holds second place between Volkswagen and Peugeot. The two Audi drivers prepared themselves for the World Championship round in Portugal last week with an unconventional training method: they drove karts. “This heightens the senses and strengthens the muscles,” says Ekström.

About Montalegre RX
Circuit Circuito Internacional de Montalegre, 150 km northeast of Porto
Circuit length 1.010 km (Joker lap: 1.130 km)
Surface 60 % tarmac, 40 % gravel
Corners 5 left, 7 right
Top speed approx. 168 km/h
Average approx. 96 km/h
Longest jump –
Lap record Johan Kristoffersson (S), 37.802s (2017)
Winner 2017 Mattias Ekström (S), 3m 59.345s
Race length 4 laps (qualifying), 6 laps (semi-final and final)
Event Hashtag #MontalegreRX

Schedule (Local Times, CET +1 hour)
Saturday, 28 April
10:00 Free practice
13:30 Qualifying 1 (Q1)
15:00 Qualifying 2 (Q2)

Sunday, 29 April
09:00 Warm-up
10:20 Qualifying 3 (Q3)
12:00 Qualifying 4 (Q4)
15:00 Semi-final and final
15:50 Winners’ ceremony
18-04-23 Gundersen eyes the podium as maiden RX2 campaign beckons
Former European TouringCar Champion fired-up for season ahead
Norwegian has rostrum in his sights in FIA World RX feeder series
JC Raceteknik ace tipped to be regular RX2 front-runner in 2018

Former European Rallycross TouringCar Champion Ben-Philip Gundersen is setting his sights on regular final appearances and podiums as he prepares to make the move into the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires for the first time this season.

The 23-year-old will compete with the proven JC Raceteknik outfit, continuing a relationship forged during the off-season with a successful stint competing in RallyX on Ice over the winter.

Gundersen arrives in RX2 with an impressive rallycross pedigree, having clinched the 2016 European Rallycross TouringCar Championship crown. The Norwegian – who got his first taste of RX2 last year, with a points-scoring debut in a one-off outing at Höljes – is now relishing the challenge of adapting his style from ice to sealed and unsealed surfaces in the 310bhp Supercar Lites machine.

“First and foremost, it will be really fun to work with JC Raceteknik this summer,” he enthused. “We worked together very well in RallyX on Ice. Now, it will be a bit of a different gang of us with more people in the team, so it will be exciting.

“In driving terms, it’s quite a challenge to switch from the slippery surfaces and aggressive style required in the winter to cleaner lines and being neat and tidy in summer rallycross.

“Supercar Lites cars are quite different to what I’ve driven before, but I was pleased with my speed in RallyX on Ice. My goal in RX2 is to regularly make it into the final – and if we can reach the podium, that will be a bonus. I’m looking forward to the start of the season and believe it will be a lot of fun.”

JC Raceteknik placed all three of its drivers firmly inside the top ten in the overall RX2 classification last season, and Team Principal Joel Christoffersson is confident his new recruit’s title-winning experience will make him a strong contender in 2018.

“Ben-Philip knows what it takes to win at a high level in rallycross,” he reasoned. “Even though the TouringCar class has struggled for entries over the last few years, the pace at the front is hot so you need to be a good driver to win the title.

“I was impressed by his speed in the winter races, especially in the first round at Östersund where he had so much less experience than most of the other drivers in the Lites car. RallyX on Ice will definitely have helped him, and we will test before the summer season, too.

“We know the level will be high, but I think Ben-Philip can be in the finals and fighting for podiums. Hopefully he can learn from our other drivers, and they can all push each other forward.”

The 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires will take in seven rounds across three continents in support of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, visiting Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.
18-04-23 Impressive sign-up for RallyX Nordic as big-hitters headline entry list
Almost 40 drivers confirmed across Supercar and Supercar Lites classes
Reigning champions headline super-strong entry lists in milestone season
Late entrants still able to take advantage of enhanced offering for 2018

The 2018 RallyX Nordic entry list has today (23 April) been officially unveiled, with almost 40 sign-ups across the headlining Supercar and Supercar Lites classes pointing to a spectacular season ahead.

With primetime television coverage and more track time than ever before, interest in the revitalised RallyX Nordic has been sky-high – as evidenced by 18 Supercar entries and 21 in the supporting Supercar Lites category.

Reigning Supercar Champion Thomas Bryntesson is back to defend his hard-fought title, but the JC Raceteknik ace will face stiff opposition from last season’s runner-up Oliver Solberg and the latter’s namesake Oliver Eriksson, who emerged on top in the fiercely-contested recent RallyX on Ice series.

Another name certainly not to be discounted is Philip Gehrman, who will dovetail his challenge with an assault on the FIA European Rallycross Championship this year in an Eklund Motorsport-prepared Volkswagen Beetle.

At Supercar Lites level, William Nilsson will similarly look to retain his Drivers’ crown, while compatriot Simon Olofsson is eager to exact revenge after narrowly missing out on the laurels in the 2017 Strängnäs finale.

Fellow Scandinavians Sondre Evjen – a consistent front-runner in the RX2 International Series and RallyX on Ice – Ben-Philip Gundersen, Simon Syversen and Glenn Haug are all likely to have their say, while two of last year’s standout rallycross rookies in the shape of Belgium’s Guillaume De Ridder and Latvia’s Vasiliy Gryazin are hotly-tipped to spring a surprise.

Although the season entry list has now been published, due to the late confirmation of the series’ regulations and TV package following a busy winter of work behind-the-scenes to revitalise the RallyX Nordic offering, late entries will still be accepted.

“We are delighted to be able to confirm such a healthy-looking field for RallyX Nordic’s 2018 campaign,” acknowledged Series Manager, Ian Davies. “The calibre of the names that have signed up speaks for itself and augurs well indeed for an exciting and closely-fought season ahead.

“A quick glance down the list reveals some of the brightest and fastest-rising prospects on the rallycross scene, and it is testament to the appeal of our refreshed, new-look series that they have chosen RallyX Nordic to showcase their skills and accelerate their apprenticeships this year. We are looking forward to the opening round at Höljes immensely.”

2018 RallyX Nordic Calendar
May 5/6 Höljes, Sweden*
June 2/3 Arvika, Sweden
June 23/24 Grenland, Norway
August 11/12 Nysum, Denmark
August 25/26 Kouvola, Finland*
October 6/7 Tierp, Sweden*

*Events including the RX Academy

Supercar Entry List
11. Oliver SOLBERG NOR
17. Mats ÖHMAN SWE
30. Ole Kristian TEMTE NOR
76. Philip GEHRMAN SWE
88. Daniel THORÉN SWE
501. Morten STENSRUD NOR
502. Øivind FINSTAD NOR
TBA. OMSE Honda (Driver TBA)

Supercar Lites Entry List
6. William NILSSON SWE
9. Glenn HAUG NOR
21. Marcus HÖGLUND SWE
27. Petter LEIRHOL NOR
55. Vasiliy GRYAZIN LAT
66. Santosh BERGGREN SWE
69. Sondre EVJEN NOR
96. Guillame DE RIDDER BEL 96
98. Stein Frederic AKRE SWE 98
18-04-23 OMSE unveil three-pronged assault for RallyX Nordic curtain-raiser
Oliver Eriksson sets sights on Supercar title after impressing in 2017
Guillaume De Ridder to use Höljes curtain-raiser as RX2 warm-up
Cole Keatts aiming to build upon recent momentum in Supercar Lites

Olsbergs MSE will field a three-strong line-up in the 2018 RallyX Nordic curtain-raiser at Höljes next month, as Oliver Eriksson shoots for the spoils in the headlining Supercar class and team-mates Guillaume De Ridder and Cole Keatts gun for glory in Supercar Lites.

RallyX Nordic’s forthcoming campaign will rev into life in just under a fortnight’s time (5/6 May), with the legendary Höljes venue – scene of Sweden’s round of the high-profile FIA World Rallycross Championship – set to provide a fitting backdrop to one of the most keenly-contested rallycross series’ around.

Eriksson – who emerged on top in RallyX on Ice earlier this year – will lead the OMSE X Forces assault after signing up for a full campaign behind the wheel of a Ford Fiesta ST. The 2015 GRC Lites Champion gained invaluable experience last season when he raced a Honda Civic Supercar in the USA, in addition to entering selected FIA World RX and RallyX Nordic rounds in the Fiesta.

“It’s exciting to be competing full-time in RallyX Nordic this year,” enthused the 19-year-old Swede, who will be supported by key sponsors Olsbergs and Sollentuna Emballagehantering AB. “I enjoyed my two appearances in the series last season, and to have finished on the podium both times is an encouraging sign for what we can hopefully accomplish in 2018.

“The tracks visited by RallyX Nordic are first-rate, and the competition looks set to be fierce, which as a driver is what you always want to see. I can’t wait to get out there and find out how we measure up!”

Last year’s standout RX2 International Series rookie De Ridder – who joined OMSE over the winter break – and American stablemate Keatts will team up at Supercar Lites level, with the former currently due to contest only the Höljes round in preparation for his return to the circuit on the FIA World RX undercard in the summer.

“For me, it’s a no-brainer to race at Höljes next weekend,” explained the 25-year-old Belgian, who finished an excellent third overall in RX2 in 2017 in his maiden campaign in the discipline. “I achieved my first podium at the track last July, but there is always room for improvement and with a bit of ‘practice’ in RallyX Nordic, hopefully I can return this year and challenge for the win.

“Of course, in addition to gaining experience of the circuit, I will also be pushing hard for a strong result next weekend. I am under no illusions that it will be a sizeable task – these Scandinavian drivers have a bit of a headstart over me with their ‘local’ knowledge – but I always relish a fight...”

Like Eriksson, Keatts has spent time contesting GRC Lites in the States, and the 16-year-old Idaho native underscored his recent progress with a superb fifth-place finish amongst the 22 high-calibre contenders in the RallyX on Ice finale at Gol in Norway last month.

“I’ve certainly got a busy year ahead, dovetailing full seasons in both RallyX Nordic and RX2, but I’m really pumped for the challenge,” he enthused. “Every track will be new to me so I have a lot to learn, but it’s all good experience building towards the future and I intend to grab the opportunity with both hands.

“Competing in Europe is different to competing in the States, from the style of the circuits to the way you have to drive, and I’m still learning every time I take to the track. That said, I felt I took a good step forward on the ice earlier this year, so now I need to build on that momentum and carry it with me into the main season.”
18-04-23 Solberg targets title on RallyX Nordic return
Rising Norwegian star returns to the fray with his eyes on the prize
Versatile 16-year-old expecting tough battle for title glory
‘Important year ahead’ for son of motorsport legend Petter Solberg

Last year’s RallyX Nordic runner-up Oliver Solberg is aiming to go one better in 2018, as he returns to the burgeoning series with his sights firmly set on clinching the headlining Supercar class crown.

The rising Norwegian star – son of two-time FIA World Rallycross Champion and 2003 FIA World Rally Champion Petter Solberg – impressed over the course of his rookie campaign in RallyX Nordic, duelling it out with countryman Thomas Bryntesson for the Supercar title and winning two of the six rounds en route to the runner-up laurels. He similarly turned heads in RallyX on Ice earlier this year, setting the pace throughout the qualifying stages in the RX Academy at Östersund.

Having become the latest high-profile name to commit to RallyX Nordic for 2018 – behind the wheel of a Citroën DS3 Supercar fielded by the family-run PSRX outfit – Solberg is bidding to build upon his experience while resolutely targeting the top step of the podium.

“I’m really happy to be back in RallyX Nordic,” enthused the 16-year-old, who is currently studying at Le Mans in France. “Driving these Supercars is so much fun! The championship is looking good again this year, with rounds in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland and the competition will be very close.

“I’m really fortunate to have my parents’ support. Both of them understand this sport – it runs in the blood in the Solberg family, right from my grandparents. That said, my dad and I hate to lose, so it’s fantastic when we both have a good weekend but it can be pretty tough for mum if we’ve both had a difficult one!

“I must also say a very big ‘thank you’ to my sponsors for their support. They know me, they know my dreams and they believe in me. It’s fantastic to work with sponsors who understand me and my objective to take experience from this sport as we plan the road ahead and the future together. This is going to be an important year for me.”

The full 2018 RallyX Nordic entry list will be released at 14h00 CET today (23 April).

18-04-20 Michalak racing into 2018 with new sponsor and renewed ambition
Series sophomore eager to build upon his experience in 2018
Swede’s challenge bolstered by addition of new title sponsor
Former hillclimb champ has no doubt ‘RX2 is the place to be’

Anders Michalak is ready to put the experience he gained in the 2017 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires to good use this season, as he returns to the fiercely-contested FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series with a new title sponsor and renewed determination.

From a successful hillclimbing, Supermoto and Crosskart background, Michalak made his debut in RX2 last year, immediately turning heads by placing fourth in the Intermediate Classification in the Mettet curtain-raiser.

The Swede reached the semi-final stage again at Lydden Hill a fortnight later, and after narrowly missing out on home turf at Höljes in mid-summer, he bounced back in style with fifth place overall at Lohéac in his first final appearance – his best result of the season.

Michalak capped his campaign with another semi-final appearance in Cape Town, before participating in RallyX on Ice and racing to a podium finish in the standalone Swedish Rallycross Championship on Ice at Skellefteå. Now, the 40-year-old is revving up for his return to RX2, with a fresh look adorning his race car in deference to new title sponsor Märsta Förenade.

“It’s great to be back in RX2,” he enthused. “Last year was my first in rallycross, and it was certainly a step-up – not only did I have to get to grips with the car and circuits, but I also had to contend with a lot of quick young drivers sharing the track with me!

“As the season progressed, though, I felt increasingly comfortable and was able to push harder and harder – setting me up for a much stronger challenge in 2018. In my opinion, there’s no question that RX2 is the place to be for any aspiring international rallycross driver.”

The 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires will take in seven rounds across three continents in support of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, visiting Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.
18-04-19 Syversen out to take care of 'unfinished business' in expanded SET line-up
Experienced RX2 campaigner keen to turn the tables in 2018
Norwegian returns to the grid as part of three-strong SET stable
25-year-old tipped to ‘fight for regular podiums’ by team boss

Simon Syversen says he has some ‘unfinished business’ to take care of in the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires, as he prepares to return to the fiercely-contested FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series in an expanded SET Promotion line-up.

Whilst the Finnish outfit’s remaining two drivers have still to be officially announced, Syversen will spearhead SET’s assault on RX2 in 2018, and the Norwegian can draw upon three years of experience in the series and its predecessor RX Lites, finishing sixth in the standings in 2015 and fifth in 2016 – speeding to the podium in Barcelona along the way.

Last season was a frustrating one for the 25-year-old, who found himself repeatedly plagued by ill-fortune that limited him to 12th in the drivers’ table, but semi-final appearances at Lydden Hill (UK), Höljes (Sweden), Cape Town (South Africa) and on home turf at Hell – not to mention a highlight of fourth overall at Lohéac in France – hinted at Syversen’s untapped potential. Now, he insists, he is back to put the record straight.

“I’m really excited to be returning to RX2 this year,” he enthused. “I definitely still have some ‘unfinished business’ in the championship, because last season was disappointing for a variety of reasons and we weren’t able to demonstrate our true form – although when luck was on our side, I think we showed some good speed.

“For me, one of the biggest changes in 2018 will be having a couple of team-mates at SET Promotion to compare data with and push me – and fast team-mates at that! They’ll certainly both keep me on my toes, and hopefully together we can all raise our game and drive the whole team forwards. Jussi [Pinomäki – SET Team Principal] has put a lot of effort into this project, and I’m looking forward to rewarding him with some strong results.”

“We’ve been working with Simon for a few years and know he can produce the performances he needs to fight for regular podiums,” echoed Pinomäki. “Last season was difficult for him, but he raced in the RX Academy on Ice over the winter and was very competitive in a tough field.

“Hopefully, the young guys in the SET team this year will help Simon perform at the level we have seen before, and if he does that, he can have a very good season.
18-04-19 Höglund joins RallyX Nordic Supercar Lites scrap
Swedish rallycross star fired-up to take next step in 2018. 24-year-old commits to full campaign at Supercar Lites level. JC Raceteknik ace bidding to build on early career promise

Marcus Höglund is aiming to take the fight to his more established rivals in RallyX Nordic in 2018, after committing to a full campaign in the Supercar Lites class with front-running Swedish squad JC Raceteknik.

Höglund will contest all six rounds of the eagerly-anticipated RallyX Nordic season, which will rev into life at his home circuit of Höljes in Sweden on 5/6 May, before visiting fellow rallycross heartlands Norway, Denmark and Finland.

The 24-year old – who has previously made selected appearances for JC Raceteknik – will dovetail his RallyX Nordic attack with a brace of outings in the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires at Hell in Norway and Höljes in mid-summer.

His new challenge will mark a step-up for Höglund, who has hitherto contested predominantly national-level competitions. The Swede began his rallycross career in the 2150 Supernational category in 2011, going on to place third overall in 2015. The following season, he switched to the Swedish Rallycross Championship in the headlining 2400 class, while making his Supercar Lites bow the same year at Höljes.

Immediately impressing, Höglund qualified for the final first time out, before gearbox problems halted his eye-catching charge. In 2017, he progressed through to the semi-final stage in RX2 at both Hell and Höljes and entered RallyX Nordic’s Solvalla round – all with Värmland-based JC Raceteknik. Now, the Dalarna County native is eager to make a splash as he graduates to the fiercely-contested series full-time.

“I’ve driven in rallycross for several years, including some races in Supercar Lites, but now I’ve come to a stage where it’s time to step up a level,” he asserted. “I’m really looking forward to the season – it’s going to be a lot of fun.

“The first time I drove the Supercar Lites car at Höljes in 2016, I was able to compete at the front, which far exceeded my expectations. Last year, it was a bit more difficult. I started getting to grips with the car at Solvalla, but then there was only one race left.

“This year, I will get more testing before the first round to be better prepared. I think the biggest challenge to performing consistently and succeeding at the top will be to stay focussed and control the nerves.

“The competition will be very tough because as more and more entries come in, the level keeps getting higher. I’m not taking anything for granted since there are a lot of drivers targeting the championship, but I definitely intend to be in the fight.”

The full 2018 RallyX Nordic entry list will be released at 14h00 CET on Monday, 23 April.

18-04-19 Marcus Höglund växlar upp – full satsning i Supercar Lites
Dalmasen Marcus Höglund byter ut sin bakhjulsdrivna Skoda mot en storsatsning i Supercar Lites. Målet är en så bra placering som möjligt i RallyX Nordic.
– Jag har kört rallycross i flera år, men nu har jag kommit till ett stadie där det gäller att satsa på riktigt en gång för alla, säger 24-åringen.

Vi har fyra gånger tidigare sett Marcus Höglund, Lima, ratta en Supercar Lites-bil. Men då enbart under tillfälliga inhopp. I år steppar han upp ytterligare och kommer göra full säsong för värmländska teamet JC Raceteknik i RallyX Nordic samt två deltävlingar i RX2 International Series.

Höglund, som tävlar för Finnskoga MK, inledde 2011 sin rallycrosskarriär i klassen 2150 – där han 2015 knep ett JSM-brons. 2016 köpte han en Skoda och körde bland annat svenska mästerskapet i klassen 2400. Samma år debuterade han i Supercar Lites, då han körde en enskild deltävling i Höljes. Han imponerade med topptider direkt och tog sig vidare till final. Där fick han problem med växellådan och slutade därmed på sjätteplats i tävlingen. Men tävlingen i Supercar Lites gav mersmak och under 2017 gjorde han ett inhopp i JC Raceteknik där han körde tre deltävlingar: RX2 International Series i Hell och Höljes, samt Solvalla i RallyX Nordic.

RallyX Nordic (som både är en nordisk serie och har SM-status) består i år av sex deltävlingar i Sverige, Norge, Finland och Danmark – startskottet blir i Höljes 6 maj. Höglund kommer även köra RX2 International Series i Norge och svenska Höljes. Under säsongens totalt åtta tävlingar hoppas 24-åringen både utvecklas ytterligare i bilen, samt slåss om topplaceringar i både enskilda tävlingar och RallyX Nordic.

Marcus Höglund:
”Jag har kört rallycross i flera år, och även några tävlingar i Supercar Lites, men nu har jag kommit till ett stadie där det gäller att satsa på riktigt en gång för alla. Jag ser verkligen fram emot säsongen och det kommer bli en rolig upplevelse. Första gången jag körde Supercar Lites i Höljes gick det långt över förväntan och jag var med i toppen. I fjol gick det lite motigare i de tre tävlingarna jag körde. Jag började få in feelingen i bilen på Solvalla, men då var det ju bara en tävling kvar. I år kommer jag få till fler tester innan premiären och vara bättre förberedd. Den största utmaningen tror jag kommer vara att lyckas hålla sig i toppen och hela tiden prestera, inte bli nervös eller tappa fokus. Konkurrensen kommer bli stentuff eftersom allt fler chaufförer ljusnar upp och blir bättre. Jag kommer inte ta finalplatserna för givet, för många har riktat in sig på guldet. Men jag ska absolut också fightas om det.”
18-04-18 Excitement builds as new-look RallyX Nordic presents fresh challenges and initiatives
Upgraded venues add to appeal of revitalised RallyX Nordic. Nysum in Denmark fills remaining spot on popular series’ calendar. Start and finish in Sweden at iconic Höljes and all-new Tierp. Season-long Race Director to promote clean, fair racing. Enhanced value for money with three semi-finals at each event

Anticipation is building ahead of the fast-approaching 2018 RallyX Nordic campaign, with a new company formed to take the series into the future, a pioneering five-year plan and a freshly-confirmed calendar offering a mix of new and upgraded venues – all set to truly challenge some of the finest drivers in the discipline.

Entries are open until Saturday, 21 April for round one (click here), and organisers are delighted to be able to reveal a six-round schedule visiting all four of rallycross’ Nordic heartlands – Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.

Prompted by elevated interest – with more than 18 entries already received for all major classes – and in a new initiative designed to offer competitors more track time, each event will feature three semi-finals, presided over by season-long Race Director, Christer Jönsson.

The season will rev into life at Höljes on 6 May as, for the very first time, RallyX Nordic competitors go doorhandle-to-doorhandle around one of the most iconic circuits in the sport – home to Sweden’s prestigious FIA World Rallycross Championship event. The action will remain in Sweden for round two on 3 June, with fast and technical Arvika retaining its place on the calendar for the fifth consecutive year as a classic old-school test.

“RallyX Nordic will provide fans with an extra opportunity to see the spectacular Supercars and Supercar Lites at this legendary rallycross circuit in 2018,” enthused Höljes club chairman, Morgan Östlund. “We are looking forward to being a part of this fast-growing series.

“We’re confident that some World RX drivers will also show up to challenge the Nordic regulars, and together with the support classes, we can offer spectators a full package of entertainment in May. We anticipate a very exciting weekend ahead.”

Grenland in Norway plays host to round three on 24 June, with Nysum following on 12 August as RallyX Nordic returns to Denmark for a mid-summer blast. In recognition of the championship’s burgeoning profile and reputation, both venues have invested significantly in upgrading their facilities over the winter to offer competitors and spectators an enhanced experience.

“We are really looking forward to being a part of RallyX Nordic’s exciting new era,” said Helle Nielsen, a member of the Nysum organising team. “Last year’s event was fantastic, and this year, we hope to have two Danish drivers from Motorsport Nordjylland participating in the Supercar class. We are excited about showing the Danish spectators once again how spectacular and powerful these rallycross cars really are – not to mention their incredible sound.”

Kouvola in Finland is a welcome new addition to the schedule on 26 August, as the former FIA World RX venue heralds its return to the forefront of international rallycross. The campaign will conclude at all-new track Tierp on 7 October, with the eagerly-anticipated circuit – located just an hour north of Stockholm – set to stage a pulsating finale, preceded by a test and media day on 18 September.

“Spectators will have a fantastic experience watching RallyX Nordic at Tierp Arena later this year,” said the circuit’s Operations Manager, Urban Axelsson. “The new rallycross track has been designed with fans very much in mind, which is why we enlisted world champions Johan Kristoffersson and Petter Solberg as well as Andreas Eriksson from Olsbergs MSE to lend their input for a layout that is challenging, fast and fun.

“With 70 per cent of spectators able to see the entire track, fans won’t miss a moment of what is sure to be some exhilarating action from the next generation of rallycross stars.”

There is no doubt that RallyX Nordic is currently going from strength-to-strength – as evidenced by the high-profile drivers already committed to the series for 2018 and the recently announced television package, with arrangements with other countries ongoing and set to be announced in due course. Series Manager Ian Davies is confident the choice of calendar and new initiatives will prove to be a hit with competitors and fans alike.

“The fact that we have had to expand to three semi-finals across all major classes is testament to the rising interest in RallyX Nordic,” he revealed. “Not only that, but the appointment of a single, season-long Race Director in Christer Jönsson will guarantee consistency in decisions and assist in the promotion of clean, fair racing.

“By the same token, we have worked tirelessly to secure the right venues in such a pivotal season for the championship. It was important for us to visit all four of the key Nordic countries for the sport, and we think we have come up with the ideal combination.

“As Scandinavia’s fabled home of rallycross, Höljes needs little introduction, while Arvika has been a firm favourite of the RallyX Nordic faithful for the past five years. Grenland and Nysum have both put in a tremendous effort to enhance their facilities – to the benefit of entrants and fans alike – and we are delighted to see Kouvola back where it belongs, as a top-tier venue in a series with international appeal.

“Last but far from least, we are all hugely excited to see what Tierp has to offer. A herculean effort has gone into developing this brand new track, and we are sure that it will provide a fitting backdrop for the thrilling final act in RallyX Nordic’s title battles. We cannot wait for the season to start.”

The full 2018 RallyX Nordic entry list will be released at 14h00 CET on Monday, 23 April.
18-04-18 Gryazin a 'stronger' competitor as he returns to RX2
RX2 returnee ‘ready to push for podiums’ from the outset in 2018. SRT star bidding to build upon burgeoning rallycross form. Latvian a ‘more rounded driver’ for experience gained last year

Vasiliy Gryazin says he is ‘a stronger and more rounded driver’ as he prepares to embark upon his sophomore campaign in the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires in 2018, buoyed by the experience he has gained over the past 12 months.

Gryazin converted to rallycross from rallying at the end of 2016, and over the course of his first full season in the discipline, he increasingly took the fight to his more established rivals.

The Latvian immediately made his mark in RX2 by placing third in the Intermediate Classification in the Mettet curtain-raiser last May, and he reached the semi-final stage in six of the seven rounds on the calendar.

Although he had to wait until Trois-Rivières in August to break through into the final, once the floodgates had been opened, there was no stopping him. Gryazin took the chequered flag fourth in Canada, third in France and fourth again in South Africa – earning him an excellent seventh spot amongst the 26 contenders in the end-of-season standings, just four points shy of the top five.

The 24-year-old Sports Racing Technologies (SRT) ace subsequently starred in RallyX on Ice earlier this year, even if his promising pace was not always reflected on the results sheets. Now, his attentions are turned fully back towards RX2 – and building upon his burgeoning rallycross momentum.

“For me, returning to RX2 in 2018 was the number one choice,” Gryazin asserted. “When I entered the series last year, I was essentially a rallycross rookie and coming from a rallying background, it took me a little while to fully understand the nuances of the discipline.

“We worked hard and made consistent progress, and towards the end of the season, we were regularly challenging the front-runners – to finish on the podium in France was a real highlight.

“We maintained that form in RallyX on Ice earlier this year, though for a variety of reasons, we didn’t achieve the results we should have or that I felt we deserved with the pace we had. Still, it was more good experience for me and I’ll go to Mettet in a few weeks’ time a stronger and more rounded driver than this time 12 months ago – and ready to push for podiums right from the start!”

The 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires will take in seven rounds across three continents in support of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, visiting Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.
18-04-16 Nilsson primed to attack on all fronts in 2018
Swedish teenager targeting the big prize as he returns to RX2. JC Raceteknik ace cites consistent progress as key to success. Tomelilla native fired-up to retain Nordic and Swedish titles

William Nilsson has a busy 2018 ahead as he bids to successfully defend his hard-fought RallyX Nordic and Swedish Rallycross Championship crowns – but the one he wants to win most of all, he admits, is the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires.

The youngest driver on the RX2 grid last year, Nilsson was a consistent front-runner in the official FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series, reaching the semi-final stage in every round and speeding to a superb third-place finish in front of his enthusiastic partisan supporters at Höljes in mid-summer.

His results secured the 18-year-old an excellent fifth spot in the overall standings come season’s end, and he enhanced his burgeoning CV with Supercar Lites title glory in a tense RallyX Nordic finale, achieving the same result in Sweden’s national series and being selected as Bilsport Magazine’s ‘Rallycross Junior of the Year’.

As the Scandinavian teenager prepares to return to RX2 with front-running Swedish squad JC Raceteknik – with the opening round of the 2018 campaign now less than a month away – he has the top step of the podium firmly in his sights.

“My goal for this season is to defend my Swedish and RallyX Nordic titles, and the focus will be on trying to win the RX2 International Series as well,” Nilsson affirmed. “Last year, I was able to prove that I was the best in RallyX Nordic so I know I’m quick and can win competitions, but I’m fully aware that the level is high in RX2.

“Everyone is improving all the time and I have to do that too. I would like to thank my sponsors and partners that make it possible for me to do this – I’m really excited to start the season.”

“We’ve worked very hard with William for the past few years, and last season he really stepped up a gear,” added JC Raceteknik Team Principal, Joel Christofferson. “I think he found pace that surprised a few people and the faster he got, the more confident he became in himself and the car.

“With the experience he has of the competition, the tracks and RX2 in general from last season, I think we can expect really good things from William this year and we will continue to work as hard as we can to help him achieve as much as possible, as we do with all our drivers.”

The 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires will take in seven rounds across three continents in support of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, visiting Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.
18-04-17 SM-vinnaren William Nilsson klar för en ny rallycrossäsong – vill försvara mästerskapstiteln
Regerande svenska mästaren William Nilsson siktar på internationell framgång under 2018.
– Målet är att vinna RallyX Nordic och SM igen. Jag vill även komma på pallen i RX2 International Series, säger 18-åringen från Tomelilla.

William Nilsson fortsätter tävla för teamet JC Raceteknik. Det blir full säsong både i RX2 International Series (som körs tillsammans med rallycross-VM) och RallyX Nordic.
– Jag vill först tacka mina sponsorer och partners som gör det möjligt. Målet är självklart att försvara SM- och RallyX Nordic-titeln, och jag vill även vinna RX2 International Series, säger Nilsson

Förra året var minst sagt en framgångssaga för den unge skåningen. Vid säsongens slut stod Nilsson som segrare både RallyX Nordic och det svenska mästerskapet i Supercar Lites. Han kom även femma klassens inofficiella världsmästerskap RX2 International Series.
– I fjol kunde jag bevisa att jag var bäst i RallyX Nordic. Jag vet att jag är snabb och kan vinna tävlingar, men man får inte glömma att konkurrensen är hård. Alla förbättras, och det måste jag också göra.

RX2 International Series består av sex deltävlingar i Europa, en i Kanada samt finalen i Sydafrika. De sex deltävlingarna av RallyX Nordic körs i Sverige, Norge, Danmark och Finland. Rallycrosspremiären blir 6 maj när RallyX Nordic körs i värmländska Höljes. Men redan förra vecka kunde Nilsson sätta sig bakom ratten. Då kördes nämligen ett tvådagarstest i franska Lohéac.
– Det var så skönt att komma igång med körningen. Sen var det väldigt bra träning eftersom en av deltävlingarna i RX2 körs just på den banan.

Nilsson ingår också i det Svenska Juniorlandslaget för bilsport. Landslaget har under vintern haft olika körläger på isbanor i Norrland, samt kört rallycross-simulator på Bosön i Stockholm. Han utseddes även till Årets Junior 2017 av tidningen Bilsport.
18-04-16 Heathcote targets RX2 top three as he settles into Färén family
Reigning British Rallycross Champion revving up for RX2 challenge. 21-year-old bidding to build upon RallyX on Ice experience. Team Färén boss has high hopes for his young protégé in 2018

Nathan Heathcote is setting his sights high in the 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires, as he bids to follow in the wheeltracks of countryman Dan Rooke with front-running outfit Team Färén.

Just like Rooke 12 months earlier, Heathcote sped to the MSA British Rallycross Championship crown last season at his first attempt, and just like Rooke, the young British ace will graduate to RX2 with Team Färén off the back of his title triumph.

The 21-year-old made his debut in Supercar Lites machinery in RallyX on Ice earlier this year, reaching the semi-final stage in all three events he entered – and turning heads with his lightning-fast starts. Buoyed by that experience, he is now eager to prove his mettle on the international stage in the official feeder series to the high-profile FIA World Rallycross Championship.

“I really can't wait to go racing in RX2,” Heathcote enthused. “RallyX on Ice was an awesome experience and great pre-season training for me – I learnt a massive amount about the Supercar Lites car and how it handles.

“It's going to be fantastic racing around the world and being at events with some massive names in motorsport. I chose to compete in RX2 because it's the next step up for me on my route in aiming for the top, and it’s great to be in a one-make series against experienced drivers the same kind of age as me.

“The biggest challenge will be catching up with knowledge of the circuits compared to other drivers who have raced at them before, but Dan [Rooke] did a great job last year and I will be pushing hard for a similar result. It has been brilliant working with Team Färén so far, and I already feel part of the family.

“The first round in Belgium is going to be about learning the car and championship, but we had a solid couple of days’ testing at Silverstone to get dialled in before the season starts. We had good pace by the end, and I'm really looking forward to racing there in front of my home crowd at Speedmachine in May. Beyond that, my aim is for a top three championship finish; it won't be easy, but that’s the target I need to set if I want to reach the pinnacle.”

Team Färén will expand from one car to two in 2018, and Team Principal Eric Färén has high hopes for his new protégé, who will join forces with Conner Martell as the squad pushes for podiums in the fiercely-contested series.

“We’re really happy to have Nathan in the team this year,” he affirmed. “I think we have a strong line-up. Last year, we just ran one car and Dan did very well, but hopefully we will be even stronger this season with two drivers to share data and information.

“Doing three ice races helped Nathan to get to grips with the Supercar Lites car; the level was high and he was unlucky not to get better results than he did. You have to be very smooth in the Lites car, so coming from a Supercar like he has means you have to change your style a bit, but I think he can do very well this year. It’s a bit of a childhood dream for me to have a team with two cars and good drivers. I’m really looking forward to the RX2 season.”

The 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires will take in seven rounds across three continents in support of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, visiting Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.
18-04-16 Kristoffersson claims dramatic victory in World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona
Johan Kristoffersson has been named the winner of the World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona, round one of the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, after first-on-the-road Mattias Ekstrom was disqualified from the final following an incident with Petter Solberg. Sebastien Loeb secured second place finish after an eventful weekend for Team Peugeot Total, while EKS Audi Sport's Andreas Bakkerud ensured three manufacturers are represented in the top three.

Starting alongside one another on the grid after winning their respective semi-finals, Ekstrom and Solberg made contact on the run to turn one, resulting in the latter hitting the track markers on the inside of the corner. While Ekstrom continued in the lead, Solberg – who set the event's fastest lap around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya during the first semi-final – rejojned the race sixth and last.

With Ekstrom going on to withstand race-long pressure from Kristoffersson to take the chequered flag first, Stewards concluded the EKS Audi Sport driver had “Made contact with car #11 [Solberg] on his left… Further, the Stewards considered this to be a dangerous manoeuvre and liable to hinder car #11.” and disqualified him from the final.

The decision gifted Kristoffersson his tenth World RX victory, levelling the score with Ekstrom and Solberg , the three World RX Champions responsible for 30 victories across the 50 events run so far.

"This is definitely the best way to start my title defence," he commented. "I squeezed everything I could out of my VW Polo R. I knew it was going to be tight at the exit of the joker but it was an enjoyable fight; Mattias is a very switched-on guy, and he knows exactly how to position his car to make it difficult to overtake. I was happy with second place but while winning like this clearly isn’t the nicest way, I will grab it with both hands."

Loeb's second place came following a remarkable turnaround on a day that initially saw him miss the cut to progress to the semi-finals. A troubled set of qualifying races left Loeb 13th at the intermediate classification, and first reserve for the semi-finals. He was thrown a lifeline when Peugeot stablemate Kevin Hansen, who’d qualified 12th, withdrew from the semi-finals.
An early Joker Lap gave Loeb the edge over Bakkerud and an unexpected second place ahead of the Norwegian, who later gave Audi something to cheer by inheriting third place overall on his debut with the team.

"It’s amazing how many different emotions you can experience over the course of a rallycross weekend," said Loeb. "I went out of both Q2 and Q3 with broken rear suspension, which left me a long way down the classification and I didn’t expect to make it into the semi-finals, let alone the final. I had a bit of luck on my side at last. It’s good to see that the car is competitive. I think we have taken a little step forward from last year, and we are here in the fight, so hopefully we can continue in this way."

"It was a very tricky weekend with challenging and changing conditions," added Bakkerud. "I am pleased to be in the final already in the first race with my new team and new car. I see a huge potential, not just for me but for the whole of EKS Audi Sport. I need to push even harder, because I want to go all the way to the top at round two in Portugal."

GRX Taneco enjoyed a strong start to the 2018 season with its new Hyundai i20 as Niclas Gronholm claimed a career-best World RX result in fourth position. The young Finn finished ahead of Solberg who ran sixth on the road before being elevated to fifth at the expense of rival Ekstrom.

Ekstrom nonetheless goes home with the Monster Energy Super Charge Award for the quickest reaction off the start-line.

GC Kompetition enjoyed a positive World RX debut with its Prodrive-developed Renault Megane R.S RX after Guerlain Chicherit and Jerome Grosset-Janin both reached the semi-final stage and demonstrated competitive pace. However, there were mixed fortunes for returning former Teams' champions Olsbergs MSE with Robin Larsson reaching the semi-finals but Kevin Eriksson failing to progress beyond the qualifying races after an uncharacteristic crash in Q2 dented his chances.

In the FIA European Rallycross Championship, Latvia's Reinis Nitiss swept to a dominant victory in the Supercar category. Leading from turn one in the Set Promotion Ford Fiesta, Nitiss escaped to win by three seconds over defending champion Anton Marklund, with Jean-Baptiste Dubourg completing the podium in his G-Fors Renault Clio.

Artis Baumanis added to Latvia's success by taking victory in the opening round of the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Super1600. He was joined on the podium by Volland Racing team mate Gergely Marton (Hungary) and Frenchman Jimmy Terpereau.

Paul Bellamy, World RX Managing Director for IMG, commented: "It has been a fantastic start to the 2018 World Rallycross Championship, one that sets the stage for what is clearly going to be an action-packed season. We have seen a crowd of 30,000 fans pack the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya grandstands over the weekend, which is an increase on last year and demonstrates the growing popularity of World RX as it begins its fifth season. With all teams showing competitive pace throughout the weekend, we’re certain the 2018 season will be incredibly close all the way to the final round in South Africa on 24-25 November."

The FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy will resume with World RX of Portugal at Montalegre in two weeks’ time (28-29 April).

Full results from the World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona can be found at the following link: www.fiaworldrallycross.com/results

Full Championship standings can be found at the following link: http://www.fiaworldrallycross.com/standings
18-04-14 Larsson and Eriksson tally trio of race wins on new Fiesta ST debut
Robin Larsson speeds to semi-final stage in 2018 World RX curtain-raiser. Kevin Eriksson out-of-luck but proves pace and potential with two race wins. Ford Fiesta ST a force to be reckoned with whatever the weather in Spain

Olsbergs MSE’s new Ford Fiesta ST Supercar impressed on its debut in the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy in Barcelona this weekend (14/15 April), tallying a trio of race wins and a semi-final appearance.

Freshly unveiled to the watching world last Thursday, the strikingly-liveried Fiesta ST proved to be competitive from the outset around the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, posting the fifth and eighth-quickest lap times in free practice in the hands of Swedish duo Robin Larsson and Kevin Eriksson.

Both men subsequently survived a tricky first qualifying race (Q1) held in slippery conditions, placing a respectable ninth (Larsson) and 11th (Eriksson), before the former took the new car’s first victory with a feisty and mature performance from fourth on the grid in Q2.

Ultra-consistent, the 2014 FIA European Rallycross Champion got his elbows out in Q3 to keep himself firmly in the mix, before playing an early ‘joker’ to perfection in Q4 to secure seventh position amongst the 17 high-calibre contenders in the Intermediate Classification – and with it a coveted semi-final spot, going on to take the chequered flag sixth.

Compatriot Eriksson endured a tougher time, though he too showed an eye-catching turn-of-speed behind the wheel of OMSE’s potent Fiesta ST. The 21-year-old led in Q2 until an uncharacteristic ‘off’ on the treacherous track surface left him facing an uphill battle – and with the circuit still drying on Sunday morning and the Swede out in the earliest Q3 contest, the odds were always stacked stubbornly against him.

Undeterred, Eriksson bounced back to take a brace of race wins – the first following a duel with nine-time FIA World Rally Champion Sébastien Loeb, and the second courtesy of a controlled drive from the middle of the grid. Although the results were not quite enough to earn him passage through to the semi-finals, he had nonetheless laid down a marker.

Olsbergs MSE next moves on to round two on the 2018 World RX calendar at Montalegre in Portugal on 28/29 April.

Quote, Unquote
Robin Larsson (Championship Position: 10th)
“Overall, I think we can say it’s been a very positive start for OMSE here in Barcelona. I felt like we were consistent in terms of our pace and performance, and that we have come in at a reasonably high level – with plenty more speed still to be extracted from the Fiesta ST. To make it into the semi-finals was our goal for this first event and we achieved it, and with more hard work behind-the-scenes, I have no doubt that we will soon be moving up the order and pushing for podiums. The potential inside this team is genuinely very exciting. I finished second at Montalegre the last time I drove there a couple of years ago, so I’ll go back with happy memories and aiming to carry forward this early momentum.”

Kevin Eriksson (Championship Position: 14th)
“It’s been such an unlucky weekend for me. Our pace was really good throughout, but a small issue caused me to spin out and crash in the two races yesterday and that left us with a bit of a mountain to climb. Even though I won both my qualifiers today, the track was drying up so quickly, which meant the later races were a lot faster and we didn’t really stand a chance. That was obviously disappointing, but to score three race wins between Robin and myself proved the Fiesta’s speed in both conditions, and the car feels great. To be able to compete up front against the factory teams is a really encouraging sign. Portugal can’t come soon enough!”

Andreas Eriksson, Olsbergs MSE Team Principal
“It has been a challenging first round of the year for everybody, I think, with tricky conditions on Saturday and some intense competition, but we leave Barcelona with our heads held high and plenty of reasons for optimism. Running a new car, we didn’t know what to expect coming here but we learned a lot and made improvements from one race to the next, and to take three qualifying race wins and get Robin into the semi-final is a very positive outcome. This is only the start, though, and we are already looking forward to building on our early form in Portugal around a circuit that we know well and where both Robin and Kevin have a strong previous record.”
18-04-15 Johan Kristoffersson vann i premiären
Försvarande världsmästarna Johan Kristoffersson och PSRX Volkswagen Sweden började den nya säsongen i FIA World Rallycross på samma sätt som de avslutade den förra – med seger.

Johans team-kollega och medtävlare i Volkswagen Polo R Supercar Petter Solberg, som gjorde sin 50:e start i World RX i Barcelona, var snabbast hela helgen. Men en krock i första kurvan i finalen förpassade den trefaldige FIA World Champion in i däcktravarna och längst ned i fältet.

Tävlingsledningen inledde en undersökning av händelsen och Mattias Ekström blev senare diskvalificerad.

Med Johans maximala poäng från finalen och med Petter på femte plats gav paret teamet mycket att glädja sig åt eftersom de därmed leder förarmästerskapet och teammästerskapet efter den första av säsongens tolv race.

Öppningsdagen av 2018 års mästerskap bjöd på grå himmel och kraftigt regn som gjorde Catalunya-banan glashal. Men man vinner inte en världsmästartitel om man inte finner snabbaste vägen genom leran och Petter tog ledningen på lördag kväll.

På söndagen sken solen åter och förarna i PSRX Volkswagen Sweden gjorde det mesta av det i den första semifinalen. Från pole position gjorde Petter ett perfekt race och hade två gånger de snabbaste varvtiderna. Johan missade i första kurvan men kom tillbaka och kunde storma förbi Andreas Bakkerud efter ett fantastiskt jokervarv.

Sedan kom finalen och Petters incident i första kurvan, och till slut Johans första seger på Catalunya-Barcelona

Johan Kristoffersson Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OA SF F
3 5 4 3 3 2 1

Petter Solberg Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 OA SF F
2 1 1 2 1 1 5

Johan Kristoffersson, Sverige, startnummer 1:
- Det var verkligen en tuff början på det nya året, så att ta hem segern gör mig mycket glad.
- Det var en hård match och en tuff weekend. Att starta med en ny bil under de här förhållandena (på lördag) var verkligen svårt, vi hade så dåligt grepp genom hela varvet. Som Petter sade, det var en dag då man bara försökte överleva och att få med båda PSRX Volkswagen Sweden Polos i topp tre var ett gott betyg åt teamet för vad de gjort under vintern.
- Semifinalen gick bra och gav oss ett bra resultat och en bra startposition i finalen. Jag beklagar det som hände Petter i första kurvan, det är tufft. Och, som jag sade, det har varit en tuff weekend men vi kom hem med poäng och det är vad som räknas i slutet av säsongen.

Petter Solberg Norge startnummer 11:
- Vad kan man säga? Jag är mycket ledsen för vad som hände i finalen. Fram till sista racet gick allt perfekt för mig. Jag hade den perfekta weekenden. Förhållandena var fruktansvärda i går (lördag). Sébastien Loeb och jag har tävlat i några hemska regn och fruktansvärda förhållanden i mästerskapet i rally-VM men ingen av oss har varit med om något liknande. Det var en dag att bara överleva!
- Vi kom tillbaka i dag och kvalen gick bra och jag hade kontroll över semifinalen och kom till finalen efter en bra körning. Och sedan kom vi till första kurvan!
- Det jag är glad över är sättet som teamet jobbat i helgen och hur mekanikerna och alla andra samarbetat för att göra bilen så bra. Johan gav oss ett fint resultat och jag gläds med honom. Vi är etta och tvåa i mästerskapet och leder teammästerskapet dessutom. Så vi tar farten med oss och går vidare härifrån.
- Innan jag slutar vill jag säga ett stort tack till alla fans som kom – särskilt de som kom i regnet i går. De här rallycrossfansen, de är riktiga fans och några av dem är de bästa i världen.

Pernilla Solberg, teamledare för PSRX Volkswagen Sweden:
- Vi leder båda mästerskapen, och Johan vann för första gången på den här banan och det är ett fantastiskt resultat. Men vi är så besvikna för Petters skull. Han körde briljant i regnet i går och kontrollerade allt så bra idag. Han förtjänade mer än det som hände i finalen. Men domarna har sagt sitt och det finns inget mer att tillägga.
- Som jag sade, vi ser till det positiva och att ha båda Volkswagen Polo R Supercars i täten hela vägen under helgen är fantastiska nyheter för hela teamet.
- Ärligt talat, vi har jobbat så hårt sedan Sydafrika i slutet av förra året och jag vill tacka Monster Energy, Volkswagen Sweden, Jost Capito (Volkswagen R direktör) och alla våra högt värderade sponsorer.
- Och naturligtvis, jag kan inte sluta utan att nämna Sven Smeets och alla i Volkswagen Motorsport för det arbete de lagt ned. De killarna gav oss en riktigt snabb bil den här helgen.

1 Johan Kristoffersson 4 m 36,568 sekunder
2 Sébastien Loeb 4 m 37,783 s
3 Andreas Bakkerud 4 m 38,957 s
4 Niclas Grönholm 4 m 43,667 s
5 Petter Solberg 4 m 47,832 s
6 Mattias Ekström 4 m 36,039 s

1 Kristoffersson 27 poäng
2 Solberg 24 poäng
3 Bakkerud 20 poäng
4 Ekström 19 poäng
5 Grönholm 18 poäng
6 Timmy Hansen 16 poäng

1 PSRX Volkswagen Sweden 51 poäng
2 EKS Audi Sport 39 poäng
3 Team Peugeot Total 30 poäng
18-04-15 Podium for EKS Audi Sport in season opener
FIA World Rallycross Championship 2018, Circuit de Catalunya-Barcelona. Audi S1 EKS RX quattro #13 (EKS Audi Sport), Andreas Bakkerud

On contesting his first event for EKS Audi Sport in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, Andreas Bakkerud instantly achieved a podium result. In the turbulent season opener at Barcelona (Spain), the Norwegian took third place. His teammate, Mattias Ekström, was classified in sixth position following a sporting penalty.

“EKS Audi Sport superbly supported me this weekend,” said Bakkerud following his 50th race in the World RX. “I very much enjoyed our cooperation even though I wasn’t able to fully exploit my potential yet at Barcelona. I’ve definitely got a lot more. I’m happy about position three but, obviously, there’s a bitter taste remaining because Mattias (Ekström) was subsequently stripped of his victory. This doesn’t change anything about the strong performance delivered by EKS Audi Sport which brought both cars into the final.”

In front of 30,000 spectators, Ekström in the racing debut of the second-generation Audi S1 EKS RX quattro, had crossed the finish line in a spectacular final in first place beating title defender Johan Kristoffersson in a Volkswagen by a narrow margin. Yet the Swede was deprived of his third consecutive victory at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya after 2016 and 2017. In the evening, Ekström was relegated from first to sixth position because he allegedly bumped Petter Solberg’s Volkswagen off track on the way to Turn 1.

“I don’t share this opinion, but respect the decision by the stewards of the meeting,” said Ekström. “I’m particularly sorry for the team that worked hard and well in winter. In the final, I had four fresh tires which made the difference. On the whole, the weekend was very exciting. In rain on Saturday, we were running well, only our starts weren’t fantastic. In dry conditions on Sunday, we were initially struggling a little with the starts too, but in the semi-finals and the final they worked well. That kept our chance for victory alive.”

The two race days in Spain could hardly have been any more diverse: pouring rain and mud on Saturday were followed by a brilliant blue sky and sunshine on Sunday.
2018 World RX – round 1 Barcelona – results of final
1 Johan Kristoffersson (S)Volkswagen4m 36.568s
2 Sébastien Loeb (F)Peugeot+ 1.215s
3 Andreas Bakkerud (N)Audi+ 2.389s
4 Niclas Grönholm (FIN)Hyundai+ 7.099s
5 Petter Solberg (N)Volkswagen+ 11.264s
6 Mattias Ekström (S)Audi4m 36.039s (relegated)

2018 FIA World RX drivers’ standings (after 1 of 12 rounds)
1 Johan Kristoffersson (S)Volkswagen27 points
2 Petter Solberg (N)Volkswagen24 points
3 Andreas Bakkerud (N)Audi20 points
4 Mattias Ekström (S)Audi19 points
5 Niclas Grönholm (FIN)Hyundai18 points
6 Timmy Hansen (S)Peugeot16 points

2018 FIA World RX teams’ standings (after 1 of 12 rounds)
1 PSRX Volkswagen Sweden51 points
2 EKS Audi Sport39 points
3 Team Peugeot Total30 points
18-04-15 Frøshaug imponerade under premiären – tung start för Bryntesson
Rallycrosspremiären bjöd inte på någon större framgång, och fjolårstvåan Thomas Bryntesson blev poänglös.
– Det har varit en riktigt skithelg för mig. Först och främst har jag inte hittat farten, sedan gick bilen sönder under två av omgångarna, säger Bryntesson.

Den första deltävlingen av FIA European Rallycross Championship (Europamästerskapet i Supercar) kördes på den spanska banan Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya och för svenska teamet JC Raceteknik blev det en riktigt hård helg.

Under lördagen bjöd vädret på tuffa banförhållanden. Regnet öste ner vilket gjorde att banan blev både hal och lerig. Trots det visade Ola Frøshaug, 53, styrka och hade bra tempo redan från start. Han vann ett heat, tog flera topptider och låg efter lördagen på en total fjärdeplats. För Thomas Bryntesson, 22, gick det lite motigare. Trots det låg han på femteplats inför söndagen.
Under söndagen hade teamet problem med båda bilarna. Ett hål i banan gjorde att Bryntessons framvagn brast i omgång 3. Under den korta pausen mellan omgångarna hann bilen inte lagas fullt ut vilken gjorde att han tvingades bryta även under omgång 4. Frøshaug inledde söndagen med ännu en topptid, men tvingades bryta i den fjärde omgången efter att framvagnen brustit. Trots det gjorde poängen att han kvalificerade sig till semifinal. Men väl där gjorde en smäll att bilen återigen tog skada och han blev förste föraren utanför finalen.

JC Raceteknik fick därmed nöja sig med en sjunde- och en artonde plats i premiärtävlingen. Nu blickar teamet framåt mot Höljes, där den första deltävlingen av RallyX Nordic körs 6 maj.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Det blev en fruktansvärt tuff helg resultatmässigt. Vi hade hoppats kunna fightas om segern, men så blev det inte. Det är ingen tvivel om att vi har farten, men den här helgen kom vi aldrig in i flytet som vi brukar med Thomas. Sådant är frustrerande. Däremot körde Ola enormt bra och hade flyt ända fram till Q4. Han har tagit ett stort steg framåt om man jämför med i fjol. Tyvärr hade vi problem med båda bilarna. För Thomas del gick framvagnen sönder i Q3 medan Olas gick sönder i Q4. Vi åker hem och löser problemet tills nästa tävling. Det är fyra deltävlingar kvar av Euro RX – så säsongen är långt ifrån över. Nu laddar vi om inför den första deltävlingen av RallyX Nordic som körs i Höljes.”

Ola Frøshaug:
”Jag säger bara fy fasen vilket bra tempo jag har haft i helgen! Starterna har varit helt klockrena och jag har verkligen fått upp farten på banan. Jag är väldigt nöjd. Utvecklingen av bilarna som vi gjorde i vinter har passat mig perfekt. I Q4 hade vi lite oflax med bilen. Framvagnen gick sönder och jag bröt. Teamet gjorde allt de kunde för att försöka laga den under den korta tid vi hade, men den blev aldrig helt färdig. Tyvärr gjorde det att jag inte kunde köra fortare än vad jag gjorde i semifinalen. Men jag har en bra känsla inför de kommande tävlingarna och har högre ambitioner i år – allt kan ske.”

Thomas Bryntesson:
”Det har varit en riktigt skithelg för mig, en av mina sämsta i karriären. Först och främst har jag inte hittat farten, sedan gick bilen sönder under två av omgångarna. Bryter man två gånger är det omöjligt att slåss om ett bra slutresultat. Det blev tyvärr noll poäng för mig i Barcelona, så för att ha en chans i EM-tabellen måster jag i princip ha stolpe in i de sista fyra deltävlingarna. Det kommer bli tufft att kunna stå överst på pallen i år, men jag kommer kämpa för att få ett så bra slutresultat som möjligt. Nu är det är bara att åka hem och göra fler tester, för som det ser ut nu går det inte snabbt nog för att jag ska hänga med de andra förarna. Vi hoppas kunna klura ut vad det beror på. Jag vill också passa på att tacka alla sponsorer och även teamet. Mekanikerna gör verkligen allt de kan för att få ordning på bilarna, och efter att framvagnen rasade i Q3 slet de som djur för att få den redo.”

Resultat Barcelona
1. Reinis Nittis (LVA)
2. Anton Marklund (SWE)
3. Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (FRA)
4. Phlilip Gehrman (SWE)
5. Ulrik Linnemann (DNK)
6. Peter Hedström (SWE)
7. Ola Frøshaug (NOR)
8. Florent Béduneu (FRA)
9. Lukas Walfridson (SWE)
9. Derek Tohill (IRL)
18. Thomas Bryntesson (SWE/NOR)

Euro RX
1. Reinis Nittis (LVA) 30 p
2. Anton Marklund (SWE) 26 p
3. Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (FRA) 22 p
4. Ulrik Linnemann (DNK) 21 p
5. Phlilip Gehrman (SWE) 19 p
6. Peter Hedström (SWE) 16 p
7. Ola Frøshaug (NOR) 13 p
8. Florent Béduneu (FRA) 11 p
9. Lukas Walfridson (SWE) 10 p
9. Derek Tohill (IRL) 10 p
18. Thomas Bryntesson (SWE/NOR) 0 p
18-04-15 Anton Marklund på pallen efter stark inledning av FIA European Rallycross i Barcelona
I helgen inleddes FIA European Rallycross tillsammans med Rallycross-VM på spanska banan Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Den regerande Europamästaren Anton Marklund fanns på startlinjen tillsammans med Marklund Motorsport och visade direkt att målsättningen för 2018 är att försvara EM-titeln.

Det var debut för Anton i teamets nya Polo. Bilen är helt byggd av Marklund Motorsports kompetenta personalstyrka och är på många punkter en vidareförädling av fjolårsbilen.
- Jag är jättenöjd med bilen. Den har verkligen potential, men vi har fortfarande lite testning kvar för att få ut det mesta möjliga av den, säger Anton.

Anton var med i toppen av resultatlistan redan från början och visade sin styrka. Vädret däremot visade upp en sämre sida under lördagen. Regnet vräkte ner och gjorde att banan blev mycket hal. Trots det besvärliga underlaget kammade Anton hem sina båda inledande heat och ledde tävlingen efter lördagens två körda omgångar.
- Det var jättesvåra förhållanden igår, näst intill okörbart. Den med minst misstag var snabbast. Vi drog ner lite på tempot och tog inga risker alls i andra omgången, säger Anton.

Under söndagen slog vädret om och det bjöds på solsken och torr bana. Dessvärre hade Anton lite problem.
- Vi var ute och cyklade lite med inställningarna och tog inte ut max ur bilen. Samtidigt som vi fastnade i trafik, framför allt i tredje heatet, säger han.

Anton kammade hem segern i andra semifinalen viket gav honom första startled i finalen. Där fick han tyvärr till en sämre start och var sist in i första böj. En riktigt snygg uppkörning resulterade i en andra plats i årets EM-premiär.
- Jag är jättenöjd med helgen. Vi fick till bilen som jag ville både i semfinalen och finalen. Nivån är verkligen extremt hög och det kommer att bli ett tufft mästerskap där ingen kommer få något gratis. Samtidigt kommer jag att göra allt jag kan för att försöka få med mig guldet till Boliden, avslutar Anton med ett skratt.

Reinis Nitiss vann, fyra poäng före Anton Marklund och Jean-Baptiste Dubourg blev trea.

Nästa deltävling i European FIA European Rallycross körs i Mettet i Belgien 12-13 maj. För Antons del blir det dock tävling redan helgen 4-5 då Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia har premiär på Knutstorp.

Resultat Barcelona
1. Reinis Nittis (LVA) 30 p
2. Anton Marklund (SWE) 26 p
3. J-P Dubourg (FRA) 22 p
4. Phlilip Gehrman (SWE) 19 p
5. Ulrik Linnemann (DNK) 21 p
6. Peter Hedström (SWE) 16 p

FIA European Championship
1. Reinis Nittis (LVA), 30 p
2. Anton Marklund (SWE), 26 p
3. J-P Dubourg (FRA), 22 p
4. Ulrik Linnemann (DNK), 21 p
5. Phlilip Gehrman (SWE),19 p
6. Peter Hedström (SWE), 6 p
18-04-15 Final i Spanien - Hedström på pallen tills drivaxeln rök
Peter Hedström visade direkt i årets inledande deltävling att han blir att räkna med i årets Euro RX i rallycross. Trots en småstrulig tävling lyckades Hedström hela vägen till final på en soldränkt Circuit de Catalunya Barcelona.

Efter en blöt inledning med drivaxelbrott redan i första kvalet på lördagen, åkte sedan Peter Hedström snabbhiss genom resultatlistan. Detta efter tre mer lyckade kval. Kvalfyra i Q3 och totalt sexa efter de fyra kvalomgångarna, lade grunden till en bra semifinalplats. Årets inledande tävling i Euro RX samlade inte mindre än 26 förare till start. EM ser ut att bli hårdare än någonsin. Som jämförelse hade VM-fältet bara 17 bilar.
- Det kommer bli stentufft i år, så jag är glad att vi tillsammans fått till bilen så bra, den är jättefin att köra, säger Peter Hedström och berömmer teamet.

Tufft blev det också för Peter i semifinalen, där det bjöds på hårda tag från första metern. Peter hade startruta tre och fick till en mycket bra start, men hamnade i kläm mellan märkeskollegan Marklund och fransmannen Dubourg.
- Jag såg himlen en stund, fronten pekade rakt i luften när jag blev hopklämd.
De hårda tagen gjorde att VW Polons servo tog stryk och de sista två varven blev oerhört tungstyrda för Peter Hedström.
- det är ju inte som att styra en vanlig bil utan servo precis, ratten blir helt stum i en sådan här bil med kort styrväxel, berättar Hedström.

Peter lyckades dock hålla Polon på rätt kurs genom en kämpainsats med ratten och tog tredje och sista finalplatsen i semifinalen.
Servon snabblagades av teamet, tätades provisoriskt med tvättsvamp och bräddfylldes med servo-olja.
- De gjorde en kämpainsats på de 20 minuter de hade på sig innan finalen, berömmer Peter.

Finalen blev sedan ett litet antiklimax, då Peter fick till en bra start, var trea efter inledande kurvorna, men redan efter ett halvt varv drog en drivaxel i en hårnålskurva.
- Jag är jättenöjd ändå, vi siktade på final och lyckades, drivaxeln i finalen var tyvärr sviter efter de hårda tagen i semin och vi hade ingen möjlighet att göra full genomgång innan finalen, konstaterar Hedström.

Teamets andrabil i Euro RX kördes av Csucsu och Ungraren hade tyvärr ingen toppenhelg. Det var mycket stolpe ut och smällar på banan för hans del som spolierade helgen.
Nu styr Hedström Motorsport mot nordligare breddgrader igen. Efter genomgång i Torsby kommer de sedan att ladda upp på Strängnäsbanan, inför årets första deltävling i RallyX Nordic på Höljesbanan i början av maj.
- Vi kommer att ha tre bilar till start där och jag kommer berätta mer om vilka förarna blir lite senare, avslutar Peter Hedström.
18-04-15 SM i Höljes för SUpernationell och 2400
Den tuffa vintern har satt käppar i hjulet för MK Team Westom i Arvika. En planerad utbyggnad av depån kommer inte att kunna genomföras i tid för SM-deltävlingen i början av juni och då klarar man inte att köra så många klasser som man tänkt. Höljes MK, som arrangerar RallyX Nordic början av maj, kliver då in och utvidgar sin tävling till att även innefatta klasserna Supernationella och 2400.

För de tävlande innebär det att några får premiär en vecka tidigare än tänkt, men det kanske inte gör så mycket när det är VM-banan i Höljes man får köra på. En bana som flera gånger blivit framröstad som den bästa i världen!

För SM-serien i stort ser det lovande ut. Redan nu har 60 förare ”plockat ut startnummer”, men Rallycrossutskottet hoppas på fler.
– Vi jobbar på att förbättra mediatäckningen för de nationella klasserna och hoppas självklart på stora startfält och bra arrangemang, säger Conny Nilsson, ordförande i utskottet. Vi ska försöka skapa känslan av att Rallycrossen är ständigt närvarande. Det ska inte bara poppa upp ibland när det händer något stort.
18-04-13 Lyckat test på Loheac - Peter, Csucsu och Daniel nöjda efter franska testet
Hedströms Motorsport är på rull mot Barcelona och EM-premiären i Rallycross. Ett tvådagars stopp på Franska VM- och EM-banan gav en skön värdemätare för teamet.

Nu till helgen är det dags för säsongsöppningen av årets EM och VM-serie i rallycross. Peter Hedström värmer upp tillsammans med Csucsu i Franska Loheac inför EM-premiären nu till helgen. Med på testet i teamet finner vi också teamets ”rookie” Daniel Thorén, som passade på att få fler träningsmeter i bilen inför sin tävlingspremiär lite senare i RallyX Nordic.

Hedström är efter två dagars testade i Frankrike, full av tillförsikt inför årets EM-säsong. Han berömmer sitt team för deras insatser under vintern med bilarna.
- Det är en helt ny bil att sätta sig i, det finns mycket traction och den håller i bra fastän man åker snålt genom kurvorna, konstaterar Peter.

Csucsu som förra året var VM-förare i KIA-teamet, hoppar in hos Hedströms för en tävling och fann direkt tempot i bilen. Van vid VM-tempo, bevisade han direkt att han blir att räkna med i Barcelona genom att prestera topptider på testet. Detta trots en för honom ny bil.
- Csucsu var helnöjd och ville knappt gå ur bilen, bekräftar Hedström.

Två fulla testdagar har avverkats och Peter fick en bra känsla direkt, där hans VW Polo Supercar funkade mycket bra både på torr och våt bana. Daniel Thorén visade sig också snabb och imponerade på många med ett högt tempo under testet, trots sin ringa erfarenhet.
- Det är kul att jobba med Daniel och jag är grymt imponerad av hans utveckling. Han går in 110 procent för uppgiften och levererade tider i klass med svenska EM-förare på testet, säger Peter Hedström.

I kväll rullar teamet vidare mot årets första VM och EM-tävling i rallycross på Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. Peter har en skön känsla i kroppen efter det Franska testet.
- Nu vet jag att vi har bra material med oss ner, jag kommer inte tokladda för seger, utan tänker köra taktiskt, för plocka så många poäng som möjligt i varje tävling, avslutar Peter Hedström.
Planen är att vara med i mästerskapstoppen när det drar ihop sig mot ”slutspel” i Lettland under mitten av september.

Följ Hedströms Motorsport på webben under helgen. Vi kommer uppdatera FB-sidan löpande och uppdaterar hemsidan med releaser under lördag och söndag.
18-04-13 Krogstad tipped to 'surprise' as he steps up to RX2 with JC Raceteknik
RallyX Nordic regular graduates to international stage in 2018. Norwegian ‘ready for new challenge’ with JC Raceteknik. 20-year-old rookie ‘has the talent to surprise’, says team boss

Henrik Krogstad has been tipped to spring a surprise in 2018, after signing up to contest the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires with JC Raceteknik.

From a successful formative career in karting – winning the Norwegian national title along the way – Krogstad graduated to car racing in 2013 and was crowned Scandinavian Formula 7 Champion the following season.

He was selected as Norway's ‘Auto Sport Talent’ in 2015, before making his rallycross debut in RX2 at his home event the next year – turning heads with an excellent fourth-place finish, just shy of the podium.

Since then, the 20-year-old Alesund native has broadened his experience in the discipline by competing in the Norwegian Supernational Rallycross Championship and RallyX Nordic, placing third overall at Supercar Lites level in the latter last year. Now, Krogstad is fired-up to take the next step.

“I’m definitely ready for this new challenge,” he enthused. “Ever since I made my Supercar Lites debut at Hell in 2016, my goal has been to drive a full season in the RX2 International Series. I gained a lot of experience in the car by racing in RallyX Nordic last year and I’m sure I will benefit from that experience this season. I'm really looking forward to 2018.”

“I’ve been very impressed with Henrik’s performances when he’s been driving Supercar Lites with us the last two years, and I’m really excited that we have been able to get a deal together for him to drive in RX2 this season,” added JC Raceteknik Team Principal, Joel Christofferson. “He still has a lot to learn and will need to get up-to-speed on the tracks that are new to him, but I think he has the talent required to do well and to surprise.”

The 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires will take in seven rounds across three continents in support of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, visiting Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.
18-04-12 Wraps come off OMSE’s groundbreaking new Ford Fiesta ST
Swedish rallycross specialist prepares to make motorsport history in Barcelona. Fiesta ST set for first international appearance in FIA World RX this weekend. Co-operation with Ford Performance Motorsports creates pioneering new design

Olsbergs MSE has today (12 April) officially unveiled the groundbreaking new Ford Fiesta ST Supercar that it hopes will carry Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson to the top step of the podium in this year’s FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy – with history set to be made in Barcelona this weekend.

Swedish rallycross specialist OMSE is making an eagerly-anticipated full-time return to World RX in 2018, and the winter off-season witnessed months of tireless design and development at the team’s Nynäshamn workshop south of Stockholm.

That work was carried out in collaboration with Ford Performance, with the new Fiesta ST having been built entirely from the ground up and benefitting from the years of rallycross experience that OMSE has gained through its raft of successful motorsport programmes worldwide.

Aside, obviously, from the 2018 Ford Fiesta ST platform, notable innovations include a totally new suspension configuration and aero package along with the very latest-specification Olsbergs MSE powerplant – making for a potent combination indeed.

Not only that, but when Eriksson and Larsson – World RX race-winners both – take to the track in Barcelona for the season curtain-raiser this weekend (14/15 April), it will represent the very first competitive outing for the new Fiesta ST anywhere in the world. Both men are eager to mark the momentous occasion by bringing home a solid result.

“As soon as I drove this car, I could tell it was a step forward,” remarked Eriksson, who won in Germany in 2016 following a spectacular first corner overtake. “There has been plenty of midnight oil burned back at the factory these past few months, and everybody involved deserves a huge pat on the back for making this happen. Pre-season testing has been promising, and this is only the start. Once we find the ‘sweet spot’ with this car, it’s going to fly!”

“I’m so excited to be returning to World RX this year, and even more so to be coming back with such an awesome car,” added 2014 FIA European Rallycross Champion Robin Larsson, who has twice been a finalist in Barcelona and is supported by ExTe, Bydalsfjällen, Bergs Fegen, OP Höglunds, Bevola, Trux, Krossekonomi, Förch by Normteknik and Makita. “The new Fiesta ST is an incredible piece of kit, and although it is still evidently very early days, the potential is huge – so bring it on!”

World RX is renowned as being the pinnacle of international rallycross competition, but OMSE founder and Team Principal Andreas Eriksson is keen to demonstrate that it is possible to reach the top step of the rostrum without spending a small fortune.

“Having largely sat out the 2017 campaign, for us, it was very important that if we were to return to World RX full-time, it had to be in the right circumstances and with a very real chance of achieving success on a sensible budget,” he asserted. “Every time we enter a series, it is with the expectation of being competitive and fighting for victory, and we are confident that in the 2018 Fiesta ST, we have the car to do just that.

“I must thank Ford Performance Motorsports Global Director Mark Rushbrook for his unstinting support and co-operation in this exciting new project, which has yielded what I firmly believe to be the best rallycross car we have ever produced. I must also pay tribute to our loyal partners Olsbergs and Blåkläder, without whose ongoing commitment none of this would be possible.

“Every element of the Fiesta ST has been enhanced in some way, and the results of those improvements will hopefully be seen on the track and against the stopwatch. We are very much looking forward to getting the forthcoming season underway.”

”Rallycross fits our brand like like a glove,” added Kalle Larsson, Global Marketing Manager at Blåkläder. “It combines speed, action and fast cars in tough environments. For this reason, we are really proud to once again be a sponsor of Robin Larsson and his Swedish team in the FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2018. The fact that Robin was born and raised in Svenljunga makes it even more exciting.”

All media attending this weekend’s World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona are warmly invited to an informal function in the Olsbergs MSE hospitality unit at 17:30 on Friday, 13 April, in the presence of the team’s two drivers and key personnel. This will also mark the first opportunity to see the newly-liveried Fiesta ST in the flesh.

Founded by former Swedish Rally Champion Andreas Eriksson in 2005 and with bases in both Sweden and the USA, OMSE is a leading protagonist across the board. The company’s hugely successful Supercar Lites brand – as used in both RX2 and GRC Lites – is widely regarded as the blueprint for single-make rallycross feeder series and the ideal platform for the next generation of talent in the discipline
18-04-12 Väntan är över, nu gäller det Johan Kristoffersson
Det långa vinteruppehållet är över för försvarande världsmästaren i rallycross, Johan Kristoffersson och förarkollegan Petter Solberg. Teamet från PSRX Volkswagen Sweden har lämnat hemmabasen i Torsby i Värmland och är på väg till Catalunya-banan strax norr om Barcelona för första omgången av årets FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Efter ett uppehåll på 153 dagar är motorsportens mest spännande mästerskap åter igång. Och alla jagar PSRX Volkswagen Sweden med dess uppställning av Polo R Supercar, och förarna, team-ägaren och dubbla världsmästaren i rallycross Petter Solberg – som gör sin 50:e start i World RX i helgen – och försvarande världsmästaren Johan Kristoffersson.

Förra året var teamets första säsong och partnerskapet mellan Petters PSRX-trupp, Volkswagen Sweden och Volkswagen Motorsport kunde inte ha börjat bättre. Det blev en drömstart där teamet säkrade båda titlarna när två tävlingar återstod och segrade i åtta av de tolv deltävlingarna.

Nu är det dags för ett nytt år.

Försvaret börjar nu, är du redo Johan?
- Definitivt. Vintern var verkligen alldeles för lång för mig. Jag har kört litet rally under tiden, i en Skoda Fabia R5 i VM-rallyt på hemmaplan (Rally Sweden, 17:e plats totalt och sexa i klassen), säger Johan Kristoffersson, försvarande världsmästare i FIA World Rallycross Championship.
- Jag var verkligen glad över hur det gick. Jag gjorde min första bästa tid i WRC2-klassen någonsin första dagen, men ännu viktigare var nog att jag lyckades bli snabbast på superspecialsträckan. Det är den sträcka som mest liknar rallycross, den är kortare än sträckorna i skogen.

- Ett av skälen till att jag körde rallyt är att jag sett hur rally gör förarna beredda på allt. När man tävlar är man naturligtvis alltid beredd, men jag har sett hur Petter, när han går in i joker-varvet, genast får med sig farten – jag tror att det kommer från rallykörningen. Så, förhoppningsvis är jag litet mer förberedd inför säsongen eftersom jag redan tävlat i ett världsmästerskap.

- Förra året var otroligt för mig, att vinna hemma i Höljes var något speciellt och att sedan slå några rekord var fantastiskt, men jag tror att det blir tuffare i år. Förra året lyckades vi överraska några men i år är de förberedda - och jag tror att några team har några överraskningar åt oss!

Berätta mer Pernilla…
- Det är något speciellt med första tävlingen för säsongen, det är så mycket förväntan, alla är nyfikna på vad de andra har och hur snabba rivalerna kommer att vara, säger team-ledaren för PSRX Volkswagen Sweden, Pernilla Solberg.

- Efter de två officiella testerna som vi gjort i Lohéac och på Silverstone har vi sett att konkurrenterna inte suttit stilla under vintern. Och det är inte bara våra gamla rivaler som Mattias Ekström och hans Audi-team eller Sébastien Loeb och fabriksbilarna från Peugeot. Vi såg också att nya Fiesta från Olsberg MSE och Renault från Prodrive var snabba. Vi är också mycket nyfikna på Marcus Grönholms Hyundai-team.
Konkurrensen kommer att bli så tuff i år! Vi måste jobba hårt, killarna måste undvika trubbel och fokusera på teamets strategi för att försvara våra två titlar i FIA World RX. Nu ser vi fram emot en spännande säsong med juste och professionell körning, säger Pernilla Solberg.

- Våra fans kommer att gilla att få veta att vi också haft fullt upp under vintermånaderna. Petter och Johan har gett allt för att förbereda sig mentalt och fysiskt inför det som väntar och alla i PSRX Volkswagen Sweden har gett 100 procent, eller som vi brukar säga, 110 procent inför det kommande året.

- För Petter och mig, och detsamma gäller alla här, är motorsporten våra liv och vi har tur som kan arbeta med det vi tycker så mycket om. Förra året var otroligt och vi har några mycket fina troféer, men nu är det 2018 – en helt ny utmaning och ett nytt kapitel väntar oss, säger Pernilla Solberg.

Petter, vad krävs för att vinna på den här banan?
- Detsamma som gäller överallt i World RX, man måste köra prydligt, snålt och snabbt överallt och varje gång. Jag har kört i det här mästerskapet i fyra år nu och jag har sett hur marginalerna blir mindre och mindre hela tiden. Om man gör ett litet misstag i starten nu kan det kosta mycket hela helgen.

Från Q1 och hela vägen framåt, måste man vara fokuserad, förberedd och redo att följa planen vi gjort upp tillsammans, säger Petter Solberg.

- Catalunya-banan passar mig, den har några trevliga långa kurvor som man kan ta med litet högre fart. Volkswagen Polo R Supercar är otrolig att köra, du vet vi når 100 km/tim på under två sekunder, vi accelererar snabbare än en Formel 1-bil och sedan kör vi på grus. Ärligt talat, den här sporten är fantastisk – spänningen när man sitter och väntar på att starta är fantastisk. Jag älskar det.

- När jag vann här 2015 var det inte första omgången för året. Vi var nästan inne på slutet av säsongen och Barcelona var min första seger efter Lydden Hill (fem omgångar tidigare). Jag blev så glad över att vinna, så glad. De spanska fansen är några av de trevligaste, hejar fram en med stora leenden och mycket energi och entusiasm. Det är vad jag ser fram emot när vi kommer tillbaka dit. Mitt mål för min 50:e start i World RX är att ge dem en Petter Solberg-seger att fira!

- Du vet, det har varit en tuff vinter för oss för att kunna komma hit, alla har jobbat och gett precis allt. Men det är det här vi arbetat för. Mitt team är redo och jag är redo, säger Petter Solberg.

Fakta om förarna
Petter Solberg (Norge)
Starter i World RX: 49
Segrar i World RX 10
Titlar i World RX 2
Johan Kristoffersson (Sverige)
Starter i World RX: 40
Segrar i World RX: 9
Titlar i World RX: 1

Fakta om World RX i Catalunya-Barcelona
Segrare förra året: Mattias Ekström (Sverige)
Snabbaste varv: Johan Kristoffersson (Sverige)
Banlängd: 1,133 km
Asfalt/grus: 60,4 % - 39,6

Vad? När?
Kvalificering 1-2: Lördag 14 april 1200-1500
Kvalificering 3-4: Söndag 15 april 0930-1000
Semifinaler-final: Söndag 15 april 1500
18-04-12 Rallycrossen körs i Höljes som planerat 5-6 maj!
Premiären av sommarsäsongens rallycross 5-6 maj körs i Höljes. Banan har i år fått enormt mycket snö, men igår tog Finnskoga MK beslutet på sitt möte att tävlingen ska genomföras som planerat.
- Det vi nu har beslutat är att snöröja för att få en snabbare upptorkning. Vi jobbar för tävling 5-6 maj som planerat. Jag är inte den som ger upp i första taget, säger Morgan Östlund.

Den 5 maj körs SM för Supernationell och 6 maj är det premiär för Rallyx Nordic.
18-04-11 Catalunya-Barcelona sets the stage for 2018 World Curtain raiser
The 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy roars into action this weekend as the opening round of the eagerly-anticipated 12-event season kicks off with the World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona on 14-15 April.

A field of 15 permanent Supercar entries will battle it out for the coveted World RX Drivers’ title this season, with reigning champion Johan Kristoffersson facing a renewed challenge from a high quality line-up as he bids to hold onto his hard-earned crown.

The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya once more sets the scene for the World RX season opener, its fast sweeping curves and undulating sections renowned for challenging drivers and thrilling spectators equally. Furthermore, the F1 and MotoGP venue is complemented by its Joker Lap sequence, which has led to memorable moments in previous years as drivers tackle the parallel, off-camber track sections. The start line has been repositioned ahead of this year's event with turn one now a left-hander leading uphill and into an unsealed section. Race strategy may also change now the Joker is located mid-lap.

Sweden’s Kristoffersson heads up the permanent Supercar entries alongside PSRX Volkswagen Sweden team-mate and two-time World Champion Petter Solberg, the pair getting their hands on a revised VW Polo R for 2018 in the manufacturer's quest to keep hold of both the Drivers’ and Teams’ titles.

EKS Audi Sport brings an all-new Audi S1 to the start-line for Mattias Ekstrom – the winner in Catalunya-Barcelona – last season and new signing Andreas Bakkerud, while the rebranded Team Peugeot Total outfit reflects the French manufacturer’s factory commitment for 2018 with Sebastien Loeb and Timmy Hansen leading its challenge.

Olsbergs MSE returns to World RX with a pair of latest specification Ford Fiestas for Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson, while GRX Taneco expands to include Timur Timerzyanov alongside Niclas Gronholm in two newly-constructed Hyundai i20 Supercars.

The World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona will also herald the much-anticipated race debut for the GC Kompetition Renault Megane RS R.X. Developed by legendary engineering house Prodrive, the cars will be campaigned by Guerlain Chicherit and Jerome Grosset-Janin.

Kevin Hansen (Team Peugeot Total), Janis Baumanis (Team STARD) and Gregoire Demoustier (Sebastien Loeb Racing) will compete for the Drivers' title as permanent individual entries.

As well as the 15 permanent World RX drivers, two round-by-round entries will compete in the World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona; Oliver Bennett will debut the Team XITE MINI Cooper S and Herve "Knapick" Lemonnier will race a Citroen DS3.

In addition to the headline World Championship, the FIA European Rallycross Championship for Supercars (Euro RX) joins an action-packed bill of racing for the first of its own five-round campaign. The Supercar class will see 26 drivers fighting it out for victory, with defending champion Anton Marklund bidding to get the defence of his Euro RX title off to a strong start against a new wave of rivals, including Reinis Nitiss, “CSUCSU” and Thomas Bryntesson. The highly-competitive FIA European Rallycross Championship for Super1600 machines will also kick off in Catalunya-Barcelona with 25 drivers out to succeed last year’s title-winner Krisztian Szabo.

World RX Managing Director for IMG, Paul Bellamy commented: “With new teams, updated cars and driver shuffles up and down the order, the stage has been set for what promises to be another fantastic season of World RX racing. The Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya is the perfect venue to kick things off with its tricky layout keeping drivers on their toes after the long winter break, while the decision to move the start and finish lines is bound to create a few exciting moments and shake up the Joker Lap strategies. The local fans have shown tremendous enthusiasm towards World RX ever since the Catalunya-Barcelona round was included on the calendar in 2015, and this year will surely be no different as we wait to see who will top the podium in round one. Here’s to another memorable World RX season.”

The 2018 World RX season will comprise of 12 events with the field moving from Catalunya-Barcelona to Montalegre in Portugal, Mettet in Belgium and for the first time Silverstone, which will host the World RX of Great Britain as part of the all-new Speedmachine festival on 26-27 May. From here, the series heads to familiar rounds in Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and Latvia, before the inaugural World RX of USA at the Circuit of The Americas on 29-30 September. The 2018 season wraps up with Germany and the Cape Town finale on 24-25 November.

Monster Energy Super Charge Award
The Monster Energy Super Charge Award will once more reward the driver with the fastest reaction to the starting lights in the World RX final this season. Emphasising the importance of getting off the line quicker than the competition, this coveted award from the World Championship’s presenting sponsor will serve to ramping up the tension further ahead of the crucial final.

From a Cooper Tires point of view
Paul Coates, General Manager - Motorsport, Cooper Tire Europe, said: “Circuit de Barcelona with its fast asphalt corners and quick changes between sealed and unsealed surfaces guarantees some exciting racing and the Cooper rallycross tyre is a perfect match for this track. Over the winter all the teams have been working hard improving and upgrading the cars which will increase the acceleration, braking and lateral forces the tyres would have experienced in previous years. This first event of the season will show us just how much more performance has been gained and how one of the most important elements of the car, the Cooper rallycross tyre, meets the increased challenge.

Event timetable for 2018 World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona
Friday 13 April
1600: Pre-event press conference: Johan Kristoffersson, Sebastien Loeb, Mattias Ekstrom, Guerlain Chicherit

Saturday 14 April
0800: Media sign-on opens
0830: Photographers’ briefing
0900: Practice – all categories
1145: Monster Energy Truck Show
1200: Q1: Super1600, Euro Supercar, World RX
1330: Legend cars demonstration
1400: Monster Energy Rig Riot
1430: Legend cars demonstration
1445: Q2: Euro Supercar, World RX
1630: Q3: Super1600
1700: Autograph session: paddock, Cooper Tires dome

Sunday 15 April
0800: Media sign-on opens
0815: Photographers’ briefing
0830: Warm-up, all categories
1000: Q3: Euro Supercar & World RX
1110: Q4: Super1600, Euro Supercar and World RX
1300: Legend cars demonstration
1300: Autograph session: paddock, Cooper Tires dome
1325: Monster Energy Rig Riot
1345: Semi-Finals: Super1600, Euro Supercar
Final: Super1600
1425: Monster Energy Car v Bike
1500: Semi-finals: World RX
Final: Euro Supercar
Final: World RX Supercar
1550: Podium
1610: World RX press conference
1620: Euro RX press conference
18-04-10 RallyX Nordic to be televised live in groundbreaking five-year deal
Sweden’s C More agrees five-year deal to broadcast RallyX Nordic. High-profile live coverage underscores series’ fast-growing reputation. Viewers to be taken behind-the-scenes and ‘to the heart of the action’

In evidence of its growing stature and burgeoning popularity, RallyX Nordic will be televised live via specialist sports channel Sportkanalen in Sweden until at least 2022 – ensuring fans all around the country won’t miss a moment of the high-octane spills n’ thrills.

Having already attracted some high-calibre names to contest both the Supercar and Supercar Lites classes – including defending champion Thomas Bryntesson – and with a refreshed calendar set to challenge competitors and enhance the spectator experience, RallyX Nordic is shaping up for a landmark season in 2018.

Now, all of the excitement, drama and doorhandle-to-doorhandle duels will be broadcast to an even wider audience as part of a comprehensive motorsport commitment from Bonnier Broadcasting’s Sportkanalen, which recently replaced TV4 Sport under the C More umbrella. TV4 will additionally produce regular news items on RallyX Nordic.

“Having already secured exclusive broadcasting rights to STCC, RallyX is a perfect addition,” said Bonnier Broadcasting Sport Programme Director, Johan Cederqvist. “With the wide reach of our channels, more people than ever will learn the very special thrill and excitement of this competition.”

“For C More and TV4 to have nailed their colours so strongly to the RallyX Nordic mast is a real shot in the arm for our championship,” acknowledged Series Manager Ian Davies. “It is a long-term partnership that provides us with an excellent, stable platform upon which to build, while adding to the credibility and appeal of the overall RallyX Nordic package.

“Rallycross as a discipline could almost have been tailor-made for TV, with short, sharp races that are action-packed from start-to-finish. Modern media technology will allow this new partnership with Bonnier to take fans right to the heart of the action and behind-the-scenes, introducing them to the heroes beneath the helmets and the paddock’s unspoken stories. We are excited to be taking RallyX Nordic to a broader audience than ever before.”

Entries for the 2018 RallyX Nordic season are open until Sunday, 22 April and can be registered by clicking here
18-04-10 JC Raceteknik och fjolårstvåan Bryntesson laddad inför EM-premiären i Barcelona
Svenska teamet JC Raceteknik siktar högt i årets rallycross-EM, vill segra i både Barcelona och mästerskapet.
– Jag vill absolut stå överst på pallen i helgen, säger Thomas Bryntesson.
På lördag drar rallycrossäsongen igång igen. Det är på den spanska banan Catalunya, Barcelona, som den första deltävlingen av FIA European Rallycross Championship (Supercar-EM) körs parallellt med VM. JC Raceteknik kommer till start med samma förare som i fjol: den unge värmländske talangen Thomas Bryntesson, 22, och norrmannen Ola Frøshaug, 53. Bryntesson slutade under förra året tvåa i Europamästerskapet samt segrade i RallyX Nordic, medan Frøshaug kom på en tionde respektive femte plats.

Det har varit ett långt vinteruppehåll för teamets Supercar-förare, som inte tävlat sedan RallyX Nordic-finalen i Strängnäs 23 september. Sedan dess har JC Raceteknik arbetat med att utveckla teamets två Ford Fiesta-bilar. Under måndagen och tisdagen befinner sig teamet på den franska banan Lohéac för ett sista test inför EM-premiären.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Det känns kul att säsongen drar igång och hela teamet är riktigt laddade. Vi hade en bra sommarsäsong i fjol där Thomas tog silver i Supercar-EM och en vinst i RallyX Nordic. Vi har inte sänkt våra mål, och förhoppningen är att stå som segrare vid säsongens slut. Vi ser fram emot premiären i Barcelona, det är en rolig bana och vi siktar på att inleda säsongen med en pallplats.”

Thomas Bryntesson, Supercar:
”Det ska bli roligt att få köra igen och jag hoppas kunna fightas i toppen hela tiden. Vi har väntat länge nu på att allt ska dra igång och efter det långa vinteruppehållet ska det bli spännande se vart man ligger. Premiären blir i Barcelona och jag trivs på den banan. Det blir fjärde året jag tävlar där och nu har de tydligen gjort om starten så den är på andra sidan av banan, det ska bli kul att se. Jag vill absolut stå överst på pallen i helgen. Men det viktigaste är att plocka så många poäng som möjligt i mästerskapstabellen, för helst vill alla stå som segrare när EM-säsongen är över. Under måndagen och tisdagen är vi i Frankrike på test. Det känns gött att få köra ett par dagar här nere och komma in i farten. Teamet har gjort en del justeringar på bilarna som vi testar nu. Planen är att allt ska fungera fint till helgen.”

Ola Frøshaug, Supercar:
”Jag glädjer mig verkligen sjukt mycket över att komma igång. 2018 kommer bli ett spännande år. Nu har vi ett års erfarenhet i ryggen med Supercar och vet mer vad vi kan förvänta oss. Vissa förare försvinner upp till VM medan ännu fler kommer till EM, så det är svårt att säga något om konkurrensen mer än att den kommer vara tuff. Barcelona är en härlig bana och i helgen kommer vi se hur vi står oss mot de andra teamen. Vi har gjort en del förbättringar på bilarna, jag har utvecklats som chaufför och målsättningen är att få ett bättre resultat än i fjol. Eftersom det blev en lång vinter i både Sverige och Norge har vi inte kunnat testa som planerat på hemmaplan, så istället ger jag allt under tvådagarstestet i Frankrike. Jag kommer träna för att starterna ska sitta och sen under tävlingen köra på som fasen. Jag är riktigt laddad.”

Startlista Barcelona
#8 Peter Hedström (SWE)
#14 Jere Kalliokoski (FIN)
#15 Reinis NItiss (LVA)
#23 Andréa Dubourg (FRA)
#39 Florent Béduneu (FRA)
#48 Lukas Walfridson (SWE)
#49 Michael De Keersmaecker (BEL)
#50 Attila Mózer (HUN)
#54 Mats Öhman (SWE)
#55 Paulius Pleskovas (LTU)
#56 Rodolphe Audran (FRA)
#64 Kjetil Larsen (NOR)
#72 Ulrik Linnemann (DNK)
#75 Mario Barbosa (PRT)
#76 Phlilip Gehrman (SWE)
#77 Rene Muennich (DEU)
#83 Patrick Guillimere (FRA)
#86 Anders Bråten (NOR)
#87 Jean-Baptiste Dubourg (FRA)
#90 Thomas Bryntesson (SWE/NOR)
#91 Ola Frøshaug (NOR)
#92 Anton Marklund (SWE)
#99 Ales Fucik (HUN)
#102 Tamas Karai (HUN)
#111 Derek Tohill (IRL)

Lördag 14 april
09:00-11:40 Fri träning
12:00-13:40 Omgång 1
14:30-16:45 Omgång 2

Söndag 15 april
08:00-09:30 Warm-up
10:00-11:00 Omgång 3
11:00-12:40 Omgång 4
13:45-14:17 Semifinal
15:00-15:50 Final
18-04-10 EKS Audi Sport starts in the Spanish sun
Moment of truth for Audi factory driver Mattias Ekström and his team in Spain: the fifth World Rallycross Championship season commences at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya on April 14–15. And the new Audi S1 EKS RX quattro makes its competitive race debut. To start the World RX season, the EKS Audi Sport squad must assert itself against the teams from Volkswagen, Peugeot and Co. The event also marks the first race as Audi driver for Norwegian Andreas Bakkerud.
At the final tests for all World RX teams in Silverstone, Ekström set the fastest time with the new Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. “That was great confirmation for the entire team that has worked extremely hard over the last few months,” says Ekström. “However, we’ll only really see exactly where we are in Barcelona. For this reason alone it is the most exciting weekend of the year.”

The track in the Spanish metropolis is Ekström’s favorite. On his premiere in 2015, he made a mistake in the semi-final at the extremely fast first corner, which cost him a possible win. In both 2016 and 2017, the Audi driver was however unbeatable in Spain. “Barcelona is the highlight of the year for me,” says Ekström. “When you charge towards Turn 7 – former Turn 1 – and see the many fans in the grandstands you get goose bumps. You take this corner almost flat out in fifth gear at around 150 to 160 km/h. I love the general layout of the track.”

Ekström’s new teammate Andreas Bakkerud also has fond memories of Barcelona. “I finished third there last year and was on the podium,” says the Norwegian. “The track is fantastic, fast and flowing. I travel there with a good feeling. We still have snow on the ground in Scandinavia, which is why I’m really looking forward to some sun and warmth.”
“We are all intrigued to see how the new Audi S1 EKS RX quattro performs in its first race,” says Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass. “Rallycross is still our smallest project and the competition is very strong. Even so, everybody at EKS Audi Sport is fully motivated in 2018 to fight for wins and the World Championship titles.”

About Barcelona RX
Circuit Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, 25 km north of Barcelona
Circuit length1.135 km (Joker Lap: 1.235 km)
Surface 60.4 % tarmac, 39.6 % gravel
Turns7 left, 4 right
Top speed approx. 171 km/h
Average speed approx. 95 km/h
Longest jump approx. 30 m
Lap record Johan Kristoffersson (S), 42.791s (2017)
Winner in 2017 Mattias Ekström (S), 4m 32.260s
Race length 4 laps (qualifying), 6 laps (semi-final and final)
Event Hashtag #CatalunyaRX

Schedule (CEST)
Saturday, April 14
09:00–11:40 Free practice
12:00–13:40 Qualifying 1 (Q1)
14:30–16:00 Qualifying 2 (Q2)
Sunday, April 15
08:30–09:30 Warm-up
10:00–11:00 Qualifying 3 (Q3)
11:00–12:40 Qualifying 4 (Q4)
15:00–15:40 Semi-final and final
15:50–15:55 Podium ceremony

18-04-09 Sébastien Loeb details his busy week changing from WRC to WRX
Frenchman back on a plane ahead of first World Rallycross race of season in Spain. When Sébastien Loeb retired from the FIA World Rally Championship, one of his primary goals was to enjoy more time at home.

Family and friends would finally come ahead of global glory and life alongside an airport luggage carousel.

But just minutes after his debrief as a Citroën Racing driver in WRC - where he finished 14th - Loeb jumped on a flight out of Corsica bound for Paris landing just in time for a briefing as Team Peugeot Total’s lead driver in the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship.

Here is Loeb’s upcoming week in his words...

Sunday: “Corsica was frustrating. Of course I was happy to be in the fight and to set some fastest times, but, like the previous rally in Mexico, it could have been more. That’s it. We cannot change what happened. Now it’s rallycross. And I would also say it’s a bit of a shame that I can’t stay in Bastia with my friends who came for the rally - to relax a little bit and enjoy this time.”

Monday: “After I land in Paris on Sunday night, we have a shakedown test with the Peugeot. It’s good that the cars aren’t so different to drive this year, so I don’t expect any problems making the change from the WRC car to the WRX car."

Tuesday: “This is when we are getting more ready for Barcelona with a test at a rallycross track in the west of France. The driving style on the rallycross track is similar to rallying and the cars are also similar: the Citroen C3 WRC and Peugeot 208 Supercar both have a lot of power and they’re four-wheel drive. I’m not sure if it really helps my preparation for Barcelona to have competed in Corsica as the tyres in rallycross are quite different - they’re softer and more reactive.”

Wednesday and Thursday: “These are the times when I can be at home. It’s not for long. It’s been really busy recently. I did Rally Mexico, came home and went to the UK for a race at Silverstone, then I had a test in Corsica, the WRX launch and test back in Silverstone then back to Corsica for the recce. After the first WRX race the tempo is a bit more normal - I go back to being just a rallycross driver. On Thursday night, I take my Peugeot bag with all my Peugeot kit and get ready for the airport again early the next morning.”

Friday: “I fly to Barcelona, land there and head straight to the circuit for the preparation and the media work, and then get ready to start practice and qualifying the next morning.”

Saturday: “It’s the start of the first round of FIA World Rallycross. It’s good to be back. I love rallying, but the sensation on the start line with five other cars around you in rallycross is so intense."
18-04-06 'Standard in RX2 is sky-high,' says returning De Ridder, 'and I've raced against some of F1's best...'
Revelation of inaugural RX2 campaign sizing up title bid in sophomore season. Belgian rallying convert holds current rallycross crop in high esteem. OMSE ace has wheel-to-wheel history with Verstappen, Sainz and Vandoorne

Guillaume De Ridder has his sights set on title glory as he returns to the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires in 2018 – but if he is to successfully clinch the coveted crown, he says he will need to defeat some of the best drivers he has ever competed against.

De Ridder was the undisputed revelation of RX2’s inaugural season last year, finishing third in the overall standings for JC Raceteknik with a hat-trick of podium finishes to his credit – and all without having ever sat inside the cockpit of a rallycross car before.

The rallying convert rapidly earned himself a reputation as a formidable competitor, and his impressive performance saw him snapped up by Swedish rallycross powerhouse Olsbergs MSE for the forthcoming campaign, where he is aiming to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, 2017 champion Cyril Raymond.

“Last season far exceeded my expectations,” De Ridder acknowledged. “To come into the series – and not just any series, but one featuring the crème de la crème of young rallycross talent – and do as well as we did with no prior experience was amazing.

“That being so, the goal for this year has to be to win races, and if we can win races consistently, there is no reason why we should not be able to put together a title challenge. I have a fantastic team behind me in OMSE and I can’t wait to get going.”

To reach the top step, the Belgian will need to outperform some of the finest young rallycross drivers of the current generation – and he is quick to point out that the calibre of the 18-strong grid is sky-high, as is befitting of the official FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series.

De Ridder – like many of today’s Formula 1 stars – spent his early career in karting, progressing through to the international stage. In fact, some of the drivers he raced against back then, he is working alongside now, in his role as a powertrain engineer for Renault Sport Formula One Team. The 25-year-old Zelos-managed ace reckons his RX2 rivals are every bit as competitive as anybody he has gone up against before.

“It’s funny,” he mused. “I’m now working on the engines of three guys who I was racing with in karting – Carlos Sainz, Max Verstappen and Stoffel Vandoorne. I seem to remember even beating them from time to time! If you look at Formula 2, I think I raced against more than half of the field there, too. It’s a small world...

“I have a lot of happy memories from those days, and even though I drove for a small, privately-run team, we still achieved some very solid results. I would say, though, that the drivers I am competing against now in RX2 are just as good as those I raced against back in karting – so if I want to win this year, I’ll need to be at the absolute top of my game. Bring it on!”

The 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires will take in seven rounds across three continents in support of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, visiting Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.
18-04-05 Britain's future F1 stars lap up 'awesome' RX2 experience
George Russell, Jack Aitken and Callum Ilott sample RX2 machinery at Silverstone. Formula 2 and GP3 stars astonished by power and grip of Supercar Lites ‘pocket rocket’. OMSE aces Oliver Eriksson and Guillaume De Ridder on-hand to offer expert tuition. Young Brits’ experience to be broadcast on Sky Sports F1 during Bahrain GP coverage

Three of Britain’s hottest young single-seater prospects were left waxing lyrical after trying out the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires rallycross car at Silverstone last week, with their experience to be broadcast on Sky Sports F1 during this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix.

ART Grand Prix FIA Formula 2 Championship pairing George Russell and Jack Aitken were joined by their GP3 Series stablemate Callum Ilott at the celebrated ‘Home of British Motor Racing’ for the high-profile FIA World Rallycross Championship pre-season launch.

The highlight of the day for the trio was a high-speed blast in 310bhp, mid-engined, four wheel-drive Supercar Lites machinery – as will be used by all 18 full-time RX2 competitors this year across the seven-round campaign, which includes the eagerly-anticipated Speedmachine festival at Silverstone’s brand new rallycross track in May.

RX2 is the acknowledged feeder series to World RX – a breeding ground for the rallycross stars of the future, much like Formula 2 and GP3 are to Formula 1. Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport’s official F1 reserve driver Russell and Ferrari F1 Driver Academy member Ilott both received tuition from reigning RallyX on Ice and former GRC Lites Champion Oliver Eriksson, who taught them the tricks of the trade before they took to the wheel themselves.

“Unbelievable – just outrageous!” enthused 20-year-old Russell, the reigning GP3 Champion and a previous winner of the prestigious McLaren Autosport BRDC Award. “The power and grip on the Tarmac section were a real shock – so much higher than I’d been expecting, and on the gravel, it was just crazy. I’ve genuinely never experienced anything like that before.

“I really got the chance to throw the car around and it was the first time I’ve taken a jump in a racing car! It was incredible – one of the most fun cars I’ve ever driven. I already want to have another go...”

“That was pretty impressive and very cool – I really enjoyed the experience,” echoed Ilott, a multiple race-winner in the FIA Formula 3 European Championship. “It’s a really special car to drive. I didn’t expect it to be as quick as it was, and it generated a lot of grip in the asphalt sections of the track.

“It’s a very well-balanced piece of kit that handles the transition from the asphalt to the gravel really nicely, and I was able to slide it around a bit too, which was a lot of fun. It takes a battering out there and just soaks up all the abuse!”

Aitken, meanwhile, paired up with Guillaume De Ridder who, like Eriksson, will contest the 2018 RX2 campaign with defending champions Olsbergs MSE. Both the Brit and the Belgian are closely affiliated with Renault Sport Formula One Team, the former as official reserve driver and the latter as a powertrain engineer.

“What an awesome experience!” grinned Aitken, runner-up in GP3 last year. “The car has way more grip than I’d expected, particularly on the Tarmac. The more you attack, the more it rewards you and the more your confidence builds, which is very enjoyable.

“It was also cool to hook up with my fellow Renault F1 team member Guillaume – the common link meant we instantly spoke the same language, and he was a great tutor. The only disappointment was that we didn’t have more time in the car – I’d love to have another go at some stage...”

Eriksson – who has no shortage of rallycross experience under his belt despite his tender age – was clearly impressed by the three single-seater stars’ performance inside the cockpit. You can catch it on Sky Sports F1 at 11:00 this Saturday, 7 April in a feature entitled ‘F1 – The Next Generation’ directly ahead of the channel’s live coverage of the season-opening Formula 2 race. Repeat broadcasts will air at 18:50 on Saturday and 12:05 on Sunday.

“They all appeared to quickly get a good feeling for the car, and from the second lap onwards, their braking was pretty much on-point,” the 19-year-old attested. “What struck me the most was the speed with which they adapted to the gravel, which is completely alien to them and fair play, they got some good air over the jump too...”
18-04-04 World RX arrives in the USA as the circuit of the Americas Rallycross track is revealed
The FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy has officially landed in the United States as the much-anticipated World RX of USA held its official launch with the grand unveiling of the brand new rallycross track at Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas (Wednesday).

The iconic motorsport facility will welcome the world’s leading rallycross drivers on September 29-30 for Round 10 of the 12-event season, marking the first time the premier World Rallycross Championship has taken place on American soil.

Tickets purchased in advance for the entire weekend will start at $30 and are available for purchase at www.WorldRXUSA.com.

The purpose-built track will see the world’s top drivers go head-to-head on the only permanent Rallycross track in the United States. The racing will be located in the stadium area of the facility between turns 12-15, creating a natural amphitheatre that ensures fans can see the entire track from any seat. Furthermore, World RX of USA will give event-goers the full festival experience with world-class music acts, action sports, and the finest food to complement the spectacular racing action.

World RX Managing Director for IMG Paul Bellamy said, “The inaugural World Rallycross (WRX) of USA will be a key moment for the World Championship, and we believe COTA is an ideal venue from which to showcase the series to a new audience. We have been wanting to race in the USA for a while, and the opportunity has now presented itself to come here. With competing brands, such as Volkswagen, Audi, Peugeot and Renault, the USA is a significant territory for all involved with the World Championship as well as being integral to its continued global growth.

“Those attending World RX of USA will benefit from COTA’s world-class facilities and a fantastic entertainment program around a venue designed to ensure spectators get the most from the short, sharp, and fast-paced racing action. We have absolutely no doubt US fans will love World RX when it arrives in September. Tickets have been priced at a level to entice all fans to come and sample a Rallycross weekend for the first time."

Bobby Epstein, chairman of Circuit of the Americas, added: “World Rallycross is exciting and fan-friendly. The new course that has been designed is sure to challenge the drivers and wow the spectators. I look forward to their action-packed partnership for years to come.”

Two-time FIA World Rallycross Champion Petter Solberg commented, “It’s always exciting to race somewhere new, but the first World RX of USA at Circuit of The Americas is going to be a particularly special experience. The new COTA layout is just the sort of fast and challenging track we love to race on, so fans can be sure of some spectacular action when World RX arrives. I cannot wait to compete at such a fantastic venue; it’s going to be an incredible atmosphere.”

In addition to World RX of USA, the United States’ most accomplished home-grown rallycross drivers, including Tanner Foust and Scott Speed, will race at COTA on the same action-packed bill as part of the all-new Americas Rallycross Championship (ARX), with more high-profile drivers set to be announced soon.

The World Rallycross of USA will be broadcast live on FloSports with a highlight show on CBS Sports.
18-04-03 RallyX on Ice and GRC Lites Champ targets triple crown with RX2 debut
Scandinavian prodigy aiming to add to RallyX on Ice and GRC Lites successes. 19-year-old targeting race wins in maiden RX2 campaign with Olsbergs MSE. Youngest member of Swedish rallycross dynasty keen to uphold family honour.
Reigning RallyX on Ice and former GRC Lites Champion Oliver Eriksson has a new challenge in his sights in 2018, as he seeks to add the RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires crown to his burgeoning CV.

Eriksson is one of the most hotly-tipped young prospects on the current rallycross scene, with the precociously talented teenager having already achieved more than many drivers twice his age.

A member of one of Swedish rallycross’ most famous families, the 19-year-old sped to five victories and 14 podium finishes in GRC Lites in 2015 and 2016 – coming within just a handful of points of making it back-to-back title triumphs – before stepping up to the headlining Supercar class last season, winding up sixth overall with four top five finishes to his credit.

Eriksson additionally made a brace of appearances in the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy in 2017, finishing 17th on home turf at Höljes – ahead of a number of series regulars – and 16th in South Africa. He then saw off all comers to lift the laurels in RallyX on Ice earlier this year, winning twice and reaching the rostrum in all four rounds.

Now, the Scandinavian is preparing to launch a full-season assault on the RX2 Series with Olsbergs MSE – and he is already champing at the bit to get going.

“I’m really looking forward to joining RX2,” Eriksson enthused. “I obviously know the Supercar Lites car well from my experience over the past few years, but some of the tracks and many of the other drivers will be new to me, so it’s an exciting challenge.

“I guess I’m arriving with a bit of a target on my back having won the recent RallyX on Ice series, but I certainly don’t underestimate any of my rivals and I have absolutely no doubt that the opposition is going to be fierce. That said, I’ll be competing for what I believe is the best team in the paddock in OMSE, so I have everything I need to fight at the front and my goal is definitely to go out there and win races.”

The 2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires will take in seven rounds across three continents in support of the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy, visiting Belgium, Great Britain, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa.

2018 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires Calendar
May 12/13 Mettet, Belgium
May 26/27 Silverstone, Great Britain
June 09/10 Hell, Norway
June 30/July 01 Höljes, Sweden
August 04/05 Trois-Rivières, Canada
September 01/02 Lohéac, France
November 24/25 Cape Town, South Africa
18-03-27 2018 World RX Championship revs into action at Silverstone
The 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy is shaping up to be the closest and most competitive yet, with this year’s leading contenders predicting an unforgettable season as they came together for the official pre-season media launch at Silverstone.

Less than half a second would split the top four drivers following Monday’s track test at Silverstone, the new home for the World RX of Great Britain, with defending champion Johan Kristoffersson anticipating big competition ahead for his coveted #1 plate.

“It is going to be really tough this year, the competition looks incredibly strong,” the PSRX Volkswagen Sweden driver commented. “World RX is all about small margins but we have been working hard to prepare, as I am sure our rivals have been too. We are ready to race!”

With Kristoffersson being joined by fellow title-winning alumni Mattias Ekstrom and Petter Solberg in gunning for this year’s World RX title, along with nine-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb and established front-runners Andreas Bakkerud and Timmy Hansen, the stage has been set for what promises to be a closely-fought title battle.

World RX Managing Director for IMG Paul Bellamy, said: “The depth of quality from this season’s World RX field is extraordinary. Everyone competing has a chance to reach the finals and challenge for wins. No-one can afford to let their guard down so the action is going to be intense. Fans are in for a real treat - it’s going to be a fantastic season!”

With two iconic venues joining the schedule in Silverstone for the World RX of Great Britain (May 26-27) and Circuit of The Americas for the inaugural World RX of USA (September 29-30), World RX’s growth continues unabated heading into its fifth season as a fully-fledged FIA World Championship.

“The 2018 season is going to be a pivotal year for the championship,” Paul Bellamy added. “We enjoyed a very successful first visit to Cape Town last year and now we have a brand-new rallycross track here at Silverstone – an iconic venue – and another at the Circuit of the Americas, which will be the perfect introduction for World RX in the United States. With our mix of classic rallycross venues and new purpose-built facilities, World RX has never looked more attractive.”

The World RX of Great Britain at Silverstone will form the cornerstone of the eagerly anticipated Speedmachine festival, which will incorporate thrilling on-track rallycross action with world-class live music from the likes of Dizzee Rascal, Lethal Bizzle and Ministry of Sound, as well as the opportunity for fans to test drive cars around the international circuit, watch classic motorsport demonstrations, participate in eSports and much more.

Testing will continue with a full-day of track action at Silverstone on Tuesday [March 27] before the opening round of the 2018 season takes place with the World RX of Barcelona-Catalunya in Spain on April 14-15.
18-03-26 Ekström och Bakkerud visar upp nya Audi S1 EKS RX quattro på Silverstone
I samband med de officiella testerna på Silverstone idag visar Team EKS Audi Sport upp en ny generation av tävlingsbilen Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. Mattias Ekström kommer att starta säsongen den 14-15 april med stärkt support från Audi och med norrmannen Andreas Bakkerud som ny teamkamrat.

Ekström startade sitt eget Team EKS så sent som 2014 och tog världsmästartiteln efter bara tre år. 2016 vann de både förar- och teammästerskapet. I fjol körde Ekström dubbelt, i DTM och rallycross, och tog ändå hem en andraplats i båda förarmästerskapen. Inför årets säsong är Ekström och Team EKS Audi Sport fulladdade med energi och startar med två helt nya Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. 2020 planerar serien att gå över till eldrift. Det är en av anledningarna till att Audi nu stärker sitt engagemang i rallycross-VM.
- Med stärkt support från Audi kommer vi att kämpa för världsmästartiteln i både förar- och teammästerskapet igen, säger Mattias Ekström. Vi körde mer eller mindre samma bilar i fyra år. Nu har vi två helt nybyggda, i princip den andra generationen av vår vinnande bil.
Audi Sport är mer engagerade än någonsin. 2017 låg fokus på support vid tester och race. Inför 2018 har utvecklingsarbetet framförallt gällt den 580 hk starka Audi S1 EKS RX quattro. Bland annat har S1 fått ett nytt aerodynamikpaket som ökar prestandan. Audi kommer även att finnas på plats under alla tolv tävlingshelger för att supporta EKS Audi Sport.
- Alla kan se förändringarna i aerodynamiken, men det har hänt en hel del även under karossen. Vi har tagit ett stort steg och de första testerna är lovande. Vid säsongsstarten förra året var det vi som jagades, nu är det vi som utmanar, säger Ekström.

Det är inte bara de tekniska uppdateringarna som fyller 2016 års världsmästare med optimism.
- I år är det första året som jag kan fokusera helt på rallycrossen, säger Ekström som samtidig tävlade i DTM och rallycross-VM under 2014 till 2017. För mig personligen är det väldigt positivt eftersom den dubbla pressen var enorm. Dessutom har vi några nya ansikten i vårt team som förhoppningsvis kommer att göra oss ännu starkare.

Med Andreas Bakkerud har Mattias en ny teamkollega som redan kört några första tester med teamet.
- För mig har de gångna veckorna framförallt handlat om att så snabbt som möjligt bekanta mig med Audi S1 EKS RX quattro som är lite kortare än bilarna som jag har kört hittills, säger norrmannen. Mitt första intryck är positivt. Jag är också imponerad av sättet som teamet arbetar på med fokus på varenda liten detalj, vilket i slutändan gör skillnaden. Det är helt klart att Mattias inte bara är en brilliant förare utan även en excellent tekniker. Jag ser fram emot att arbeta tillsammans med honom och jag försöker att lära mig så mycket som möjligt från honom. Framförallt vill jag hjälpa EKS Audi Sport vinna världsmästartiteln för teamet. Nästa steg är förartiteln som på längre sikt är mitt stora personliga mål.

2018 års tävlingskalender inleds i Barcelona den 14 – 15 april följt av ytterligare elva omgångar i Europa, Nordamerika och Afrika.
18-03-25 Supercar Lites-debuterande Anton Marklund knep fjärdeplats under SM-veckan
JC Raceteknik lämnar Skellefteå med en fjärdeplats i rallycrossklassen Supercar Lites.
– Det här har varit jättekul. Det var många år sedan jag tävlade på hemmaplan och förhoppningsvis bjöd vi publiken på en bra show, säger gästföraren Anton Marklund.

Den årliga SM-veckan har tagit plats i Skellefteå och söndagen gick i motorsportens tecken med rally, crosskart och rallycross på schemat. För teamet JC Raceteknik, som tävlar i rallycrossklassen Supercar Lites, tog sig två av deras fyra förare vidare till final: hemmaföraren Anton Marklund och Eskilstunabon Pelle Wilén.

Anton Marklund gjorde under helgen sin debuttävling i Supercar Lites. Trots ovanan i bilen inledde han med dubbla andraplatser i omgångarna. En tredjeplats i semifinalen gjorde att han kvalificerade sig till final. Där blev det en turbulent start med mycket närkontakt och snörök. I andra kurvan krockade han och teamkollegan Wilén ihop, vilket gjorde att ett stag i bakvagnen gick sönder på båda bilarna. Marklund fick istället nöja sig med en hedervärd fjärdeplats i vinter-SM.

Pelle Wilén inledde starkt med vinst i båda omgångarna, samt maximala poäng i grundomgången. Han kvalificerade sig till final, men raceincidenten i starten gjorde att bilen rasade ihop och han tvingades bryta tävlingen. Det resulterade även i en svartflagg och Wilén slutade därmed på sjätteplats i SM.

Det blev ingen fullpoängare för varken Jimmie Walfridson och Jonathan Walfridsson, som efter grundomgången låg på sjunde respektive åttonde plats. Båda förarna slutade på fjärdeplats i semifinalen. För Jimmie blev det en sjundeplats i tävlingen medan Jonathan slutade åtta.

I och med tävlingen i Skellefteå är årets vintersäsong över. Startskottet för sommarsäsongen blir 14-15 april när European Rallycross Championship körs i spanska Barcelona.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Vi hade bra fart i helgen och är väldigt nöjda med tävlingen. Det var kul att få Pelle och Anton i final, men vi åkte hit med målet att ta minst en SM-medalj och tyvärr blev det inte så. Under finalen hände det mycket i de första två svängarna och vi förlorade pallplatserna helt enkelt. Att jobba med Anton har varit jättekul för hela teamet. Han är en väldigt duktig och professionell kille, så förhoppningsvis kan vi göra det igen. Nu är vinterns tävlingar över och vi siktar in oss på sommarsäsongen i både Supercar och Supercar Lites.”

Anton Marklund, Supercar Lites:
”Det här har varit jättekul. Det var många år sedan jag tävlade på hemmaplan och förhoppningsvis bjöd vi publiken på en bra show. Mina starter har inte varit klockrena, men farten fanns och jag tog bra placeringar. Under finalen blev det tyvärr tight i första böj så jag och Pelle gick ihop. Min bil tog stryk och jag snurrade i andra kurvan. Det var verkligen synd, för jag var uppe på tredjeplatsen och hade nog kunnat bli farlig om bakvagnen varit hel.
I vanliga fall kör jag för Marklund Motorsport, så det har varit kul att samarbeta med JC Raceteknik. Det har fungerat jättebra och teamet har gett mig en bil som fungerat klockrent. Jag lärde mig väldigt mycket av Joel, så jag hoppas att han kunde lära sig lite av mig. Nu vänder jag åter blickarna mot Supercar och hoppas kunna få tuffa bataljer igen med JC Raceteknik och Thomas Bryntesson i EM. Men jag tyckte verkligen det var roligt att köra Supercar Lites, så vem vet vad som händer de kommande vintersäsongerna? Hux flux kanske jag tar mig ur vinterdvalan och kör lite Supercar Lites igen?”

Pelle Wilén, Supercar Lites:
”Det gick sjukt bra för mig i grundomgången med dubbla vinster. Joel stod och klockade, och tydligen var jag snabbast i båda omgångarna. Att kunna mäta sig med världsstjärnor som Sebastian Eriksson och Anton Marklund, det är lite som att få spela fotboll mot Zlatan för en sån som mig. Mina starter fungerade skitbra fram till finalen och där gick det ju som det gick. Men jag är verkligen jättenöjd ändå och vill tacka arrangörerna, alla funktionärer, mina sponsorer och JC Raceteknik för den här vintersäsongen. Framöver är planen att börja bygga verkstad. Jag har kvar rallybilen, men inget är bestämt där än. Jag tycker att Supercar Lites är hur roligt som helst, och har alltid haft en dröm att köra i Höljes, men jag vet inte. Det är kanske lite för mycket racingstil för mig. Jag är en rallykille som gillar att köra på sladd och tävla under vintern.”

Resultat SM-veckan 2018
1. Sebastian Eriksson
2. Alexander Westlund
3. Anders Michalak
4. Anton Marklund
5. Oliver Eriksson
6. Pelle Wilén
7. Jimmie Walfridson
8. Jonathan Walfridsson
9. Emil Öhman
10. Martin Jonsson
11. Jessica Bäckman
12. Andreas Bäckman

18-03-24 Länkar inför morgondagens SM-sprint för Rally, rallycross och crosskart
I morgon söndag, 25/3, har SM-veckan nått Rally, Rallycross och Crosskart.
Här hittar du tidsschema och nyttiga länkar inför morgondagen.

På Skellefteå MS hittar ni mer info och komplett tidschema inför morgondagens SM-sprint för Rally, Crosskart och Rallycross.

Följ tävlingen i Rally, Rallycross & Crosskart live i SVT.
Söndag 25 mars 08.30-12.30 svtplay.se och svtsport.se 13.30 -15.00 & 15.30-17.00 Finaler körs live i SVT1

OBS! TV-tiderna är preliminära, se svtsport.se
SVT Plays länkar:
Kval: https://www.svtplay.se/video/17437398/sm-veckan/sm-veckan-rally-rallycross-crosscart-kval
Semi: https://www.svtplay.se/video/17437406/sm-veckan/sm-veckan-rally-rallycross-crosscart-final-1
Final https://www.svtplay.se/video/17437338/sm-veckan/sm-veckan-rally-rallycross-crosscart-final-2

SM-veckans infolänkar:
Mer info rally: http://www.smveckan.se/deltagandeidrotter2/rallysprint/
Mer info rallycross: http://www.smveckan.se/deltagandeidrotter2/rallycrosssprint/
Mer info crosskart: http://www.smveckan.se/deltagandeidrotter2/Crosskart/
18-03-24 Csucsu förstärker i Barcelona - Ungraren stod utan bil till premiären i Euro RX
Det har varit många turer fram och tillbaka. Nu är det klart. Ungraren Csucsu inleder säsongen i en VW Polo Supercar från Hedströms Motorsport.

Redan i slutet av förra året var Kornél Lukács, mer känd i rally och rallycrosskretsar under sitt smeknamn Csucsu, aktuell för en styrning för Hedströms Motorsport. Han var då uppe hos teamet och testade två av deras VW Polo Supercars. Det fanns långt gångna planer på ett samarbete, då Csucsu fick ett erbjudande han inte kunde motstå.
- Vi var nära ett kontrakt, men Csucsu fick då ett erbjudande hos Holländska OTS som bygger en ny Skoda, berättar Peter Hedström.

Det Belgiska bilbygget har dock dragit ut på tiden. När Csucsu:s team meddelade att de inte kunde ha bilen klar till premiären, så var det ingen tvekan om vem den 26-årige Ungraren från staden Tatabánya kontaktade först.
- Det ska bli kul och inspirerande att ha honom med sig i teamet till Barcelona, Csucsu är en bra chaufför men har haft materialet mot sig tidigare, så det ska bli intressant att se vad han kan åstadkomma i en av våra vässade Polo-bilar, säger Peter Hedström.

Kornél Lukács började redan som sextonåring i rally och styrde stegen över mot rallycross för två år sedan, då direkt in i Supercar. Han kommer från en full VM-säsong förra året, då han körde för rallylegenden Giggi Gallis team i en Kia Rio Supercar.
- Jag är ganska säker på att Csuscu kommer nå ett av sina bästa resultat någonsin i rallycross om allt flyter på, avslutar Peter Hedström.

Nedräkningen har börjat. Tre veckor kvar. Sedan smäller det igång med årets första VM och EM-tävling i rallycross på Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya.
18-03-23 Marklund Motorsport vill försvara Europamästartiteln 2018
2017 var ett framgångsrikt år för Marklund Motorsport då Anton Marklund blev Europamästare i rallycross. Målet 2018 är lika högt ställt och teamet kommer åter till start i FIA European Rallycross Championship tillsammans med Anton.

Det bestämdes tidigt att fokus för 2018 skulle ligga på att försvara EM-titeln och under vintern har teamet utvecklat en ny Volkswagen Polo. Bilen är helt och hållet byggd i verkstaden i Boliden och är en vidareutvecklad version av 2017-års vinnarbil.
- Till i år har vi byggt en ny Polo som är vidareförädlad på många punkter, helt byggd av vår kompetenta personalstyrka. Vi har även signerat flerårigt samarbetsavtal med partners som både skjuter till såväl tekniska resurser som finansiell support, säger teamchef Jan Marklund.

För att ytterligare ta ett steg framåt i utvecklingen ansluter BILSTEIN till teamet. BILSTEIN är en tysk stötdämpartillverkare med en lång och framgångsrik historia. Med deras kunskap inom stötdämpare och Marklund Motorsports erfarenhet inom rallycross, kommer de tillsammans att utveckla helt nya stötdämpare som är optimerade för rallycrossens krävande förhållanden. Fler samarbetspartners som ansluter till teamet är smörjmedelstillverkaren Fuchs, och Askubal som levererar ledlager och uniballs till den nya bilen. De skall tillsammans med Marklund Motorsport optimera bilens prestanda för att uppnå de högt uppsatta målen.
- Självklart är det inspirerande att ha BILSTEIN, Fuchs och Askubal som samarbetspartners. Med deras kunskap och expertis kommer vi ha väldigt bra förutsättningar för att kunna ge Anton en konkurrenskraftig bil, säger Jan Marklund.

Regerande Europamästare Anton Marklund ser fram emot årets säsong.
- Jag har följt utvecklingen av den nya bilen under vintern och ser fram emot att stå på startplattan i Barcelona om 3 veckor. Att försvara titeln kommer inte bli enkelt, men vi kommer göra allt vi kan för att stå som segrare vid säsongens slut, säger Anton Marklund.

Teamet planerar förutom rallycross-EM att göra två inhopp i VM; Silverstone i Storbritannien och norska Hell.

Utöver rallycross kommer teamet och Anton Marklund även att tävla i Porsche Carrera Cup Scandinavia som består av 7 deltävlingar i Sverige, Norge och Tyskland.

18-03-23 Peter kör full säsong i Euro RX - Ett tajt och trimmat team möter EM-våren i Barcelona
Hedströms Motorsport står fräscht, putsat och välpreppat inför premiären i Euro RX om tre veckor. Mycket nytt har inhandlats. Ny verkstad. Ny trailer. Nytt teamtält. En helt omgjord bil.

Dessutom - nya chaufförer som dyker upp en efter en. Peter Hedström ser med tillförsikt fram mot en ny säsong i EM. Detta efter en vinter där mycket nytt kommit till i hans team. Ännu är det några veckor kvar och hela gänget ligger i startgroparna inför den spanska premiären.
- Vi har i stort sett bytt ut det det mesta utom mig själv och några av mekanikerna, skrattar Peter Hedström.

Nu till veckan som kommer kör teamets rookie, Daniel Thorén, de sista vintertesterna uppe vid testanläggningen i Anttila, tillsammans med sin läromästare Peter Hedström. Sedan är det dags att lasta upp bilarna för avfärd mot Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya och årets första EM-deltävling i rallycross. Men på vägen ned genom Europa blir det ett ytterligare stopp.
- Vi stannar till i Frankrike på vägen ner, jag ser verkligen fram mot de testerna där nere efter påsk, berättar en taggad Hedström.

Teamets tredje VW Polo Supercar fungerar nu som testrigg för att utveckla nya detaljer som ger förbättrad prestanda. Men den kommer också att få en del oväntade besök.
- Vi provar lite prylar i den, men det kommer också att bli en del inhopp med spännande chaufförer i den bilen, säger Peter lite hemlighetsfullt.

När EM-serien i rallycross rulla igång nere i Barcelona om tre veckor är det hela 23 förare på startlinjen från 12 olika nationer. Det är sju bilmärken, nio bilmodeller och sex svenska förare totalt i EM. Peter Hedström i sin VW Polo Supercar, ser verkligen fram mot EM-hetluften igen. Hans inställning är glasklar.
- Det här kommer bli riktigt bra och vi går stenhårt från första metern.
18-03-20 PSRX Volkswagen Sweden reveals new Polo R for World RX title defeence
PSRX Volkswagen Sweden has officially launched its 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy title defence with the launch of its new Volkswagen Polo R Supercars today in Autostadt, Wolfsburg (Tuesday).

PSRX Volkswagen Sweden swept to the World RX Teams’ World Championship in 2017 after clinching victory in eight of the season’s 12 rounds, with Johan Kristoffersson claiming seven of those wins on his way to the Drivers’ World Championship title.

For 2018, an unchanged driver line-up of Kristoffersson and team-mate Petter Solberg will get behind the wheel of revised specification Volkswagen Polo Rs.

With the car now officially unveiled, reigning champion Kristoffersson is eager to get his title defence underway at the World RX of Catalunya-Barcelona on April 14-15.

“It feels far too long time since the World RX finale in South Africa last November," Kristoffersson commented. "I have done lots of training – and competed in the World Rally Championship, driving a Skoda Fabia R5 at Rally Sweden – but nothing compares with that feeling of being back in a Volkswagen Polo R Supercar. When we started testing again this year, I was sitting in the car smiling to myself. I’m so excited to be back and to start the defence of my title.”

The alliance between Solberg’s PSRX outfit and Volkswagen Sweden yielded immediate success in 2017 and the Norwegian acknowledges maintaining that momentum is the challenge for 2018.

“Last year the agreement for my PSRX team to partner with Volkswagen Sweden and Volkswagen Motorsport came very late – but we made so much success. Now it’s the job of us all to build on this success. It’s not going to be easy.

“On a personal level, I’m looking forward to getting back behind the wheel. Over the winter season, I have spent quite a lot of time behind a desk and I definitely prefer my office to have four wheels and a roll cage! Seriously, I am a competitor and I want to start competing again," Solberg said.

With stiff competition anticipated from the likes of EKS Audi Sport, Team Peugeot Total and Olsbergs MSE, PSRX Volkswagen Sweden team principal Pernilla Solberg says it is ready for the challenge from its rivals.

“What is the easiest: hunting or being hunted? Actually, neither is easy, but definitely this year we will be hunted for the titles we won last year. Bur we’re ready for that. There is incredible determination, passion and ability in our team and we are very clear on what we want from this year: we want more of what we earned last season and we’re really ready to work so hard for this.

“This is a family team and everybody here is ready to put everything in for the person standing next to them. This is such an exciting year for PSRX Volkswagen Sweden and now we feel really ready to get going with 2018.”

World RX Managing Director for IMG, Paul Bellamy, commented: “PSRX Volkswagen Sweden have proven to be excellent ambassadors for the World RX Championship over the years and were very worthy title winners last season. Johan Kristoffersson and Petter Solberg represent a formidable driver pairing and if the new Volkswagen Polo R Supercar proves to be a quick as it looks, it is going to be a tough car to defeat. Either way, we’re surely in for a truly memorable World RX season.
18-03-20 PSRX Volkswagen Sweden: Vi är redo. Nu kör vi…
Försvarande världsmästarna i FIA World Rallycross, PSRX Volkswagen Sweden, presenterade idag (tisdag) 2018 års team i Autostadt i Wolfsburg.
Autostadt värd för lanseringen av PSRX Volkswagen Sweden Samma förare, samma mål Pernillas rallykall (eller snarare rallycross…). Vince talar om perfektion och excellens

För andra säsongen har teamägaren Petter Solberg (Norge) försvarande världsmästaren i förarmästerskapet, Johan Kristoffersson, vid sin sida. De båda förarna kör uppdaterade Volkswagen Polo R Supercars i årets serie
2018 års tävlingskalender inleds med Barcelonas World RX (14 – 16 april) följt av ytterligare elva omgångar i Europa, Nordamerika och Afrika.
- Förra årets överenskommelse, att mitt PSRX team skulle bli samarbetspartner med Volkswagen Sweden och Volkswagen Motorsport, blev klar mycket sent – men vi lyckades så bra, säger Petter Solberg.
- Nu är vårt jobb att bygga vidare på den framgången. Det kommer inte att bli lätt.
- Personligen ser jag fram emot att sätta mig bakom ratten igen. Under vintersäsongen har jag spenderat mycket tid bakom skrivbordet och jag föredrar definitivt mitt kontor med fyra hjul och en säkerhetsbur! Allvarligt talat, jag är en tävlingsmänniska och jag vill börja tävla igen.
- Det känns som om det gått alldeles för lång tid sedan förra årets sista World RX-omgång i Sydafrika i november, säger Johan Kristoffersson.
- Under vintern har jag tränat mycket – och tävlat i rally-VM i en Skoda Fabia R5 i Rally Sweden – men ingenting går upp emot känslan att vara tillbaka i Volkswagen Polo R Supercar igen.
- När vi började testerna igen i år satt jag i bilen och log för mig själv. Det är så spännande att vara tillbaka och så spännande att börja försvara min titel från förra året.

Under uppehållet i tävlingssäsongen har teamet i PSRX Volkswagen Sweden jobbat för fullt på var sitt håll. I Torsby har teamledaren Pernilla Solberg lett utvecklingen av verksamhetens kommersiella, sportsliga och logistiska del.
- Vad är lättast: att jaga eller bli jagad? säger Pernilla Solberg.
- Varken det ena eller det andra är lätt, men i år kommer vi definitivt att jagas efter att ha vunnit titlarna förra året. Men det är vi beredda på. Det finns en otrolig beslutsamhet, passion och ett kunnande i vårt team och vi är fullt på det klara med vad vi vill ha ut av det här året. Vi vill ha mer av vad vi fick förra året och vi är verkligen bereda på att jobba hårt för det. Det här är ett familje-team och alla här är redo att ge allt för sin nästa. Det här är ett så spännande år för PSRX Volkswagen Sweden och nu känner vi oss redo för att köra igång 2018, säger Pernilla Solberg.

Sven Smeets, Volkswagen Motorsports chefs team i Hannover, har fokuserat på att vidareutveckla fjolårets bil till en ännu rejsigare Volkswagen Polo R Supercar för 2018.
- Konkurrensen kommer att bli stenhård den här säsongen med Audi och Peugeot på plats, men också team med bilar från Ford, Renault och Hyundai – och alla kommer att göra allt för att slå oss, säger Sven Smeets.
- Målet är naturligtvis att ge Johan och Petter en riktigt bra bil för att kunna kämpa om båda mästerskapen. Det kommer utan tvekan att bli en spännande säsong och den börjar med första heatet i säsongens första race.

Som en uppladdning inför säsongen, låt oss lyssna till den legendariske amerikanske fotbollscoachen Vince Lombardi: Lombardi som vann fem NFL-titlar på sju år sade: det är omöjligt att nå perfektion. Men om vi försöker nå perfektion kan vi uppnå excellens.
18-03-20 Big names lead early entries for revitalised RallyX Nordic
Defending RallyX Nordic Supercar Champion quick to sign up
Revamped series to offer ‘greater value for money’ than ever before
More than SEK 500,000 on offer in generous cash prizes

Some of the most talented drivers in rallycross are among the early entries for the revitalised RallyX Nordic’s 2018 campaign, as interest and excitement gather pace ahead of the curtain-raiser in a month-and-a-half’s time.

Defending title-holder Thomas Bryntesson currently headlines the entries in the Supercar class, where he will once again line up alongside fellow Scandinavian Ola Frøshaug at JC Raceteknik. Competitors in this category will do battle for cash prizes, with the champion walking away with SEK 200,000 (c. €20,000), the runner-up SEK 100,000 (c. €10,000) and third place overall SEK 50,000 (c. €5,000).

The Supercar Lites class for the rallycross stars of the future has already attracted three of the hottest young prospects in the discipline. JC Raceteknik will field Norway’s Sondre Evjen – a leading light in the fiercely-contested RX2 International Series, in which he was a podium-finisher last year – while Mats Oskarsson and Hampus Rådström have similarly committed to a full campaign.

In Supercar Lites, the eventual champion will pocket SEK 100,000 (c. €10,000), with the runner-up claiming SEK 50,000 (c. €5,000) and the third-placed finisher SEK 25,000 (c. €2,500).

“RallyX Nordic entries have only been open for a couple of days, so to have already attracted such a lot of interest – and from some of the biggest up-and-coming names in the sport – is tremendously encouraging,” enthused Series Manager Ian Davies.

“That interest is testament to all the efforts being made to re-energise the championship and ensure we offer drivers, teams and sponsors alike more value for money and greater international exposure than ever before. It is shaping up to be a thrilling campaign ahead – with many more exciting announcements still to come.”

Entries for the 2018 RallyX Nordic season are open until Sunday, 22 April and can be registered by clicking here

18-02-16 Bilsporten i SVT under SM-veckan i Skellefteå
Missa inte SM-veckan i SVT

Följ tävlingen i Rally, Rallycross & Crosskart live i SVT.

Söndag 25 mars 08.30-12.30 svtplay.se & svtsport.se 13.30 -15.00 & 15.30-17.00
Finalerna körs live i SVT1

OBS! TV-tiderna är preliminära, se svtsport.se

18-03-13 Entries to open on Sunday for revamped RallyX Nordic series
RallyX Nordic revving up for ‘biggest and best’ season to-date. Increased prize money, television exposure and track time. Six-round schedule to visit sport’s traditional Nordic heartlands

Entries for the revitalised RallyX Nordic series will open this Sunday (18 March), with the promise of a challenging four-country calendar, more track and television time for competitors and prize money for the championship top three.

Excitement is building towards RallyX Nordic’s eagerly-anticipated 2018 campaign, which has received the official sanctioning of the FIA Northern European Zone (NEZ) as it speeds towards a seminal season in its history.

Reacting to competitor feedback, series organisers have implemented a raft of changes designed to evolve and enhance the overall package. The new-look format will provide entrants with more track time than ever before, with three semi-finals when numbers allow to ensure as many competitors as possible enjoy their time in the spotlight and their opportunity to shine in front of the camera.

Television deals are currently being finalised and will be announced in due course, with the action set to rev into life at legendary FIA World Rallycross Championship venue Höljes. The series will return to Sweden for its finale at new purpose-built track Tierp, just an hour north of Stockholm.

The action will be split into two classes – Supercar and Supercar Lites – with the outright top three in each being rewarded with prize money at the end of the campaign.

“We have left no stone unturned over the winter in our efforts to make RallyX Nordic even more attractive to potential drivers, teams and sponsors, with the 2018 season set to be the biggest and best to-date,” said Series Manager Ian Davies. “We asked our customers and partners what they wanted to see, and we have listened to their responses and most importantly acted upon them.

“With the official support of the FIA Northern European Zone, RallyX Nordic is a burgeoning international series with its base firmly rooted in rallycross’ Nordic heartlands.

“Better still, with the hugely popular recent RallyX on Ice series, competitors can now race year-round in all conditions, and we look forward to seeing many of those who ‘warmed up’ in the snow return to the track for the first round of RallyX Nordic at Höljes. As one of the sport’s most iconic and historic venues, it will be a spectacular place to start the season.”

Entries for the 2018 RallyX Nordic season can be registered by clicking here
18-03-13 Anton Marklund Supercar Lites-debuterar – JC Raceteknik till SM-veckan med fyra förare
JC Raceteknik siktar på guld under SM-veckan. Till start kommer Pelle Wilén, kusinerna Jimmie Walfridson och Jonathan Walfridsson samt EM-vinnaren i Supercar Anton Marklund.
– När hjälmen väl är på kommer jag göra allt jag kan för att vinna, säger Marklund inför debuten.

Årets SM-vecka tar plats i Skellefteå och den 25 mars är det dags för vinter-SM i rallycross. Det värmländska teamet JC Raceteknik, som slutade på en total tredjeplats under vinterns RallyX on Ice, siktar på guld i klassen Supercar Lites.

JC Raceteknik kommer representeras av Eskilstunabon Pelle Wilén samt värmlänningarna Jimmie Walfridson och Jonathan Walfridsson – som alla tävlade i RallyX on Ice för teamet. Hemmaföraren Anton Marklund, som i vanliga fall kör Supercar i FIA European Rallycross Championship, kommer göra ett inhopp med teamet. Det blir både hans Supercar Lites-debut samt den första vintertävlingen han kör.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Vi siktar på en SM-seger i Skellefteå. Om drygt en månad börjar sommarsäsongen, så det vore en härlig känsla för teamet att avsluta vintern på topp. Vi kommer till Skellefteå med fyra förare. Pelle, Jimmie och Jonathan som körde med oss i RallyX on Ice och Anton Marklund som debuterar i Supercar Lites. Anton är vår största konkurrent i Supercar, men nu ska han köra för vårt team. Det känns lite konstigt, men vi ser verkligen fram emot att jobba med honom. Hela teamet är riktigt laddade inför tävlingen!”

Anton Marklund, Supercar Lites:
”Det här ska bli riktigt, riktigt roligt. Eftersom det är min första vintertävling någonsin, och jag aldrig har suttit i en Supercar Lites-bil, så är jag ödmjuk inför uppgiften. Just nu ser jag det mest som en rolig grej att få tävla på hemmaplan igen efter åtta år. Men jag vet att när hjälmen väl är på kommer jag göra allt jag kan för att vinna. Det kommer bli en rolig utmaning och i rallycross kan allt hända, men jag hoppas få köra både semifinal och final.

Inför tävlingen har vi planerat in två testdagar med JC Raceteknik. Utmaningen kommer nog bli att börja trivas i bilen och få karaktären i den. Supercar Lites är mer understyrd än Supercar och för att köra fort på is måste man köra brett. Jag tror det kommer bli nöten att knäcka för mig under testdagarna. När jag bestämde mig för att köra Supercar Lites under SM-veckan visste jag direkt vilket team jag skulle vända mig till. JC Raceteknik har erfarenhet från både Supercar Lites och istävlingar, så de vet vad som krävs för att det ska gå fort på isen.”

Pelle Wilén, Supercar Lites:
”Just SM-veckan har jag bra minnen ifrån och jag hoppas vi kan göra ytterligare en kul helg med JC Raceteknik. Final är självklart målet och där kan allt hända. Rallycrossens baksida fick jag smaka på nu senast i Gol, där jag tvingades bryta semifinalen eftersom rattstången gick av. Så jag hoppas på mer flyt i Skellefteå.”

Jimmie Walfridson, Supercar Lites:
”Det här är mitt första år i rallycrossen och jag har kämpat en del med att hitta rätt i både bilen och på banan. Men efter pallplatsen i Gol har jag en bra känsla i bilen, och tar med mig de positiva bitarna därifrån till SM-tävlingen. Målet är att ta sig till final och förhoppningsvis göra ett bra resultat där. Men jag är ödmjuk inför uppgiften, det är många bra chaufförer med och slåss om samma sak.”

Jonathan Walfridsson, Supercar Lites:
”Jag gillar att köra rallycross på vintern, så jag ser fram emot att komma upp till Skellefteå och tävla. RallyX on Ice gick sådär för mig. Jag har varit bra med i heaten, men har haft otur med starterna i semifinalerna. Så målet under SM-veckan kommer vara att hålla sig inom topp fyra från första start och ta bra poäng i heaten. Det skulle göra att jag kan få ett bra startspår i semifinalen och förhoppningsvis sedan sluta på pallen.”
18-03-09 2018 Euro RX Entry List revealed
The permanent competitors for the FIA 2018 FIA European Rallycross Championships has been revealed by the FIA.

The five-round Euro RX Supercar Championship will see 23 drivers of 12 nationalities battle for the title, led by reigning champion Anton Marklund, who will defend his 2017 title driving the Marklund Motorsport Volkswagen Polo.

Last year’s runner-up Thomas Bryntesson returns with his sights set on going one better in 2018, the Norwegian youngster, who won in France last year, driving an Olsbergs MSE-built Ford Fiesta for JC Raceteknik this season.

A proven race winner at World RX level, Latvian Reinis Nitiss will focus his attention on the Euro RX Championship driving a Ford Fiesta run by Set Promotion, while Hungarian “CSUCSU” is another to make the switch, the Speedy Motorsport driver in a VW Polo in round one but expected to debut his new Skoda Fabia in round two.

In all, seven manufacturers and nine different models will be represented in 2018, including two-time Euro RX champion Derek Tohill driving a Ford Fiesta ST, 2017 front runner Rene Munnich in the ALL-INKL.COM Munnich Motorsport SEAT Ibiza, Andros Trophy champion JB Dubourg in a G-FORS Renault Clio and multiple Swedish Champion Peter Hedstrom at the wheel of a VW Polo.

Kjetil Larsen (ex-Marklund VW Polo), Anders Braten and Philip Gehrman (Eklund Motorsport VW Beetles) join the Euro RX field from the TouringCar series, while Ulrik Linnemann steps up from Super1600 driving a VW Polo.

In the Super1600 Championship, 22 drivers will battle to succeed last year’s title winner Krisztian Szabo. Representing 11 nationalities and using 10 different models of car potential title contenders include last year’s runner-up Artis Baumanis and his team-mate Rokas Baciuska in Volland Racing’s much anticipated new Audi A1s. Estonian Janno Ligur (Skoda Fabia), Russian Timur Shigaboutdinov (Renault Twingo) and Czech Josef Susta (Skoda Fabia).

RX Academy winner Jesse Kallio (Finland) graduates to the FIA European Championship at the wheel of a Set Promotion Renault Twingo. Young Russian Marat Knyazev (Renault Twingo) also makes the step up having raced in the RX Academy last year.

In its final year as an FIA Championship, TouringCar has nine full-time entrants, including stalwarts Per Magne Royras (Mazda RX8) and Camilla Antonsen (Audi A1) while Daniel Holten returns to racing in a Ford Fiesta.

The full European Rallycross Championship entry lists for Supercar, Super1600 and TouringCar can be viewed and downloaded HERE.
18-03-09 2018 World RX permanent competitors revealed
The list of permanent competitors for the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy has been revealed by the FIA with 15 drivers, including eight proven race winners, set to fight it out for World RX honours.

The permanent competitors, who will be joined by up to ten round-by-round drivers at each event, comprise six Teams and three Individual entries. Cars from six different manufacturers feature, as GRX Taneco Team field a pair of Hyundai i20s and GC Kompetition lines up for its debut season with the new Renault Megane RS.

2017 World RX Champion Johan Kristoffersson will carry the coveted number one on his PSRX Volkswagen Sweden Polo R as he bids to defend his title. The Swede is once more joined by 2014 and 2015 title winner Petter Solberg in an unchanged driver line-up that is charged with retaining the Team Championship they secured last year.

Mattias Ekstrom, 2016 World Champion, returns to challenge for another title with the renamed EKS Audi Sport. Having previously dovetailed his rallycross efforts with commitments in the DTM, Ekstrom will focus solely on World RX in 2018. He is joined in the team’s second Audi S1 by Norwegian Andreas Bakkerud, a six-time World RX event winner who races an Audi for the first time this year.

Sebastien Loeb and Timmy Hansen return as Peugeot’s chosen drivers, Team Peugeot Total now a full factory entry for World RX. A pair of new Peugeot 208s are at the disposal of its drivers who are seeking both individual success and to regain the Team title Peugeot won in 2015.

GC Kompetition joins the World RX field for the first time, the French outfit led by owner/racer Guerlain Chicherit who has recruited former French Champion and European Championship event winner Jerome Grosset-Janin to the new team. The striking new Renault Megane RS has been developed and built by Prodrive. This will be the first time Renault has been represented by a permanent World RX competitor.

Stepping-up its involvement after running an Individual entry last year, GRX Taneco Team introduces Hyundai to the World Rallycross Championship with a pair of i20s for Finn Niclas Gronholm and Russian Timur Timerzyanov.

Returning to the championship after a year away, 2014 Team Champions Olsbergs MSE will run a pair of new Ford Fiestas for its all-Swedish line up of Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson.

The three Individual entries will compete for the drivers’ title but do not claim team points. Building on selected outings in 2017, Belgian Gregoire Demoustier lines up for a full season with a new Peugeot 208 run by Sebastien Loeb Racing. Team Peugeot Total has an Individual entry for former European Champion Kevin Hansen while Team Stard will provide a new Ford Fiesta for Latvian Janis Baumanis.

World RX Managing Director for IMG, Paul Bellamy, commented: “With 15 drivers – including eight race winners and three champions - the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship represents exceptional strength this year.

“PSRX Volkswagen Sweden proved formidable with Johan Kristoffersson in 2017, but they are sure to face a huge challenge from their rivals this year, not least EKS Audi Sport, Team Peugeot Total and Oslbergs MSE. Then of course there are the exciting additions from GC Kompetition’s Renaults and the new Hyundais from GRX Taneco Team, all of which give this year’s field immense variety.

“With new events for 2018, a rapidly growing support base and increasing involvement from manufacturers, World RX is surely set for another memorable season.”

The 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship comprises 12 events this season, including the series’ first visits to Silverstone for the World RX of Britain as part of the Speedmachine festival and Circuit of the Americas in Austin for the first ever World RX of USA.

The season begins with World RX of Catalunya Barcelona Spain on April 14-15.

The full list of Permanent World RX competitors can be viewed and downloaded HERE
18-03-08 Bryntesson och Frøshaug i fortsatt Supercar-satsning med JC Raceteknik
Teamet JC Raceteknik fortsätter i Supercar tillsammans med svensk-norske rallycrosstalangen Thomas Bryntesson och Ola Frøshaug.
– Målet är att kämpa om seger i båda mästerskapen, säger värmländske Bryntesson.

2017 var ett fantastiskt år för Supercar-debutanten Thomas Bryntesson, då han gasade hem ett EM-silver samt guld i RallyX Nordic. Nu är det klart att han och teamkollegan Ola Frøshaug fortsätter tävla i tungviktsklassen Supercar även 2018. Detta tillsammans med värmlandsbaserade rallycrossteamet JC Raceteknik i varsin Ford Fiesta.

Team Verksted fortsätter samarbetet JC Raceteknik, samtidigt går AD Sverige (AD Butik & Bilverkstad) in som ny teamsponsor. Liksom i fjol kommer teamet att sikta på topplaceringar redan från start, och målet med säsongen är att slåss om mästerskapstitlarna i både Europamästerskapet och den nordiska serien RallyX Nordic.

Årets första tävling blir när Supercar-EM körs i Barcelona 14-15 april, medan RallyX Nordic har premiär 22 april i norska Grenland. Mer info om Bryntesson och Frøshaug finns längre ner i releasen.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Det känns väldigt spännande att inleda den nya säsongen med samma Supercar-förare som i fjol. Thomas och Ola hade båda bra debutsäsonger i Supercar. Ingen av oss hade nog kunnat räkna med att vi skulle ta guld i RallyX Nordic och en andraplats i EM redan första året. Så det ska bli kul att få dra igång snart igen och se var vi står gentemot de andra teamen. Vi har utvecklat bilarna en del och hoppas kunna fightas om finalplatser direkt. Tidigare har vi samarbetat med Team Verksted, och det kommer vi fortsätta med även i år. Dessutom kommer AD Sverige (AD Butik & Bilverkstad) gå in och sponsra teamet, det är ett samarbete jag verkligen ser fram emot.”

Thomas Bryntesson, Supercar:
”Jag ser verkligen fram emot att säsongen ska dra igång och målet är att kämpa om seger i båda mästerskapen. 2017 var en väldigt bra säsong för mig. Det var mitt första år i Supercar och jag var med i toppen så gott som varje tävling. I RallyX Nordic kunde det inte gått bättre och jag vann mästerskapet, medan jag i EM slutade tvåa. I fjol var allt nytt, så nu känns det gött att veta att man har ett år i Supercar bakom sig och en hel del att stå på. Samtidigt går utvecklingen snabbt framåt. Mycket kan hända under en vinter, så det ska bli spännande att se hur jag står sig mot de andra förarna. För att hålla igång mellan säsongerna har jag kört en del rally Grupp H i en bakhjulsdriven Volvo 240, det är såklart annorlunda mot Supercar men det är alltid bra att få många mil i kroppen.”

Ola Frøshaug, Supercar:
”Jag tänkte ju egentligen pensionera mig från rallycrossen i fjol. Men istället blev det full Supercar-säsong i EM och RallyX Nordic. Det är det häftigaste jag gjort i hela min karriär. Jag är väldigt glad över att kunna köra ytterligare en säsong och det känns jäkligt spännande att tävlingarna snart är igång. Nu har vi ett års erfarenhet i ryggen med Supercar och vet mer vad vi kan förvänta oss. Förra säsongen fungerade jättebra med teamet – jag lärde mig mycket av Thomas, och han lärde sig nog lite av mig också. Nu har vi gjort en del förbättringar på bilarna, jag har utvecklats som chaufför och målsättningen är att få ett bättre resultat än i fjol. ”
18-03-07 Olsbergs MSE returns to World RX with new Ford Fiestas
Iconic rallycross team Olsbergs MSE will make a welcome return to the FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy in 2018 with a proven race winning driver line-up in Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson.

OMSE clinched the Teams’ title during the inaugural World Championship in 2014. Although the Andreas Eriksson-helmed outfit took a sabbatical from World RX in 2017 to focus on other racing commitments – making only selected appearances – it will forge a full-time return to the international stage this season armed with a pair of new Ford Fiesta Supercars in an all-Swedish bid.

World RX Managing Director for IMG, Paul Bellamy, commented: “Andreas Eriksson and Olsbergs MSE have been integral to the growth and success of rallycross over recent years so it is a pleasure to see the team back in full force for the 2018 World RX season.

“With two of Sweden’s most exciting drivers in Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson at the wheel, we’re sure to see some spectacular action in 2018, not least when they compete in front of the huge crowds we’re sure to see during the Swedish World RX event in Holjes.”

Founded in 2005 by former Swedish Rally Champion Andreas Eriksson, OMSE has enjoyed immense success around the world through numerous rallycross programmes, with several wins and titles to its name in World RX, European RX, RallyX on Ice, Global Rallycross and the X Games. Eriksson sees 2018 as a big opportunity for OMSE to continue its winning form.

“We are excited to see what our rapid new line-up of Kevin and Robin can achieve on the track. Both have ably demonstrated their potential on the World Championship stage, and both are more than capable of fighting for the top step of the podium this season.

“2018 is a big year for OMSE as we have developed an all-new car for the forthcoming campaign, fitted with our own latest-specification custom engine that has already proven itself as a winning powerplant."

A World RX race winner for OMSE in Germany in 2016 before notching up a trio of final appearances for MJP Racing Team Austria last season, 21-year-old Kevin Eriksson is excited to be returning to his father’s team for a shot at more podium-topping success.

“I’m thrilled to be heading into my third full season in World RX,” Eriksson commented. “There’s no question that this is the toughest rallycross series around, with high-profile manufacturer involvement and the best drivers in the discipline – but equally, I am confident we have the tools at our disposal to truly take the fight to them. Pre-season testing has been positive, and I can’t wait to get out there and chase some trophies!”

2014 European RX champion Larsson joins OMSE in returning to World RX this season as he looks to build on his career tally of five podiums, which includes a win in Argentina in 2015.

“Racing in World RX with OMSE is a tremendous opportunity for me,” he added. “I feel I’ve proved in the past that I’m quick enough to push for race wins in the series, and that’s precisely what I intend to do this year. I’m confident that Kevin and I can put Sweden and OMSE as a team firmly at the forefront of this sport.”

OMSE will first be seen in racing action at the World RX Championship season-opener in Barcelona on 14-15 April.

18-03-07 Former champions Olsbergs MSE return to FIA World Championship stage
Successful Swedish outfit launches challenge for rallycross’ biggest title
Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson pumped-up for World RX success
Honda Civic and Ford Fiesta Supercars available for sale or private rental

Former champions Olsbergs MSE will return to the FIA World Rallycross Championship for a full-season assault in 2018, fielding a two-car team for established race-winners Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson.

In partnership with Ford, OMSE lifted the World RX Teams’ laurels in 2014 – the same year as the squad clinched its third consecutive Global Rallycross crown. The team backed that up with the runner-up spot in the World Championship standings in 2015 and victory in Germany in 2016, before making selected appearances at the international pinnacle of the discipline last season.

Now, following its withdrawal from the GRC, OMSE has strengthened its commitment to the IMG-promoted events, across which it already runs the popular RX2 International Series for the World RX stars of the future. The Scandinavian rallycross outfit will run a brace of new-specification Ford Fiesta Supercars for Eriksson and Larsson in 2018.

“Concentrating our efforts in Europe and on the international stage offers a number of advantages,” explained OMSE CEO, Andreas Eriksson. “First and foremost, we are excited to see what our rapid new line-up of Kevin and Robin can achieve out on-track. Both have ably demonstrated their potential on the World Championship stage, and both are more than capable of fighting for the top step of the podium this season.

“2018 is a big year for Olsbergs MSE as we have developed an all-new car for the forthcoming campaign, fitted with our own latest-specification custom engine that has already proven itself as a winning powerplant.

“Olsbergs MSE now finds itself in a position where we have the availability through our sales and service department to both rent and sell Honda Civic and Ford Fiesta Supercars for World RX, European RX and RallyX Nordic use. Running these cars alongside our current drivers in these series allows us to remain competitive not only in terms of performance but also cost.”

Eriksson Jnr won the RX Lites Cup in 2014, triumphed behind the wheel of a Fiesta ST Supercar in World RX of Germany in 2016 and has two RallyX Nordic titles and a RallyX on Ice crown on his career CV – all by the age of 21. After a year spent competing in the World Championship with a different team – highlighted by a trio of top six finishes – the Swede is looking forward to returning to the OMSE fold.

“I’m thrilled to be heading into my third full season in World RX,” he enthused. “There’s no question that this is the toughest rallycross series around, with high-profile manufacturer involvement and the best drivers in the discipline – but equally, I am confident we have the tools at our disposal to truly take the fight to them. Pre-season testing has been positive, and I can’t wait to get out there and chase some trophies!”

Larsson sped to the FIA European Rallycross Championship in 2014, and counts no fewer than five podiums to his credit in World RX – including a win in Argentina – as well as three top ten championship finishes. After returning to European RX last year, the 25-year-old is fired-up to reassert himself as a consistent contender on the international stage.

“Racing in World RX with OMSE is a tremendous opportunity for me,” Larsson affirmed. “I feel I’ve proved in the past that I’m quick enough to push for race wins in the series, and that’s precisely what I intend to do this year. Sweden is renowned as a hotbed of rallycross talent, and between us, I’m confident that Kevin and I can put both the country and OMSE as a team firmly at the forefront of this sport.”

Founded by former Swedish Rally Champion Andreas Eriksson in 2005 and with bases in both Sweden and the USA, OMSE is a leading protagonist across the board. The company’s hugely successful Supercar Lites brand – as used in both RX2 and GRC Lites – is widely regarded as the blueprint for single-make rallycross feeder series and the ideal platform for the next generation of talent in the discipline.
18-03-07 Norge bjuder in till Landskamp.no - Folkrace med rallycross och Rallycross Historisk som gästklass
Under decennierna har Indre Østfold utvecklats till ett centrum för motorsport i Norge. Funktionärer med en otrolig insatsvilja, utövare med ett brinnande engagemang för motorsport, en angelägen publik i kombination med vad Indre Østfold har att erbjuda, gör att NMK Trøgstad kan arrangera ett enastående motorsportarrangemang och motorsportarrangemanget i särklarss och vara med och rekrytera motorsportare.

NMK Trøgstad startade 1982 tillsammans med den blomstrande folkraceaktiviteten. Genom åren har måna grenar inom motorsport tillkommit och idag har klubben utvövare i folkrace, rallcyross, rally, dragracing, gokart, racing, drifting och enduro.

Klubben har "fött upp" mästare i de flesta grenar. Här kan nämnas mästare i flera grenar, Europamästare i dragbike, Norska mästare i flera rallycrossklasser och NEZ-mästare i åtta år. Klubben har också flera kända profiler Idag är en av våra främsta profiler Thomas Bryntesson i rallycross (1:a plats i RallyX Nordic 2017 och 2:a plats i EuroRX 2017).

NMK Trøgstad vill skapa bra motorsportminnet. Det görs genom att erbjuda actionfyllda uppleverlser, mysiga sociala arenor och inte minst genom att inkludera individen.

Helgen den 16-17 juni 2018 arrangeras "Landskamp.no" för tionde gången på Momarkens motorbana. Under årens lopp har det uppnått en status som en av Norges mest presigefyllda folkracetävlingar och "Landskamp.no" har blivit ett välkänt varumärke inom bilsporten. Förutom norska förare, har svenska och danska förare också deltagit i tävlingarna.

Genom åren har tävlingen fått ett antal utmärkelser, "Årets arrangør 2015 Hastighet". Arrangörskommittén arbertar alltid med mottot "The Best Ever", eftersom målen sätts högre för varje gång.

Kampen att få vara den första som anmäler sig som deltagare återupptas varje år. Fem minuter efter registreringen har öppnats, är det inte ovanligt med 30 anmälda. Det är inte ovanligt att det finns 240 anmälningar registreras på "Landskamp.no" på tävlingsdagen. Kanske kommer det att bli ett nytt deltagarrekord i år?

Under tioårsjubileumet satsas det på att få till en bra landskamp mellan grannarna!
Nytt för i år är att Rallycross Historisk (RCH) är inbjuden som gästklass.

Fakta Momarken Bilbana
Banlängd: 897 meter
Bredd. 12-16 meter
Underlag: 50% grus, 50% asfalt
Adress: Skofterudsveien 12, 1850 Mysen
GPS-koordinater: 59 ° 34'2,7084 "N 11 ° 19'55,394" Ö

"Landskamp.no" körs på rallycross- och folkracebanan Momarken Bilbane. 1973 körde man för första gången en biltävling här med profiler som Jackie Stewart mlf. Det har också arrangerats rallycross-EM och folkrace med 350 starande på banan.Pontus Tidemand, Henning Solberg, Martin Schanke, Guttorm Lindefjell, Daniel Wall, Petter Solberg, P. G. Andersson, Tobias Svärd, Peter Hedström är några exempel på förare som tävlat på Momarken Bilbana.

Tidigare fanns det plats för 10.000 personer under tävlingar på Momarken Bilbana och efter många års erfarenhet som arrangörer är såväl tävlande som publikens säkerhet i väl omhändertagna.

De offentliga platserna ger en bra översikt över banan och det finns gott om kiosker och andra faciliteter runt banan. Parkeringsplatserna ligger vid Langebrekke grustag (tre minuter att gå från banan).

Som organiserande klubb med stora bilarrangemang har NMK Trøgstad ett bra rykte. "NMK Landsfinale Senior" arrangerades på MOmarken 1998 och senast i augusti 2017. Den sistnämnda blev utnämnd till "Årets arrangement 2017 Bilcross" i november samma år. Totalt är det ca 150 funktionärer som gör arrangemanget till vad det är idag.

Klasserna som körs är folkrace senior/öppen, folkrace damer och folkrace junior. Dessutom är rallycross och (från 2018) rallycross Historis (RCH) inbjudna som gästklasser. De körs enligt norska reglemetet, ingen tidtagning (enligt norska nationella regler NSR § 603).

Inledande omgångar körs med tre omgångar i alla klasser. Folkrace-klasserna körs med sexbilsheat, medan rallycrossen körs med fembilsheat. Startordningen i de inledande omgångarna är folkrace senior/öppen, Folkrace damer och slutligen gästklasserna rallycross och Rallycross Historisk.

Det körs en femte omgång (semifinal) i folkraceklassen senior/öppen. Semifinalerna körs med åtta bilar och fyra varv per heat.

Finalerna körs i ordningen som kommer meddelas på de officiella anslagstavlorna. Finalerna i folkrace senior/öppen-klass körs med åtta bilar per heat och fem varv. Två bilar går upp till nästa final och placeras i bakersta ledet på startplattan. Bakom spår fem och sex. Det finns sex finaler (F-A).

I de andra klasserna körs finalen med sex bilar på fem varv. En bil går upp till nästa final. Med upp till femton förare i varje klass körs en final, i varje klass. Är det 16-32 startande körs det två finaler och med 33-60 startande körs det fyra finaler. Om flera förare tvingas bryta under filanen, går den vidare som kört längst distans på banan.

Alla heat startar på rad, förutom i semifinalerna, som startar efter sin egen uppställning se http://landskamp.no/semifinaleoppsett

For mer informasjon se: www.landskamp.no og www.nmktrogstad.no

18-03-07 Castroneves: RallyX on Ice much more fun and difficult than I'd expected
‘I had a blast!’ enthuses three-time Indianapolis 500 winner. Team Penske star reveals ‘everything was the opposite’. Brazilian legend keen for another crack at ice racing series
Hélio Castroneves has echoed Team Penske team-mate Josef Newgarden’s desire for more RallyX on Ice action after his series debut last weekend, as the Brazilian legend admitted the experience had been ‘so much more fun and so much more difficult’ than he had forecast.

Following in Newgarden’s wheeltracks, Castroneves travelled to Gol in Norway for the RallyX on Ice season finale, spending a day getting used to his new Supercar Lites mount – a far cry from the ultra-powerful single-seaters he has been accustomed to driving in the Verizon INDYCAR Series for the past two decades – before truly settling down to business on race day.

Increasingly finding his feet in the wintry surroundings, the three-time Indianapolis 500 winner went wheel-to-wheel with some of the finest rallycross drivers of the current generation and whilst he ultimately missed out on progressing through to the semi-finals, he admitted to being blown away by his Scandinavian weekend.

“What an incredible experience!” Castroneves enthused. “The organisers did an amazing job, and I want to thank everybody involved in putting the event together – it’s been phenomenal, even if conditions like that are a little out-of-the-ordinary for a Florida-based Brazilian!

“I was expecting to slide around a lot and obviously to have a good time, but it definitely exceeded my expectations – it’s so much more fun and so much more difficult than I’d anticipated.

“You’ve got to accelerate more when the car is sliding so that the studs in the tyres stick to the snow and ice, and everything for me was the opposite to what I’ve learned throughout my career – if you want to turn left, you have to turn right and vice-versa, and my mind couldn’t quite compute that in the limited time available.

“As an IndyCar-turned-sportscar driver, I’d say that was the hardest part for me, and there were a few snow bank ‘moments’ along the way. I think I actually had my first ‘off’ at the same place as Josef did on the practice day – I’m just glad that the snow is much softer than the Indianapolis wall!

“I’ll tell you one thing – these drivers are amazingly talented, and they were all very open when it came to sharing information with me, too, which I appreciated. I just had a blast – so much fun. I’d love to come back and take another shot at it someday...”

18-03-06 Timerzyanov joint Grönholm as GRX Taneco expands World RX Team
GRX TANECO will expand to run a two-car FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy effort in 2018 with Timur Timerzyanov joining Niclas Grönholm in campaigning a pair of privateer Hyundai i20 Supercars.

The Finnish-based team, headed up by two-time World Rally Champion Marcus Grönholm, ran a Ford Fiesta RXS driven by Marcus’ son Niclas last season but increases its commitment to World RX in 2018 by adding double FIA European Rallycross Champion Timerzyanov in an eye-catching driver line-up.

World RX Managing Director for IMG, Paul Bellamy, commented: “We are delighted to see GRX TANECO committing to World RX in 2018 by not only doubling its efforts with a two-car entry but doing so with the welcome support from Hyundai.

“In Timur and Niclas, GRX’s driver line-up demonstrates a formidable blend of experience and youth and with a world champion in Marcus Gronholm lending his invaluable expertise in his role as team principal, I’m certain the GRX TANECO Team is destined for great results this season.

Though this will be first time the Hyundai brand has been represented on the World RX stage as a permanent full-season entry, the GRX TANECO i20 Supercar has been developed for rallycross from the manufacturer’s proven 2016 World Rally Car platform.

GRX TANECO Team Principal, Marcus Grönholm: “We have chosen to use the Hyundai i20 for this programme because of my previous connections with Michel Nandan [Hyundai WRC Team Principal]. We have a good relationship but this is a private project. We don’t have any manufacturer backing like some of the other teams in World Rallycross but we have a lot of information from when we bought the cars from Hyundai.

“So far the car looks very good. I was dreaming to be on the track by now but in the next two weeks we will start testing and I’m confident. We have some new solutions which haven’t been seen before and I’m excited to get to the track.

“We know Timur can get the results and Niclas has been working hard this winter. He showed some good pace last year and I’m hopeful that they can both do good things this year. I will be surprised if we can’t be fighting with the big boys at least sometimes. The first target is semi-finals, then the final and podium. I think that’s fully possible.”

FIA European RX champion in 2012 and 2013, Timerzyanov believes the GRX TANECO project is the ideal platform to get him back on the podium in World RX.

“I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for a long time, maybe since the end of 2014 actually and I’m really excited. This is a big step for the future, on the technical side with the car and the whole team. I’m really happy that long-term partner TANECO will be title-sponsor for the team and I can’t wait to start testing. I’m really happy to have Niclas as my team mate, he has shown his potential already last year and it’s a good feeling to work with Marcus too, he really understands me as a driver.

“He has the same targets as me for this season, to get good results and he knows the best way to achieve that. I’m also really pleased to be back with Jussi after I worked with him in the past. We need to be consistent all the time this year I see no problems with racing among the top drivers. I want to also thank my other loyal sponsor Viatti, they have been with me for a long time and I’m excited to continue my relationship with them in this programme.”

Competing in what will be his third full season of World RX action, 21 year-old Gronholm is looking to build on a positive 2017 campaign that yielded a maiden race final appearance in Germany.

“Everything looks good on paper for the new car and what the guys in the workshop have been telling me is exciting. I have no doubt that it will be competitive. In many races last year I had good pace but the starts were the problem. We have been working on that problem over the winter in terms of how I sit in the car and the angles of the pedals.

“I’ve done quite a lot of driving over the winter to try to train my weaknesses, rotating the car in the tight corners and things to try and build on that. Having a competitive team mate is the biggest thing for me this year. Timur is very experienced and it will be very good for me have someone good to compare data with, to help each other. I have no doubt that it will work well and I’m very positive.”

The GRX TANECO Team will first be seen in action at the World RX Championship season-opener in Barcelona from 14-15 April.
18-03-06 RallyX on Ice crown 'special achievement' for Eriksson
Former GRC Lites Champion adds another title to burgeoning CV. Older brother Kevin Eriksson secures second in the standings. Star turn by Cole Keatts and star power from Hélio Castroneves.

Oliver Eriksson kept his cool to clinch the 2018 RallyX on Ice Supercar Lites crown in the fiercely-disputed finale at Gol in Norway last weekend, as Olsbergs MSE signed off from the popular winter series in victorious fashion.

Eriksson entered the weekend embroiled in a tense three-way scrap for supremacy with older brother and OMSE team-mate Kevin Eriksson and local specialist Sondre Evjen. Proving that he has a mature head on such young shoulders, the 19-year-old refused to be rattled by the high-stakes scenario, claiming two wins and a runner-up finish in his heat races before leading his semi-final from lights-to-flag.

The Swedish teenager’s results were enough to wrap up the laurels before the final, which he duly dominated, soaking up pressure from countryman Alexander Westlund to end the campaign just as he had started it – on the top step of the podium.

“It was a good day,” acknowledged Eriksson. “I was nervous going into it – there were three of us in contention for the title, and since the last round at Ål, I’d been going over every possible scenario in my mind of how the day might unfold – but as soon as we got the first heat out of the way, I relaxed a little more.

“I had some really enjoyable fights and came close to scoring maximum points, so I’m very happy. Even better was that I finally beat my big brother, too – that makes the achievement extra-special!”

Indeed, after putting up a valiant fight, the elder Eriksson ultimately had to concede, but he nonetheless secured second spot in the standings courtesy of a trio of runner-up finishes in the heats and a semi-final success. Running under the MJP Racing banner, the 21-year-old looked set to finish on the rostrum in the final, only for a small early error to blunt his challenge.

“I’ll just have to come back again next year and beat him!” Kevin quipped. “Congratulations to my little bro – he set the pace this year and thoroughly deserves the title. I’m really pleased for him.”

On a breakthrough weekend for the talented American teenager, Cole Keatts finished a superb fifth, advancing to the semi-final stage for the first time and then – not satisfied to stop there – cracking the last six. Along the way, the 16-year-old – the youngest competitor in the Supercar Lites field – stunned with a maiden qualifying race win and rocket-propelled starts, vaulting from sixth on the grid to very nearly snatch the lead at the beginning of the final.

“That was so much fun!” enthused the Idaho native. “It took me a little while to get used to driving this car in the snow, but I felt like I took a huge step forward at Gol. I was a lot more confident inside the cockpit, and I think that showed in my performance and results. Although with a bit more luck we could probably have pushed for the podium in the final, fifth is still an excellent result to take with me as I prepare for the main summer season.”

Reigning RX2 International Series and GRC Lites Champion Cyril Raymond found himself in the wars in the heats and fell just over three seconds shy of making the final for the second time in RallyX on Ice, while Ål winner Robin Larsson’s weekend was one of highs and lows. The former FIA European Rallycross Champion was nevertheless able to showcase his raw speed with a brilliant charge to second place in Q2.

Behind the wheel of the Team Penske-liveried car, finally, three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Hélio Castroneves might not have made it through to the semi-finals, but the Brazilian legend confessed to being blown away by his first taste of both rallycross and ice racing action.

“What an incredible experience!” he enthused. “I had a blast! The organisers did an amazing job, and these rallycross drivers are amazingly talented. Everything for me was the opposite to what I’m used to and all that I’ve previously learned in my career – if you want to turn left, you have to turn right and my mind couldn’t quite compute that – but I’d love to come back and have another shot someday. It’s such a lot of fun – I’ve really enjoyed it.”
18-03-06 GCK completes World RX driver line-up with Grosset-Janin
GCK has completed its driver line-up for the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy with the signing of Jérôme Grosset-Janin alongside Guerlain Chicherit in the all-new Prodrive-engineered Renault Megane R.S. RX. The team also confirmed Timo Scheider will come on board as test and development driver.

This season will see the Renault brand represented as a permanent full season entry in World RX for the first time with GCK choosing the latest generation Megane R.S. as its machinery and enlisting renowned engineering group Prodrive to lead the design and development of its ambitious project.

World RX Managing Director for IMG, Paul Bellamy, commented: “The arrival of GC Kompetition with the new Renault Megane R.S. RX has been one of the big stories ahead the 2018 World RX season and I cannot wait to see it going up against the best in the world with Jérôme and Guerlain at the wheel. It’s great to see Jérôme getting a full-time drive in World RX this season as part of this exciting project and I can think of no better choice than Timo to lead that all-important development and ensure the Megane R.S. RX laps as fast as it looks.

Runner-up in the FIA European Rallycross Championship in both 2015 and 2016, though Grosset-Janin has made a handful of World RX appearances in recent years, 2018 will be the 33 year-old Frenchman’s first full international season.

“GCK has developed an awesome project, and for the team to have partnered with Prodrive’s technical expertise gives me great confidence in the project. Thanks to an innovative and bold technical design, the Megane R.S. RX looks super aggressive.

“When I first had a look at the car, I got really excited. It transcends the usual way of how things have been done so far and represents what really gets me inspired and motivated: to think outside the box and dare to go big. Driving at a very high level is every child’s dream and I’m impatient and ambitious to drive at the highest level of the world championship this year.”

GCK will also head into the season with the benefit of experience from World RX podium winner and DTM champion Timo Scheider, who comes on board to focus on the Megane R.S. RX’s test and development work through the year.

“For me, this collaboration with GCK presents a really good and exciting opportunity to pass on my knowledge from extensive motorsports experience whilst gaining further experience in Rallycross. I’m really looking forward to facing this challenge together and hope that we end up with a hugely successful result on RX tracks around the world! I can’t wait to continue testing to see the Mégane R.S. RX race competitively come April!.”

With GCK and Prodrive busily testing the Megane R.S RX ahead of its competition debut in Spain next month, team owner-driver Chicherit is thrilled to welcome both Grosset-Janin and Scheider into the team.

“I’m so stoked to have Jérôme join us as my team mate – we’ll be a French force to be reckoned with. Jérôme is incredibly hungry for this opportunity and I can already see a nice bit of team mate rivalry forming between us, which should make for a really exciting, promising season. Jérôme is a very experienced driver, he knows the sport and the tracks very well and brings quite a lot of experience to GCK.

“Being a two-time runner up in EuroRX, he’s already demonstrated he’s ready to challenge for a Championship, so now it’s on GCK to deliver him a good car too!

“Having Timo on board to support with initial testing is already a big win for GCK - Timo’s experience is proving valuable as we develop the car for the season start in Barcelona. We’re working hard right now to ensure GCK ends up on the podium sometime this season! That would be a dream for me as GCK Team Principal to see one of our cars up there.”

The GCK Renault R.S. RX will get its debut at the World RX Championship season-opener in Barcelona from 14-15 April.
18-03-05 Team Peugeot Total goes full factory for 2018 Fia World RX title bid
Peugeot is setting its sights firmly on a maiden FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy title win as it unveiled its latest 208 WRX challenger ahead of the 2018 season. The car is the first to be developed by Peugeot in-house following the decision to increase its level of factory support.

Having marked its swansong Dakar Rally appearance with a third consecutive victory at the start of the year, Peugeot is turning its attentions to its World RX effort under the revised Team Peugeot Total banner having competed as Team Peugeot Hansen between 2014-2017.

Despite the new name, the Hansen rallycross dynasty nonetheless remains integral to Peugeot’s 2018 World RX title endeavour, with nine-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb joined once more by seasoned race winner Timmy Hansen and his younger brother Kevin Hansen in an unchanged three-driver line-up.

World RX Managing Director for IMG, Paul Bellamy, commented: “We are delighted to see Team Peugeot Total not only continue its commitment to the FIA World RX Championship but do so with the full support of its factory team for the first time. Peugeot has been synonymous with World RX since we took the championship global in 2014 and the decision to bring its expert WRC and Dakar Rally winning team on board is both testament to its title aspirations and the fantastic platform World RX provides for manufacturers.
Bellamy added: “Coupled with a driver line-up that needs no introduction in Sebastien Loeb, Timmy Hansen and Kevin Hansen, Team Peugeot Total will no doubt make a big impression this season.”

Team Peugeot Total will bring a significantly revised 208 WRX to the grid in 2018, with development focusing on making the 560 horsepower Supercar lighter, more powerful and easier to drive for Loeb and Timmy Hansen. Kevin Hansen will drive an evolution of the 2017-specification 208 WRX as a Team Peugeot-Hansen entry.

Bruno Famin, Peugeot Sport Director: “This marks the start of an exciting year for us, as the FIA World Rallycross Championship will be Peugeot’s key motorsport engagement in a factory capacity, with new rivals and a new environment. However, even though we have some past knowledge of the sport through the Peugeot-Hansen team, we have to be realistic, as our competitors are very experienced while we will have to train our team for this new discipline from scratch!
“Despite this big challenge, we are aiming for some wins this season, then something more in the seasons beyond. We decided to participate in world rallycross because we firmly believe in the future of this sport: the sporting format, which is short and intense, is exciting, the audience, younger than in other categories, is still growing, and furthermore we also believe in the electric future of the championship.
“So, we are preparing for this new generation of powertrain and new generation of fans right now, with the clear aim of promoting our current Peugeot 208 and its successor.”

Nine-time World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb will begin his third season of World RX competition with a clear aim to be fighting for wins and the title in 2018.
“My expectations are high for this year. Peugeot coming in as a factory team was exactly what was needed to take things up a level and enable us to fight for the championship. In the past we were close, but we were just missing a little extra. Now Peugeot’s official engagement can bring us that. We won’t have all the evolutions at the start of the year and that will make it difficult to fight for the championship from the beginning, but you never know: it all depends on how quickly we can develop.
“From a driving point of view, rallycross provides probably the most intense experience you can have as a driver. The races are very short, but the sensation is really amazing: the cars are like big WRC cars to drive, with 600 horsepower, so it’s a lot of fun. I’m looking forward to the season.”

As a five-time World RX race winner and former championship runner-up, Timmy Hansen is also entering the 2018 season with lofty aspirations of his own.
“I’ve never competed at such a high level before with a factory team, so it's an honour to be chosen to represent Peugeot at such an important time. We’re expecting the car to be better than ever with all the evolutions implemented by the Peugeot Sport engineers, so this certainly increases our opportunity to do well, but we’ve got to remember that there are some very strong rivals in this championship. I prefer to keep my feet on the ground.
“My aim is simply to do as well as I can on every round, so that we can build on our progress step by step. I’m looking forward to getting behind the wheel at the first round in Barcelona; then we will see where we are compared to the others.”

Fourteen-time champion and rallycross legend Kenneth Hansen will retain a key position within the bolstered 2018 effort in the role of team manager.

Team Peugeot Total will first be seen in action at the World RX Championship season-opener in Barcelona from 14-15 April.
World RX Media Office

18-03-05 Martell and Team Faren conclude RallyX on Ice series with podium finish
American driver Conner Martell saved his best performance for the final round of the RallyX on Ice winter series at Gol in Norway to finish second, his first European podium result in the competitive single-make Supercar Lites category (March 3).

Having made his ice racing debut at the same circuit 12 months earlier, Martell hit the ground running in Gol by winning his first qualifying race of the day in Q1 and was seventh overall at the Intermediate Classification ahead of the semi-finals. A charging drive through semi-final one netted the rising star second position and a place in the final, for the second time in the four-round winter season.

Capitalising on the pace he has shown at each RallyX on Ice event in 2018, Martell climbed through the order in the final to claim his maiden podium finish on the east side of Atlantic Ocean.

British driver Nathan Heathcote took part in his third ever Supercar Lites event in Gol and despite making a series of fast starts in the qualifying races got caught in traffic and found progressing up the order on the narrow snow-bank bordered circuit a challenge.

Racing against far more experienced rivals, the reigning British Rallycross Champion made it into the semi-finals, only for his race to be effectively ended before it had begun when he was forced into a spin following contact with another car and then a snow bank just meters after the start line. He finished the race and benefited from the experience of the ice season ahead of the summer RX2 International Series with Team Faren.

“This a really good way to end the season. Our pace has been there pretty much there all season, we just haven’t been able to pull it together in the semis and we’ve been a bit inconsistent. But, we showed today that we have what it takes to run with these Scandinavian guys who are insane on the ice,” said Martell. “I really like this track, it was the first place I raced on ice last year and it’s definitely my favourite of the tracks this season. I felt confident and had a good mind-set from the start. I knew it was the last round and just went out there and drove my own race. It’s really nice to go back to the US with a trophy from over here and I hope I get to come back next winter. One of the big reasons we did the ice series, not only for the seat time, was to get used to the team. I’m really looking forward for the main season to start, I think it’s going to go really well.”

Heathcote was disappointed not to score a better result, but knows the experience gained in the winter season will be invaluable for his summer campaign. “It was a very up and down weekend, I made some good starts but had a couple of incidents in the heats which put me back in the semi-final grid. Then in the semi I didn’t really get a chance to start because I got put into the wall straight away. I managed to carry on the rest of the race but there wasn’t much I could do from there,” said Heathcote. “The track was awesome with loads of elevation changes; I think it would be really fun to do in the dry too. Conner had raced here before which meant he could go straight out and I could learn a few things from him. After the first heats looking at his videos really helped me. There are a lot of positives I can take going forward. I get on well with everyone in the team and I’m looking forward to the RX2 season now.”

Team Principal Eric Faren believes the fledgling two-car team got what it deserved in the winter season finale. “Conner’s pace has been good in all four races, it’s the second time he’s been in the final and finally on the podium. He deserved at least that and we’re very happy with his result. Nathan was up to speed and he could have had a good finishing position. Of course he has not a lot of experience but at the end of the day he had good speed and it was bad luck he got spun around in the start straight. I think it was a good winter season for them both, and getting on the podium is why we are here,” said Faren. “It’s a bit of a childhood dream to have a team with two cars and two good drivers. I’m really looking forward to the summer and the RX2 season, that is our main focus this year.”

RESULT: Gol Supercar Lites
1 Oliver Eriksson (SWE)
2 Conner Martell (USA)
3 Jimmie Walfridson (SWE)
4 Kevin Eriksson (SWE)
5 Cole Keatts (USA)
6 Alexander Westlund (SWE)
16 Nathan Heathcote (GBR)

STANDINGS: RallyX on Ice
1 Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 139
2 Kevin Eriksson (SWE) 123
3 Sondre Evjen (NOR) 117
4 Alexander Westlund (SWE) 108
5 Ben Philip Gundersen (NOR) 93
6 Vasily Gryazin (LAT) 86
7 Conner Martell (USA) 85
19 Nathan Heathcote (GBR) 31
18-03-05 Reinis Nitiss moves to the European Championshop
For the 2018 season, Jëkabpils native Reinis Nitišs will join SET Promotion and compete in all five rounds of the FIA European Rallycross Championship in Supercar class. Nitišs will be driving an M-Sport built Ford Fiesta RX Supercar.
Finnish rallycross team SET Promotion was created in 2003, and, since then, has gained significant experience and knowledge in servicing both front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive rallycross cars. Even though the team's most recent successes have come in the front-wheel drive Super1600 class, SET Promotion took a step forward last year, servicing WorldRX team GRX and its driver Niclas Grönholm. Reinis Nitišs will be competing in Grönholm's 2017 M-Sport Ford Fiesta RX.

Reinis Nitišs and SET Promotion have a history together - their collaboration first began in 2013, when Nitišs competed in the EuroRX Super1600 class, winning the European Championship. Despite Nitišs moving on to Olsbergs MSE to compete in WorldRX in 2014 and 2015, his collaboration with SET Promotion manager Jussi Pinomäki continued, as the Finnish specialist was also working for Olsbergs MSE at the time. Their paths crossed again in 2016 and 2017, when Nitišs shared his knowledge as part of Pinomäki's RX Academy.
"In my racing career, I have had just one off-season that was relatively calm, when I did not have to think about signing a new contract and figure out how to continue my career. This year, we spent a lot of time considering various options on what to do next - I can attest that considering all the pros and cons of each situation is an extremely complex process that takes a toll on you.

When considering plans for 2018, it was important for me to continue competing in rallycross and retain my spot in the paddock. In addition to that, I definitely wanted to compete in Biëernieki - in front of the local fans and supporters. As well as find a way to further improve my abilities behind the wheel.

We decided to join SET Promotion due to our past successful collaboration, and because Marcus Grönholm, a two-time world champion in rally, is a consultant of the team, and his advice will definitely help me improve. As far as I know, the team will service multiple cars in various classes - even though that is a lot of work, I am confident in the team's ability to do all the work in highest quality.
SET Promotion headquarters are located in Finland, and I will have an opportunity to spend some time there, gaining knowledge about the technical side of the cars, their setup, and team management.

Only time will tell if this was the right decision, but one thing is for sure - I'm definitely not ready to retire yet!" comments Reinis Nitišs.
"There is no point in denying the obvious - the financial side of rallycross has not radically changed this year, and the drivers still have to provide a significant part of the season's budget. In addition to that, this amount keeps growing each year, as teams spend more and more money in the battle for a podium spot.

With rallycross becoming more popular, multiple manufacturers have joined the championship, coming with their own marketing strategies. A Latvian driver could only join such a manufacturer backed team by coming with a huge budget, to compensate for the size of the Latvian market. Meanwhile, joining a private team and regularly having a chance to compete for a spot in the finals would require a lot of luck - but just competing in the top level is not our current objective.

Knowing our financial capabilities and evaluating all our options, we made a decision to take a small step back to the European Championship, where we will be able to compete in all rounds. It will also give us an opportunity to compete in other events throughout the season, so that Reinis can continue his development," adds Reinis Nitišs' father and manager Aigars Nitišs.
"It feels amazing to work with Reinis again! We won the European title together back in 2013 in S1600 and now the aim is to do the same in Supercars. The competition will be really tough, but we are ready to work hard to achieve our targets. Reinis is still very young, but already has great experience of top level rallycross, so we can expect great things to happen.

Having Reinis back with SET Promotion also greatly supports the long term strategy of SET and GRX, bringing young drivers up from RX Academy all the way to WorldRX," concludes SET Promotion manager Jussi Pinomäki.

Reinis Nitišs participation in the FIA European Rallycross Championship is possible thanks to the support by Circle K, Citadele, Latvijas Gëze, Ošukalns, and the city of Jëkabpils, as well as Gefa Latvija, Hertz, If, Light Guide Optics International, Pasaules Optika, Radex, RA Events, and Sonora. Informative support is provided by DELFI.

Information about Reinis Nitišs can be found on his official website at www.reinisnitiss.com, as well as on social media: Instagram /reinisnitiss,
18-03-05 Oliver Eriksson achieves his Gol
Swedish teenager is crowned after holding his nerve in Norway, Indy 500 legend Hélio Castroneves lauds ‘incredible experience’, Titles for Jesse Kallio and Kevin Hansen in supporting classes
Oliver Eriksson arrived at Gol for the eagerly-anticipated RallyX on Ice finale last weekend at the top of a tight three-way title tussle. He left again having clinched not only his second victory from four starts, but with it the coveted crown.

Eriksson entered the second half of the series’ Norwegian leg sitting seven points clear of older brother and Olsbergs MSE team-mate Kevin Eriksson in the Supercar Lites standings, with home favourite Sondre Evjen just one point further back again.

There appeared to be nothing to choose between the younger of the Eriksson siblings and the local hero through the qualifying stages, as they tallied two victories and a runner-up finish apiece to each earn pole position for their respective semi-finals.

That, however, was where their fortunes diverged. While Eriksson dominated his semi-final, a sluggish getaway for Evjen left the Norwegian with too much to do. Despite his best efforts, he missed out on a spot in the all-important final – ensuring his Swedish rival sewed up the spoils with one race still to run.

“It was a good day,” reflected 19-year-old Eriksson. “I was nervous going into it – there were three of us in contention for the title, and since the last round at Ål, I’d been going over every possible scenario in my mind of how the day might unfold – but as soon as we got the first heat out of the way, I relaxed a little more.

“I had some really enjoyable fights and came close to scoring maximum points, so I’m very happy. I knew that the sooner I could wrap it up, the better it would obviously be and it was great to seal the deal in the semi-final so I could just focus on going out there and enjoying the final.”

Enjoy the final Eriksson certainly did, outgunning the pole-sitter away from the lights and leading throughout – although to do so, he had to soak up sustained pressure from a charging Alexander Westlund, the day’s top qualifier and the only man to take a clean sweep of heat race triumphs. The elder Swede’s bid for glory was extinguished when a penultimate lap challenge ended in a snow bank, promoting Conner Martell to second.

A win in Q1 set the American up for a very good day at the office indeed, with the runner-up spot in his semi-final firing the Vermont native into the final for the first time since the Östersund curtain-raiser last month – and on this occasion, with a rather happier ending.

“I’m really pleased to finish up on the podium, especially in the last round,” Martell enthused. “We’ve shown good pace throughout, but we’ve had some bad luck and consistency has been lacking. We pulled it all together here, though.

“This track is definitely my favourite of the four we’ve visited in RallyX on Ice; the first turn is so fast, and you can just send it into the corner, which is a lot of fun. The surface got super-rough as the day progressed, too, which made it even more challenging.”

The rostrum was rounded out by Jimmie Walfridsson, although the Swede’s day was not without its dramas. A win and second place in the heats hinted at his raw pace, but he came off worse in a disagreement with a snow bank in Q2 and had to overhaul Vasiliy Gryazin in the semi-final to make the last six.

The 27-year-old subsequently found himself pitched into a spin following contact with Westlund in the final, but he was able to rejoin and take advantage of his countryman’s late ‘off’ to mount the bottom step of the podium.

“This is a big result for me,” Walfridsson acknowledged. “It’s only my first year driving in Supercar Lites, and I genuinely didn’t expect to be up here so soon. The closing laps got so crazy that I didn’t actually know I’d finished in the top three until I crossed the line and my spotter told me – I honestly had no idea! We struggled a bit through the first three rounds, but I seem to be getting the hang of this now...”

In a race of attrition, Kevin Eriksson recovered to fourth at the chequered flag, paying the price for an early error in the final after tallying a trio of runner-up finishes in the heats and a comfortable semi-final success. The Swede nevertheless still did enough to seal second position in the points table ahead of Evjen.

OMSE stablemate Cole Keatts wound up an impressive fifth, although the American teenager was frustrated as he felt the podium had been within his grasp. Having narrowly missed out on the semi-final in the previous three rounds, Keatts not only made it through at Gol – courtesy of a mature Q3 victory – but he went on to finish second, thereby earning himself promotion to the final.

The Idaho native – the youngest driver in the Supercar Lites field at just 16 – then made a meteoric getaway from the back row of the grid and boldly attempted to go all the way around the outside into Turn One for the first time, very nearly snatching the lead. Although his ambitious move didn’t quite come off, he was still firmly in the mix for a top three finish when he found himself delayed by the Westlund/Walfridsson clash, restricting him to fifth.

Westlund was classified a disappointed sixth, whilst other ‘hard luck’ stories could be told by Ben-Philip Gundersen and Vasiliy Gryazin. Competing on home soil, the Norwegian won in Q2 and finished second in his remaining two heats to secure a front row starting spot for the semi-final, but that was where his challenge ended. The Latvian was similarly quick throughout, but one qualifying race victory was offset by two first corner incidents and despite a valiant effort, he ultimately fell short of progressing to the final by less than a second.

Jami Kalliomäki maintained his positive recent momentum with a solid performance that saw him get to within three-quarters-of-a-second of pinching Martell’s place in the final, while Alexander Lie played home advantage with a runner-up finish in the heats – although a scrappy semi-final would curtail his charge. Ål winner Robin Larsson was unable to replicate his form from six days earlier, despite pushing Oliver Eriksson right the way to the flag in Q2.

Behind the wheel of the Team Penske-liveried car, finally, Hélio Castroneves might not quite have made the semi-finals on both his rallycross and ice racing debut, but the three-time Indianapolis 500 winner revealed that it had been an ‘incredible experience’ as he went literally doorhandle-to-doorhandle with some of the finest drivers in the discipline.

In the supporting RX Academy on Ice, Gol played host to a sensational duel for the crown between Finnish hotshots Jesse Kallio and Joni Wiman. With the nerves perhaps beginning to kick in, the season’s two pace-setters uncharacteristically began the final from the second and third row of the grid respectively. To add to the intrigue, their tactics immediately differed when the lights went out as Kallio advanced a spot and Wiman went for the joker, but after finding himself stuck in an evenly-matched queue squabbling over second, Kallio later fell prey to a charging Marko Muru.

When the younger Finn served his own joker on the last lap, Wiman snuck through to finish fourth with his compatriot sixth. That left them tied on points in the overall rankings, but Kallio lifted the laurels by dint of a greater number of victories. Amidst all the drama, it was another Finn – 15-year-old Sami-Matti Trogen – who took the chequered flag first after withstanding a late attack from impressive Estonian teenager Muru, one year his junior. Former French Rallycross Champion Firmin Caddedu joined them on the rostrum in third.

In Speedcar Xtreme – for potent 150bhp, 312kg crosskarts – there was similarly a title fight to be settled, as age took on youth in the shape of two-time race-winner Finn Erik Løberg versus 2016 FIA European Rallycross Champion Kevin Hansen. Unfortunately, their battle did not run all the way to the end as the Norwegian became lodged in a snow bank on the opening lap of the final, meaning second place for 19-year-old Hansen was more than sufficient to secure the spoils.

The race was won by home hero Ole Henry Steinsholt, who rocketed into the lead from the second row of the grid at the start and thereafter never looked back. In a tumultuous encounter, Linus Östlund was the only remaining finisher in third, as contact between Timmy Hansen and qualifying king Aleksander Wiik removed both drivers from the reckoning on lap four.

“What a way to conclude the RallyX on Ice campaign!” enthused Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson, the man behind the exciting winter sport concept. “Going into the weekend, there were mouth-watering battles in prospect in all three categories – and each of them delivered drama, excitement and some outstanding wheel-to-wheel racing, probably the best we have seen all season.

“Congratulations to Oliver, Jesse and Kevin on their success – in every case, it is richly deserved after conquering not only their rivals but also some very tough conditions along the way – and it was fantastic to see Hélio out there and clearly having such a great time. Like Josef Newgarden last week, he really brought his passion and enthusiasm to the event and embraced everything that RallyX on Ice is about. Maybe we will see them back again next year...”

Supercar Lites Final
1. Oliver ERIKSSON SWE 6 laps
2. Conner MARTELL USA +3.001s
3. Jimmie WALFRIDSSON SWE +8.749s
4. Kevin ERIKSSON SWE +10.610s
5. Cole KEATTS USA +14.893s
6. Alexander WESTLUND SWE +2 laps

RX Academy on Ice Final
1. Sami-Matti TROGEN FIN 6 laps
2. Marko MURU EST +0.447s
3. Firmin CADDEDU FRA +1.532s
4. Joni WIMAN FIN +2.412s
5. Simon SYVERSEN NOR +3.209s
6. Jesse KALLIO FIN +3.411s

Speedcar Xtreme Final
1. Ole Henry STEINSHOLT NOR 6 laps
2. Kevin HANSEN SWE +3.788s
3. Linus ÖSTLUND SWE +7.210s
4. Aleksander WIIK NOR +3 laps
5. Timmy HANSEN SWE +3 laps
6. Finn Erik LØBERG NOR +6 laps
18-03-03 Jimmie Walfridson avslutar säsongen med pallplats i RallyX on Ice, Gol
Jimmie Walfridson debuterar i år i rallycross och fick äntligen pusselbitarna att stämma när RallyX on Ice finaltävling kördes i Gol. Under de tre inledande tävlingarna har han haft det kämpigt och bara kvalificerat sig till semifinal en gång.

Men i Gol var han med redan från början och var näst snabbast på träningen. En heatseger och en andraplats bäddade för andra spår i den tredje semifinalen. I semifinalen var han andra bil iväg och behöll placeringen i mål, vilket gav honom start i andra led i finalen.
- Det här var en otroligt teknisk och kul bana. Den var rolig att köra och passade mig rätt bra, säger Jimmie.

I finalen blev det lite turbulent. Jimmie fick en dålig start, valde alternativet direkt och lyckades sedan hålla ihop det hela och slutade på en tredjeplats efter Oliver Eriksson och Conner Martell.
- Det känns jäkligt skönt att få avsluta vintersäsongen med ett positivt resultat. Jag har varit snabb på testerna, men inte fått det att fungera tidigare på tävling. Jag kunde inte vara mer nöjd med min avslutning här i Gol, säger Jimmie.

Jimmie slutar trea efter Oliver Eriksson och Conner Martell blir tvåa.

Inför tävlingen låg Jimmie på en medioker tjugonde plats, men kunde i och med sin pallplats avancera en aning och slutade på femtonde plats. Vann RallyX on Ice gjorde Oliver Eriksson, före sin storebror Kevin Eriksson och Sondre Evjen blev trea.

Resultat Gol
1. Oliver Eriksson 39 p
2. Conner Martell 29 p
3. Jimmie Walfridson 28 p
4. Kevin Eriksson 30 p
5. Cole Keatts 23 p
6. Alexander Westlund 34 p
7. Sondre Evjen 25 p
8. Ben-Philip Gundersen 22 p
9. Vasily Gryazin 17 p
10. Jami Kalliomäki 16 p
11. Alexander Lie 14 p
12. Petter Leirhol 12 p
13. Mats Oskarsson 12 p
14. Cyril Raymond 11 p
15. Robin Larsson 11 p
16. Nathan Heatcote 10 p
17. Troy Dowel 10 p
18. Pelle Wilén 9 p
19. Hampus Rådström 4 p
20. Jonathan Walfridsson 4 p
21. Hélio Castroneves 3 p
22. Bård Holmen 3 p

Slutresultat RallyX on Ice
1. Oliver Eriksson SWE 139 p
2. Kevin Eriksson SWE 123 p
3. Sondre Evjen NOR 117 p
4. Alexander Westlund SWE 108 p
5. Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR 93 p
6. Vasily Gryasin LTV 86 p
7. Conner Martell USA 85 p
8. Pelle Wilén SWE 75 p
9. Robin Larsson SWE 73 p
10. Jonathan Walfridsson SWE 64 p
15. Jimmie Walfridson SWE 45 p
18-03-03 Debutanten Walfridson trea i Gol – Evjen tog bronsmedalj i RallyX on Ice
20-årige Sondre Evjen knep bronsmedaljen i RallyX on Ice, samtidigt fick nykomlingen Jimmie Walfridson kliva upp på pallen i Gol.
– Det här känns jävligt bra. Jag har gjort bra tider under test, men det har aldrig suttit på en tävling förut, säger Walfridson.
RallyX on Ice är över för i år. Det var i norska Gol, på banan Fuglehaugen Motorsenter, som den sista av fyra deltävlingar kördes och JC Raceteknik avslutade med dubbla pallplatser.

Inför tävlingen i Gol låg Sondre Evjen på en tredjeplats, med chans att slåss om titeln i RallyX on Ice. Han inledde med en stabil körning och slutade på en andraplats i grundomgången. Men i semifinalen tog det stopp. En dålig start resulterade i att han missade finalplatsen med en placering. Trots det räckte poängen till en bronsplats i RallyX on Ice.

Jimmie Walfridson, som gör sin första säsong i rallycross, gjorde under lördagen sin bästa tävling någonsin. Han hade farten med sig redan under träningen och tog även en heatseger. Tempot gjorde att han kvalificerade sig till final. Där gjorde han en dålig start, men lyckades trots turbulensen passera mållinjen som nummer tre. I RallyX on Ice kom han på en total femtondeplats.

Ben-Philip Gundersen slutade på en fjärdeplats i grundomgången och kvalificerade sig till semifinal, men efter en tuff kamp blev han andra bil utanför final. Han kom på åttonde plats i tävlingen och blev femma i RallyX on Ice. Helgen bjöd inte på någon fullträff för Pelle Wilén. Han kvalificerade sig till semifinal och gjorde en bra start, när rattstången gick av och han blev stående i den första kurvan. Han kom på artonde plats i tävlingen samt på en total åttondeplats. Teamets Jonathan Walfridsson slutade på tjugonde plats i tävlingen och blev tia i RallyX on Ice.

14-årige Isak Reiersen inledde enligt sig själv året på bästa sätt: med en full vintersäsong i RX Academy. Trots att det är hans debutår i en tävlingsbil har han hållit jämnt tempo med stora motorsportare som Joni Wiman och Simon Syversen. Han avslutade rallycrossäsongen med en sjundeplats i tävlingen och en total sjätteplats i RallyX on Ice. Till sommaren kommer Reiersen återigen synas i en crosskart, där han tävlar för JC Raceteknik Juniorteam.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Vi är väldigt nöjda med hela vintersäsongen. Vi har haft väldigt bra fart och varit på pallen under varje event med olika förare. Idag visade vi igen att vi hade tempot och det var roligt att Jimmie fick en såhär bra tävling. Han har kämpat en hel del under de tidigare tävlingarna men alltid haft bra fart på tester. Nu i Gol hittade han den rätta rytmen direkt. Sondre gjorde också ett väldigt bra jobb idag. Han har varit i bra form i år och haft självförtroendet, så det ska bli roligt att se honom visa vad han går för under sommarsäsongen.”

Jimmie Walfridson, Supercar Lites:
”Det här känns jävligt bra. Jag tror att det gjorde gott för självförtroendet att jag tog en andratid redan på träningen. Teamet sa att mina linjer satt, och då fortsatte jag med samma koncept resten av tävlingen. Jag har gjort bra tider under test, men det har aldrig suttit på en tävling förut. Så det känns roligt att få bevisa att jag inte är sämst. Det är lite synd bara att säsongen är slut nu när jag äntligen kommit in i det, haha. Nu ser jag fram emot sommarsäsongen med JC Raceteknik. Jag har lärt mig bilen, så utmaningen kommer bli att ställa om körstilen till grus och asfalt.”

Sondre Evjen, Supercar Lites:
”Om man ser på slutresultatet och tredjeplatsen i RallyX on Ice så är jag nöjd. Det gick bra i grundomgången och trots att det inte gick extremt fort fick jag med mig heatsegrar och bra poäng. Sen gjorde jag en riktigt dålig start i semifinalen, som gjorde det svårt att ta sig om förarna framför. Hade bara starten suttit hade jag kunnat slåss om titeln i RallyX on Ice, så självklart känns det surt. Just nu har jag lite blandade känslor, men om någon frågar mig imorgon hur allt känns så kommer jag vara väldigt glad. Det har varit en bra säsong överlag. JC Raceteknik är ett sammansvetsat gäng och jag har haft fyra roliga tävlingar.”

Isak Reiersen, RX Academy:
”Jag måste vara nöjd med tävlingen. Jag gjorde bra heat och starterna var faktiskt klockrena idag. Sen är jag såklart lite besviken att inte få köra final, men det var stenhård konkurrens. Den här säsongen i RX Academy har gett mig mycket erfarenheter, jag har fått ta steget in i rallycrossen och dessutom haft väldigt, väldigt roligt. Så tack alla sponsorer, JC Raceteknik och alla runt omkring som stöttat mig på olika sätt – det betyder jättemycket. Till sommaren ska jag köra crosskart igen, och det är såklart annorlunda. Men jag tar med mig många pusselbitar och ett bra självförtroende till sommarsäsongen.”

Resultat Gol
Supercar Lites
1. Oliver Eriksson
2. Conner Martell
3. Jimmie Walfridson
4. Kevin Eriksson
5. Cole Keatts
6. Alexander Westlund
7. Sondre Evjen
8. Ben-Philip Gundersen
9. Vasily Gryazin
10. Jami Kalliomäki
18. Pelle Wilén
20. Jonathan Walfridsson

RX Academy
1. Sami-Matti Trogen
2. Marku Muru
3. Firmin Caddedu
4. Joni Wiman
5. Simon Syversen
6. Jesse Kallio
7. Isak Reiersen
8. Edijs Oss
9. Jimi Kalliomäki
10. Helene Hvaal
18-03-03 Game, set and match for Eriksson in Norway
Oliver Eriksson won the battle and with it the war in the 2018 RallyX on Ice season finale at Gol in Norway today (3 March), as a series of pulsating races brought down the curtain on the Scandinavian winter spectacular.

Eriksson arrived at Gol leading the standings in the Supercar Lites class by a narrow margin over brother and Olsbergs MSE team-mate Kevin Eriksson and local hero Sondre Evjen (JC Raceteknik).

There looked to be little to choose between the younger of the two Erikssons and Evjen during the qualifying stages, with both counting a brace of victories and a runner-up finish to their credit. Whilst the Swede controlled his semi-final to perfection, however, a poor start for the Norwegian cost him a place in the all-important final – and with it all hope of lifting the laurels.

Eriksson subsequently soaked up sustained pressure from countryman Alexander Westlund to celebrate his title success in fine style, with American Conner Martell and Sweden’s Jimmie Walfridson benefitting from a late error by Westlund to round out the rostrum – a maiden appearance for both. Kevin Eriksson took the chequered flag fourth, with Cole Keatts an impressive fifth.

“It’s been a good day,” reflected Oliver Eriksson. “I was nervous going into it – there were three of us in contention for the title, and since the last round at Ål, I’ve been going over every possible scenario in my mind of how the day might unfold – but as soon as we got the first heat out of the way, I relaxed a little more. I had some really enjoyable fights and came close to scoring maximum points, so I’m very happy.”

Supercar Lites Final
1. Oliver ERIKSSON
2. Conner MARTELL
5. Cole KEATTS
6. Alexander WESTLUND

RX Academy on Ice Final
1. Sami-Matti TROGEN
2. Marko MURU
3. Firmin CADDEDU
4. Joni WIMAN
6. Jesse KALLIO

Speedcar Xtreme Final
2. Kevin HANSEN
3. Linus ÖSTLUND
4. Aleksander WIIK
5. Timmy HANSEN
6. Finn Erik LØBERG
18-03-02 Brothers in Arms: Erikssons ready to duel it out for coveted crown
Oliver vs. Kevin Eriksson for RallyX on Ice Supercar Lites crown. Indy 500 legend Castroneves fired-up for ‘awesome opportunity’. Watch all the action LIVE via SVT, SBF Play and Motorsport.com

Following a victory apiece in the 2018 RallyX on Ice campaign, brothers Oliver and Kevin Eriksson are preparing to duel it out for the coveted crown at Gol in Norway this weekend (3 March), as the ultra-popular winter series speeds towards a thrilling conclusion.

Running with Swedish rallycross powerhouse Olsbergs MSE, the Erikssons have proven to be the class of the field in the headlining Supercar Lites category, with Oliver coming out-of-the-blocks in fine form to triumph in the Östersund curtain-raiser and elder sibling Kevin – who is competing under the MJP Racing banner – hitting back to win round two at Höljes, home to Sweden’s legendary FIA World Rallycross Championship event.

The brothers both returned to the rostrum at Ål last weekend, leaving Oliver sitting just seven points clear of Kevin at the summit of the standings with only this weekend’s showdown at Gol (Saturday, 3 March) still to go.

“I’m hugely fired-up for the RallyX on Ice finale!” enthused 19-year-old Oliver, GRC Lites Champion in 2015. “We’ve had a really strong run so far, though a couple of small mistakes at Ål potentially cost me a second victory. I’m feeling confident and I’m ready to go out and fight for this – may the best man win!”

“It’s tight at the top!” added 21-year-old Kevin, an FIA World RX race-winner and former RX Lites Champion. “It’s been a great battle with Oliver so far, but we must be careful not to discount Sondre Evjen, who is just one point behind me in the classification and on home turf here at Gol. One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be one hell of a scrap!”

The car driven by last weekend’s winner, Robin Larsson, is similarly fielded by OMSE under the Larsson Jernberg Motorsport banner, and now the Swede – a former FIA European Rallycross Champion – has the monkey off his back, he is hunting more silverware.

Reigning RX2 International Series and GRC Lites Champion Cyril Raymond is targeting a change of fortunes at Gol. A podium-finisher at Östersund, the Frenchman has proven to be fast but out-of-luck since, while American team-mate Cole Keatts – the youngest driver on the Supercar Lites entry list at only 16 – is improving by the weekend and just needs to take that one last step to truly be amongst the contenders.

There is, finally, another special guest name on the side of OMSE’s Team Penske-liveried car – that of three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Hélio Castroneves, who like Josef Newgarden five days ago, will be making both his rallycross and ice racing debut tomorrow. To say that the Brazilian is hyped-up for the challenge would be quite the understatement...

“I can’t wipe the smile off my face!” he enthused. “This is an awesome opportunity to do something that I never, ever thought I would do and I’m having a lot of fun – so much more than I was expecting. Everybody has been helping me out and giving me tips on how to go sideways and every lap is different, which is why these drivers are so incredibly talented – you’ve got to be ready no matter what.

“Of course, I’m a little bit – and when I say a little bit, I mean a lot – out of my comfort zone here. My goal is to try to stay with the pack, learn as much as I can and not end up in a snow bank! I can’t wait to see what it’s like with all the other guys on-track too and the crowd watching on. Hopefully, I won’t do that badly...”

Tickets for round three of RallyX on Ice at Gol tomorrow (Saturday, 3 March) can be purchased on-site (cash only), with gates opening at 08h30 and the racing getting underway at 09h00.

The racing action will be streamed live from 12h00 GMT on both Motorsport.com and SBF Play, and televised live by Swedish national public broadcaster SVT.
18-03-02 Q&A: Hélio Castroneves
Team Penske legend revs up for Norwegian winter weekend. Brazilian says RallyX on Ice is ‘so much more than I expected’. Three-time Indy 500 winner ‘can’t wipe the smile off his face’
Three-time Indianapolis 500 winner and all-round motorsport royalty Hélio Castroneves has decided to step out of his comfort zone this coming weekend as he tries his hand at RallyX on Ice for the first time – and the Team Penske star reveals the experience is already ‘so much more than I was expecting’.

A far cry from his 16 full seasons of open-wheel competition in the Verizon INDYCAR Series and his current ride in the Prototype class of IMSA’s WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, RallyX on Ice represents a whole new challenge for one of the most popular and versatile drivers in the sport. We caught up with him after his practice runs in Norway yesterday (1 March) to see how he’s finding it so far...

Hélio, you’re here at Gol in Norway this weekend for your first taste of rallycross action, and to make it even harder for yourself, you’ve chosen to do it on ice, too! You spent some time testing yesterday – how did that go?

I can’t stop smiling! First of all, it’s an awesome opportunity to do something that I never, ever thought I would do – not only driving a rallycross car, but doing so in the snow! I’m very thankful to Andreas [Eriksson – Olsbergs MSE CEO] for inviting me. Man, it’s cold outside, but I’m already having so much fun. Everybody has been helping me out and giving me tips on how to go sideways; if you want to turn left, you actually have to turn right – everything is the opposite! Also, every time you brake, the car slides all over the place. It’s a lot of fun, so let’s see what’s going to happen...

It is a touch chilly here. As a Brazilian, that must be a bit of a shock for you..?

We’re talking about -20°C, -25°C – this is brutal for me! Every time I go out in the car, I have to come back in after five laps because my feet and hands are frozen. Being from Brazil and living in Florida, I don’t think the snow is a natural fit for me… Man, though, this is so much fun – so much more than I was expecting. The regular guys are fast – I’m looking forward to going racing against them!

For somebody that has driven so many different cars over your career, from open-wheel to sportscars, how different does this feel? How difficult was it to adapt at first?

The learning curve starts with the track, which is built on two-and-a-half feet of ice. The tyres have studs too, so every time you go into a corner, you have to try to get onto the power so that you have more grip. The track changes constantly as more cars pass by; that makes it a never-ending challenge, but a really enjoyable one. Every lap is different, which is why these drivers are so incredibly talented – you’ve got to be ready no matter what. The good news is, if you crash, you’re only going to hit a snow bank, so it doesn’t create any damage...

Your Team Penske team-mate Josef Newgarden took part in RallyX on Ice last weekend. Has he offered you any words of advice?

I was texting him, and he said, ‘you’re going to suffer in the cold weather’ and he was right – I’m suffering! I spoke to Austin Cindric too, and he gave me some tips. It’s funny, though – even when somebody tells you something, you don’t truly appreciate the difference until you actually get out there and start driving. It’s a real experience. If you have the desire to drive one of these cars in the snow, I can tell you, it’s absolutely incredible! I can’t wipe the smile off my face! I’m having a great time, and I can’t wait to see what it’s like with all the other guys on-track too and the crowd watching on. That’ll be even more fun.

As you say, you are here to have some fun, but ultimately, every racing driver is fiercely competitive. What’s your goal for the weekend?

Of course, I’m a little bit – and when I say a little bit, I mean a lot – out of my comfort zone here. This is my first time ever driving a rallycross car, and not only that but in the snow, so my expectation is to hopefully stay with the pack and not end up in a snow bank! If you get a good start, you can see clearly in front of you. That’s something else – people don’t realise that when you’re behind in this series, you can’t see a thing. It’s like driving in the rain when you have all the spray kicking up in your face. The goal is to try to stay with the other guys and learn as much as I can and hopefully, I won’t do that badly...

Castroneves will take to the track in anger alongside many of the finest rallycross drivers of the current generation at Gol in Norway tomorrow (Saturday, 3 March). The racing action will be streamed live from 12h00 GMT on both Motorsport.com and SBF Play, and televised live by Swedish national public broadcaster SVT.

18-02-28 IndyCar Champ Newgarden keen for more RallyX on Ice action
Team Penske open-wheel star waxes lyrical about ice racing debut. Reigning INDYCAR Champion already eyeing up return. Tennessee native ‘excited’ to follow Hélio Castroneves’ progress
Reigning Verizon INDYCAR Series Champion Josef Newgarden enjoyed his RallyX on Ice debut so much last weekend that he is already plotting his return.

Newgarden took over from Austin Cindric behind the wheel of the Team Penske-liveried Supercar Lites entry as RallyX on Ice raced over the Swedish border to Ål in Norway. The American spent a day getting to grips with his new mount – whose tubular spaceframe structure and studded tyres are somewhat different to the 720bhp single-seater he is used to driving – before taking to the track in anger alongside his 20 rivals.

A solid performance through the qualifying stages earned Newgarden promotion to the semi-finals, where he again acquitted himself admirably – taking the chequered flag fifth to cap a weekend that he described as ‘a total blast’.

“It’s been amazing to have the opportunity to come over and try this,” enthused the 27-year-old Nashville native. “It was very difficult – I take my hat off to all the regular rallycross guys. I think they’re phenomenal at what they do.

“Race day itself was tough. The track was really technical and it became very rutted the more cars ran, so the deeper we got into the weekend, the more precise you had to be and people don’t realise just how easy it is to put it into a snow bank if you go off-line.

“I got so nervous and even at the end, I was still trying to figure out how to keep it in-line. Normally it’s very easy for me in an open-wheel car to do that, but with this thing, you’re full hands on deck – you’ve got to be working the wheel, the throttle, the brakes and the handbrake at all times. When you stop doing that, the car stops reacting. Man, it makes you work for it!

“Thankfully, I had a wonderful coach in Oliver Eriksson, and I finished with probably my best run of the day in the semi-final, which was encouraging. I just need to take a couple more steps and then maybe we can return next year and do a little bit better – I certainly still have a lot to learn. The experience has left me determined to come back, because I really want to master this.

“They put on a great show, and hopefully we can bring this series to North America and I can do a couple more races – that would be great for us. I’m so happy that Team Penske let me come over. I had a total blast!”

Does Newgarden have any words of advice, finally, for Hélio Castroneves? The Brazilian three-time Indianapolis 500 winner is due to take his place in the RallyX on Ice finale at Gol in Norway this Saturday (3 March), which will be streamed live on both Motorsport.com and SBF Play and televised live by Swedish national public broadcaster SVT.

“Oh, Hélio is going to suffer,” he laughed. “He does not like the cold, Mr. Castroneves, so I think he’s going to be seeking heat at all times! I’m looking forward to seeing how he does. He’s going to learn a lot and he’s going to figure out it’s not so easy to slide these cars on ice, but most importantly he’s going to have a blast just like I did, and I’m excited to watch.”

18-02-28 Thorén först ut - Daniel är klar förare i teamet efter Belgiskt försäsongstest
Hedströms Motorsport presenterar årets rookie i Rally X Nordic inför säsongen. Daniel Thorén från Kil i Värmland har skrivit på för teamet och är först ut bland förarpresentationerna.

Redan den 22 april rullar Rally X Nordic igång på Grenland Motorsportcenter, med Daniel Thorén på startlinjen för Hedströms Motorsport. Redan i fjol höst gjorde Daniel ett första test bakom ratten på en av teamets VW Polo Supercar.
- Det var meningen som en provkörning Peter lovat mig, men en körning blev två och sen var jag fast, skrattar Daniel Thorén.
Daniel driver till vardags eget företag i maskinbranschen och har varit aktiv som samarbetspartner och sponsor inom rallycrossen både i andra team och hos Hedströms Motorsport, sedan ett antal år tillbaka.

I helgen som gick genomförde Daniel sitt första riktiga test och även första tävlingserfarenhet. Detta på den 1,15 km långa VM-banan Circuit Jules Tacheny i Mettet, Belgien.
- Vi började lugnt och jobbade upp farten, jag förbättrade mig runt fyra sekunder på varvet mot slutet av dagen och det kändes bra, berättar Daniel Thorén.
På söndagen avslutade teamet med tävling, där Daniel slutade på en femteplats av åtta i klassen.

Nu till helgen kör Daniel ytterligare en steg i sin Supercar-skola tillsammans med Hedströms Motorsport, då han deltar i sin andra tävling, nere på Duivelsbergcircuit i Belgiska Maasmechelen.
- Det är verkligen roligt att ha med Daniel in i teamet, han går från klarhet till klarhet och har en otroligt bra utvecklingskurva, jag skulle inte bli förvånad om vi ser honom i Rally-X final redan i år, säger Peter Hedström.

Klart är att Daniel kommer att köra full säsong i årets Rally X Nordic och att satsningen är treårig, men övriga förare och deras kalender hos Hedströms Motorsport håller Peter Hedström på en stund till.
- Vi jobbar just nu med de sista pusselbitarna för både min kalender och ytterligare namn i teamet, säger Peter diplomatiskt.
18-02-28 Continued learning for Team Faren’s rising stars at Ål
Ice racing novices Conner Martell and Nathan Heathcote continued to embellish their skills at the wheel of Supercar Lites rallycross cars in the third round of RallyX on Ice at Ål in Norway (February 25).

Under the guidance of Team Faren owner Eric Faren, the young drivers embarked on the frozen lake circuit for the very first time, in the highly-competitive field of Scandinavian winter-racing specialists.

GRC Lites race-winner Martell’s event didn’t get off the best start, the American driver being forced off into a snow bank in his Q1 race, before climbing back up the order in Q2 and Q3. In an event dictated by difficult and changeable track conditions, coupled with limited visibility due to thick snow dust from following other cars, Martell ended up 10th overall in the Intermediate Classification, ahead of the knock-out semi-final races.

Competing in his second-ever ice event, reigning British Rallycross Championship Heathcote had his day blighted by outside grid slots from the randomly allocated draw, meaning he spent the qualifying races battling in traffic and ended up 17th overall to secure a place in the semi-finals.

Starting in semi-finals one and two respectively, Martell and Heathcote both produced accomplished performances in the four-wheel drive Supercar Lites machines and finished fourth, just shy of a place in the final.

“This event here was actually a lot harder than the previous two races, the conditions were really difficult. The lake snow dust from the other cars is unreal, it’s like driving in fog non-stop, but it’s been a lot of fun,” said Martell. “We got pushed into a snow bank in Q1 and got stuck. We finished P2 and P3 in the second and third heats, then P4 in the semi. This is probably the most challenging driving time I’ve ever had in a car. I made a really good start in the semi and battled it out all race. I was running third after the first turn but touched a snow bank. The front guys pulled away a little bit and I just couldn’t make it happen. It’s been a lot of fun and I’m excited for the next round. I raced at that track last year, I really liked it and I’m looking forward.”

Racing in only his second ever event in a Supercar Lites car, Heathcote continued to learn new skills, but also struggled with being stuck in traffic. “I started on the outside in the heats, which is completely the opposite to Holjes where I started on pole twice. That time my starts weren’t great but this round I had them on point most of the day, I just couldn’t find the positions straight away. As soon as you’re stuck behind people in the spray there’s nothing you can do,” said Heathcote. “We tried a lap one joker in the heats, then in the semi-finals I made a good start and we managed to get over into the main lap, but the pack was already in a train and it was hard to push in. The track was changing all day, every time you went out there the conditions were different but I’ve loved it. It’s really enjoyable it and I’ve learnt a lot which I can take to the next round and the main RX2 season.”

Team Principal Eric Faren, was pleased with the pace shown by his team’s drivers and is hoping that both can make it into the final at the last winter event in Gol this weekend. “Conner has again had great pace and Nathan has improved a lot from the last race. His starts were perfect but had bad luck with the grids and visibility,” he said. “There’s been a lot of new experiences for both of them, which is the main reason we are here. It’s all positive, but still we want to fight at the front and we need to work on why we are not in the final and fighting for the podiums, because we are in a good position if you look at the pace. Next weekend will be a better event in general, we know from last year that it’s a good track. Conner liked it last year, Nathan has two races of experience now and both are going faster all the time, so we’ll try to have both drivers in the final. That’s the goal.”

The final round of the RallyX on Ice series at Gol (Norway) will take this coming Saturday (March 3), and will be broadcast on Motorsport.com around the world and SBF in Sweden.

RESULT: Ål Supercar Lites
1 Robin Larsson (SWE)
2 Oliver Eriksson (SWE)
3 Kevin Eriksson (SWE)
4 Alexander Westlund (SWE)
5 Sondre Evjen (NOR)
6 Pelle Willen (SWE)
10 Conner Martell (USA)
17 Nathan Heathcote (GBR)
STANDINGS: RallyX on Ice
1 Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 100
2 Kevin Eriksson (SWE) 93
3 Sondre Evjen (NOR) 92
4 Alexander Westlund (SWE) 74
5 Ben Philip Gundersen (NOR) 71
6 Vasilily Gryazin (LAT) 69
10 Conner Martell (USA) 56
19 Nathan Heathcote (GBR) 2
18-02-27 RallyX on Ice-finalen varvar upp med livesändning i SVT
Live-sändning från den spännande RallyX on Ice-finalen. Indy 500-legendaren Hélio Castroneves bidrar till stjärnstatusen. TV-tittare får se all finalaction live från Gol i Norge

Efter tre spektakulära tävlingar sänds den efterlängtade RallyX on Ice-finalen live i helgen av SVT.
RallyX on Ice har under de tre första tävlingarna i Östersund, Höljes och Ål i Norge bjudit på spännande underhållning. Hemligheten bakom framgångarna har varit en blandning av spännande racing, spektakulära sladdar och stjärnförare, från Indycar-mästare som Josef Newgarden till FIA World Rallcross-segrare som Timmy Hansen och Kevin Erikson samt FIA European Rallycross-mästare som Robin Larsson och Timur Timerzyanov.

Då säsongen är på väg mot en spännande avslutning i Gol i Norge på lördag den tredje mars ansluter trefaldige Indy 500-segraren Hélio Castroneves och tar över ratten från Newgarden hos Team Penske. Precis som sin föregångare har brasilianaren ingen erfarenhet av varken rallycross eller isracing och kommer garanterat bjuda på en spektakulär uppvisning.

Som en extra boost inför finalen utökas TV-sändningarna utöver Motorsport.coms onlinekanal Motorsport TV samt SBF Play med en tvåtimmars livesändning i SVT Play samt eftersändning i SVT1, något som vidare understryker RallyX on Ices snabbt växande populäritet.

Sändningen börjar 13:00 på lördag den tredje mars där tittarna kan se spännande action på den snötäckta banan medan eftersändningen i SVT1 börjar 15:30.
– Vi är mycket glada över att kunna sända finalen av detta nya evenemang. Vi känner att RallyX on Ice kommer att bli ett bra komplement till våra sändningar av FIA World Rallycross Championship, säger Tobias Alsing, exekutiv producent på SVT Sport.
– Det är ett gott betyg på den starka framfart som vårt mästerskap gör att SVT sänder finalen i Gol live. Rallycross är stort i Sverige och med så många svenska förare på startuppställningen kommer det definitivt att vara mycket hemmaintresse. Den oemotståndliga, högoktaniga underhållningen kommer ge fantastisk TV och allt detta mot en bakgrund av ett gnistrande vinterland, säger Andreas Eriksson, vd för Olsbergs MSE, som ligger bakom RallyX On Ice-konceptet.

18-02-26 Larsson keeps his cool for victory as rivals risk Ål or nothing
Former European Champion leads Swedish top four in Norway. New frozen lake venue generates thrilling race day action. Brothers Oliver and Kevin Eriksson add to OMSE trophy haul.

Robin Larsson kept his head while Ål around him lost theirs in the third round of RallyX on Ice in Norway yesterday (25 February), as the former FIA European Rallycross Champion spearheaded an Olsbergs MSE podium clean sweep.

Following a brace of Swedish outings at Östersund and Höljes, RallyX on Ice sped across the border to Ål at the weekend for the third stop on its 2018 calendar. A victory and pair of runner-up finishes through the qualifying phases marked Larsson out as one of the Supercar Lites class favourites heading into the semi-finals, sitting a threatening third in the intermediate rankings.

The Swede subsequently kept Oliver Eriksson honest from lights-to-flag to progress through to the final for the first time in RallyX on Ice, before errors from both his countryman and Sondre Evjen opened the door for him to sprint to a breakthrough and hugely popular triumph behind the wheel of his OMSE-prepared, Larsson Jernberg Motorsport car.

“I’ve been driving rallycross for many years, but the ice element is new to me and it’s kind of like going back to basics,” Larsson reflected. “I’m learning so much with every race and getting better all the time, and after a rough run at Östersund and Höljes, it’s great to come away with my first win.

“The starts are so important on the ice, because a good one makes the rest of the race so much simpler due to the snow spray when you’re following other cars, and I got away well every time here. The key was to not make any mistakes. It was all about moderating your pace and trying to survive. The event organisers did a great job with the track – it was a lot of fun to drive and after two bad weekends, we’ve come from the bottom to the top so I’m really happy.”

Eriksson was left ruing a case of what might have been in second, after a series of small mistakes in the final scuppered his hopes of replicating his curtain-raising Östersund success. The teenager nonetheless regained his composure to secure the runner-up spoils at the chequered flag, in so doing extending his advantage in the points classification with just one round left to run.

“It was all really decided at the beginning of the final,” reflected the 19-year-old. “Robin and I got pretty similar starts. I had the inside line, but then he came back at me and we had a bit of a battle. I tried to keep up with him, but with visibility being so limited, it was really tough.

“In the conditions, it was very easy to mess up – I think I had ‘moments’ in just about every corner, so I was quite honestly glad to bring the car back in one piece. And to still be leading the overall standings too, well I can’t complain, can I?”

The rostrum was completed by Eriksson’s older brother Kevin, who similarly had to rebound from a difficult start to the day – with both siblings finding themselves stuck in snow banks in the opening heat. The FIA World Rallycross Championship race-winner overcame a back row starting spot in the final to scythe through to the podium, in so doing maintaining his positive recent momentum.

“I’m never satisfied to finish third – I always want to win – but both Oliver and I had a very tough first qualifier so we had to climb back from that,” he acknowledged. “I had a brilliant launch in the final from the rear of the grid, but with nowhere to go I couldn’t do very much with it so I decided to take an early joker.

“Visibility was always going to be an issue out there, but it was so much fun. I fought hard and I’m happy to get a podium, and very pleased for Robin to bounce back from a tricky couple of rounds. He did a great job.”

Alexander Westlund made it four Swedes inside the top four following a very solid performance – with a Q3 victory underscoring his raw pace – while Evjen could justifiably lay claim to the ‘hard luck’ story of the day. The home hero – who hails from just up the road from the track – was in commanding form through the heats and semi-finals, winning three races out of four and looking odds-on for glory as he leapt out-of-the-blocks at the start of the final.

Unfortunately for the young Norwegian, just as his supporters were beginning to ready the champagne corks, a mistake heading onto the main straight sent him skating dramatically off-piste – an error compounded by a further delay into Turn One shortly after. Fifth place at the flag was scant reward for a determined effort weekend-long, and Evjen will doubtless be fired-up to make amends at Gol in less than a week’s time.

Pelle Wilén was the remaining final protagonist, and the Swede seemed set for a second consecutive fourth position until a last lap ‘off’ removed him from the reckoning – but not before he had once again made his presence known.

From a front row berth in his semi-final, Jonathan Walfridsson never recovered from a tardy getaway that dropped him down the order, while others to narrowly miss the final cut included Vasiliy Gryazin and Ben-Philip Gundersen – both of whom shone in the qualifiers, with the Latvian in particular catching the eye as he dominated his first two heat races.

American Conner Martell and Höljes surprise package Jami Kalliomäki continued to show flashes of promise, and the former’s countryman Josef Newgarden finished an honourable fifth in his semi-final, after improving his pace throughout the day. The reigning Verizon INDYCAR Series Champion with Team Penske revealed that the experience had been ‘a blast’, as he deservedly earned his rallycross spurs in arguably the most demanding conditions of all.

In the supporting RX Academy on Ice, Jesse Kallio replicated his tactics from Höljes to play an off-sequence ‘joker’ that proved to be the key to his success. After piling the pressure on RX2 Series regular Simon Syversen throughout the semi-final, the Finn leapfrogged the Norwegian and compatriots Sami-Matti Trogen and Joni Wiman in the final to seal back-to-back triumphs with a cool, calm and collected effort.

Having led for much of the race, former Global Rallycross Champion Wiman fought hard to finish second, with Trogen making it a Finnish top three lockout as he reached the rostrum for the first time with a mature showing. Two-time FIA European Rallycross Champion Timur Timerzyanov was a late addition to the entry list and won on his ice racing debut in Q1, before going on to take the flag fifth in the final following an early ‘off’.

In Speedcar Xtreme – for potent 312kg, 150bhp crosskarts – age once again defied youth as round one winner Finn Erik Løberg left FIA World RX superstars Timmy and Kevin Hansen trailing in his wheeltracks. A later joker enabled the elder of the two Swedish siblings to prevail in the scrap for second.

“For the first race meeting on this frozen lake at Ål, I think we can say it has been a spectacular success,” enthused Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson, the man behind the exciting winter sport initiative. “The racing was the most exciting that we have seen to-date, with some incredible doorhandle-to-doorhandle duels and no shortage of drama throughout the field.

“Congratulations as ever to all of our podium-finishers, and also to Josef Newgarden, who took on a tremendous challenge by trying something completely outside of his comfort zone and fared admirably – he has every right to feel very proud of his performance here. Josef has set the bar high for Hélio Castroneves at Gol next weekend, and I wait with great interest to see what unfolds in our eagerly-anticipated RallyX on Ice finale.”

Supercar Lites Final
1. Robin LARSSON SWE 5 laps
2. Oliver ERIKSSON SWE +4.963s
3. Kevin ERIKSSON SWE +6.602s
4. Alexander WESTLUND SWE +17.840s
5. Sondre EVJEN NOR +27.461s
6. Pelle WILÉN SWE +2 laps

RX Academy on Ice Final
1. Jesse KALLIO FIN 5 laps
2. Joni WIMAN FIN +0.336s
3. Sami-Matti TROGEN FIN +4.731s
4. Firmin CADDEDU FRA +16.617s
5. Timur TIMERZYANOV RUS +40.965s
6. Simon SYVERSEN NOR +1 lap

Speedcar Xtreme Final
1. Finn Erik LØBERG NOR 5 laps
2. Timmy HANSEN SWE +13.133s
3. Kevin HANSEN SWE +19.178s
4. Jimmie ÖSTERBERG SWE +28.895s
5. Ole Henry STEINSHOLT NOR +4 laps
6. Aleksander WIIK NOR +5 laps

2018 RallyX on Ice Calendar
February 3 Östersund, Sweden
February 10 Höljes, Sweden
February 25 Ål, Norway
March 3 Gol, Norway
18-02-25 JC Raceteknik plockade viktiga poäng under RallyX on Ice i Ål
JC Raceteknik kvalade in med två förare i bästa startspår i finalen, men misstag på banan gjorde att de missade pallplatsen.
– Självklart vill man alltid avsluta på pallen, men vi är nöjda med tävlingen och tar med oss bra poäng härifrån, säger teamchef Joel Christoffersson.

Den tredje och näst sista RallyX on Ice-tävlingen har precis avslutats i norska Ål, på den tillfälligt upplogade banan på sjön Vatsfjorden. Men trots en lyckad helg blev det dessvärre ingen pallplatsen för teamet JC Raceteknik den här helgen.

Hemmaföraren Sondre Evjen hade till en början en riktigt kanontävling, med bra starter och flyt på banan. Han var snabbast på träningen, segrade i två av de tre heaten samt plockade mest poäng i grundomgången. Även i semifinalen blev det vinst, vilket gav honom bästa startspår i finalen. Där tog han starten, men två misstag gjorde att han tappade ledningen och slutade istället femma. Trots sin femteplats plockade han tack vare sina starka insats lika många poäng som Oliver Eriksson, och han ligger efter tävlingen på en fortsatt tredjeplats i RallyX on Ice.

Även Pelle Wilén hade en bra tävling och placerade sig i toppen under samtliga heat. Han slutade på andraplats i grundomgången, segrade i semifinalen och fick därmed starta från främre led i finalen. Men väl där gjorde han en dålig start. Han gasade ikapp förarna framför och låg fyra när han gled ut i en snövall och tvingades bryta. Trots det klättrar han från nionde till sjunde plats i totalen.

Jonathan Walfridsson visade bra fart och placerade sig etta, tvåa, tvåa i de tre heaten och slutade på fjärdeplats i grundomgången. Dessvärre räckte det inte till final och han kom åtta i tävlingen. Ben-Philip Gundersen höll sig i toppen under hela tävlingen, men slutade trea i semifinalen och blev därmed förste föraren utanför final. Jimmie Walfridson har varit bra med i starterna, men sikten gjorde att han fick kämpa på banan. 14-årige Isak Reiersen, som kör RX Academy, hade en lite motigare tävling. Trots snabba varvtider kämpade han med starterna och tvingades bryta i semifinalen.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Det var en bra tävlingsdag för oss. Att vara etta och tvåa in i finalen är fantastiskt, och vi är väldigt nöjda med farten våra förare hade i helgen. Men tyvärr gjorde några misstag i finalen att Sondre och Pelle slutade femma och sexa. Självklart vill man alltid avsluta på pallen, men vi är nöjda med tävlingen och tar med oss bra poäng härifrån. Pelle imponerade stort, och har verkligen utvecklats i sina starter. Jonathan var riktigt snabb, och det är synd att han inte nådde längre än till semifinal. Nu ser vi verkligen fram emot avgörandet i Gol, det är en fin bana som teamet gillar väldigt mycket.”

Sondre Evjen, Supercar Lites:
”I finalen tog jag starten, men det var spårigt och jag hamnade utanför banan. Jag lyckades komma in igen men tappade ledningen. I jokern såg jag ingenting så jag tog en chansning, men bommade totalt och tappade ytterligare placeringar. Förutom det är jag väldigt nöjd med tävlingen. Jag gjorde bra starter som räckte till flera racesegrar. Dessutom tog jag in många poäng på Kevin Eriksson i sammandraget. Nu är jag väldigt revanschsugen inför Gol, som också är min hemmabana.”

Pelle Wilén, Supercar Lites:
”Det var en ganska svårkörd tävling, men en snabb bana där rallykörstilen passar – och det gillar ju jag. Under en omgång var jag snabbast med 2,5 sekunder, så det kändes stort. I finalen spann jag i starten och var tvungen att stanna till i första sväng på grund av all snörök. Jag hamnade sjukt långt efter men kunde köra upp mig till en fjärdeplats. Men med lite mer än ett varv kvar gick jag av banan och fastnade. Trist, men jag är väldigt nöjd. Starterna har suttit hela helgen, och att varvtiderna var så här jäkla bra känns gött. Jag börjar komma in i bilen och få mer känsla i den.”

Isak Reiersen, RX Academy:
”Det här var inte min bästa helg, speciellt inte med starterna. Antingen hade jag för högt eller för lågt varvtal. Det gjorde att jag fick det svårt med snöröken, eftersom jag alltid låg bakom någon. Men förutom det hade jag bra fart på banan och gjorde snabba varvtider. Såklart är jag lite besviken, för jag hade högre förhoppningar. Men samtidigt så lär man sig mer av de här tävlingarna än de som går bra. Nu ska jag försöka få ihop ekonomin för att kunna köra den sista RallyX on Ice-tävlingen i Gol.”

Resultat Ål
Supercar Lites
1. Robin Larsson
2. Oliver Eriksson
3. Kevin Eriksson
4. Alexander Westlund
5. Sondre Evjen
6. Pelle Wilén
7. Vasily Gryazin
8. Jonathan Walfridsson
9. Ben-Philip Gundersen
10. Connor Martell
20. Jimmie Walfridson

RX Academy
1. Jesse Kallion
2. Joni Wiman
3. Sami-Matti Trogen
4. Firmin Caddedu
5. Timur Timerzyanov
6. Simon Wågö-Syversen
7. Isak Reiersen
8. Marko Muru
9. Jimi Kallimäki
10. Ada-Marie Hvaal

RallyX on Ice
Supercar Lites
1. Oliver Eriksson 100 p
2. Kevin Eriksson 93 p
3. Sondre Evjen 92 p
4. Alexander Westlund 74 p
5. Ben-Philip Gundersen 71 p
6. Vasilily Gryasin 69 p
7. Pelle Wilén 66 p
8. Robin Larsson 62 p
9. Jonathan Walfridsson 60 p
10. Conner Martell 56 p
20. Jimmie Walfridson 17 p

RX Academy
1. Jesse Kallio 95 p
2. Joni Wiman 93 p
3. Simon Wågö-Syversen 74 p
4. Sami-Matti Trogen 62 p
5 Marku Muru 52 p
6. Isak Reiersen 49 p
7. Oliver Bennett 38 p
8. Jimi Kalliomäki 38 p
9. Firmin Caddedu 36 p
10. Oliver Solberg 30 p
18-02-25 Larsson breaks ice racing duck with mature Norwegian run
Robin Larsson has made it three different winners in as many weekends as RallyX on Ice sped across the border from Sweden into Norway today (25 February), with the Swede keeping his cool in plunging temperatures to reach the top step of the rostrum at Ål.

The former FIA European Rallycross Champion was a consistent threat all day behind the wheel of his Olsbergs MSE-run, Larsson Jernberg Motorsport car, winning one of his three qualifying races and finishing second in the others. The runner-up spot in his semi-final then earned the Swede fourth on the grid for the all-important final. When early pace-setters Sondre Evjen and Oliver Eriksson erred, he was poised to pounce – and pounce he did.

“I’ve been driving rallycross for many years, but the ice element is new to me and it’s kind of like going back to basics,” Larsson reflected. “I’m learning so much with every race and getting better all the time, and after a rough run in the opening two rounds, it’s great to come away with my first win.”

Eriksson recovered from his error to salvage second place – maintaining his perfect podium record thus far, as well as his advantage in the points standings – with older brother Kevin Eriksson making it an OMSE clean sweep by joining him on the rostrum in third following a solid run.

Alexander Westlund finished fourth, ahead of pole-sitter Evjen. Pelle Wilén was the only non-finisher.

Supercar Lites Final
1. Robin LARSSON
2. Oliver ERIKSSON
4. Alexander WESTLUND
5. Sondre EVJEN
6. Pelle WILÉN

RX Academy on Ice Final
1. Jesse KALLIO
2. Joni WIMAN
3. Sami-Matti TROGEN
4. Firmin CADDEDU

Speedcar Xtreme Final
1. Finn Erik LØBERG
2. Timmy HANSEN
3. Kevin HANSEN
6. Aleksander WIIK

18-02-25 Standout 2017 rallycross rookie joins OMSE for concerted title tilt
Former Belgian rallying champion fired-up for the fight
25-year-old excited to kick-start his challenge on home soil
Olsbergs MSE has recruited last season’s RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires ‘Rookie of the Year’ Guillaume De Ridder to spearhead its 2018 title defence in the official FIA World Rallycross Championship feeder series.

Coming from a rallying background – lifting the Belgian Group N class laurels in 2014 – De Ridder made the transition to rallycross at the beginning of last year with JC Raceteknik. Immediately turning heads with his raw pace, accomplished racecraft and mature approach, the 25-year-old sped to three podium finishes from seven starts in the fiercely-disputed junior series.

The Belgian came close to winning the penultimate outing in France – taking the chequered flag less than half-a-second behind champion Cyril Raymond – and his impressive results earned him both third place in the end-of-season standings as well as the prestigious Cooper Tires ‘Rallycross Rookie of the Year’ Award at the South African Awards Gala in November.

Having now signed to contest RX2’s 2018 campaign with Swedish rallycross powerhouse OMSE, De Ridder admits that he has one goal and one goal only – that of following in Raymond’s wheeltracks by clinching the coveted crown.

“It’s fantastic to be going into my second season of RX2 in such a strong position,” enthused the Nivelles native. “To think that only 15 months ago, I knew nothing about rallycross and now I will be competing for one of the most respected teams in the paddock is like a dream come true.

“Last year, I had to get to grips with the discipline, the tracks, the car, the tactics, tyre management and the ‘joker’ lap – everything was new to me. Twelve months on, I now have that experience under my belt and most encouragingly of all, I proved towards the end of 2017 that I could take the fight to Cyril Raymond, who is a two-time champion in the series.

“Rallycross is essentially a succession of ‘sprint’ races, in which you can leave absolutely nothing to chance. It is quite clear that I will need to work hard and be right at the top of my game this year, but I am ready to step up to the challenge. I can’t wait to get back behind the wheel and to go racing again. Better still, the first round will be on home turf for me, in front of all the Belgian fans at Mettet, so it will be a very special place to start the season.”

De Ridder’s optimism is shared by Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson, who is confident that in the team’s new signing, he has the perfect replacement for Raymond – a driver who won all bar one of the 2017 RX2 rounds.

“Guillaume caught our eye very early on last year,” he explained. “For somebody with no rallycross experience behind him to come in and perform the way he did – almost from the word ‘go’ – was quite exceptional. Both inside and outside of the car, he is the consummate professional and by the end of the season, Guillaume had established himself as Cyril’s most consistent and closest rival.

“That made him our number one target to join OMSE in 2018, and we are delighted to have reached an agreement that we believe gives us our best possible shot at successfully defending the Drivers’ crown.”

The remainder of OMSE’s 2018 RX2 driver line-up will be revealed in due course. The season will begin at Mettet in Belgium on 12/13 May, going on to visit the UK, Norway, Sweden, Canada, France and South Africa – all in support of the high-profile FIA World Rallycross Championship. The only change to the schedule compared to last year is the replacement of Lydden Hill with Silverstone for the British fixture.

Olsbergs MSE (OMSE) is a worldwide organisation focussed on design, engineering and manufacturing, primarily of rallycross cars but also stage rallying and Pikes Peak hillclimb vehicles.

Founded by former Swedish Rally Champion Andreas Eriksson in 2005 and with bases in both Sweden and the USA, OMSE is a leading contender across the board. The company’s hugely successful Supercar Lites brand – as used in both RX2 and GRC Lites – is widely regarded as the blueprint for single-make rallycross feeder series and the ideal platform for the next generation of talent in the discipline.

Amongst OMSE’s most notable achievements in the sport have been the 2014 FIA World Rallycross Championship Teams’ crown with Ford, consecutive Global Rallycross titles from 2012 to 2014, GRC Lites glory in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and back-to-back RX Lites / RX2 honours in 2016 and 2017 – as well as no fewer than 19 X Games medals, including a brace of podium clean sweeps.

18-02-24 Q&A: Josef Newgarden
Reigning INDYCAR Champ having ‘a blast’ on ice racing debut
American sets sights on reaching the final on race day
Team Penske star talks about his first snow bank experience

Reigning Verizon INDYCAR Series Champion Josef Newgarden got his first taste of driving quickly on snow today, as he revs up towards his RallyX on Ice debut at Ål in Norway tomorrow (25 February).

The American will pilot the No.2 Supercar Lites entry, fielded by Swedish rallycross powerhouse Olsbergs MSE and bearing the iconic colours of Team Penske. Here, he shares his thoughts on his initial laps behind the wheel...

How have you found your first experience of ice driving?

It’s been a blast. It’s obviously very different to what I’m used to. You have to drive this car sideways all the time. You can’t not be doing anything – you have to either be on the brakes or on the throttle or on the handbrake. It’s been tricky to get my brain around what I need to do and the biggest thing for me right now is finding consistency, but it’s an awesome car to drive, especially on the ice. I like the fact that you have to drive it hard – you can’t relax at any stage. I realised very quickly that as soon as you stop doing something, the car stops working. I’ve just been trying to figure out how to use the brakes, how to pitch the car in and how to get back on the throttle – it’s all very different in terms of the technique, but hopefully now I’ve got a little bit of an idea of what I need to do to be competitive. For me as a driver, it’s a great opportunity to learn a new skillset – getting that diversity in your toolkit I think helps you a lot. I’m enjoying it and I think it’s going to be fun to try and figure it all out this weekend.

Coming from an open-wheel background, is this a bit like learning how to drive all over again?

Yeah, it’s almost like I’ve never raced before! It’s not quite that dramatic, but the technique is so new to me that you have to forget everything you’ve learned from an open-wheel perspective or in karts. I think that’s fun, though. It forces you to try something different and to adjust and that, to me, makes you better at the end of the day. I’m enjoying the challenge and hopefully if I get on top of it a little bit more, I can be competitive for the races.

Talking of doing something different, what inspired you to come and try this in the first place?

Obviously we have Team Penske on the car, so they’ve allowed us to come and do this, and it’s fun sharing the car with my team-mates. We had Austin Cindric out here for the first two rounds, I’m doing this one and then Hélio Castroneves is coming to do the last one. I think Hélio’s going to be a little out of his element when he comes next weekend, being from Brazil, and I’m actually excited to see how he’s going to do. It’s been a big Team Penske effort, and we’re really just having some fun during the off-season, trying something new. We’re normally pretty busy at this stage of the year preparing for the start of the IndyCar campaign, so it’s cool to get the opportunity and I didn’t need asking twice! It would be great to be able to bring this car and series to the States – I’d love to do it if it was a little bit closer to home, but at the same time, it’s fun to come to Norway. It’s beautiful to see this country and everybody’s been so welcoming. I couldn’t turn this opportunity down. As soon as Team Penske told me about it, I was ready to rock!

You drove a few laps of the track today – how did you find it?

It’s very technical, with a lot of hairpins and chicanes and it looks like a really interesting course. It’s weird being on a lake, driving around in a rallycross car, but it’s been fun. The grip changes constantly throughout the day, which is different to the way a track rubbers up in an open-wheel car. They’re all things to take in and try to figure out.

You had a minor disagreement with a snow bank along the way too...

Yeah... I was trying to finish the day with a pretty hot lap and I think it would have been a good one, but it just caught me out. Still, it was good to get that out of the way – hopefully it won’t happen again tomorrow. We had a lot of clean laps for most of the day.

So what’s the aim for race day? The other drivers don’t mess about, do they..?

Obviously these are some of the top guys around in rallycross, so it’s going to be difficult to be successful but for sure, we would like to have a good run. The key will be to not make too many mistakes. I’d love to win a race – that would be great. I don’t know how high up we can get; if we make it into the final, I’ll be really satisfied – that would be a big achievement and I think it’s a good goal for us. It’s going to be difficult – these guys are the best-of-the-best in this type of series, so I’ve got my hands full for sure up against them – but hopefully we can find some speed and be competitive.
18-02-22 Olsbergs MSE primed for A°l-out attack in Norway
Six-strong team aiming to maintain unbeaten run in RallyX on Ice
INDYCAR Champ Newgarden fired-up for ‘huge challenge’
Follow all the action LIVE online via motorsport.com and SBF Play

Rallycross powerhouse Olsbergs MSE is targeting a hat-trick of victories as RallyX on Ice speeds over the Swedish border to A°l in Norway this weekend (25 February), with a special guest appearance from a Verizon INDYCAR Series superstar.

Spurred on by younger brother Oliver Eriksson’s success in the Östersund curtain-raiser, Kevin Eriksson raced to victory at Höljes earlier this month, with a consummate performance at the home of Sweden’s mid-summer FIA World Rallycross Championship event.

The Scandinavian siblings will be aiming to complete a family hat-trick in round three of the hugely popular winter series, but this time, there will be a new name in the frame to beat – and a very big name at that. Revving up to make his rallycross debut in Norway is reigning INDYCAR Champion Josef Newgarden, who will take over from Austin Cindric in the Team Penske-liveried car, fielded by OMSE.

“Now that I’ve seen the couple of races that Austin has run, I feel like I have a better idea as to what I’m getting into,” revealed the American. “This will still be a huge challenge and undertaking for me, but I’m more than excited for the opportunity.

“I got the chance to drive a lot of different cars at the Race of Champions a few weeks ago, which will hopefully help me to adapt, but I don’t know anything you can do to try and adapt to racing on ice. No matter how it goes, I’m looking forward to the experience and I think it will be a lot of fun.”

Last year’s RX2 International Series and GRC Lites Champion Cyril Raymond will be bidding to bounce back from a tough time at Höljes, where his raw pace went unrewarded. The same goes for Cole Keatts, whose challenge in Sweden was undone when his car was struck by that of a rival during the qualifying stages.

“We’ve not had the best of fortunes over the first couple of weekends,” teenage prodigy Keatts acknowledged. “We’ve always seemed to find ourselves in the wrong place at the wrong time, but hopefully now our bad luck is out of the way and we can crack the semi-finals at A°l. We have the pace and potential, so putting it all together will be the key to making the semis!”

OMSE’s entry is completed by former FIA European Rallycross Champion Robin Larsson, whose car will run under the colours of Larsson Jernberg Motorsport.

Tickets for round three of RallyX on Ice at A°l this Sunday (25 February) can be purchased on-site (cash only), with gates opening at 08h30 and the racing getting underway at 09h00.

RallyX on Ice will be broadcast live around the world on Motorsport.com’s online Motorsport TV channel, with additional live coverage for Swedish viewers via SBF Play.

18-02-15 The Magnificent Seven
Höljes RX pace-setters boast glittering career résumés
Eight major titles between nine Swedish podium stars
Stage set for IndyCar heavyweights to test their mettle

Just one glance at the above photograph showing the nine RallyX on Ice podium-finishers from Höljes in Sweden last weekend tells you all you need to know about the calibre of the hugely popular winter series – six of them are major international or national rallycross champions, and a seventh a multiple race-winner at the pinnacle of the sport.

Let’s start with Kevin Eriksson – winner in the headlining Supercar Lites category on home soil five days ago. The Swede was RX Lites Champion in 2014, while his younger brother Oliver – who finished third at Höljes – lifted the GRC Lites laurels the following year.

Moving onto the supporting RX Academy on Ice, winner Jesse Kallio was the 2014 Finnish Rallycross Champion, with compatriot Joni Wiman – runner-up last weekend – progressing from GRC Lites Champion in 2014 to GRC Champion outright 12 months later.

In Speedcar Xtreme, finally – for potent 312kg, 150bhp crosskarts – the rostrum was monopolised by a trio of big names. 2016 FIA European Rallycross Champion and 2015 RX Lites Champion Kevin Hansen mounted the top step, with 2015 Finnish Rallycross Champion Niclas Grönholm sealing the runner-up spoils. Although not a champion in his own right in the discipline, third-placed Timmy Hansen finished second overall in the FIA World Rallycross Championship in 2015 and is five times a race-winner at the highest level.

Similarly in the field at Höljes were reigning RX2 International Series and GRC Lites Champion Cyril Raymond – a podium-finisher in the Supercar Lites class in the Östersund curtain-raiser – 2014 FIA European Rallycross Champion Robin Larsson, 2017 MSA British Rallycross Champion Nathan Heathcote, 2016 French Rallycross Champion Firmin Caddedu and 2015 GRC Lites championship runner-up Austin Cindric.

And that’s not even to mention the upcoming appearance of defending Verizon IndyCar Series Champion Josef Newgarden and three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Hélio Castroneves at Ål and Gol respectively...

“I think the standard of drivers that we have attracted to compete in RallyX on Ice underscores that this is unquestionably the place to be for a pre-season winter warm-up,” affirmed Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson, the man behind the initiative. “It is, quite simply, a hotbed of promising young talent in the sport, and the fact that seven of the nine podium-finishers at Höljes had already achieved significant success in other series augurs extremely well for the summer season ahead.

“In the meantime, of course, we still have the Norwegian events to go at Ål and Gol, and it will be fascinating to see how our two IndyCar heavyweights fare against some of the most exciting rallycross drivers of the current generation. It’s going to be unmissable!”

All four rounds of RallyX on Ice will be livestreamed by the world's biggest digital motorsport platform, motorsport.com via its Motorsport TV online channel.
18-02-13 Red Bull Global Rallycross comes to Lydden Hill for 2018 season finale
The Home of Rallycross to play host to America's finest rallycross racers
Select 'wildcard' entries to support established Red Bull GRC runners
Revised circuit layout to feature signature 70ft table-top jump

After months of speculation, Lydden Hill has been confirmed as the venue for the double-header season finale of the 2018 Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship (GRC) on October 27-28. The birthplace of rallycross will welcome some of the finest rallycross racers from across the pond, together with a number of select 'wildcard' entries as the UK takes on the USA for the first time in Red Bull GRC history.

Lydden Hill boss Pat Doran confirmed the announcement following lengthy discussions over the winter months: "I'm delighted to finally confirm Lydden Hill as the venue for the final round of the 2018 Red Bull Global Rallycross Championship. Lydden has been at the forefront of rallycross for more than 50 years and we've invested in the sport throughout that time.

"It's fitting therefore that the GRC's return to Europe is here, where rallycross fans will get the opportunity to see the best GRC has to offer, including the series' signature 70ft table top jump, on our purpose-built rallycross track. We always receive great support from the motorsport fraternity, and I'm sure the fans will be out in force once again as we pull out all the stops to ensure the GRC season-finale is a sell-out success."

Red Bull GRC's debut at Lydden Hill will mark the first rallycross event in Europe for the series since 2013, and the first-ever visit for many of its drivers to the continent. Expected participants include three-time defending series champion Scott Speed and past Lydden Hill race winner Tanner Foust. Alongside the top-level competition, this year's Red Bull GRC Lydden Hill will also serve as the inaugural season finale for the series' new Polaris RZR® class.

"Bringing Red Bull Global Rallycross to Lydden Hill's historic venue makes perfect sense for the series' long-awaited return to Europe." said Red Bull GRC CEO Colin Dyne. "Our teams and drivers are looking forward to battling it out for the championship on the circuit where the sport first began, so fans will be sure to see some of the most intense racing of the year over this double-header weekend."
18-02-12 Solid weekend for Team Faren at Holjes on Ice
Rallycross squad Team Faren enjoyed a solid weekend with drivers Conner Martell and Nathan Heathcote in the second round of the RallyX on Ice series at Holjes (February 10).

Running two identical Supercar Lites for the very first time, Team Faren prepared for the event with a test session for new signing Heathcote, who won the MSA British Rallycross Championship last season, before joining rising American star Martell for the second round of the winter series.

Martell had impressed against the Scandinavian drivers more accustomed to racing on ice at the opening round in Ostersund by making it to the final in the highly competitive field, and continued that form at FIA World Rallycross Championship venue Holjes, by finishing second in each of his three qualifying races to be fifth overall in the Intermediate Classification.

Heathcote meanwhile made his maiden appearance both racing on ice and in a Supercar Lites, but challenged during the qualifying races and joined Martell in the semi-finals by qualifying 16th in the Intermediate Classification, quickly getting to grips with the single-make 310 bhp, four-wheel drive machine.

Starting from the front row of semi-final two, Martell ran second for much of the race but lost time in the closing stages after contact with another competitor and just missed out on a place in the final. Heathcote finished semi-final one in fifth position.

Martell enjoyed racing at one of the most famous rallycross circuits in the world. “I was really excited to come to Holjes and race here,” he said. “The track is insane, there’s a lot of elevation changes and it’s really, really tricky. The ice kind of fell apart really quickly, so by the end it was almost all tarmac and there were bad ruts everywhere. It was really inconsistent and hard to find good grip. It was a lot of fun racing here, we were second in every heat and started P2 in the semi. We ran the whole race in second until the second to last lap when we took the joker and at the exit had contact with the guy behind. That put me into the snow bank which slowed me down quite a bit. We’re looking forward to the next race.”

Having used the Holjes event to learn the conditions and the car, Heathcote is hoping to build on his maiden Lites performance in round three, in two weeks’ time. “I had a really good day, it was a good start to my campaign on the ice. It started well, the conditions were a lot better at the start of the day so my pace was a lot better than, by the end the ice had gone down to the more gravelly sections so it was a bit more unpredictable,” he explained. “I had a couple of good starts, but not all of them were great so if I had managed to get on top of the starts I think we would have had a better result in the end. It’s hard to come from the back of the grid in these conditions. I did better than I thought I might do, the competition is massive here so this race can do down more as practice and the next one can be more of a race. The team made me feel really welcome and I’m really looking forward to the next round.”

Team Principal Eric Faren, who himself qualified for the semi-finals in the FIA World Rallycross Championship at Holjes in 2015, was pleased with the performance of the team’s drivers. “We had both cars in the same race in Q1, so we were straight into having both cars fighting in the same heat, but the guys are at a similar stage in their career and we have a plan for them to work together and not against each other,” he said. “We were a bit unlucky in the end, but it’s been very promising. Conner was again fighting at the top with the Swedish and Norwegian ice specialists, and for his every first race on snow Nathan was also very promising and he did similar lap times to the top guys. From when we started testing on Thursday morning to the end of the race in Holjes, Nathan’s confidence grew so much, that’s very promising for the next ice races and also the summer season.”

The third round of the RallyX on Ice series at Al (Norway) will take place in two weeks (February 25), and will be broadcast on Motorsport.com around the world and SBF in Sweden.

RESULT: Holjes
1 Kevin Eriksson (SWE)
2 Sondre Evjen (NOR)
3 Oliver Eriksson (SWE)
4 Pelle Wilen (SWE)
5 Alexander Westlund (SWE)
6 Jami Kalliomaki (FIN)
8 Conner Martell (USA)
17 Nathan Heathcote (GBR)
STANDINGS: RallyX on Ice
1 Oliver Eriksson (SWE) 67
2 Kevin Eriksson (SWE) 65
3 Sondre Evjen (NOR) 53
4 Ben Philip Gundersen (NOR) 52
5 Alexander Westlund (SWE) 48
6 Vasilily Gryazin (LAT) 46
7 Conner Martell (USA) 42
20 Nathan Heathcote (GBR) 11
18-02-10 Andra raka pallplatsen för JC Raceteknik – Evjen tvåa under RallyX on Ice i Höljes
För andra helgen i rad knep Sondre Evjen en andraplats. Poängen gör dessutom att 20-åringen klättrar till en total tredjeplats i RallyX on Ice.
– Det som tog mig upp på pallen idag är snabba starter, ett bra samarbete med min spotter och rätt val av jokerspåret, säger Evjen.

Vi har redan bockat av två av fyra deltävlingar i RallyX on Ice. Helgens tävling tog plats på den välkända Höljesbanan i Värmland. Samtliga av JC Racetekniks sex förare kvalificerade sig till semifinal, där tre gick vidare till final. Dessutom fick teamet, liksom förra helgen, en förare på pallen: 20-årige Sondre Evjen. I grundomgången tog Evjen två heatsegrar, och han vann även i semifinalen vilket gav honom startspår i finalens första led. Där slutade norrmannen tvåa, vilket gör att han klättrar upp på en tredjeplats i RallyX on Ice.

Pelle Wilén beskriver tävlingen i Höljes som bra, förutom flera katastrofdåliga starter. I heaten slutade han trea, tvåa, trea och kvalificerade sig vidare till både semifinal och final. Men när starten gick öppnades Wiléns bildörr och han fick kämpa för att få igen den i farten. Trots trots räckte insatsen till en fjärdeplats.

Jonathan Walfridsson gjorde en riktigt bra tävling och tog två heatsegrar i grundomgången. Tyvärr gjorde en tredjeplats i semifinalen att han missade finalen. Ben-Philip Gundersen, som inför tävlingen ledde RallyX on Ice, hade bra tempo under dagen. Men oflyt och några långsamma starter gjorde att det inte räckte till final. Han ligger trots det på en total fjärdeplats i RallyX on Ice. Jimmie Walfridson, som i helgen körde sin andra rallycrosstävling, kvalificerade sig till semifinal. Han slogs om andraplatsen, men slutade dessvärre i en snövall och tvingades bryta tävlingen.

Blott 14-årige värmlänningen Isak Reiersen bildebuterade under RallyX on Ice i Östersund förra helgen. Idag gjorde han sin andra rallycrosstävling någonsin. Han slutade tvåa, tvåa, trea i grundomgångens heat, vilket tog honom vidare till semifinal. Därifrån kvalificerade han sig till final och insatsen räckte hela vägen till en fjärdeplats i klassen RX Academy.
Om två veckor korsar vi norska gränsen för den tredje och näst sista deltävlingen. Tävlingen tar plats i Ål och det är första gången som RallyX on Ice körs där.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Alla våra förare hade riktigt bra fart i helgen, och att få alla bilar i semifinal var vårt mål. Det blev ett fint resultat för Sondre. Han brukar säga att vi måste vara jämna och göra bra resultat varje tävling. Så det var väldigt bra att han lyckades komma tvåa igen. Sen var det trevligt att Pelle fick ett bra resultat efter en ganska dålig helg i Östersund. Jonathan visade att han är en riktigt snabb förare genom två heatsegrar, men tyvärr fick han ingen bra start i semifinalen. Jimmie visade vad han går för, men även han hade otur i semifinalen. Det är synd att Ben-Philip inte fick köra final efter en stark tävling, men så är det i rallycross.”

Sondre Evjen, Supercar Lites:
”I finalen var jag och Kevin Eriksson väldigt jämna i starten, men eftersom han hade ett bättre startspår fick jag vika in bakom och jaga på så gott jag kunde. Jag är jättenöjd med min andraplats och att ligga trea i RallyX on Ice känns fint. Det som tog mig upp på pallen idag är snabba starter, ett bra samarbete med min spotter och rätt val av jokerspåret. De två deltävlingarna som är kvar är mina hemmabanor, så jag är laddad. Där är målet att plocka poäng i sammandraget genom att göra bra omgångar, snygga semifinaler och sen slåss om pallen i final.”

Pelle Wilén, Supercar Lites:
”Nu är allt som det ska igen! Det var jävligt fränt att köra i Höljes. Men under starten i finalen öppnade sig min bildörr på max. Så på startrakan och in i första sväng försökte jag trixa ut armen under skyddsnätet och dra igen den. Att det kom snörök in i bilen och på glasögonen gjorde ju inte saken lättare. Jag höll på att fara åt helvete helt enkelt och missade nästan jokerspåret. Det var såklart typiskt. Men jag fick igen dörren och slutade fyra i tävlingen, och det känns som en skön revansch efter Östersund. Jag är väldigt nöjd. Målen inför de två sista deltävlingarna är att åka på sladd och ha så kul som möjligt. Sen är det alltid trevligt att köra final.”

Isak Reiersen, RX Academy:
”Det här känns faktiskt helt otroligt. Allt gick över förväntan och jag har nog inte riktigt förstått det än. Mitt mål inför tävlingen var att köra final, så när jag väl stod på startlinjen i finalen kände jag bara: Det här är min andra tävling och jag är här. Jag har inget att förlora eller vara nervös över. Rallycross är det roligaste jag gjort i mitt liv, det slår verkligen allt. Så nu är målet att få ihop tillräckligt med pengar för att kunna köra de sista deltävlingarna i Ål och Gol. Det vore fantastiskt. Jag vill också passa på att tacka alla som har gjort körningen möjlig, både sponsorer och JC Raceteknik.”

Resultat Höljes
1. Kevin Eriksson 39 p
2. Sondre Evjen 33 p
3. Oliver Eriksson 35 p
4. Pelle Wilén 24 p
5. Alexander Westlund 28 p
6. Jami Kalliomäki 18 p
7. Jonathan Walfridsson 21 p
8. Conner Martell 21 p
9. Ben-Philip Gundersen 17 p
10. Vasily Gryazin 14 p
18. Jimmie Walfridson 9 p

RallyX on Ice
1. Oliver Eriksson 67 p
2. Kevin Eriksson 65p
3. Sondre Evjen 59 p
4. Ben-Philip Gundersen 52 p
5. Alexander Westlund 48 p
6. Vasily Gryazin 46 p
7. Conner Martell 42 p
8. Jonathan Walfridsson 39 p
9. Pelle Wilén 36 p
10. Cyril Raymond 32 p
19. Jimmie Walfridson 13 p

18-02-10 Eriksson maintains family pride at Swedish rallycross' spiritual home
Kevin Eriksson has won the second round of RallyX on Ice at Höljes in Sweden today (10 February), after coming out on top of a spellbinding Scandinavian snow fight with Sondre Evjen and round one winner Oliver Eriksson.

It was the younger of the two Erikssons that set the pace throughout the qualifying heats, but come the semi-final stage, older brother and Olsbergs MSE team-mate Kevin stole the initiative to earn himself pole position for the all-important final.

The MJP Racing Team Austria FIA World Rallycross Championship star then saw off a challenge from Östersund runner-up Evjen (JC Raceteknik) to seal victory, with Oliver Eriksson battling back from a difficult first corner to reach the bottom step of the rostrum in third.

“It was a good weekend for me – almost perfect,” reflected the winner. “I only conceded two points through the heats, and I had to beat two younger guys to get here. I really had to give it everything in the final and thankfully it was enough. It certainly wasn’t over right until the chequered flag. This is the first time I’ve actually won a race on ice – I’ve finished second five times – so it’s a good feeling.”

Supercar Lites Final
2. Sondre EVJEN
3. Oliver ERIKSSON
4. Pelle WILÉN
5. Alexander WESTLUND

RX Academy on Ice Final
1. Jesse KALLIO
2. Joni WIMAN
5. Marko MURU
6. Oliver BENNETT

Speedcar Xtreme Final
1. Kevin HANSEN
2. Niclas GRÖNHOLM
3. Timmy HANSEN
4. Finn Erik LØBERG
5. Linus ÖSTLUND
6. Aleksander WIIK
18-02-09 Missa inte - Biljettförsäljningen till The Magic Weekend!
Biljettförsäljningen till en av våra höjdpunkter, rallycross-VM 28 juni - 1 juli, är i full gång!

Både entre- och läktarbiljetter är nu ute till försäljning!

18-02-09 Välkomna till Höljes och RallyX on Ice, lördag 10/2
Årets första tävling på Motorstadion i Höljes närmar sig. Vi är hedrade att återigen få genomföra en vintertävling. Tänk vilken vinter vi har! Jag kan inte minnas när vi hade så mycket snö senast. Banan är väl förberedd på kommande bataljer. Vår banchef har med stor omsorg preparerat, vattnat och plogat banan under de senaste veckorna.

kl 18.00 Presskonferens med drivers draw

Kl 08.00 Warm-up
Kl 09.00 Första start
Kl 13.00 Start semifinaler och finaler
Kl 15.00 Tävlingen avslutad
Presskonferens efter sista finalen.

Det kommer att bli en gemytlig dag där man i pauser kan värma sig på någon av våra öppna eldar, besöka vår servering, provköra skoter eller gå och kika på teamen och deras bilar.

Några av förarna som deltar är: Timmy Hansen, Kevin Hansen, Kevin Eriksson och Robin Larsson. Dessutom är våra hemamförare Linus Östlund och Isac Egonsson på plats för att kämpa om medaljerna.

Mer info på http://finnskogamk.se/
18-02-08 Olsbergs 'Super Six' set for Swedish snow fight at Höljes
Rallycross specialist targeting back-to-back successes in Sweden
Oliver Eriksson keen to maintain early momentum at Höljes
Comprehensive live streaming via motorsport.com and SBF Play

Olsbergs MSE’s sextet of Supercar Lites drivers are revving up to fight for further glory this weekend, as RallyX on Ice resumes at Höljes in Sweden on Saturday (10 February).

OMSE got off to a winning start in the winter curtain-raiser at Östersund five days ago, as Oliver Eriksson stormed to victory in an action-packed encounter – incredibly, the young Swede’s first career triumph on home soil. He now has his eyes firmly set on securing back-to-back successes.

“The aim is to keep the momentum going at Höljes – it’s as simple as that,” the 19-year-old asserted. “It was amazing to finally win in Sweden last weekend, and Höljes is a fantastic track. I competed there last year in the FIA World Rallycross Championship, and whilst the conditions will obviously be slightly different this time around, I’m sure it’s going to be a mega event!”

Eriksson’s OMSE team-mate Cyril Raymond made a stellar debut on ice at Östersund, speeding to the bottom step of the rostrum as he carried over the form that saw him sprint to the inaugural RX2 International Series crown last year.

“I had a lot of fun out there in the snow!” the Frenchman enthused. “I learnt quickly over the course of the weekend – I had to, because there wasn’t time for much practice running – but I still need to work harder if I want to truly take the fight to the Scandinavians. Let’s see what we can do at Höljes. I didn’t have much luck there back in the summer in RX2, so I’ll be pushing hard to make amends.”

Eriksson’s older brother Kevin is similarly a contender in an OMSE-run car fielded under the MJP Racing banner – and after ending his charge against a snow bank at the semi-final stage at Östersund, the FIA World RX race-winner is out for revenge.

“Despite my little mishap in the semi-final, it was still a strong weekend,” the 21-year-old reflected. “Congratulations to my little bro’ on his victory – he showed great fighting spirit after a tough start to the day. But he’d better be ready, because I’m coming for him at Höljes!”

OMSE’s entry is bolstered by former FIA European Rallycross Champion Robin Larsson – whose car will run under the colours of Larsson Jernberg Motorsport – and American duo Austin Cindric and Cole Keatts.

Larsson progressed through to the semi-final stage at Östersund, while Cindric – whose career résumé includes successful stints in both NASCAR and GRC Lites – impressed with his abilities as a quick learner, vying for a top three semi-final finish before blameless contact curtailed his challenge. Keatts endured a tougher time of it, but the 16-year-old is fired-up to rebound in style second time around.

Tickets for round two of RallyX on Ice at Höljes this Saturday (10 February) can be purchased on-site for SEK 200 (cash only), with gates opening at 08h30 and the racing getting underway at 09h00.

RallyX on Ice will be broadcast live around the world on Motorsport.com’s online Motorsport TV channel, with additional live coverage for Swedish viewers via SBF Play.
18-06-07 RX on Ice bjuder på vintermagi r med delar av världseliten!
På lördag den tionde februari klockan 09.00 är det rallycross i Höljes! Magic Weekend bjuder in på lite vintermagi när RallyX on Ice når Värmland.

Ett stort startfält av förare i klasserna Supercar Lites, Speedcar Xtreme och RX Academy Renault kommer att finna spå plats.

Åk till Höljes för att se VM-förarna bröderna Timmy och Kevin Hansen, bröderna Kevin och Oliver Eriksson, Niklas Grönholm och Robin Larsson. Hemmaförarna Linus Östlund och Isac Egonsson kommer garanterat vara med och visa vad de går för! Ni hittar fler intressanta nemn i anmälningslistorna nedan.

Oliver Eriksson vann i Östersund, men det var EM-föraren Ben Philip Gundersen som kammade hem mest poäng.

Lördag 10 febr
08.00 Träning
09.00 Kvalomgång 1, Omgång 2, Omgång 3
12.15-13.00 Lunch
13.00 Semifinal
Presskonferens, TV intervjuer.

Supercar Lites – anmälda
#4 Robin Larsson SWE
#11 Mats Oskarsson SWE
#12 Anders Michalak SWE
#13 Cyril Raymond FRA
#16 Oliver Eriksson SWE
#17 Hampus Rådström SWE
#20 Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR
#21 Conner Martell USA
#22 Austin Cindric USA
#23 Pelle Wilén SWE
#27 Petter Leirhol NOR
#47 Alexander Westlund SWE
#50 Nathan Heatcote GBR
#53 Cole Keatts USA
#55 Vasily Gryazin LVA
#65 Jami Kalliomäki FIN
#69 Sondre Evjen NOR
#85 Alexander Lie NOR
#87 Troy Dowel AUS
#90 Jimmie Walfridson SWE
#91 Jonathan Walfridsson SWE
#96 Kevin Eriksson SWE

RX Academy – anmälda
#8 Simon Syvernsen NOR
#22 Sami-Matti Trogen FIN
#27 Marko Muru EST
#31 Joni Wiman FIN
#42 Oliver Bennett GBR
#47 Jesse Kallio FIN
#70 Isak Reiersen SWE
#95 Jimi Kalliomäke FIN
#96 Marat Knyazev RUS

Speedcar Xtreme – anmälda
#1 Aleksander Wiik NOR
#5 Isac Egonson SWE
#11 Jimmie Österberg SWE
#12 Linus Östlund SWE
#14 Nils Andersson SWE
#21 Timmy Hansen SWE
#34 Micke Göthesson SWE
#35 Finn Erik Löberg NOR
#55 Arne Wiik NOR
#68 Nicklas Grönholm FIN
#71 Kevin Hansen SWE
#88 Ruve Veski EST
#89 Ole Henry Steinsholt NOR
#90 Jonathan Eskilsson SWE
#92 Peter Lundbark SWE

Ladda ner anmälningslistan pdf

Mer info på http://finnskogamk.se/

Tryck här för mer info!

18-02-06 Team Faren begins 2018 rallycross campaign with strong international driver line-up
Swedish rallycross squad Team Faren got its 2018 rallycross season off to a strong start last weekend in the opening round of the RallyX on Ice series at Ostersund with American driver Conner Martell (February 3).

Making his first full-time appearance for the Eric Faren-owned squad, Martell impressed with his performance against a strong field of Scandinavian ice racing specialists to make it into the final and finish sixth.

Established for the 2017 season, Team Faren ran a single car in the RX2 International Series for British driver Dan Rooke last year. Rooke finished on the podium four times including one victory, and concluded the year second overall. The team also secured the Team of the Year award.

For 2018, Team Faren has expanded to two cars. It will run Martell and reigning MSA British Rallycross Supercar Champion Nathan Heathcote in the Scandinavian RallyX on Ice series before a full RX2 campaign, which supports seven rounds of the FIA World Rallycross Championship.

“We had a great first year last season and Dan [Rooke] played a key role in our success. To have two permanent drivers signed for the full season this year is great for the team, this is exactly according to the plan we set out before last season,” said Team Principal Eric Faren, who in recent years has worked for Kenneth Hansen’s Peugeot-backed World RX team as spotter for nine-time World Rally Champion, Sebastien Loeb. “I think we have two of the best drivers in the field, they just need some time to get up to speed. It was great to start working with Conner in pre-event testing and the race last weekend. For him to come over from America and produce the performance he did was great and he can build on what he learnt there this weekend at Holjes. We’re excited to begin working with Nathan this week too.”

Having qualified 10th of the 21 drivers in the opening round of the year, Martell climbed from fourth to second in his semi-final to make it into the final (top six) in his first event on ice, but was forced out when he made contact with a car that had spun in front, unsighted by snow dust filling the air, breaking his cars steering. “Racing on ice is really different to what I have most experience of but it’s a lot of fun,” explained Martell. “I’m learning every day I’m in the car out on the ice, we had some really good testing and we made a lot of progress at Ostersund. It was unfortunate that I hit Gundersen in the final, but we have good pace and we can hope for better results moving forward. It’s great to work with Team Faren and I’m excited for this year.”

Heathcote will test with Team Faren for the first time on Thursday, before his Supercar Lites debut this weekend at World RX circuit, Holjes. “RX2 as a good step up from what I did last year. Conner has a lot of experience in the cars so I’m looking forward to working with him and hopefully we can share knowledge to help each other,” said Heathcote, who raced a Citroen DS3 to the British Rallycross title last year in his first year in Supercar. “The amount of experience that Team Faren has got, as drivers and being involved in the sport, is massive. They showed last year coming in as a new team that they can quite easily go and win races. I know you’ve got to be a lot smoother in an RX2 car than you have in a Supercar, it will be like going back to my karting days I think. I’ve never driven on ice before so there will be a lot to learn this week, but I’m excited to get started. The main thing in the winter events is to get as prepared as possible for the main race season, although of course I want to do well and it would be amazing to be in the hunt for a podium.”

The second round of the RallyX on Ice series at Holjes will take place this weekend (February 10). The semi-finals and finals will be broadcast on Motorsport.com around the world and on SBF in Sweden.
18-02-06 Sweden's SVT commits to live broadcast of RallyX on Ice finale
RallyX on Ice set to be featured during primetime SVT Sport transmission
Indianapolis 500 legend primed for ‘wild card’ entry in series’ Norwegian finale
Live coverage to take fans right to the heart of spectacular high-octane action

Sweden’s national public broadcaster SVT will screen the RallyX on Ice season finale live from Gol in Norway on 3 March, in the latest boost to the burgeoning Scandinavian winter sport spectacular.

RallyX on Ice has been the most eagerly-anticipated new motorsport event of 2018, with an all-star driver line-up headlined by reigning Verizon IndyCar Series Champion Josef Newgarden, three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Hélio Castroneves – who will make his RX debut at Gol – and FIA World Rallycross Championship leading lights Timmy Hansen and Kevin Eriksson.

Rallycross is big business in Scandinavia, and in evidence of its fast-growing popularity and appeal, the fourth round of RallyX on Ice will be televised live on SVT at 13h00 local time (12h00 GMT) on Saturday, 3 March – enabling viewers to enjoy a vivid taste of the action as drivers duel doorhandle-to-doorhandle for glory around the snow-banked circuit.

“We’re really excited that we can show the finale of this new event,” said SVT Sport Executive Producer, Tobias Alsing. “We feel that RallyX on Ice will be a good complement to our regular coverage of the FIA World Rallycross Championship.”

“We are delighted to confirm this exciting partnership with SVT,” echoed Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson, the man behind the RallyX on Ice concept. “It is testament to the esteem in which our fast-paced series is already held that they will show the final event at Gol live.

“Rallycross is a major deal in Sweden, and with so many Swedish drivers on the entry list – including the likes of Timmy Hansen and Kevin Eriksson from FIA World RX – there is certain to be plenty of ‘home’ interest. This irresistible high-octane entertainment will make for thrilling TV – and all against the picture-perfect backdrop of a Swedish winter wonderland.”

All three remaining events – Höljes (10 February), Ål (25 February) and Gol (3 March) – will continue to be broadcast live around the world on Motorsport.com’s online Motorsport TV channel, with additional live coverage for Swedish viewers via SBF Play.

2018 RallyX on Ice Calendar
February 3 Östersund, Sweden
February 10 Höljes, Sweden
February 25 Ål, Norway
March 3 Gol, Norway
18-02-03 Swede success for Eriksson as RallyX on Ice makes dazzling debut
Home hero dominates Östersund RallyX on Ice curtain-raiser
Spectacular racing wows crowds against winter wonderland backdrop
Simon Syversen and Finn Erik Løberg triumph in support classes

Oliver Eriksson gave the home fans plenty to cheer about as RallyX on Ice fired into life in style at Östersunds Motorstadion in Sweden today (3 February), with a brilliant performance to scythe through the snow to a hugely popular triumph.

The most hotly-anticipated event of the traditional motorsport ‘off-season’, RallyX on Ice will be disputed over four weekends from early February to early March against the backdrop of Scandinavia’s spectacular winter wonderland.

In the headlining Supercar Lites class, no fewer than 21 drivers descended upon Östersund for the curtain-raiser, and Eriksson was one of the front-runners from the outset. Competing for Swedish powerhouse Olsbergs MSE, the 19-year-old finished second in two of his three qualifying races, before nailing the start from third on the grid in his semi-final to storm into a lead he would never relinquish.

That did not, however, earn the former GRC Lites Champion pole position for the all-important final, as both Ben Philip Gundersen and Vasiliy Gryazin had outscored him through the qualifying stages, leaving him third on the grid once more. No matter. Eriksson replicated his meteoric semi-final getaway when the lights went out to leapfrog into the lead – and from there, he pulled away with relative ease.

“What a day!” he reflected. “We’ve had our ups and downs, but in the end we managed to pull it off and it feels great. After spending time racing over in America, to come back here and win in front of such an enthusiastic crowd is awesome – I’ve never won on home soil before.

“We had a lot of bad luck last year and it felt like it was going that way today as well with a few issues in the third qualifier. We really struggled and I didn’t know exactly what the problem was, but my team managed to resolve it and then from the semi-final onwards, everything just clicked. RallyX on Ice is definitely the most fun you can have in conditions like this – ever!”

Evjen’s day was likewise not without its dramas. The Norwegian was on stunning form in his second qualifying race as he sped to victory, but in the other two contests, his charge ended in a snow bank. That left him back on the second row of the grid for the semi-final, but a good start and early ‘joker’ saw him progress through to the final, where he employed a similar tactic to snare the runner-up spoils.

“After failing to finish two of my qualifying races, just to be in the final at all was an achievement and I was really happy to make it through,” the 20-year-old admitted. “To finish on the podium is an even bigger bonus!

“We were really up against it after the qualifiers, but I never gave up and never stopped pushing and I knew that from where I was starting in the semi-final, I could go immediately for the joker if I got a good start – and that strategy worked out perfectly. It was a great comeback. Now I’m already looking forward to the next round at Höljes – I’ve never been there in the snow before, so that will be interesting...”

Raymond joined Eriksson and Evjen on the podium, winning his first qualifying race – his maiden competitive outing on ice – before coming off second-best in a disagreement with a snow bank in Q3. Second place in the semi-final earned the Frenchman promotion to the final, from where he kept his nose clean and overhauled Gryazin to reach the bottom step of the rostrum.

“It’s been a very cool day,” acknowledged the reigning RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires Champion, “and I’m really happy to finish third for my first time racing on ice.

“RallyX on Ice is an excellent school. I learned a lot on the track and from my Scandinavian team-mates, and winning my first qualifying race was far more than I had expected. It took me a while to settle into my rhythm in the final, but I pushed really hard to come back and whilst there is a lot to build on – my starts were not perfect and I am still lacking consistency – it’s been a very positive debut.”

After impressing with a scintillating turn-of-speed all day, Latvia’s Gryazin eventually finished fourth, while qualifying stars Gundersen and Kevin Eriksson both came unstuck, the former crashing out at the first corner of the final and the latter ploughing into a snow bank while running second in the semi-final. An honourable mention should also go to America’s Conner Martell, who turned heads with his eye-catching pace, only to find himself eliminated in the same incident that accounted for Gundersen.

In the supporting RX Academy on Ice, Simon Syversen emerged on top of a tense three-way tussle with Finnish duo Joni Wiman and Jesse Kallio. The RX2 regular flew somewhat under the radar during the qualifying races, but he truly turned up the wick when it really counted and held on under sustained pressure from his two pursuers in the final to clinch victory. Qualifying pace-setter Oliver Solberg never recovered from a tardy start and took the chequered flag fourth.

In Speedcar Xtreme – for 312kg, 150bhp crosskarts – age triumphed over youth as Finn Erik Løberg showed two of the leading lights from the FIA World Rallycross Championship the way home. The Norwegian was unbeatable in the final, with Kevin Hansen and Niclas Grönholm taking advantage of last lap driveshaft woes for Aleksander Wiik to claim the remaining two podium spots. Timmy Hansen’s challenge ended on top of a snow bank at the semi-final stage.

“What a fantastic debut for RallyX on Ice,” summarised Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson, the man behind the exciting winter sport concept. “We have seen some incredible racing, some amazing fightbacks and three very worthy winners. The fans went home having enjoyed hours of almost non-stop entertainment, and those not able to make it could follow all the semi-final and final action live on motorsport.com. The next round at Höljes can’t come soon enough!”

Supercar Lites Final
1. Oliver ERIKSSON SWE 6 laps
2. Sondre EVJEN NOR +7.002s
3. Cyril RAYMOND FRA +7.849s
4. Vasiliy GRYAZIN LVA +12.420s
5. Ben Philip GUNDERSEN NOR +6 laps
6. Conner MARTELL USA +6 laps

RX Academy on Ice Final
1. Simon SYVERSEN NOR 6 laps
2. Joni WIMAN FIN +0.554s
3. Jesse KALLIO FIN +1.828s
4. Oliver SOLBERG NOR +10.717s
5. Marat KNYAZEV RUS +1 lap
6. Oliver BENNETT GBR +1 lap

Speedcar Xtreme Final
1. Finn Erik LØBERG NOR 6 laps
2. Kevin HANSEN SWE +16.412s
3. Niclas GRÖNHOLM FIN +21.904s
4. Aleksander WIIK NOR +24.092s
5. Jonathan ESKILSSON SWE +3 laps
6. Jimmie ÖSTERBERG SWE +6 laps

18-02-03 Gundersen leder RallyX on Ice – Evjen tvåa i Östersund
Det blev dubbelt JC Raceteknik i finalen, där Evjen lyckades gasa hem andraplatsen. Samtidigt leder Gundersen RallyX on Ice.
– Jag är väldigt glad över resultatet. Framförallt med tanke på hur mycket jag slet med att få till starterna i grundomgången, säger han.

Efter ett par månaders uppehåll är vi på banan igen. Startskottet för 2018 års säsong blev när den första av RallyX on Ices totalt fyra deltävlingar kördes i Östersund. Det Värmlandsbaserade teamet JC Raceteknik kom till start med fem förare i Supercar Lites samt en i RX Academy.
Norrmannen Sondre Evjen hade till en början en minst sagt problematisk tävling, där han segrade i en omgång men bröt de andra två. Trots det kvalificerade han sig till en av de tre semifinalerna, och gasade där hem en finalplats. I finalen gjorde bra fart och taktisk körning att han slutade på andraplats i tävlingen.

Sällskap i finalen hade han av Ben-Philip Gundersen, tidigare Europamästare i rallycrossklassen Touringcar. Gundersen gjorde fram till finalen en felfri tävling med segrar i alla tre omgångar samt i semifinalen. Men i finalen tog det dessvärre stopp. Han och en annan förare krokade ihop redan i första sväng. Båda hamnade i en snövall och Gundersen tvingades bryta tävlingen. Trots det leder han totalt i RallyX on Ice.
Rallytalangen Pelle Wilén, som under lördagen körde sin andra rallycrosstävling någonsin, var med och fightades i toppen av sina heat. Han kvalificerade sig till semifinal men där slutade han sexa.

Jonathan Walfridsson visade bra fart under helgen och slutade etta, tvåa, trea i de inledande omgångarna. Men i semifinalen tvingades han bryta och slutade därmed nia i tävlingen. För rallycrossdebutanten Jimmie Walfridson blev det stolpe ut. I de två första omgångarna kämpade han med starterna. I den tredje omgången var han tvåa iväg, men på näst sista varvet blev han blev stående i en snövall.
14-årige Torsbykillen Isak Reiersen, som vanligtvis syns på crosskartbanan och kör för JC Raceteknik Juniorteam, gjorde under helgen ett inhopp i klassen RX Academy. Det var hans första tävling någonsin i en bil och han gjorde en stark insats, som nästan räckte hela vägen till final. Han kvalificerade sig till semifinal och slutade där på fjärdeplats.

Den andra deltävlingen av RallyX on Ice körs i värmländska Höljes 3 februari.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik:
”Det känns bra att ha Ben-Philip i teamet. Vi såg redan under veckans test att han var snabb, och idag visade han det verkligen med bästa startspår i finalen. Så det var verkligen synd att han fastnade i en snövall, men att åka härifrån och leda RallyX on Ice är väldigt roligt. Sondre gillar att köra på snö, hans bil är ny för i år och jag tror han har bra självförtroende. Hans dag började inte så bra, men han tog en heatseger och gjorde ett bra jobb i semifinalen. Överlag har det varit en bra helg för teamet och vi ser fram emot att tävla på vår hemmabana i Höljes nästa helg.”

Sondre Evjen, Supercar Lites:
”Jag är väldigt glad över resultatet. Framförallt med tanke på hur mycket jag slet med att få till starterna i grundomgången. I finalen valde jag jokern direkt. Sen kämpade jag hela tiden för att inte tappa pallplatsen och försöka minska luckan till de två förarna framför mig. Att det räckte till en andraplats är jag nöjd med. Sen är jag också väldigt nöjd med mina mekaniker som alltid håller hundra procent ordning på bilen. Till nästa tävling i Höljes hoppas jag kunna sätta starterna bättre, för jag siktar på en pallplats i hela RallyX on Ice.”

Ben-Philip Gundersen, Supercar Lites:
”Den här helgen har varit bra. Jag satte snabba heattider, men hade svårt med starterna så jag behöver mer övning på det. I finalen var inte starten den bästa men jag lyckades få innerspåret. Tyvärr kom förarna på ytterkanten in i kurvan så jag gled ut i snövallen. Annars är jag nöjd med tävlingen och det känns bra att jobba med JC Raceteknik. Jag ser verkligen fram emot att komma till Höljes nästa helg, för det är en bana jag trivs på.”

Isak Reiersen, RX Academy:
”Jag har haft så roligt den här helgen. Körningen gick faktiskt bättre än förväntat, så för att vara min debuttävling i en bil är jag väldigt nöjd. I den första omgången hade jag bra fart och låg på andraplats, bakom Joni Wiman, fram tills sista varvet. Då gjorde snöröken att jag tappade all sikt och körde in i en snövall i alternativspåret. Där blev jag stående. Jag tänkte bara nej, nej, nej – jag var så uppgiven. Men det var bara att ladda om! Att köra RX Academy har gett mig många nyttiga erfarenheter och jag har helt klart fått mersmak på att köra bil. Så tack till JC Raceteknik och mina sponsorer för att jag fick den här möjligheten.”

Resultat Östersund
1. Oliver Eriksson SWE
2. Sondre Evjen NOR
3. Cyril Raymond FRA
4. Vasily Gryazin LVA
5. Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR
6. Conner Martell USA
7. Kevin Eriksson SWE
8. Alexander Westlund SWE
9. Jonathan Walfridsson SWE
10. Robin Larsson SWE
15. Pelle Wilén SWE
19. Jimmie Walfridson SWE

RallyX on Ice
1. Ben Philip Gundersen 35 p
2. Oliver Eriksson 32 p
3. Vasilily Gryazin 32 p
4. Cyril Raymond 27 p
5. Sondre Evjen 26 p
6. Kevin Eriksson 26 p
7. Conner Maartell 21 p
8. Alexander Westlund 20 p
9. Jonathan Walfridsson 18 p
10. Robin Larsson 16 p
15. Pelle Wilén 12 p
19. Jimmie Walfridsson 4 p

18-02-02 Ice is nice for Olsbergs MSE as Östersund beckons
Swedish rallycross powerhouse eager to prove prowess on home turf
Raymond, Keatts, Cindric and O. Eriksson form potent line-up
Supercar stars K. Eriksson and Larsson gunning for glory with OMSE

Olsbergs MSE is ready to head into battle this weekend, with drivers Cyril Raymond, Cole Keatts, Austin Cindric and Oliver Eriksson primed for a snow fight in the opening round of RallyX on Ice at Östersunds Motorstadion in Sweden.

RallyX on Ice has been grabbing all the motorsport headlines of late, and no fewer than 21 drivers are entered at Östersund in the premier Supercar Lites category. Raymond, Keatts, Cindric and Eriksson will all be running under the OMSE banner – and buoyed by a successful test day, each of them fancies his chances of gunning for glory.

Raymond needs little introduction. As RX Lites Champion in 2016 and both RX2 International Series and GRC Lites Champion in 2017, the Frenchman’s reputation precedes him – and now he is out to prove that he is every bit as quick on ice as he is on gravel and asphalt.

“I’m really excited to be competing in RallyX on Ice,” the 24-year-old enthused. “Coming from the south of France, we don’t tend to see these conditions very often, so it will be a proper challenge and I’m really pumped up for it. Let’s see if we can show these Scandinavians how it’s done...”

Team-mates Keatts and Cindric are both rising teenage stars on the other side of the Pond in the United States, with the former making a name for himself in GRC Lites last year and the latter demonstrating his versatility by successfully trying his hand at a number of different series, including GRC Lites and NASCAR, in which he currently competes.

“It’s awesome to be in Sweden for RallyX on Ice – I’ve been looking forward to this all winter!” said Keatts. “I’m under no illusions that I’ve got a big learning curve ahead of me, but I just can’t wait to get out on-track and give it a crack. The conditions look perfect – so let’s get on with this!”

“RallyX on Ice has already generated a lot of interest in the motorsport world, and we’ve not even begun racing yet,” added Cindric, who is confirmed for both Östersund and round two at Höljes in just over a week’s time. “I’m hoping my background will help me to quickly adapt to what is clearly quite a specialist discipline. It’s going to be a blast!”

Eriksson, meanwhile, predated Raymond as GRC Lites Champion in 2015, and the young Swede has experience of competing on the FIA World Rallycross Championship stage – as recently as South Africa last November.

“The weather is a bit different here to how it was in Cape Town!” he joked. “Seriously, though, for me, these conditions are perfect for rallycross – we do some testing in the snow here in Scandinavia, so it all feels very natural. That said, the competition will be fierce so I’ll need to be at the very top of my game if I want to win. Bring it on!”

The cars of Kevin Eriksson and Robin Larsson will also be operated by OMSE this weekend, albeit racing under different colours – Eriksson for MJP Racing, with Larsson entered by Larsson Jernberg Motorsport.

Tickets for the curtain-raiser at Östersunds Motorstadion tomorrow (Saturday, 3 February) can be purchased on-site for SEK 100 (cash only), with gates opening at 08h30 and the racing getting underway at 09h00.

RallyX on Ice will be livestreamed by the world's biggest digital motorsport platform, motorsport.com, with the Östersund action additionally available to Swedish viewers via SBF Play.
18-02-02 RallyX on Ice livesänds
Premiär för sina tävlingar i helgen. RallyX on Ice M. Och för den som inte är på plats kan följa via livesändning.

RallyX on Ice
På lördag körs den första av fyra deltävlingar av RallyX on Ice. Premiären körs i Östersund och har lockat flera kända namn till vinterrallycrossen. Är du inte på plats kan du se den live på SBFPlay.
Kevin Eriksson som tidigare vunnit serien kommer till start. Det gör även Europamästaren från 2015, Robin Larsson. Men det är inte bara svenska stjärnor som sätter sig bakom ratten i Östersund. Finländaren Joni Wiman med flera säsonger i den amerikanska serien Global Rallycross finns med i startfältet. Likaså Indycarstjärnan Josef Newgarden och trefaldige Indianapolisvinnaren, Hélio Castroneves vill nu visa att de även behärskar rallycross på is.

Efter tävlingen i Östersund följer de tre avslutande tävlingarna med Höljes den 10 februari. Därefter körs de två sista i Norge. Den 25 februari i Ål och avslutningen på Gol den 3 mars.
Helgens tävling ser du live på Svensk Bilsports egen webb-tv kanal, www.sbfplay.se
18-02-01 RallyX on Ice: JC Raceteknik till Östersund med 6 förare – Reiersen och Walfridson rallycrossdebuterar
JC Raceteknik kommer till Östersund med Sondre Evjen, Pelle Wilén, Jimmie Walfridson, Ben-Philip Gundersen och Jonathan Walfridsson i Supercar Lites. Dessutom gör 14-årige Isak Reiersen rallycrossdebut i RX Academy.
På lördag drar rallycrossäsongen igång igen. Startskottet för RallyX on Ice blir Östersund. Vi kommer till premiären med fem förare i Supercar Lites, samt en nykomling i RX Academy. Sondre Evjen, som gör sin tredje säsong för JC Raceteknik, kommer till start i alla fyra deltävlingar. Rallyföraren Pelle Wilén, som körde en deltävling i fjol, kommer även han köra hela serien.

Nya i gänget är Jimmie Walfridson, Ben-Philip Gundersen och Jonathan Walfridsson. Gundersen har tidigare tävlat i Touringcar, där han vann EM 2016. I fjol körde norrmannen RallyX on Ice och fick mersmak. I år kommer han satsa på en hel säsong i Supercar Lites. Jimmie Walfridson sadlar om från crosskart och kommer köra hela vinterserien RallyX on Ice. För honom blir det första tävlingen någonsin i en rallycrossbil. Walfridsons kusin Jonathan Walfridsson, som kört Supercar Lites sedan 2015, kommer också ansluta sig till teamet.
Rallycrossdebut gör även 14-årige Isak Reiersen. I vanliga fall ser vi honom på banan i crosskartklassen 125cc, men i Östersund kommer han göra ett inhopp i klassen RX Academy. Det blir Reiersens första tävling någonsin i en bil.

Joel Christoffersson, teamchef JC Raceteknik: ”Det känns kul att säsongen drar igång och hela teamet är riktigt laddade. Vi hade en bra sommarsäsong i fjol, med EM-silver, pallplats i RX2 International Series och tre RallyX Nordic-medaljer. Vi hade också förare på tredje och femte plats i RallyX on Ice. I år siktar vi ännu högre.”

Isak Reiersen, RX Academy: ”Det här är helt ofattbart. Jag har nog inte smält det än. Det kommer bli spännande, speciellt när man tittar på deltagarlistan. En har tävlat i Supercar i USA, någon har kört Super 1600 och så kör min kompis Oliver Solberg. Det blir min första tävling i en bil, så målet är att få ut så mycket erfarenheter som möjligt ur det här. Jag är verkligen så tacksam över att få den här chansen. Det kommer bli väldigt, väldigt, väldigt roligt.”

Sondre Evjen, Supercar Lites: ”Det ska bli väldigt spännande att tävla igen, hela gänget ser fram emot det här. Jag har som mål att kämpa om pallen i serien. Nivån kommer vara väldigt hög i år, så det kommer behövas jämna och bra prestationer från min sida. Inför den första tävlingen i Östersund är jag väldigt revanschsugen. Förra året fick jag inte riktigt till det på den banan så jag siktar helt klart på pallen nu.”

Ben-Philip Gundersen, Supercar Lites: ”Jag glädjer mig verkligen åt att få komma igång med det nya teamet och vinterkörningen. Jag körde på banan i Östersund förra året och tyckte om den, så jag ser fram emot att komma tillbaka dit. Nu siktar jag på att prestera bättre än sist och komma till final. Det är många väldigt bra förare även i år, så det kommer bli stenhårda fighter. Målet inför vintersäsongen är att köra så många finaler som möjligt, och att komma på pallen i åtminstone en av tävlingarna.”

Pelle Wilén, Supercar Lites: ”Först och främst ska det bli kul att göra något annat efter några säsonger i rally-SM. Jag ser fram emot flera roliga helger med nya erfarenheter. Bra resultat är såklart ett mål, men viktigast är att ha kul, kasta runt bilen på sladd och lära sig mer om fyrhjulsdrift och rallycross.”

Jimmie Walfridson, Supercar Lites: ”Det här kommer bli fruktansvärt roligt! Senaste åren har jag tänkt mycket på att ta klivet upp till rallycross och nu blir det äntligen av. Det känns såklart också kul att vara en del av JC Raceteknik. Joel och teamet har flera års erfarenhet av rallycross och bra koll på vad de gör. Att debuten blir på snö känns lite betryggande. Jag har kört mycket rally och kommer inte vara den förare som kört minst på vinterunderlag, om man säger så. Eftersom det är min första rallycrosstävling är det svårt att sätta upp mål. Men så fort jag får på mig hjälmen vill jag alltid vinna. Men realistiskt sett vill jag köra minst semifinal i varje tävling, gärna final.”

Jonathan Walfridsson, Supercar Lites: ”Jag är laddad inför en ny säsong, det vore kul att vara uppe i toppen och fightas. I Östersund hoppas jag kunna göra bra ifrån mig och slippa raceincidenter. Jag gillar när det går på sladd, så enligt mig är det roligare att köra på vintern än på sommaren. Det passar mer min körstil. Det är min tredje säsong i Lites, men första gången med JC Raceteknik. Samarbetet kommer funka bra

Tidsschema: Lördag 3 februari
08.00 Träning 1x3 varv
09.00 Omgång 1, 2 och 3
13.00-15.00 Semifinaler och finaler
15.30 Presskonferens och TV-intervjuer

Supercar Lites – anmälda
#4 Robin Larsson SWE
#11 Mats Oskarsson SWE
#12 Anders Michalak SWE
#13 Cyril Raymond FRA
#16 Oliver Eriksson SWE
#17 Hampus Rådström SWE
#20 Ben-Philip Gundersen NOR
#21 Conner Martell USA
#22 Austin Cindric USA
#23 Pelle Wilén SWE
#27 Petter Leirhol NOR
#47 Alexander Westlund SWE
#53 Cole Keatts USA
#55 Vasily Gryazin LVA
#65 Jami Kalliomäki FIN
#69 Sondre Evjen NOR
#85 Alexander Lie NOR
#87 Troy Dowel AUS
#90 Jimmie Walfridson SWE
#91 Jonathan Walfridsson SWE
#96 Kevin Eriksson SWE

RX Academy – anmälda
#8 Simon Syvernsen NOR
#11 Oliver Solberg NOR
#22 Sami-Matti Trogen FIN
#27 Marko Muru EST
#31 Joni Wiman FIN
#42 Oliver Bennett GBR
#47 Jesse Kallio FIN
#70 Isak Reiersen SWE
#95 Jimi Kalliomäke FIN
#96 Marat Knyazev RUS
18-02-01 RallyX on Ice to be streamed live on Motorsport.com
Races to be shown live on world's biggest digital motosport platform. Expert duo Toby Moody and Anders Krohn join forces in commentary box. ‘Incredible spectacle’ predicted, with first round just around the corner
The rapidly approaching 2018 RallyX on Ice campaign will be streamed live around the world on leading specialist website Motorsport.com, bringing the action-packed winter spectacle to more people than ever before.

Excitement is at fever pitch as the opening round of RallyX on Ice speeds into view at Östersund in Sweden this coming Saturday (3 February), with almost 50 entries across the three classes – Supercar Lites, RX Academy on Ice and Speedcar Xtreme.

Rallycross is motorsport’s fastest-growing discipline, with drivers from all areas of the sport electing to try their hand at it – as evidenced by the high-profile presence of reigning Verizon IndyCar Series Champion Josef Newgarden and three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Hélio Castroneves on the RallyX on Ice entry list. Little wonder Motorsport.com was keen to grab a slice of the high-octane action for its hugely popular Motorsport.TV channel.

“We’re big fans of rallycross at Motorsport.com, and the RallyX on Ice series sounds like a blast,” remarked Charles Bradley, Global Editor in Chief of the world's biggest digital motorsport platform. “I look forward to watching the broadcasts of these exciting events.”

The races will be brought to life by expert commentating duo Toby Moody and Anders Krohn. The former has previous experience of talking about ultra-powerful rallycross cars slipping and sliding through the snow – and the Briton admits he is champing at the bit for the season to get started.

“To take what is already a hugely exciting sport to some of the most picturesque ‘winter wonderland’ venues you could possibly imagine really is something else and will make for fabulous TV,” enthused Moody, whose CV includes presenting roles for Eurosport, ITV4, ESPN and Sky Sports amongst others. “I remember being extremely impressed by the circuits and the racing last year, and I can’t wait to get back out there again.

“Attracting the likes of Josef Newgarden, Hélio Castroneves and Timmy Hansen to compete is a major coup. These drivers are international motorsport heroes, and the fact that they actively wanted to come along and participate speaks volumes for the calibre and appeal of RallyX on Ice – and the organisers should be applauded for that. It’s going to be an incredible spectacle.”

“We’re delighted to be able to confirm our livestream partnership with Motorsport.com and Motorsport.TV,” added Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson, the man behind the RallyX on Ice concept. “There is no bigger platform globally for fans of the sport to get their fix, and I have no doubt that they will enjoy the show.

“Toby brings authority and experience to the commentary booth, while Anders can relate closely to what the drivers are feeling and saying from his own racing career. Together, they form the perfect duo – and I’m looking forward to hearing them in action.”

Tickets for the curtain-raiser at Östersunds Motorstadion this Saturday (3 February) can be purchased on-site for SEK 100 (cash only), with gates opening at 08h30 and the racing getting underway at 09h00.
18-02-01 Yle to broadcast World RX on Free-to-air television in Finland
YLE – Finland’s biggest media organisation and public state broadcaster - will televise the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy. At least 50% of the World Championship will be aired live on free-to-air television station, YLE, with the remainder to be shown on YLE Arena.

The new agreement is part of one-year deal in Finland and follows on from other successful terrestrial TV deals in this part of the world including SVT (Sweden) and NRK (Norway).

Robert Portman, Head of Sport Rights at YLE spoke positively about the new deal: ”We are delighted to have reached an agreement on this property. We have followed the RX with interest during some years now and find the series exciting and well produced. We have great expectations on the Finnish drivers and their success the coming season.”

Paul Bellamy, World RX Managing Director for IMG, concluded: “This is another positive step for World RX in the TV market as we prepare to enter our fifth season as an FIA World Championship. With rallycross growing rapidly in Finland at a grassroots level combined with the growing success of Finnish drivers on the world stage such as Topi Heikkinen, I am very pleased to report that we can repay the loyalty of our Finnish fans with free-to-air TV coverage. We look forward to working closely with YLE in Finland to grow this market even more favourably over the next 12 months.”

World RX of Catalunya in Barcelona, Spain kicks off the 2018 season and will take place from 14-15 April.
18-02-01 Alex Westlund i samarbete med Märsta Förenade på väg mot guldet i Rallycross
Alex Westlund och Märsta Förenade har utökat sitt samarbete för 2018. Ett ökat stöd ger större förutsättningar för nya toppresultat av den tidigare guldmedaljören i Rallycross sprint.
- Jag har tidigare haft bra förutsättningar att prestera på toppnivå, men under 2018 har jag ett ännu bättre stöd som gör ett toppresultat ännu mer greppbart, säger Alex Westlund.

Första tävlingen i RallyX On ice går av stapeln den 3/2 i Östersund, och samarbetet kommer att synas tydligt på bilen, som är helt profilerad i Märsta Förenades tema.
Vi ser ett samarbete med motorsporten som naturlig för oss säger Niclas Larsered, kommunikationsansvarig på Märsta Förenade. Motorsporten är delvis med och driver utvecklingen mot säkrare och mer hållbara bilar och det vill vi vara med och stötta. Att sedan Alex arbetar på ett av våra medlemsföretag ger också en intern stolthet bland våra 550 medarbetare som kör motordrivna fordon av olika slag i sina jobb, fortsätter Niclas.

Alex Westlund innehar utöver SM-guld i sprint 2017 även bronsmedaljen från 2016. Andra tunga meriter är silver i RallyX On Ice 2017, brons i samma tävling 2016 samt ett silver från Back SM 2014.
- Stödet från en extern motorintresserad part är jätteviktigt. Allt i bilen känns riktigt bra och testerna visar på en grym fart inför första tävlingen nu i helgen, säger den målinriktade Westlund.

Märsta Förenade, är en sammanslutning av åkerier med fokus på transporter av bergmassor samt entreprenad.
18-01-31 EKS Audi Sport till attack i rallycross-VM med Bakkerud och Ekström
Audi fortsätter satsningen på rallycross tillsammans med Mattias Ekström. Det fabriksstöttade teamet byter namn till EKS Audi Sport och går in i rallycross-VM med två helt nya Audi S1 EKS RX quattro-bilar. Rutinerade Andreas Bakkerud har värvats som ny förare i den andra bilen medan Mattias Ekström fortsätter både som teamchef och förare.

Mattias Ekström är laddad inför en ny säsong i rallycross-VM och satsar med full kraft: ”Med stöttningen från Audi kan vi satsa fullt ut, säger Ekström. ”Målet för 2018 är helt klart. Vi kommer att slåss om VM-titeln i både förar- och teammästerskapet.”

2016 lyckades EKS ta hem båda titlarna i sina Audi S1 EKS RX quattro, medan fjolårets satsning gav en andraplats i förarmästerskapet och tredjeplats för teamet. ”Det var tydligt att vi måste ändra på något. Vi bygger därför två nya bilar och sätter konkurrenterna från Volkswagen och Peugeot på plats.“

Norrmannen Andreas Bakkerud ansluter vid Mattias Ekströms sida för att kämpa om mästerskapstitlarna. 26-åringen rankas som en av världens bästa rallycross-förare. Bakkerud har kört alla 49 race i VM, har stått på pallen 18 gånger och vunnit sex race. Under 2016 blev Bakkerud trea i förarmästerkskapet efter Ekström och regerande världsmästaren Johan Kristoffersson. ”Det är en stor ära för mig att få köra i Mattias team. Vi har haft en nära kontakt under många år och jag har följt utvecklingen av EKS. Tillsammans med teamet skulle jag vilja ta nästa steg i karriären och vara med och fightas om titeln.

Dieter Gass, chef för Audi Motorsport, gläder sig över det fortsatta engagemanget. ”Vi har väldigt positiva erfarenheter från rallycross-VM de senaste åren och är övertygade om att det finns en tillväxtpotential i serien. Vår förhoppning är att vi på sikt kommer att se en övergång till elbilar i serien. Elektrifiering är i fokus även för motorsporten inom Audi.
18-01-31 Bakkerud joins Ekstrom driving for EKS Audi Sport
Norway’s Andreas Bakkerud has this morning confirmed that he will join Mattias Ekstrom in the newly-named EKS Audi Sport team for the 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy.

Both drivers will compete in all 12 rounds of the World Championship in two new Audi S1 EKS RX quattro cars. This news follows hot on the heels of an announcement earlier in the week that Ekstrom will quit his career in DTM to fully concentrate on rallycross.

Ekstrom explained: “With support from Audi we’re able to go for all-out attack. Our aim for 2018 is clear: we’re battling for the drivers’ and teams’ world championship titles. It’s clear that we needed to make some changes. That’s why we’re preparing two new cars and putting the competition from Volkswagen and Peugeot in their place.”

Bakkerud, who has spent the last two seasons driving alongside Ken Block in the Hoonigan Racing Division team, spoke positively about his move to EKS Audi Sport. “It’s a great honour for me to be driving in Mattias’ team,” explained 26-year-old Bakkerud. “We’ve had good rapport with each other for many years and I’ve been closely following the development of EKS. Together with the team I’d now like to make the step in my career and be in contention for the title.”

Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass concluded: “We gathered very positive experiences in the World RX last year and are convinced of the series’ growth. In the medium run, we hope to see electric cars being fielded in this racing series because electrification is a focus topic at Audi also in motorsport.”

Round one of the 2018 World RX season will kick off in Barcelona (14-15 April).
18-01-31 EKS Audi Sport to attack in World RX with Bakkerud and Ekström
Audi remains committed to rallycross in the 2018 season. The Ingolstadt-based brand will continue to provide factory support to Mattias Ekström’s project. Under its new name, EKS Audi Sport, the team will compete in the FIA World Rallycross Championship (World RX) with two newly prepared Audi S1 EKS RX quattro cars. Andreas Bakkerud, one of the most successful rallycross campaigners, is joining team principal and driver Ekström on the grid in the second car.

Looking at the new season, long-standing Audi factory driver Mattias Ekström is full of zest for action: “With support from Audi we’re able to go for all-out attack,” says the Swede. “Our aim for 2018 is clear: We’re battling for the drivers’ and teams’ world championship titles.” In the 2016 season, EKS had been successful in the Audi S1 EKS RX quattro, having clinched both titles. Last year, Ekström had to settle for finishing the World RX season as runner-up. EKS placed third in the teams’ championship. “It was clear that we needed to make some changes. That’s why we’re preparing two new cars and putting the competition from Volkswagen and Peugeot in their place.”

Norwegian Andreas Bakkerud is joining Ekström in the battle for trophies and titles. The 26-year-old ranks among the world’s best rallycross drivers. He has contested all 49 rounds in World RX history, claiming 18 podium finishes and six race wins. In the 2016 season, he placed third in the drivers’ championship – trailing Ekström and the reigning World RX Champion Johan Kristoffersson. “It’s a great honor for me to be driving in Mattias’ team. We’ve had good rapport with each other for many years and I’ve been closely following the development of EKS. Together with the team I’d now like to make the next step in my career and be in contention for the title.”

Head of Audi Motorsport Dieter Gass is delighted about the continuation of the commitment as well: “We gathered very positive experiences in the World RX last year and are convinced of the series’ growth potential. In the medium run, we hope to see electric cars being fielded in this racing series because electrification is a focus topic at Audi also in motorsport.”
2018 EKS Audi Sport driver profiles

Mattias Ekström (S)
Date of birth: July 14, 1978
Place of birth: Falun (S)
Residence: Munich (D)
Marital status: single (partner Heidi), one son (Mats), one daughter (Hanna)
Height/weight: 1.83 m/79 kg
Motorsport since: 1993 (Audi driver since 1999)
Hobbies: cross-country skiing, jogging, tennis, skiing

Andreas Bakkerud (N)
Date of birth: October 10, 1991
Place of birth: Bergen (N)
Residence: Bergen (N)
Marital status: single (partner Cathrine)
Height/weight: 1.80 m/72 kg
Motorsport since: 1999
Hobbies: karting, endurance training, kickboxing, skiing

EKS Audi Sport driver statistics in the World RX*
18-01-30 British and GRC Champions enhance RallyX on Ice entry
Brits Nathan Heathcote and Oliver Bennett join all-star line-up. Former GRC king Joni Wiman ready to test his mettle. Tickets for opening round on sale for just SEK 100 on the gate
The reigning MSA British Rallycross Champion and a former Global Rallycross Champion are the latest additions to the star-studded RallyX on Ice entry list – with the opening round at Östersund in Sweden now just a few short days away.

Nathan Heathcote – who last year clinched the crown in Britain’s headlining Supercar class at his first attempt – has thrown his hat into the ring in the Supercar Lites field and will make his debut in round two at Höljes, venue for the FIA World Rallycross Championship outing in the summer.

Amongst the 20-year-old’s rivals will be World RX Supercar race-winner Kevin Eriksson, 2017 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires Champion Cyril Raymond, erstwhile FIA European Rallycross Champion Robin Larsson, 2015 GRC Lites Champion Oliver Eriksson and upcoming American aces Austin Cindric, Cole Keatts and Conner Martell. Later in the campaign, he will even have the chance to go wheel-to-wheel with Verizon IndyCar Series heroes Josef Newgarden and Hélio Castroneves.

The newly-unveiled RX Academy entry list features ten protagonists, all of whom will pilot identical, factory-built Renault Clio RS RX cars and some of whom need little introduction. Joni Wiman is a former GRC Champion and X Games gold medallist, Simon Syversen is a regular front-runner in RX2, Oliver Solberg – the teenage son of motorsport hero Petter Solberg – lifted the runner-up laurels in RallyX Nordic last season and namesake Oliver Bennett finished third in the British Championship.

Add to that the likes of Timmy and Kevin Hansen and Niclas Grönholm in Speedcar Xtreme – for potent, 180km/h crosskarts – and the scene is set for a magnificent display of ice driving prowess and spectacular sideways action, with a total of 49 drivers across the three classes (24 Supercar Lites, 10 RX Academy and 15 Speedcar Xtreme), representing no fewer than 11 different nations.

Tickets for the curtain-raiser at Östersunds Motorstadion this Saturday (3 February) can be purchased on-site for SEK 100 (cash only), with gates opening at 08h30 and the racing getting underway at 09h00.

2018 RallyX on Ice Calendar
February 3 Östersund, Sweden
February 10 Höljes, Sweden
February 25 Ål, Norway
March 3 Gol, Norway

Supercar Lites Entry List
Alexander LIE NOR 85 ALL

RX Academy on Ice Entry List
Sami-Matti TROGEN FIN 22
Marko MURU EST 27

Speedcar Xtreme Entry List
Aleksander WIIK NOR 1
Finn Erik LØBERG NOR 35
Arne WIIK NOR 55

18-01-22 Stars from IndyCar, World Rallycross and GRC headline glittering RallyX on Ice entry list
•IndyCar heroes Newgarden and Castroneves confirmed for ice racing spectacle
•Five World RX and two GRC drivers form part of impressively high-calibre entry
•Bumper grids revealed as excitement builds for Scandinavian winter warm-up

Leading lights from the Verizon IndyCar Series, FIA World Rallycross Championship presented by Monster Energy and Red Bull Global Rallycross will be Scandinavia-bound over the course of the next six weeks, to battle it out for glory in RallyX on Ice.

RallyX on Ice is 2018’s unmissable winter warm-up ahead of the main motorsport season, with three classes all counting capacity grids – clear evidence of the level of hype and excitement surrounding the eagerly-anticipated rallycross series.

The competitor list features superstars from the pinnacle of both US open-wheel racing and international rallycross competition, who will test their mettle against the crème de la crème of homegrown heroes across four snow-blanketed showdowns – two in Sweden followed by a further two in Norway.

Reigning INDYCAR Champion Josef Newgarden and three-time Indianapolis 500 winner Hélio Castroneves top the star-studded entry. The pair, who compete for legendary motorsport organisation Team Penske in INDYCAR and IMSA respectively, will each contest a single round of the headlining Supercar Lites class for identical 310bhp, four-wheel-drive machinery – the American at Ål in Norway and his Brazilian stablemate in the series finale at new-built Norwegian track Gol.

“I’m really excited and anxious to participate in the RallyX on Ice series,” revealed Newgarden. “I’ve had the opportunity to drive a lot of different types of race car on a lot of different types of track all around the world, but I’ve never done anything quite like this.

“I’ve been able to see some videos and pictures and it looks like a lot of fun, but also quite challenging. It will help to bring out our pure driving skills, for sure. I look forward to the challenge and hope I can represent Team Penske and IndyCar well.”

“When the opportunity was presented to me to race a rallycross car on ice, I jumped at it,” added Castroneves. “I’ve never raced a rallycross car like this and I’ve never raced on ice, so it will be a learning experience for me.

“It blows me away to think about racing a car with spikes in the tyres. I’m looking forward to just taking it all in and going out there and doing the best I can. I can honestly say this will help me to complete my motorsport résumé one day.”

Versatile upcoming American ace Austin Cindric will climb into the cockpit for the opening two rounds at Östersund and Höljes in Sweden in early February, while the US contingent will be swelled by the presence of rallycross regulars Cole Keatts and Conner Martell. All of them are revving up to go doorhandle-to-doorhandle with some of the biggest names in the discipline.

FIA World Rallycross Championship Supercar star Kevin Eriksson, 2017 RX2 International Series presented by Cooper Tires Champion Cyril Raymond, former FIA European Rallycross Champion Robin Larsson and 2015 GRC Lites Champion Oliver Eriksson are all due to tackle all four events. They will surely provide the very sternest of tests for the high-profile ‘visitors’ – as will the raft of local specialists in the 23-strong field, composed of no fewer than eight different nationalities.

“It’s fantastic to be racing in RallyX on Ice as well as being back in Supercar Lites, where I got my breakthrough a couple of years ago,” reflected Kevin Eriksson. “It’s a very competitive series and will be a great start to my year, getting up-to-speed and back into race mode before World RX begins. I’m looking forward to the challenge and hope to make the most of it.”

The supporting Speedcar Xtreme series – for potent, 180km/h crosskarts – boasts a similarly eye-catching line-up, with 15 entries, three of whom are regular FIA World RX Supercar protagonists. Team Peugeot-Hansen team-mates Timmy and Kevin Hansen and Niclas Grönholm – son of FIA World Rally Championship legend Marcus Grönholm – will pit themselves against a whole crop of promising young guns all eyeing a future at the sport’s highest level.

“I’m really looking forward to racing the Speedcar Xtreme crosskart on ice!” said Timmy Hansen. “It’s an awesome piece of kit and I hope to have a lot of fun in it. There will be plenty of talented young guys out there, so I'm looking forward to the challenge!”

Indeed, the benchmark for Hansen and co. will be teenage prodigy Linus Östlund, who is the reigning Swedish Champion in the class – giving all of his adversaries a target to aim at.

Fellow support series the RX Academy on Ice will reveal its own entry list in due course, with drivers from at least five different countries set to take to the wheel of identical, factory-built Renault Clio RS RX cars, run by multiple European Rallycross Champions SET Promotion.

The RX Academy was established in 2017 to give aspiring world champions of the future a professional platform to begin their careers, and the winter series has been devised to allow drivers to gain valuable experience in preparation for the main summer rallycross season.

“To be able to unveil not only such healthy grids but also such an impressive depth of quality throughout the field for RallyX on Ice’s inaugural campaign is extremely satisfying, and underscores just how much this exciting new initiative has captured the imagination,” enthused Olsbergs MSE CEO Andreas Eriksson, the man behind the RallyX on Ice concept.

“Josef and Hélio need no introduction – they are both world-class drivers with first-rate résumés – while Austin is one of American motorsport’s fastest-rising young prospects and we are eager to see what they can all achieve in a rallycross car on ice. We are also immensely grateful to Team Penske for supporting their desire to compete.

“They will be up against some of the finest rallycross drivers of the current generation, and to have five full-time World RX Supercar stars and a couple more from GRC across the three classes makes for a quite phenomenal line-up. It might be cold in Sweden and Norway at this time of year, but I can guarantee the action on-track will be red-hot!”

2018 RallyX on Ice Calendar
February 3 Östersund, Sweden
February 10 Höljes, Sweden
February 25 Ål, Norway
March 3 Gol, Norway

Supercar Lites Entry List
Alexander LIE NOR 85 ALL

Speedcar Xtreme Entry List
Aleksander WIIK NOR 1
Finn Erik LØBERG NOR 35
Arne WIIK NOR 55

18-01-21 William Nilsson Årets Junior – vann folkets röster i Bilsport Award 2017
Under säsongen segrade rallycrossföraren William Nilsson i RallyX Nordic och blev svensk mästare i klassen Supercar Lites. I går utseddes han till Årets Junior.
– Det här känns riktigt, riktigt grymt, säger den 18-årige Tomelillapågen.

Under vintern utsedde en jury William Nilsson till Årets Rallycrossjunior. Sedan var det upp till det svenska folket att, bland de fem kategorierna, rösta fram en motorsportare till Årets Junior. Under prisceremonin berättade de att det varit en jämn tävling, men att en person dragit iväg senaste dagarna. Den personen var skånske William Nilsson.
– Jag trodde faktiskt inte att det skulle räcka hela vägen. Det här känns riktigt, riktigt grymt! Jag har varit på Bilsportgalan i många år nu och sett upp till de tidigare pristagarna. Nu har jag själv kommit så långt att jag fått det här priset. Det känns fantastiskt, säger Nilsson.
William Nilsson är den andra rallycrossföraren någonsin som utses till Årets Junior.
– Just att det är svenska folket som röstat känns stort. Det innebär att de tycker jag är värd utmärkelsen och jag är verkligen så tacksam över det. Jag vill också passa på att tacka alla som hjälpt mig under åren, allt från team och sponsorer till vänner och familj. Utan er hade inte mina prestationer varit möjliga från första början. Och tack ännu en gång alla som röstat på mig!

Priset utdelas varje år av tidningen Bilsport och vinnarna presenterades under Bilsportgalan 2018, som anordnas av Svenska Bilsportförbundet. Utmärkelsen Årets Senior gick till rallyföraren Pontus Tidemand och hans co-driver Jonas Andersson. Mer info om Bilsport Award finns här!
18-01-14 William Nilsson laddar upp inför säsongen – med landslagsläger på Gran Canaria
Rallycrossföraren William Nilsson laddar upp inför 2018 års säsong tillsammans med landslaget.
– Det har verkligen varit guld värt, säger Tomelillapågen.

I höstas segrade skånske William Nilsson i både RallyX Nordic och det svenska mästerskapet i Supercar Lites. Snart är det dags för en ny säsong och för att hålla igång under uppehållet åkte Nilsson på ett träningsläger med svenska landslaget. Det var 10-14 januari som han, tillsammans med 12 andra förare, befann sig på Gran Canaria för ett par intensiva träningsdagar. På schemat var det löpturer, styrkepass och en fyra mil lång mountainbiketur i bergen. Det har även blivit flera timmar i olika fordon på banan Circuit Maspalomas. Körningen skedde i högerstyrda Mazda MX-5 samt Polo Cup-bilar.
– Eftersom det är riktiga racingbilar har vi kunnat gasa på samma sätt som i våra egna tävlingsbilar. I vanliga fall har man sin egen körstil som man testar utifrån. Men eftersom vi är så många förare, med olika sätt att köra, har vi lärt varandra nya körstilar. Det har verkligen varit guld värt, konstaterar Nilsson.
Han fortsätter:
– Hela upplägget har varit väldigt bra, dels eftersom vi alltid är två förare i bilen. Vi kommer från helt olika motorsporter och har därför kunnat diskutera med varandra att man kan köra riktigt snabbt på flera olika sätt. Sånt är givande och mycket av det tar jag med mig till banan.
Landslagsförarna återvänder på söndagen till Stockholm för att på måndagen närvara under SBFs presskonferens där årets landslagsförare presenteras. Därefter beger sig gänget till Idrottsgalan.
– Det blir ett roligt avslut på en skitkul helg helt enkelt.
18-01-11 Mark Higgins confirmed for Albatec with NCME rallycross programme
Albatec Racing has confirmed triple British Rally Champion Mark Higgins for at least the opening two rounds of the 2018 Toyo Tires MSA British Rallycross Championship in the Albatec with NCME Peugeot 208 RX Supercar.

Albatec and the National Centre for Motorsport Engineering (NCME) have announced a collaborative partnership that aims to provide career development opportunities for the next generation of motorsport engineers. The collaboration will see NCME and Albatec work together in partnership to provide an unrivalled experience for students studying Motorsport and Automotive Performance Engineering at the University of Bolton, both in class and on-event.

Higgins will work with the students from NCME and the Albatec team when he makes his rallycross debut in the opening round of British RX at Silverstone on 17 March. The Manxman, who now lives in Powys, Wales has plenty of supercar experience under his belt; he’s the fastest man on four wheels around the iconic Isle of Man TT Mountain Course and the stunt driver for Daniel Craig’s last three James Bond films, among others.

In March, he swaps 007’s Aston Martin DB10 for Albatec’s 600bhp turbocharged Peugeot 208 RX Supercar for testing ahead of the season opener in Northamptonshire, and will also compete in round two at the spiritual home of rallycross, Lydden Hill, Kent, in April. No stranger to rallycross, Higgins has already driven an RX150 buggy taking victory in the B Final at Pembrey back in 2009, and is relishing the prospect of making his Supercar debut in British RX while plans are afoot to extend that to Silverstone’s FIA World Rallycross Championship round in May.

Andy Scott, Team Principal Albatec Racing:
“We’re excited to have Mark join our programme. Albatec has a reputation for running high-calibre drivers, both on events and in testing, and it’s always an absolute pleasure working with such professional drivers. Mark comes with a fantastic pedigree of three British rally titles and numerous China Rally victories under his belt, so there is no doubt about his ability and speed. But, as Petter (Solberg) and Sebastien (Loeb) can verify, adapting from rally to rallycross can take some time, so we need to get him up to speed on the intricacies of the Peugeot 208 RX Supercar and the sport.

“It’s particularly good to bring him into the British Rallycross Championship which is steadily increasing in stature, in parallel with the FIA and European World Rallycross Championships. Having Mark on board will help his path of development in rallycross and will lift the profile of BRX further. We have managed to secure the budget for Mark to contest the opening two rounds of British RX, and are currently working hard to ensure he can complete the entire season. We are also working towards securing the budget for him to compete at the UK’s only round of World RX, SpeedMachine at Silverstone on 26 & 27 May.”

Dr. Mark Busfield, Director, National Centre for Motorsport Engineering:
“I’m really excited with this opportunity to include Mark as our driver for this wonderful programme. Mark brings a wealth of experience and his proven expertise gives us a great opportunity in the British Rallycross Championship.

“I last worked with Mark in the year 2000 when he was our lead driver in the Vauxhall Rally project that I was Project Manager for; starting this relationship again rekindles some excellent memories, and I see Mark as focused now as he was back then. Mark will also add valuable technical input to the car development helping Andy in his FIA European Rallycross programme.”

Mark Higgins, Albatec Racing driver:
“This is a really great opportunity and one that I’m very excited about. I’d been talking to Andy and Albatec for a while about having a test but our diaries kept clashing. They’re a great team, probably the premier team in the UK with a proven, successful car and at this stage in my life I’ve learnt there’s only one way to do something, and that’s properly. The personnel involved with the project, like Andy Scott and Mark Busfield means we start from a strong position but I’m also excited about helping to develop the car not just for the British series but European and World Championships too.

“Having the NCME at University of Bolton on board is great, the entire project just seemed to tick all the right boxes. It’s a very exciting programme from every aspect and one that we can really get our teeth into. I’ve spent a lot of time testing cars for manufacturers, and working with the students to develop the Peugeot is one of the elements I’m looking forward to the most. The car is already at a very good level, so working with the students will be really exciting to see if we can get the march on the other teams. I’ve really missed rallying in Britain, so I’m very pleased to be competing in the UK again in an environment where hopefully a lot of people can support us. The competition is fierce in British RX, they go in pretty hard, and I’m not going into it too confidently, but I’m certainly not going there just to make up the numbers.”

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